The evening started out innocently enough. We picked a movie we both would enjoy and settled in to watch it.

Curled up on the bed, he offered me a foot massage -- my favourite thing to relax. Changing ends of the bed, I lay on my stomach while he rubbed and kneaded the offered foot. Starting to feel uncomfortable on my stomach I rolled to my back, my clothes tangling around my body in such a way that I was feeling strangled. I pulled off my t- shirt and propped myself up on pillows so I could watch him. The movie forgotten for the moment, I laid there with my eyes closed enjoying the sensation of his hands on my foot, the pressure he used when rubbing the arch, the feeling of his hands on my ankle. I was melting into the mattress, my tension beginning to float away from me. Still not quite comfortable I rolled again, this time my jeans twisted, binding in all the wrong places. Undoing them with one hand, I quickly shimmied out of them and lay in my underwear -- enjoying still his loving ministration of his hands on my right foot.

Enjoying the feel of his skin on mine, but uncomfortable I rolled again, back to my stomach, laying my head on a pillow and tucking my hands underneath. He continued to rub my foot. Now occasionally his warm hands would venture up my calf -- the feeling was relaxing and soothing to my body and soul. Now rubbing not only my foot but my calf as well, he would move up to my thigh, giving it a gently but insistent squeeze. My thoughts wandering and the movie forgotten I lay revelling in his touch. This felt heavenly -- delightfully sensuous. My eyes closed my body relaxed I drifted on the moment until I felt a finger breach my panties at the juncture of my legs. Wanting him to explore my dampening pussy, I spread my legs to allow him access. The probing of that one lone finger was delicious, heating my body with white hot electricity. I could feel the tingling in his touch radiate through me like a sunburst, pulsating waves shooting out in all directions.

"Ohhh!!! That feels so good!!! Don't stop." I sighed sinking deeper into the abyss of sensations I was feeling. Still with my eyes closed I felt his weight shift on the bed, moving closer to me. His hands never left the contact with my now wet and wanting sweet spot. He pushed my panties aside and I felt his tongue penetrate me. He plunged his stiff wet tongue into me with insistence and desire. Licking my stiff clit, he again slid his fingers into me, first one and then two, moving them in and out of my now twitching box.

"Ohhh Yyyesss!!!" was all I could say, the sensation of his wet and slippery tongue working my clit was exquisite. I pushed my hips toward his mouth, silently encouraging him to do more. His tongue on my clit his fingers inside me finding and rubbing the unseen pleasure spot deep inside. Pushing me ever closer to the edge.

"Come here," I gasped with ragged breathe

"Come here!!" I said clawing for his t- shirt to pull him to me.

"I want you in me!" I said struggling with the button the top of his jeans.

"I want you in me, NOW!!!" I demanded not being able to get him out of his jeans fast enough.

"Don't stop! Pleaaase -- Don't stop!!!" I cried with a shudder excitement.

Slipping easily out of his loosened jeans -- his engorged manhood sprang free. "Come here!!! I want you in me now!!!!"

Pushing him back on the bed I slide his hard cock into its waiting wet sheath. The feel of him inside me was heart stopping. Sex between us had never felt so go. He thrust up with his hips while I repeatedly impaled my body on him.

"Yes!!!" my voice barely above a whisper

"Yes!!!" my voice getting louder

"Yyyesss!!! I screamed with the final thrust that sent me over the top and into the chasm below soaking both of us with my orgasm.

"WOW!!!" was all I could say.

He came filling me with his hot cum, his body quivering in time with mine.

"WOW!!!" I said panting heavily. My whole body weak and shaking.

Pulling out of me, I reached for his still hard member and licked our flavour off him. We never tasted so good. Cuddled together, spent and weak, he laughed quietly in my ear. "I love it when you say 'WOW!!!"

I smiled into his arm, kissed it and drifted to sleep.

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