"It's you Raquel," she shouted pulling me up by the hand. Quite out of character she took me in her arms and hugged tightly. "Estas la mas Pura!"

I couldn't believe it. Lady luck was finally smiling on me and I had the chance to make my mark in this village. I couldn't wait. After all my hardships, finally something good was happening. And what's more, it seemed that suddenly everybody in the village was my friend. Within days of the decision I must have met every youngster in the village, all of them overly friendly. It seemed that everybody was putting themselves out to make sure that I was ready for the big day.

Strangely, I thought, they all seemed happy it was me and not them.

There were just a couple of weeks until the fiesta itself and lot's to do. Everything was explained. The first festival would be a relatively low key affair in the evening for all to attend, almost a send off party to wish me well for the following day. The second was the main event where I would be paraded from the village to the temple for another feast. And the third would be a whole day of partying across the village as thanksgiving for being saved from the devil. Everyone was so excited about the whole event, and so accommodating to make sure that I thoroughly had the time of my life . . . how apt.

Next up was the fitting. There was a traditional dress to be worn for the parade and they wanted it to fit just perfect. I was taken to the temple one morning to try the dress on. It was the first time I had been inside and I was as interested in the temple itself as I was in trying on the dress. It was a dark eerie place, halfway between a church and a mausoleum. The temple was dominated by a large open nave flanked by columns down each side and smaller shrines in the recesses behind. At the back was a large altar of plain white marble.

All seemed normal, except for what stood in the middle of the nave. There, was a single column of wood standing in isolation like a tree trunk. On each side it had hooks nailed in at the top and bottom but other than that it was just an old trunk of wood. The floor was covered with patterned tiles, radiating outwards from the trunk. But why, in the middle of a temple was there a trunk of wood? It was obviously of great value to the locals but what was the significance?

I was called over to a side room. An older woman measured me, hips, waist and bust before opening a number of drawers. Finally, a once white dress, slightly creamed by age, was taken out of one of the drawers and laid on a table in front of me.

She had a quiet mature voice. "Come on my girl, take your clothes off and try it on."

Slowly, a little nervously I stripped down to my underwear and went to pick up the dress.

"Those as well," she continued.

"What?" I questioned.

"It's just tradition. Nothing can be worn beneath the dress. I want to make sure it fits though as we don't want anything to go wrong on the day."

I really wasn't enamoured by the idea of stripping off in front of this woman, nor the two men who had also accompanied me to the temple but I guessed tradition was tradition.

I removed my bra first allowing my large breasts to hang free. I'd always been top heavy and was often teased at school for the size of my tits. They were only a D cup but when compared to my small frame they were huge. Still young, the flesh was firm and pert with no signs of any sagging. Each was topped with a small darker aureole and nipple. I then removed my knickers to much consternation.

"On no, my dear. That just won't do," the woman tutted, reaching out towards my dark bush. "I said nothing was to be worn under the dress and I meant nothing. The fabric is thin and anything underneath will show through including this. Promise me you'll shave it clean before the big day."

Again I was shocked at the directness and hesitated.

"We can do it now for you if you prefer?" the woman continued.

"No," I almost snapped, "that won't be necessary."

The dress was handed to me and I held it out for a good luck. It was more like a nightshirt than a dress, an old nightshirt from maybe a couple of hundreds of years ago. The skirt part was full and plain, bar from a ring of lace around the bottom. The top though was more ornate and buttons ran from the low neck down to the waist. There was a single matching belt to pull the loose dress in at the waist. It wasn't a perfect fit but would do. If anything it was a little tight around the bust and I needed an extra button open than I would have liked. Other than that it was fine as the fabric was full and flowed easily over my hips. She was right though about everything showing through, even in this dim light I could see the shadow of my dark bush. I also noticed that I would have to be careful bending down or my full chest would be on display for all to see. But, all in all, it was only for one day.

Fitting over, I dressed again and we left back to the village. The following days were nothing significant. As requested I did shave off my dark bush in readiness for the fiesta itself but otherwise there was really nothing notable.

