Slowly I floated back across the temple, beyond the wooden trunk towards the altar at the back. Just in front I stopped and whatever was holding me released it's grip, placing me back on the floor. I knew better than to try and make a dash once more so I stood still and waited.

" . . . he's here . . . prepare her . . . " came the whispering once more.

I noticed a glow around the door frame, a silvery glow brighter than any moon, which flooded the temple. Concentrating on the glow I jumped at the feel of invisible hands opening the buttons on the top of my dress, followed by the belt. It was now hanging from my shoulders and the merest breeze would have dislodged the fabric sending it falling to the ground. The glow grew brighter and brighter as it approached the altar. Deep inside I was sure I could make out the silhouette of a giant man, elegant in appearance, strong and large.

I wasn't mistaken, the glow disappeared leaving me face to face with a giant of a man. That was it, the statue in the village square, this was the man from the statue, this was the devil himself. I was petrified, standing face to face with the legend that was Incubo. He reached out a large hand and placed it on my cheek. It wasn't at all what I

expected. His hand was soft, warm and comforting. He caressed my cheek gently then spoke in an equally soft tone.

"My dear, you are so beautiful. So young, so tender, so pure."

With that he gently nudged the top of my dress, sending it floating down my body to land in a heap around my ankles. There I stood, totally naked in front of this giant of a beast, at the mercy of whatever he chose to do. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

I was his.

He kissed me, his lips tingling on mine as he pulled me into a deep embrace. I relaxed as he continued. There was something about that kiss. It wasn't just a kiss. It was more than just a kiss. In an instant I stopped being scared, my body instead filled with a desire, a desire to be at one with this man. I was ready, ready to fulfil his desires whatever they may be. I didn't have to wait long.

He ran his hands over my body, feeling every curve and fold, sending tingling shivers through my body wherever he touched, sensitising me all over. My nipples were rock hard, standing out to attention from my large breasts. He felt down lower and lower, across my stomach and my now shaven mound. Warmth followed his touch as he continued his exploration. Without thinking I spread my legs apart, eager to feel those fingers on my pussy. He didn't disappoint, a sudden warmth flooding my lips as he probed his fingers inside.

He smiled, as he felt his way around my already dripping pussy. Exploring further he rubbed over my hard nub of a clit sending gasps through my body. Finally he found what he wanted, the opening to my love canal. I gasped again as he probed a single long finger inside, stopping only when he hit the tightness of my unbroken hymen. He smiled once more and removed his finger, placing it in front of my lips. I opened my mouth and took the finger inside, tasting my sweet juices for the first and only time.

"She's the one," he called out "my ladies, get her ready to be one with me, with us, with heaven."

I struggled slightly at the feeling of being lifted into the air but it was obvious there was no point. I was already destined to be his and there was nothing I could do about it. I was carried by what seemed like a dozen invisible hands before being lowered onto the altar, my ass cheeks hanging over the front edge and my legs dangling down.

Those hands were still holding me in place, restraining me as I watched the man approach. He stood, facing me, at the end of the altar. I gasped as his appearance shimmered, fading into nothingness before appearing once more. He had changed and was no longer the elegant man-like figure with the soft warm hands and smooth relaxing voice. He was now a demon, his body a mass of seething muscles, veins pulsing across his now deep red skin.

I shook on the table once again, scared as I looked down his body, his naked body. There it was, his manhood, his cock, a good four or five inches long. I watched as his cock lifted into the air, enclosed within an invisible mouth. The skin flexed as the mouth did its work, taking the head in and out. The cock swelled under the attention of that invisible mouth. Five inches, six inches, seven, eight, it just kept going. Finally the huge cock was released and dangled provocatively in the air.

"Get her ready," the demon snarled and with that the invisible hands lifted my legs up and out, positioning my pussy open for his every whim.

I gasped though, not at the feeling of his huge cock, but at the gentle caress of an invisible tongue, lapping up and down the inside of my pussy lips, lubricating them as much as possible. As soon as it arrived though the tongue left and the demon approached, his huge cock bouncing as he strode forward.

