tagNonHumanWrapped in Despair

Wrapped in Despair


Vampires do not to well under a collar, for we are restless creatures, used to our freedoms. Some of us though, do find a mate who captivates our soul and enslaves us just the same.

The autumn heat drove me to seek the cool waters of the river. Even though it was late in the evening, the moon was shining brightly in the night sky, the air was just starting to lose the warmth of the day. Mist was climbing from the pool and wrapping through the skeletal trees to hang in silken wisps.

The top of my head slowly emerging from the pool as I ascend from the chilled depths of the river, I bring my hands to wipe the water from my face. As the cool air touches my shoulder shivers ripple down my spine. Goosebumps cover my upper body as it leaves the water, twisting and turning, I shake my body like a wild animal, water flying off of me to splash back into the river. My long hair whipping about, it lands clinging to my breasts, as little rivers of water bead and flow over my curves and valleys, I feel the heat of eyes upon me causing a shiver to run down my spine. I scan the banks of the pool looking for the source, nothing but shadows to be seen. Then movement as a dark form moves from within them.

I breathe the air deeply, his scent a ghost on the cool evening air. His gaze burns over my flesh as the fire in his eyes deepen. My body responds to primal emotions, my nipples harden, as my chest rises and falls. My bottom lip trembling against my lowering fangs, nails lengthen to razor sharp talons. The huntress being stalked, vulnerable prey, I can feel the strength of his powers.

As he moves closer to the bank of the river, my mouth opens as a started cry breaks the silence. I know the one blocking my escape from the water. I follow his dark gaze as it runs from me to the pile of my clothing crumpled at his feet. I wade towards the shoreline his unnatural beauty drawing me closer. The only imperfection was the way the wind had tousled his dark wavy hair. His unbidden voice echoes in my head, taunting me "Do you really think you can run?"

Water cascades over my hips and thighs as I continue to climb from the pool. Refusing to show any weakness I come out of the water before him. Standing in front of him, my naked body kissed by sparkles of moonlight as it reflects off droplets. I lift my eyes hold his in challenge, my heart pounding as if to escape my chest. My feet find the soft solidness of the grassy bank.

I turn and quickly lunge for my clothes, yet before I can grasp them, I feel his hand close around a thick lock of my hair. My head snaps back, body following as his wrist snaps, throwing me to the ground. Looking down at me sprawled against the grass, growling, fangs glint dangerously. Intense eyes greedily travel down my body, stopping at the vee of my legs, his will pushing them open, as I fight to keep them close together.

Trying to push myself from the ground, as he nears me his eyes capture mine, my arms give way and I fall back again, as he mentally pushes me to the ground. Closing my eyes I call within myself, fighting the mind control he is using, our wills battling against each other. This time regaining my feet, I move back swiftly before he can reach out to grab me once again. Snarling before he pounces, I stumble over a fallen tree limb in my rush to escape. Grabbing my wrists, holding me as I fall to my knees, He leans in to whisper against my ear," you will beg for me to take you before this moon fades."

Quickly lashing a leather cord and binding my wrists, he walks a few steps away then tugs at it. I fall forward caught of balance, and he begins to drag my naked body over the grass to a stand of trees. The rough ground burns my soft skin as I struggle to lift myself, I can feel grass and rock bite into my tender flesh, bruising, slashing.

The leather sings as it is whipped through the air and over a high branch. My arms lift first, then my body. Lifted till only the tips of my toes feel the ground below, dangling from the tree, captive and unable to fight.

I feel his chilled breathe upon me as he caresses my belly, up between my breasts. Drawing his nail over my right breast, a thin ruby trail appears, and he bends licking the tiny droplets. Sliding his leg between mine, I clasp them together tightly trying to keep him from opening them. Feeling his teeth close over the tiny wound ripping it open more, I scream out as the pain flares through my whole breast, slowly releasing my flesh, he looks up at me as he licks my blood from his lips as he smirks at me, "Still wish to fight even though you will lose."

Shaking his head, he moves behind me, suddenly heat radiates from my ass as his hand strikes against it the clapping sound of skin striking skin echoes in the clearing as I scream into the night. Again he slips his knee between my thighs pushing my legs apart, as I squirm to close them. The only warning is the sound his hand makes as it swooshes through the air, landing with a loud smack, as his fingertips curl catching the swell of my ass cheek, a deep moan escapes my lips as the dampness between my legs spreads. Fingers torment my reddened flesh and I clench the beaten muscles as he tries to slide his hand between my legs.

Growling his displeasure, I feel him move away from me. The snap of green wood breaking fills my ears, whistling, as it slashes through the air. Finding its mark, angry welts raise, as my tortured cries fall upon deaf ears. The sound of the branch swishing through the air as he was bringing the switch down filled my ears as he continued to lash my ass, back and legs. Wanting only to escape me was bucking and writhing, pulling against the leather thong holding my arms, cutting into my wrists. My whimpers and pleas being drowned out by the crack of the makeshift crop, screams turn to moans as the pain slowly turns to pleasure. My body hangs limp as his hands glide over the criss cross pattern of the crude switch, awakening their sting, admiring my delicate skin as it bares his mark. I can feel his tongue dart out and lick the tiny tears.

