tagAnalWrapped Around Her Finger

Wrapped Around Her Finger


Before I begin, I would like to thank all the fan e-mail I've received - I love encouragement! A lot of the e-mail I received had to do with the story "Veggie Tails", thus this (kind-of) sequel to that story. What I am about to relate to you is the story of the first time I ever experienced anal pleasure with another woman. Of course, I had grown up exploring my body and had became very knowledgeable about just the right touches to give my labia, my clit, and my anal area. I enjoyed a bit of fingering, but preferred the simultaneous stimulation of my clitoris and anus as ways of achieving orgasm.

Being open with anal play during masturbation is a lot different from being open to anal play in a relationship, however. Even during masturbation I had that slightly vague feeling of guilt and being dirty by touching myself there and exploring there with a finger. I routinely (and almost ritually) washed my finger if I decided on anal play during masturbation and I felt I was most likely a "big freak" for even getting pleasure by touching myself there! Yet, I could not deny the feel of my warm finger on sensitive tissue and I would spend many a night spread-eagle under the covers with the finger of one hand caressing my rear hole and the other hand caressing my red-pubed labia and swollen clit.

My first actual lesbian encounter happened in college when I was away from the small-town mentality and morality that had previously dominated my life. I was way too shy, too new to being gay, and too embarrassed to even think about mentioning anal play while making love to the girlfriends I had in college. Again, it was something relegated to my times of solo sex and I was determined not to be thought of as that "weird" girl who liked bottoms. All of that changed with Kim (name changed to protect the not-so-innocent).

Kim was from California and was as wild as they come. She loved sex, though was a fairly militant lesbian regarding contact with men. She detested the concept of bisexuality and felt that my own fantasies of both men and women was just me being afraid to be out-and-out gay. She had such a loving heart, however, underneath her rough exterior and she truly wanted me to expand my horizons and not feel so guilt-ridden when I experienced sex. I will never forget that night, though, when she allowed me to include anal play as a part of making love.

If you have read my other stories, you know that I have light red hair and a very pale complexion. I'm short with green eyes and smallish boobs. Kim, however, was a short and "dirty blond" (she'd always say that with a smirk) with dark blue eyes and a tanned complexion. She was a 34C which I considered to be huge compared to my mosquito bites and (unlike myself) always had a clean-shaven pussy.

That night we had gone out to a movie and casually touched each other throughout the showing. By the time we got home we were both horny as hell and proceeded immediately to shed our clothes and head to the bedroom. Kim always loved the scent of my pussy juices so she flung me onto the bed and slid my legs expertly over her shoulders - her tongue seeking out the nectar she so craved. Not complaining at all about this treatment, I relaxed and reached down to caress her cheeks and play with her hair as her tongue teased and pleased the tender folds of my pussy lips. At one point, though, she had lifted my hips a bit higher and gave a gasp.

"Have I ever told you that you have a gorgeous butthole, Liz?" she asked as I opened my eyes, shocked out of the pleasurable haze I was bathed in.

"What's that, hon?" I replied, feigning ignorance.

"Your asshole! It's so sexy! It looks so pink and fresh surrounded by your ivory skin. I just want to touch it and please it all night!"

I shivered as she said that and had to clear my throat to say, "What do you mean? Isn't that dirty?"

"Nah," she said, shrugging of my concerns. "No more so than your pussy - you just have to be careful to not eat or finger cunt after you've eaten or fingered ass."

"So, er…have you eaten and fingered much ass?" I asked, my voice tinged with hope and curiousity.

"Hell yeah! You know me, I love every inch of a woman's body! And a gal with a nice ass adds a lot to a sex life. And yours is soooooo nice - I only wish I had an ass like yours!"

I blushed and responded, "Well you have a nice butt too, Kim. I mean your cheeks are fuller and rounder and…." I was too embarrassed to go on about her ass.

"Yeah, but my anus always looks dirty no matter how much I wash and clean. It's got that dark brown pucker ring while yours looks so clean and pink and red."

And with that she lifted my hips higher and let her finger caress my anus.

I don't think I can fully describe the sensation that went through me when I felt her finger on my rear hole. Part of the sensation was purely physical, my nerve endings already on edge from her eating me out; part of the sensation, though, was mental as I realized that I was crossing a taboo line in my mind - letting someone else touch my "dirty" rear. Seeing how I responded, Kim began to focus on my anus and I was catapulted into another realm.

Her fingers delicately and expertly traced the wrinkles of my bum hole until I was moaning for more…more…more. At my urging, she pressed her index finger to the middle of my asshole and ever so slowly pushed it forward. I groaned as I felt my ass envelop her finger and I reached down to caress my clitoris, needing to do SOMETHING with the sexual energy coursing through me. Kim lazily let the entirety of her finger slip into my rear until it was all the way in. She then started a slow rhythm of sliding her finger in and out of my anus as she grinned at my loud groans and enraptured facial expressions.

She was so patient with me, not letting me take the lead and climax quickly, but forcing me to slow down my own clitoral caresses and keeping me always on the edge. My body shook as I tried to control the building tidal wave of my orgasm and, finally, I thought that I had experienced as much pleasure as I could.

I was wrong for in the next moment Kim pushed me over the edge by rapidly sawing her index finger in and out of my asshole and, at the same time, leaning down and flickering her tongue quickly over my clit. That was it and I climaxed loud and hard, my hips bucking as my anal walls clenched greedily at her finger. Kim kept at it with both finger and tongue until the many waves of my orgasm had washed over me and left me breathless and sweating. Then, she did something which I appreciated almost as much as anything else she had done that evening. She lovingly cleaned up my wet pussy and - her finger still in my rear! - nuzzled up to share a kiss with me and snuggle for a while as I attempted to catch my breath and regain my senses. And as we lay there I couldn't help but think how great it was to constantly have her finger in me, even after I had climaxed.

And, of course, after I was able to rest for a bit, it was her turn to be pleasured…..

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