Wrangler Butts Ch. 04


"Oh my god," said Mitch. "How am I going to get you to calm down? No, I am not propositioning you. You've literally worked yourself into a lather and your shirt is drenched, and while I find that sexy, Koch probably won't appreciate the scent of my man."

Mitch gave a lopsided smile and then held out the t-shirt. "It's loose on me, so it will probably fit you. Change already. The meeting is in a few minutes."

Darrin looked at Mitch with his mouth agape for several seconds and then started peeling off his shirt. As he slid on the dark shirt he realized it smelled faintly of Mitch. He pulled the shirt to his nose and sniffed, smiling as the scent tantalized him.

"Yeah I know. I wore it before. But it's better than yours that's soaked with sweat."

"It's perfect. Let's go."

A few seconds later they were walking into Dr. Koch's office, the secretary looked up and motioned them to the chairs to wait. She phoned Dr. Koch,

"Mitch and Darrin are here to see you." She paused to listen, "Alright."

"Go on back guys. He's expecting you."

The next few yards felt like a trip to the gallows for Darrin. He was glad for the dry shirt, because the new one was starting to feel damp as they knocked. Dr. Koch looked up from his desk and motioned them in as he finished something on his computer screen. Turning to them he frowned slightly and motioned to Mitch,

"McRichards, close the door."

Those words almost stopped Darrin's heart. He'd been told two things when he arrived for grad school here; first, don't piss off Koch; second, you don't ever want to talk to him with his door shut. Grown men had left those talks in tears.

Koch looked up at them, drilling them both with his stare. They were locked in place as he began to speak,

"Do you know what I hate? Surprises. I fucking hate surprises. Do you know what I got this morning, yes a fucking turd of a surprise. Right in the middle of my floor; on a Monday morning. Gentlemen, what do you think about that?"

Both of them froze, not knowing how to answer, even if they could have responded.

"Great. I also love articulate fucking graduate students. Do you know my reputation gentlemen? Do you understand that I could fucking rip you a new asshole and get you kicked out of this department just on force of my will and the fact that I drag in millions in grant money for this university. Are you aware of that?"

They nodded; fear gripped Darrin's stomach until he thought he would throw up. Koch stood and looked out his window. The silence stretched out for an interminable length of time. Finally he began to speak again,

"You know, the one thing I hate more than surprises is busy bodies. I don't like to get involved with my students personal lives. Hell, I don't want to know that my students have personal lives. I just want them to work their ass off and do the research."

He turned and gave them an undecipherable look. "So, you've managed to hit two of the things I hate gentlemen. Most students don't survive just slightly pissing me off. So apparently you're having a good day."

He turned to stare out the window again, obviously at a point where he didn't want to be. When he started talking again his tone was somehow different. Without turning he asked,

"Are you two a couple?"

For a moment both men paused, and then came the simultaneous reply, "Yes."

Koch turned and almost smiled and then sat down. "Honesty, from both of you. How refreshing. You might just survive this if you keep that up. Just to let you know, I talked to Wade this morning." He paused and motioned with his hands, "And no, he didn't out you. But Wade did refer to you as a couple. It wasn't intentional I assure you."

He turned to Mitch, "McRichards, this better not affect your work. I know you don't love academia, but you do need to finish this and I swear to God I'll kick your ass back to east Texas if you screw up."

Turning to Darrin, "Same goes for you Anderson. Don't fuck up your research and you damn well better be ready for your orals. I am on your committee and you damn well better be ready.

And no, we aren't having this little chat because you are a gay couple. I couldn't fucking care less. It would be pretty much the same talk for any couple. At least you aren't going to be back in here in a month or two to tell me there's a baby on the way. But students fuck up when they are in . . . rut, and fucking up will get you thrown out on your ear. That's not a threat gentlemen, that's a promise!"

He paused and glared at them both, reaching in he pulled a cigar from inside his desk and lit it. Puffing out he blew a cloud of smoke toward the window.

"Yes, I know smoking is banned in the campus buildings. What are they going to do? I was tenured before either of you were born so fuck 'em." He paused and took another puff on his cigar and then glared at them both.

"Now since my day is royally fucked, I'm going to ignore my own rule and give you personal advise." He took another puff, "Whether you want it or not."