Roughly sliding his hand between my legs I weakly open them as he feels my arousal, stroking my wet and hot mound, "Beg my pretty vamp. Beg to be mine." He whispers as he leans in, "Tell me you will serve me as my slave. Tell me who your Master is."

I push my hips towards him in offering, "No, I wish to hear the words," he snarls. Jutting my chin forward I hold my lips closed, my eyes flare with rebellion, as I refuse to submit. "Silly little fool, you only make this harder on you,"

Reaching above my head a blade slices through the cord, and he catches my body in his strong arms as it falls free. I struggle but his arms hold me tightly as he carries me toward a high flat rock. Setting me upon it, he reaches into my mind, my body uncurls laying with my tummy against the cool stone. Try as I may I cannot fight, weakened by the whipping, my will no match for his. My legs fall open off the end of the rock as my arms droop forward over the front. Even though no earthly binds touch me, I am bound as tightly as if they did, the strength of his thoughts keeping me from breaking free. Gently running his hands through my silken tresses, then grasping a handful, he raises my head to look deep into my eyes as he speaks, "I will own you, all of you. That lovely mouth, your body, your mind, everything that you are shall be mine."

Standing in front of me, undoing his pants, I watch as he pulls his hardening cock from within. The head sneaking passed the top of his hand as he closes it round stroking the thick shaft. He pulls my hair hard mercilessly to lift my head, as I open my mouth to scream, as I feel it ripping from my scalp, he slides his hardening length inside. Rocking his hips, I feel the shaft glide over my lips as he holds my head. Long plunging strokes push the head deep within my throat, choking off my whimpers. As he continues to use my mouth, my eyes opening wide in terror, watching as he unclasps the cat'o'nines that hangs from his belt. Leather trails over my skin and I tremble as I feel them lift off, knowing the blows to come will cut my flesh and weaken my resolve further, yet deep inside part of me wants the pain, knowing that it will fill a primal hunger, a hunger that cannot be eased.

The flogger and his hips working together, every driving plunge fills my throat as the flogger lands with cruel accuracy upon my body. The thin leather strips hiss as they catch the tender skin of my back, my ass. The thin tips of leather falling between my spread legs, biting the wet flesh, causing my pussy to tighten unable to stop it, heat floods between my legs as my juices flow, my ass squirming as the whip continues to strike. Tears flow over my cheeks as he pulls from my mouth, and I lay my head against the cool stone softly moaning. Quickly he moves to the other end of his makeshift altar, running his hands over my welted flesh, bringing the heated pain to the surface and roughly slipping between the moist folds. One hand finds and starts to rub my swollen nub as fingers from his other hand slip into my warm sheath. He roughly fills me with his fingers stretching my swollen pussy, stoking me, until I am on the verge of climax, then stops abruptly. I throw my head back roaring as the crystal sharp pain of unreleased passion builds.

Grasping my hips he drives himself into me, taking me fully onto him. I scream as he fills my wet pussy, using me harshly, grinding my mound onto the coarse stone. I feel his huge cock stretching me, I begin to pulse around him and again he stops before I explode. Holding himself still inside me, I try to wiggle and gain my own release, but he leans his weight upon me stopping me.

"Say you are mine," he whispers. "Say you belong to me, that I own you."

My moans drift through the night, wanting my torment to end, I raise my head. "Aye, I am yours," I sob, "I am yours to use as you will."

He starts to slam into me again, his hips slap against my ass, nails digging into my hips as he pushes into my depths. Long deep strokes, sliding in and out of my wetness, I push against him wanting all of him. He pulls back teasing my entrance with his thick head, then shoves it in deeply, relishing in my cries. Taunting me with slower paces bring me closer to orgasm then speeding up as I begin to tighten round him. As I begin to pulse over his shaft, my body convulsing onto him he grows rigid, exploding inside me, throwing me over the edge of desire. My body shakes violently, and as my body gives itself to its new Master, I feel the cool touch of a steal collar, as it closes round my neck.

Picking me up and cradling me within his arms, soft kisses cover my lips. The warm moisture as his lips open over my neck bringing a soft moan to my lips that is never heard. Instead it is drawn so deeply with in me as sharp fangs tear into my neck the intense pain fires straight to my heart, everything centering there, hovering in a heartbeat. His arms wrapping around me tightly, as he feeds deeply from my torn flesh, my body shuddering upon him, pain and pleasure, death and life, flashing as my head falls limply, eyes fluttering closed. As my heartbeat fades and my body melts against him he retracts his fangs gently licking the open wound pushing the raged edges together sealing them. Loosening his grip, he brings his hand to his wrist, growling as he plunges his razor sharp nail into his own flesh. Ripping an opening before lifting it to my death softened lips, he pushes his wrist against them, forcing me to feed from him. As elder blood fills my mouth, coldness fills me, lifetimes cascade through my mind as despair enslaves me, holding me to him as my body twitches violently as the change passes over me. Pulling his wrist from my lips, the skin pulling together to heal instantaneously, he closes his arms around me, embracing me in his powerful arms.

He murmurs against my neck. "You are mine forever more my little pet."

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