I struggled more but there was nowhere to go, those hands holding me firm to the table. The tip of his cock nudged it's way into my pussy opening. He pushed harder and I screamed at the feeling as my opening stretched around the head.

"Stop, nooooo, I can't, you'll tear me in half!!!"

Words fell on deaf ears as he was indeed intent on tearing me in half, not literally but very much symbolically. He leant forward, forcing the head deeper inside, stretching me wide, deeper until he felt the resistance of my maidenhead. There he stayed for a few moments, just rocking back and forth allowing me to become accustomed to his huge girth.

My attention suddenly switched away from my stretched pussy and onto my breasts. It was a surreal sight, each one moving under the onslaught of an invisible mouth, the nipples being pulled outwards before plopping back into position. Slowly, ever so slowly, I started to relax again as tingling spread from my hard nipples through my body and the embers of orgasm started to grow deep inside.

Then it happened, he lunged forward and speared his cock deep into my pussy, ripping through my innocence and filling me to the brim with his hard rod. I screamed as he tore through my maidenhead, stretching me wide open. Slowly he rocked back and forth, the tightness of my once virgin pussy pulling at his hard cock as it slipped in and out. I screamed at the pain of those initial movements but soon the pain was replaced with a pleasure, a warm pleasure as those embers of orgasm were stoked into a raging fire deep inside. He was thrusting hard, bottoming out with every stroke. I bucked as the first wave of orgasm pulsed through my body. It was divine, an intense feeling of euphoria, a high that I never wanted to come down from. A second wave then a third sent me thrashing on the bed.

I felt his head swell as he pumped me full of his seed. Warm, sticky seed, lubricating my insides and sending pleasure waves down every single nerve ending in my body. I stiffened as the largest wave passed through my body, my back arching as euphoria took over. I was in heaven, my own personal heaven, a heaven which had taken over all my senses.

Still riding the wave of climax, I didn't notice his cock changing shape within the confines of my pussy. I only felt a slight pressure as his shaft pushed forward, elongating and narrowing as it pushed up through my cervix deep inside. It didn't stop there though. On and on it pushed, pressuring it's way through the inside of my body. I never felt the tip enter my heart. I was still enjoying the wave of euphoria as light faded to darkness, life now extinguished in that moment of pleasure.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The next morning I awoke covered only by a single white sheet. It was cold and once more I was alone. I roused myself, a stiffness inside, and stood up. I was naked still so used the sheet to make a makeshift dress.

I convinced myself it was all a bad dream. Why, here I was, still alive, albeit a little sore inside. This wasn't home though. It was more like a medical room. I looked around and saw the door, opening it gently and walking outside. There was a scream from the other side as a young woman jumped and ran.

How could it be I wondered. Has she never seen a young woman dressed in a white sheet? There was a mirror on the wall. I approached and took a look. I almost screamed myself at the view in the mirror. The view of a white sheet floating in mid-air. I was totally invisible.

I was indeed . . . . dead.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So you see, for once in my life, I was now bitter and twisted. I may have been dead, but for sure I wasn't gone and I wasn't going to be forgotten. I was angry and had one thing on my mind . . . revenge.

Revenge on the villagers who had put me in this position

Revenge on the bank who repossessed my house and sent me to this village

Revenge on the school principle who threw me out ending my relationship with Adam

Revenge on the doctor who bodged my Mom's surgery

Revenge on the pilot who left her in the lurch

Revenge on the firm who pushed my Pop over the edge

It was no longer a case of "Keep Smiling and Carry On". My whole after-life was now a single mission.

Maybe now you can understand my choice of song and why it fits. Read the lyrics and it all makes sense

Now I spend my time looking all around

For a man that's nowhere to be found

Until I find him

I'm never gonna stop searching

Going to find my man

Gonna travel 'round

So long wrathchild

Yeah I'm a wrathchild

Hello wrathchild

I'm comin' to get you

Ooh yeah, yeah

All I can say as I float around the after life is . . .

"Keep an eye over your shoulder, you might just be the one I'm coming for. If you are then be prepared, your life may not be worth living for any more."

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