tagInterracial LoveWrath of the Goddess

Wrath of the Goddess


Astra quietly watched Lelani depart the meadow. A wide smile broke on her small brown face as she rushed away to gather sweet herbs located deep in Holien's forest. Lelani had forbidden nymphs from gathering healing herbs in Lachlan's kingdom. Her goddess would not change her mind. Astra rushed deeply into the meadow as cool dew dampened her feet.

Lachlan and his men slowly galloped through Holien's woods. Rumors of scouts from Persis reached his ears; he could no longer ignore his outer lands. His dark eyes scanned a shadowy perimeter. A familiar sweet melody assaulted his ears. Dismounting from his stallion, he signaled his men to remain at their positions. His heavy feet broke twigs and crushed flowers as he broke through a dense brush to see if it was her.

His dark eyes spied curly brown locks blowing in a slight breeze. Her small body wrapped in red silky dress; a color that annoyed Lachlan because it was Lelani's color. Lelani's desire for revenge caused the death of his brother and stole her away from him. Her soft voice bounced around a small green meadow. He crept upon her like a wolf. He could feel her hair wrapped around his hands. So lost in her chore, his little doe didn't hear his approach.

"What are you searching for?"

Herbs dropped from Astra's grasp. She bit her lip to stop a gasp that formed in her lungs. She knew that deep masculine voice. She remembered how her skin tightened as it vibrated in her ears. How his large hands grabbed her and whispered dark seductive words in her ears. Astra shook her dark head, hoping that he would leave but wishing that his hands would graze her flesh again.

"You don't know, lovely?" Lachlan had given his heart to the sneaky wench. Timidly, Astra swallowed a lump in her throat. "Herbs," she muttered.

"Herbs, of course. Are you a midwife?"


"Fresh soft herbs to use in a bath to perfume your skin?"


"To treat my injured warriors hurt by Lelani?"

"'Of course."

Lachlan loved her jerky movements and nervous voice. "Can I see your eyes?"

"No, milord. I must work to aid your knights."

"Do you have big wide eyes? Or small little ones like a robin?"


"So, you can see me."

"I have normal eyes, milord."

Lachlan chuckled above her. "What about your teeth?"

"My teeth?'

"Do you have a beautiful smile for your king?"

"No, my smile is small and not brilliant."

"How do you know who I am?"

"I can sense you."

Her innocence inflamed Lachlan as it had always done. The curls, her voice, the shade of her skin. He searched his memory. Astra whimpered when he dropped a large hand on her shoulder. "Let me see you." Astra closed her eyes as Lachlan's hand cupped her chin, brushing away her heavy curls.

"Astra," Lachlan whispered. "In my woods to hoping to destroy me once again. Helping Lelani!"

Her dark head shook furiously in denial. "I snuck away to gather herbs to make medicine, Lachlan."

Lachlan wrapped his hands around her delicate wrist, herbs slipped from her grasp. He stared deeply into her brown eyes searching for malice. He could see nothing but youthful innocence and charm. The things that drove him to steal away her innocence so many moons ago. He ignored the tightening of his cock as her heavy breathing filled the darkening meadow. Her small pink tongue traced her bottom lip.

"I never thought to see you again."

Astra dreamt of her forbidden lover as she slept in a soft bed of petals in her realm. She cried nightly when she remembered his face when she betrayed him as she followed Lelani's orders. She could still feel his soft lips running along her spine; his thumb flicking her harden nipples; his thick cock moving deeply in her tight wetness.

"Nor did I."

Lachlan's thumb gently stroked her chin causing Astra to close her eyes as pleasure registered in her mind. "Have you seduced any other princes in the land under her orders?"


Lachlan stared at Astra though hooded eyes as a wave of desire assaulted him. His large fingers quickly undid her silky red dress, the soft fabric pooled around her brown feet. A red setting sun glowed behind Astra's petite frame as she waited under his hot gaze. His dark eyes traveled slowly over her high firm breasts tipped with dark hard nipples, the flat plain of her stomach, and her soft thighs. Astra knew that she should have raced back to her realm. Her heart ached for the young king. Raising her hands, she undid the ties of his tunic revealing a hard chest dusted with dark hair.

Lachlan pulled his white tunic over his head, dropping it carelessly on the grass. His hands untied his pants kicking them off with his boots. Stepping forward, he gathered Astra into his tight embrace, tenderly lowering her to sweet smelling grass.

Astra closed her eyes as her heart pound in her ears. She prayed that Lelani would not notice her absence. A grasp escaped her lips when Lachlan mouth's seared a hot path down her neck. Her small fingers tugged his dark hair when he pulled a hard nipple into his wet mouth. Heat pooled in her pussy as her legs fell apart. Her pants vibrated as he suckled roughly; his fingers twisting her other nipple.

Lachlan moaned against her nipple as his tongue lathed the hard bead. Astra groaned when he released her nipple and moved down her lush body. His tongue circled her small navel. Lachlan smiled when her recognized the hot sweet smell of her essence. Pushing her legs further apart, he lowered his dark head and ran his tongue along her slit, causing her to squirm and whimper in pleasure. Astra's eyes floated back into her head as his tongue lashed her pussy. Lachlan smiled against her thigh. He inserted two fingers into her tight wet channel; she dug her fingers into his strong shoulders. Astra writhed against his finger s as he plunged and twisted deep into her tight sheath. Astra arched her breasts as she felt an orgasm racing though her tight hot body. Lachlan licked and plunged until he felt her quivering and tightened on his hand. Screaming her pleasure, Astra fell back onto the grass, her chest heaving as a fine sheen covered her skin.

Lachlan covered her damp body with his. He placed his swollen cock at the entrance of her damp pussy. He groaned when he sank deeply into her hot moist center. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist as he fucked her with deep penetrating strokes, his mouth sucking on the tender skin of her neck. She writhed and panted under his hard thrusts, meeting his rhythm. Gritting his teeth , he slammed harder against her, desperate to be deep inside of her tight sheath. Her nails raked along his back.

"Damn, I missed you," he muttered.

"More," she whispered against his mouth.

He plunged his tongue into her mouth, kissing her passionately. He could sense her climax coming as pleasure boiled in his loins. Gripping her thighs, he grunted when he erupted deep in her womb. He kept slamming against her as she clenched his cock as she came with a pierce loud wail. He pressed kisses along her brow as he laid upon her hot wet body.

Lachlan tied her red dress as she stood in the twilight. Cupping her face, he looked deep into her soul. "I didn't want to take you outside like this."

"It just happened."

"That wasn't a mistake."

"It can never be," Astra whispered caressing his face; swallowing her pain as she turned to leave him..

"Meet me again," Lachlan begged softly.

"I'll try."

Astra brushed a hard kiss across his lips. Pushing him away, she grabbed her basket and rushed towards a waiting portal.

Lachlan closed his eyes in pain as his dark loneliness returned. Opening his eyes, he knew that he would fight Lelani to the darkness to reclaim Astra.

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