The 18th arrived and with it the first fiesta; "Bienvenido al Diablo". It was nothing more than a huge street party. Hog roasts dominating the food and plenty of wine to go round. It seemed that I was the centre of attention and everybody in the village, at some point or another, came up to talk. Conversations were so similar it was almost a little scripted I thought. There was the usual greeting, a little over friendly, followed by well wishes for the sacrifice I was making and thanks given for the future of the village. If I didn't know better, that this was all for show, I would actually be a little worried by now wondering what exactly I had got myself into. But, really, tales of devils in a backwater village were little more than folklore and I was just going to go with the flow and enjoy myself.

Throughout the evening I was plied with food and drink as if this was to be the last meal for a long time. I couldn't say no though as I really didn't want to offend, especially as I had just made my mark in village life. Finally the sun went down and the party was over. I had to admit to being just a little bit tipsy and took myself off to bed early. I was just nodding off when I heard footsteps outside of the door followed by the creak of the handle being turned. It was Ximena and she seemed a little upset. I invited her in and she closed the door behind her.

"What's the matter?" I said "You seem a bit upset."

She sat on the end of the bed saying nothing, just looking at me with those sad eyes. I pulled back the sheets and invited her in. Ximena snuggled up, her head on my chest. Again I asked the same question and this time she answered.

"Don't do it," she whispered emotionally "I don't want you to go."

She was so sweet, I just hugged her close.

"It's only a festival. A couple of days then everything will be back to normal."

"You don't understand, don't do it," she almost pleaded. "Incubo always gets what he wants."

"I'll be fine," I whispered kissing her on the forehead. "Now, why don't you stay a while until you calm down."

The two girls, fell asleep, waking the next morning still snuggled together.

The big day had come at last. The parade was going to be at 17:00 with the feast starting at 18:00 outside the temple. I showered and did my hair. For sure, today of all days, I wanted to look my best. Mid-afternoon I changed into the dress, letting it drop over my naked body before buttoning up the top and tying the belt around. I looked at myself in the mirror, surprised to see how good I looked. There was something innocent, almost virginal about the dress. Virginal, yet at the same time totally seductive. The material was almost see through and in the right light every fold and curve could be seen. Combine this with my full bust, the extra button open at the top, and it painted a picture of innocent purity waiting to burst out.

I went down from my room and was greeted by the family. They stood and gawped, I hoped admiring how beautiful I looked. Uncle Juan offered me a large coat to cover up, part of the instructions, and off we went to the village church. I was ushered in from the back and removed the coat, resplendent now in just the white dress. I could hear what sounded like a service already underway and, a few minutes in, I was ushered out to the front of the church. It was the blessing of the sacrifice to bring luck to the village and safety from the devil himself. Again I went with the flow, all part of the theatre I thought.

The service was in old Spanish so I didn't understand too much, most of the time I just stood and smiled. It lasted a good twenty minutes before finally the congregation, one by one, came up to the front to give their blessing. This was the slightly strange part. Instead of the usual church blessing, this time each individual took turns to kiss and hug me. It was more like the farewell you may give to an old friend.

Finally over, I was paraded through the streets on the back of a horse drawn cart, sitting as daintily as I could on a straw bale. The streets were lined with villagers and everyone threw crimson red rose petals as I passed. Red roses, the sign of love. We wound our way around slowly, finally reaching the temple itself. Outside was a large table laid with a literal feast of food. This seemed to be a more exclusive event with only the most important villagers invited.

Half way down one side of the table was a large thrown-like chair, presumably for the Fiesta Queen. I was invited to sit down, followed by the other guests. There must have been thirty of forty in total, including Uncle Juan. Food was served along with copious quantities of wine. As the Fiesta Queen everything was presented to me first before being served to the others. As the sun started to set another round of drinks appeared, this time served in large goblets, one for each person.