Gripping the cigar in his teeth, he turned to the window again. "When you get older you will realize that you have a choice in life. You can live your life, or you can lead the life that someone else thinks you should live. It's your choice. The people who count will stick with you, fuck the rest of them."

He ground out the cigar and stared out the window, the thick silence filling the room. Finally he started talking again, "Don't screw this up if it's real. You may not get another chance."

Then he turned, obviously the personal talk was over and hard-ass Dr. Koch was back. "Get out, I have work to do and you've already fucked up most of my day. You damn well better not screw up any of the research!"

Motioning us out, we got up to leave and then he laughed slightly. "By the way, there is a bluff on the station that's popular with couples. Just so you know, there is a great view to it from all directions."

He looked up to see that Darrin's face was scarlet with embarrassment.

"Oh fuck. Get out!" he roared.

Mitch grabbed Darrin and dragged him out. They almost ran back to their office and then closed the door. Sitting down they stared at each other, giddy with relief. Mitch leaned over and kissed Darrin on the cheek.

"We survived. Hot damn, we survived." said Darrin.

"Yes, we did. And everything is fine."

Darrin turned to Mitch and got down on his knees in front of him. "Oh god Mitch. I'm so sorry if I acted like I was embarrassed about us. I was just scared, and, well I haven't exactly had a great track record in the romance area. But you are more important than this place. I'd leave and go with you anywhere if that's what you wanted. You are the most important thing to me."

Mitch pulled him up and kissed his lips. "I know babe, but it's good to hear you say it. I get frustrated too and sometimes I need to be reminded that I'm not always right. Usually I am, but not 'always'." Both men chuckled. "But we both have to remember to talk and let the other person know what's going on. And we will hit bumps in the road but it'll be ok."

"Ok, we need to get busy or Koch will kick our asses. We can't slack off just because it's summer," said Darrin.

That statement was a precursor to a whirlwind of activity over the next few days. Both Darrin and Mitch were buried in working with the data they had collected while at the station. They were at the house only long enough to change clothes and catch a little sleep. They took comfort from the others presence in bed, but were too exhausted for more than cuddling. Finally Friday rolled around and they realized that they needed to move Darrin but were not sure how to handle it. In passing Darrin mentioned needing to move to one of the other graduate students, and before he knew it word had been passed that there was a moving party at his house. After the third person had stopped by their office to ask directions Darrin looked at Mitch with a look of disbelief and shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, I guess we'll see how this goes."

"It'll go fine babe. Just relax," said Mitch. "But I would pack your toys and porn before they show up in the morning."

Mitch collapsed in laughter as Darrin turned red and threw a book at him.


Early the next morning they were boxing up Darrin's things to get them ready to move. Mitch looked up in time to see Darrin walk by with a small box and he snickered when Darrin didn't look at him. As Darrin walked through the door he said, "Not a word or I will punch you right in your handsome face."

"Yes dear. Not a word from me," said Mitch with a chuckle.

By mid-day the other grad students started showing up. Most of the people came ready to help and everything was moved in short order. In a few hours they had moved everything to Mitch's house and cleaned the apartment. Darrin walked through a last time and then climbed in his pickup to drive to Mitch's, no their, house. When he pulled up, he saw that the drinking and eating part of the moving party was well underway. Darrin carried the last of the boxes to their bedroom and then went out and got a beer.

He checked on the small groups of people as he walked around the yard. Satisfied that everyone was having a good time; he headed to where Mitch was visiting with a few of the newer grad students. He grabbed an extra beer and walked over. Mitch reached up and gripped his neck and squeezed it a few times as he listened to the conversation. At a break in the conversation, Darrin handed him the beer.

"Thanks babe," said Mitch, followed by a quick kiss on the cheek.

Darrin turned bright red at the unconscious display of affection from Mitch. His ears were practically on fire as he heard a few giggles and a soft "awe" sound from the immediate crowd. But he also thought he heard a snort of derision. He realized after a few minutes that he was holding his breath in anticipation. About the time he started to relax, he heard a pickup revved and then tires peeling out of the gravel driveway. Darrin let out an internal sigh, hoping he was reading far too much into it. But for the most part the world hadn't ended, the burning torches and pitchforks were nowhere to be seen. He was certain this wasn't the end of it, but it didn't seem to be that much of a deal right now.