Uncle Juan stood up and offered a toast to the virgin queen. In unison everybody lifted their goblets to their lips and took a sip, or at least I assumed everybody had taken a sip. This wine, I noticed, was a little different from the last. There was a subtle after taste. It wasn't bad, just different. I pondered what the taste was but before I could answer there was another toast and another sip. I pondered again, but again another toast and another and another. Once more I pondered, but strangely enough I couldn't quite remember the question. Another toast, by now I really wasn't making out what was being said any more and the whole proceedings were becoming a blur. The wine must have been rather strong, or maybe it was just the culmination of a long day, but I was feeling a little sleepy. Another toast started, but I don't remember the finish. The goblet had been taken from my hand just before I slumped over in the chair, head on one side, asleep.

I awoke again a little later. I couldn't see anything but I knew that I was on my feet. I could feel something tied around my eyes, a blindfold or something of that ilk. I tried to reach down with my hands to remove it, for some reason they were up in the air above my head, but I couldn't move them. Likewise I found that my feet were also fixed in position. In a panic I shook my head violently but again to no avail. I took to screaming.

"Help, somebody, help me!!!"

There was no immediate reply so I shouted again.

"Please, help me!!!"

Finally there was the sound of footsteps across what seemed a stone surface. They were getting ever so slightly louder so I guess somebody, not sure if one person or more, was approaching.

"Help me!!!" I shouted, still struggling to break free.

Finally there was a voice, a calm voice, a voice I instantly recognised.

"Ah I see you've awoken my young queen."

It was the priest from the church. I'd recognise that voice anywhere, along with the subtle smell of old incense. I was getting desperate.

"Where am I? Why can't I see or move? What are you going to do to me?"

There was a pause, a silence, before he replied.

"But don't you remember? You are our Fiesta Queen, our offering to the devil himself, our virginal sacrifice. When finally the sun sets, you will meet the great Incubo and be taken to your heaven."

"Stop, let me go, you've gone fucking too far with this joke," I shouted towards the voice, trying to kick out at the same time. It was obvious though that I was tied tight.

"If I was you, my girl, I'd save a little energy. You'll need as much as possible when the great man himself takes you. Now, if you calm down a bit, I'll take off the blindfold. No point in you missing the climax of our celebrations."

I calmed down and, true to his word, he removed the blindfold. Even in the dim light I was half blinded as I struggled to come to terms with my surroundings. Eventually I focussed in and all became clear. I was inside the temple facing outwards towards the entrance, fading sunlight shafting in through high windows. I noticed a mirror high up over the door showing a view back into the church. I gasped at what I saw. I was bound to the wooden trunk in the middle of the nave. My hands were tied by a white ribbon and then looped over a hook at the top. The same was true of my ankles albeit this time looped over a downward facing hook at the bottom. Both were tied tight, as I already knew, and there was no way I could release myself from this restraint. I was indeed a ready, if not exactly willing, sacrifice.

I struggled once more, ready to scream out again.

"Really my dear, save your energy. Nobody can hear you."

I quietened down again. Surely he wasn't going to go through with this. Worst case I would stay here the night and be released in the morning.

He continued.

"Now, that's better. Shall we get you ready to meet the great man himself?"

I watched as he busied himself around the temple. In the fading light he lit several squat candles, their orange-white glow now flickering eerily around the building, shadows of columns forming darkness amongst the light. The altar was cleared before being covered with a single white sheet, the same virginal white as the dress I was wearing. Finally, with the use of a chair, he activated what seemed to be cameras high up on the walls, one in each corner of the room. The bastard was going to film me bound to this pole through the night I thought to myself.

Eventually he returned to my bound body, standing frustratingly in arms reach but there was no way I could swing and hit him. He took a little bottle out of his robes and proceeded to drip the liquid over my naked skin. I shook at the touch of the cold liquid but could do no more. It was a kind of scent I guessed. Not quite a perfume but almost equally as seductive. The room was now filled with this sweet scent, my lungs now filled with the same. If I didn't know better I would even have said it had aphrodisiac properties as I did feel slightly hotter inside.

"There, all set," he grinned "all you need to do is stay put and wait for the great Incubo to find you. I will return at first light to release you should the great man have not taken you to heaven already."

He kissed me on the forehead, ran his hands over my cheeks and neck before continuing down the front of the dress covering my bound body. I shivered as he focused just a little much on my now hardened nipples, giving them a tiny squeeze before moving on. Reaching the hem of the dress he then proceeded to move his hands back upwards, following the naked skin of my thighs until fingers probed around my now shaven pussy region. I shivered again as I felt one finger sliding it's way between my pussy lips. Unbelievably I was already damp, my body betraying the position I was in. He withdrew his finger, licking off the juices and smiling.

"I wouldn't worry my dear. Seems like you are ready for the great man. It's better that way, as it makes it easier for him and more painless for you. Don't fight him, submit to his desires, let him take you to your heaven."

With that, he turned and left. I was alone in the chill of the temple. Alone apart from the flicker of the candles dotted around the room. I don't know how long I stood there, bound to the trunk of wood. It was obviously dark outside as the once bright windows had faded to silvery grey, backlit only by the light of the moon. Slowly, one by one, the candles also burnt themselves out plunging the room into almost darkness. There was silence, a chilly silence broken only by the faint sound of animals outside, a cat maybe and possibly a bird or two.

Slowly I was getting to grips with my dilemma, my breathing coming under control as I resigned myself to spending a lonely dark night in this temple. Surely it couldn't be much more than six hours before the sun came up again and surely the reason for tomorrow's festival was to celebrate my return. Yes, that's what it's all about. I've been stupid and let them drag me into the realism of their fable.

All I've got to do is . . . .

My train of thought was broken by the sound of a door opening. I tired to convince myself that I was hearing things, the darkness playing tricks with my mind, but there it was again. There was a definite scraping of a heavy door on old hinges. I strained my eyes, peering out into the darkness almost convincing myself that I could see the shadow of an open door. Suddenly my heart was beating fast again. I was listening for the tell-tale footsteps of somebody approaching but all I could hear was the pounding of my heart, it was quiet once more.

A feeling of cold came over me. My heart was still beating a million miles an hour and for the first time I was scared. How, I don't know, but it seemed that the air inside was moving, as if a gentle breeze was wafting inside. It wasn't only moving though, it was whispering as well, at least whispering in my head. I strained at the darkness but there was nothing to see, yet I could feel it. A chill breeze flowing around the room, close to my skin but not quite touching. Not one breeze, but several, flowing in different directions making the hairs on my body stand on edge.

And the whispering, there was definite whispering. Voices, female voices but not quite human voices. I listened as hard as I could, not sure if I was catching the words or inventing them in my head. It was only words though, not sentences.

" . . . so beautiful, this one . . . will be pleased . . . be here soon . . . get her ready . . . his arrival . . . heavenly . . . release her to him . . . "

For sure there were voices, multiple voices. I jumped though at the first touch. I couldn't see anything but there was a touch, a cold yet gentle touch around my wrists. Another, and another, as my bindings were slowly released. Finally, the ribbon falling to the floor, my hands were free. I brought them down, aching from being held high for so long, and rubbed the muscles.

"Who's there?" I called out "Show yourself."

The whispering came back once more.

" . . . in this position . . . we were once . . . to heaven he took us . . . eternal desires . . . relax, be with him . . . for you he will come soon . . . be one of us . . . "

I felt the touch around my ankles and my bindings were released there too. For the first time in hours I was free. Now was the time to make my escape. Quick as I could I dashed for the door, running on pure adrenaline. I could see the frame emerging from the darkness. Almost, almost there, then suddenly I was motionless, stopped in my tracks floating slightly above the ground. Something, someone, I couldn't tell which, was holding one leg. Another, holding the other. A third on one arm and a fourth again on the other. There was nothing I could do, held motionless, floating just above the floor of the temple. I struggled against the invisible restraints but they were strong.

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