Just as he was relaxing again, he spotted a huge hulk of a man swiftly moving through the crowd, directly toward him. As he got closer Darrin recognized him as one of the newer PhD students who he didn't really know well. He had been a football linebacker at some university before coming here, and he still had the massive body to show for it. He always looked like a redneck though in his perennial attire of overall's, boots and three-day beard. The closer he got, the larger Darrin realized he was, at least 6' 6" he realized, since he was looking up to him. Finally he stopped right in front of Darrin, who braced for the confrontation.

"So. Mitch's your boyfriend?"

Darrin gulped and shrank back a little. Then steeling himself, he stood ramrod straight and looked him straight in the eye.

"Yes. He is."

At that a huge smile broke across the giant's face and he reached down and grabbed Darrin's hand and pumped it.

"That's fantastic! Congratulations! If you guys are interested in catching a movie sometime just let us know. Sam and I would love to go out with another couple."

Darrin's mind reeled as he tried to absorb the information. His mouth flashed through a multitude of shapes before he managed to squeak out, "Sam?"

The big guy turned and motioned to a nearby crowd and a slender redhead separated himself from a small group and walked over. Once he had joined them, he held out his hand to Darrin,

"Hi, I'm Sam, Samuel, but Gordy calls me Sam."

"Hi Sam, I'm Darrin."

"So my partner here is playing welcome wagon, again. He tends to be a little enthusiastic some times," said Sam with a significant look at Gordy.

"Oh no, He was great. He just mentioned that we should grab a movie sometime. Mitch and I and you and Gordy."

Sam elbowed Gordy in the side and scowled at him, but it was obvious even to Darrin that it was good-natured. Sam turned back to Darrin and smiled again.

"That would be great. Actually I'd love to grab a movie with ya'll sometime. I'm working at the university IT while Gordy finishes his degree but I'm sure we can find some time."

"That sounds great Sam."

"Well we better go. I have crap to deal with from work."

"Yeah, no problem. It was great to meet you both."

"Same here Darrin." said Gordy.

Darrin watched as they walked away, thinking he would have never put those two men together. But obviously it worked for them.

The rest of the evening went by without a hitch. He and Mitch moved through the crowd, talking with people they knew and meeting ones they didn't. After the last straggler left, they collapsed together on the couch.

"I'm not sure it wouldn't have been easier to move me ourselves," said Darrin.

"It might've been less drama, but it would have taken us a few days and we'd of been exhausted."

"You do realize you so out'd us tonight too?"

"I did? When?" said Mitch.

"Oh, about the time you kissed me," said Darrin with a slight blush as he recalled the incident.

Mitch laughed, "Well, that would explain a few comments I got tonight."

Darrin nodded and chuckled, "Yeah, I bet. Oh, and we also have new couple friends, Gordy and Samuel."

"Gordy Hager? He's fucking brilliant! Didn't know he was gay though."

"Gordy? Overalls, redneck Gordy? Tall, huge guy? He's brilliant?"

"Oh hell yes. I've been in a few classes with him. The dude is amazingly smart."

"Well, that's what I get . . ." Darrin shook his head, "Anyway, yeah. Met his partner, nice guy."

"Well I'll be damned. Gordy's got a man. Who'd a thought," mused Mitch. He then turned and smiled at Darrin. "And speaking of getting a man. I'm horny as a three-spotted goat tonight!"

"A what? Where the hell do you come up with these things?" said Darrin.

Mitch grabbed his hand as he rose from the couch. Pulling at him, he said, "You wanna talk, or do you wanna . . ."

Darrin quickly uncoiled and followed Mitch to the bedroom. Stopping at the bed, they wrapped their arms around each other and Darrin stared into Mitch's eyes. A shiver went through his body as he recognized the lust in Mitch's eyes. More than willing to accommodate his need, he kissed Mitch's neck softly and began unbuttoning his shirt. Once the last button was released, Mitch shrugged his shoulders and the shirt fell ignored to the floor as the pair passionately kissed and caressed. Darrin heard a quiet growl come from Mitch as Darrin's nails slid over his taut nipples. Kissing down his torso, Darrin soon found himself kneeling, exactly where he wanted to be. He slowly unbuckled the belt and then jeans in front of him, allowing them to slip down to Mitch's ankles. Darrin raked his fingers slowly up and down Mitch's thighs. He enjoyed the coarse hair gliding under his finger tips, but even more he hungered over the rapidly enlarging wet spot in Mitch's underwear and the shape of the thick, hard cock trapped in them.

Gripping Mitch's hips, Darrin plunged forward and started chewing his cock through the wet cloth. As he bit and sucked his way up and down Mitch's dick he heard the moans and grunts that were a clear indication of his boyfriend's mounting desire. Suddenly Darrin felt himself being pulled up and shoved across the bed. Darrin was practically panting in anticipation as he watched Mitch crawl onto the bed and strip Darrin of his pants. Quickly Mitch progressed until the last of Darrin's clothing lay strewn around the room. Darrin lifted his legs and opened himself to Mitch. Mitch moved off the bed and hungrily stared at Darrin as he pushed off his underwear. Rummaging in the drawer for a few seconds he retrieved a large bottle of lube. He crawled across the bed again and slapped Darrin on the hip.

"Roll over," he said with a growl.

Darrin obeyed and rolled to his stomach, his legs spread wide as he watched Mitch coat his hand with lube. Sighing as the cool liquid slid over his butt, he felt only pleasure as first one and then two fingers wormed their way into him. Rising up slightly, Darrin slid a pillow under his pelvis and then completely relaxed against the bed. As Mitch added a third finger, Darrin felt them bump against his prostate. He moaned and pushed back, wanting whatever Mitch was giving. When he felt the addition of soft kisses that trailed down his back to his butt cheek, he was ready.

"Mitch, do it. I need you in me!"

Mitch gave him a lust-filled leer and let his fingers pop out. Ripping open the condom package, he unrolled it on his cock, lubing the outside of the latex. With that Mitch moved between Darrin's legs and started pushing into the hot ass in front of him. Darrin expected the slow, gentle entry that Mitch normally gave him. But this time the need was more urgent, and the entry more forceful. Darrin's need was more than he realized though and he heard himself moan as Mitch hit bottom.

"Oh god babe, yes. Just fuck me. Fuck me hard!"

Mitch lay on Darrin's back. The sensation of his hard cock inside Darrin's tunnel and his hairy chest rubbing on his back was driving Darrin to delirium. Mitch was in a similar state as he pounded Darrin frantically. The sounds, smells and heat of their lovemaking engulfed them both. Darrin knew he wouldn't last long; the sensations were just too delicious. He started working his ass, milking Mitch's cock. Then it started, his scrotum becoming corrugated in its contraction as his nuts pumped cream onto the bed. As his ass constricted around Mitch's rampant cock, he felt Mitch's hot body slam against him over and over again. Gripping Darrin's hips, Mitch pinned his cock deep inside Darrin's hot ass and starting shooting.

"Oh god yes. That's it. I'm fuckin' filling your ass with my juice."

Darrin squirmed and squeezed his ass muscles, enjoying the sensation of his man lying on top of him as the final waves of orgasm rolled through him. With a few final jerks Mitch completely emptied his nuts, and then collapsed on top of Darrin.

"Oh my god," he said as he panted, "That was amazing."

"God yes, you were amazing," said Darrin.

They relaxed for a few minutes and then realized the extent of the mess they had made and laughed. They quickly cleaned up and replaced the dirty bedding. Crawling back into their bed, they cuddled against each other.


The next few weeks zipped by for Darrin as his oral exams loomed closer and closer. With long hours of study, and short hours of sleep, Darrin became increasingly difficult to be around. After his latest tirade about losing one of his favorite socks, Mitch decided something had to be done. Spending the afternoon finalizing his plans, he walked into the living room in late afternoon, mentally preparing himself for what he hoped was going to be a short battle.

"We're going out tonight. You need to get ready."

Darrin looked up, his face distorted into a mask of disbelief, "Are you fucking kidding me! I can't go anywhere. I need to study."

"Babe, you have been studying non-stop for the last month. You need a break, just a little break."

"No, absolutely not! I don't have time. What don't you fucking get about it!?"

Mitch crossed his arms over his chest, his eye flicking to the window and then back at Darrin. "Well you can explain it to Gordy and Sam, 'cause they just pulled up."

Darrin ran to the window and stared out, turning to Mitch with a look of fury, "You fuckin' invited them over! Without talking to me! God Damnit!"

Mitch stepped closer until he was inches from Darrin's face, "Stop. Now. Before you say something you're going to regret later."

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