tagLesbian SexWrestling Attorneys Ch. 01

Wrestling Attorneys Ch. 01


The two opponents looked at each other from across the mat. Both combatants were preparing to do battle with a strip to the finish. Their distrust and hatred for one another transcends beyond the rubber mat lying on the floor between them.

There was much at stake. The bickering and bantering, through e-mail, websites, and telephone calls had built up the match. Friends and co-workers found out about the match. Both law firms had other attorneys and paralegals sitting in the stands.

The two combatants were professional women, adversaries in their daily lives. Both were attorneys that have squared off against one another in the court. There legal contests were evenly split. The last winner glowing and celebrating her win over the other in a local tavern drinking and enjoying the windfall of cash and the great legal work and humiliating the loser.

Today would be more than a professional humiliation. Today, the winner not only had bragging rights to the better woman but also the right to humiliate the other publicly, and strip them naked.

Lyn Johnson was the attorney that had won the last court battle over Sue Hopkins. Smart, confident and a bitch on heels as her co-workers and colleagues called her. Lyn is stunning in every way. Her body was sculpted from hard work in the gym defining a muscular 36-23-25 body.

Lyn was especially proud of her long brown hair. She used it as a sex tool to get the attention of men and drive other women to the point of seeing red. In a bikini, Lyn's hair would cascade down her alabaster shoulders with the ends of her hair naturally circling her breasts and nipples.

Lyn won the case based on winning over the jury on emotions, controlling the conversation and argument to her advantage, and was truly better than Sue in her oratory skills.

Sue Hopkins argued the case based upon the legal precedents, almost smug knowing that the case was won before the jury was selected. How wrong she was.

Sue was also a stunner at an even six feet, short blonde hair. Her body was more impressive with 38 C-24-36 measurements. When she was in court, members of the jury would stare at her. Judges, both male and female, had been caught glancing too long at the busty blonde.

Today, Sue glared across the mat at Lyn. Lyn was wearing a black string bikini smiled back mouthing the word "loser" in Sue's direction. Sue thought to herself, there is no precedence to today's match other than her preparation for the match. She prided herself on her physical strength and stamina. Her 38 C's were barely contained in the piece of string that doubled as her top. The red, thong style bottom barely covered the landing strip patch of hair above her clit. Her blonde hair cut short above her shoulders.

Lyn continued to mock her opponent, strutting in her black string bikini. Lyn always enjoined working out and was proud of her 36 D bust. Her only real preparation was shaving her pussy so no embarrassing, stray hairs would be peaking out from the thin material covering her charms. Lyn enjoyed her dark brown hair. She let it grow and find it quite picturesque as the ends curled around her large nipples.

The referee, Mary Jones, wore a black and white striped body stocking. "Ladies, keep it clean but you are allowed to pull hair but there is no scratching, biting, or punching. If you do any of those three you will be sanctioned. This is a two fall match. You must pin your opponent twice during the match and there is no time limit to the match. If you lose an article of clothing, be it top or bottom, it belongs to your adversary. Understand?"

Both combatants nodded in agreement and returned to their sides of the mat.

Mary tooted her whistle and Lyn and Sue came to the center of the mat, glaring at one another. Lyn hissed at Sue, "You're going down bitch!"

Mary screamed, "Wrestle!"

Lyn and Sue circled one another. The crowd began chanting for their favorite with the gym evenly split for the ladies.

Lyn, being the aggressor, moved first grabbing at Sue's wrist. Sue moved out of the way but Lyn anticipated the move and tripped Sue from behind dropping her on her beautiful blond ass with a thud. The crowd erupted screaming for physical contact. "Tear off her top!" came from the crowd.

Lyn wasted no time. She hurled herself at Sue driving a shoulder into her left breast. Not only was she aggressive in court, but she was dominating on the mat.

Sue had her wind knocked out of her but had enough common sense to roll on her back. Lyn jumped in the air landing on Sue's back with a loud thump.

Sue gasped but remained in control of her breathing. Lyn sat on Sue's lower back and reached back to grab both of her feet, pulling with all her strength, immobilizing Sue face-down on the mat.

Sue screamed in pain as Lyn worked her legs higher, the crotch of her red bikini being drawn into her pussy. Her legs were being pulled and stretched higher that her soles were almost touching her back, her spine arched in a most painful position.

Tears streamed down Sue's face. Her mind flashed images of intense pain and torture.

Lyn leaned forward and cackled in Sue's ear, "Give up? I beat you in court now I'm gonna whip your ass on the mat!"

Sue began to feel deflated but responded through tears and clenched teeth, "up yours."

Lyn applied more pressure.

Sue screamed again. The crowd around the mat continued to cheer. "We want skin! We want skin!" began the chant.

In a swift motion, Lyn being the dominating sadistic, legal bitch that she is, let go of Sue's legs, landing with a thud on the mat, and grabbed her string top from the back.

Sue's legs were shaking as the blood returned causing her to scream again. Her tears began to puddle on the mat beneath her.

Lyn pulled on the top string stretching it beyond the manufacturer's tolerance for such material. Sue was forced to arch backward again as the string cut into her sides and 38's. The holstered breasts were being trapped painfully against her body. Sue tried in vain to move her arms to release the pressure but Lyn continued pulling. Sue's arms flailed but could do little to help herself.

The crowd enjoyed the predicament Sue was in. Lyn controlled the proceedings and was dictating to Sue her movements.

With a final tug, Lyn grabbed the string and it came free splitting between Sue's cleavage releasing the mounds of flesh. Lyn drove Sue's face into the mat and whispered in her ear, "give up bitch... you're ass is mine and so will your pussy... you are not going to enjoy the embarrassment...I'm gonna make you shave that little puss of yours for everyone and parade around naked..."

Sue began to feel her legs again but Lyn continued to push her face into the mat. The ref signaled the first fall to Lyn.

Lyn stood to the music of Judas Priest, Living after Midnight, and strutted around her fallen opponent, swinging the string bikini top from her right index finger.

Sue picked herself up, her hair matted on her tear-streaked face and her tits swaying back and forth to the delight of the crowd.

In the five minute interval, Lyn worked the crowd into a frenzy that nearly everyone was chanting for "Lyn, Lyn, Lyn!"

Sue used her time to stretch and replenish her body.

The ref announced the start of the second fall with Lyn up 1 fall to zero for Sue. The crowd continued their chant. Lyn was enjoying the attention and her body was aroused by the commotion and sounds in the gym. It showed on her hardening nipples as they began to protrude through her black string bikini top.

The two combatants squared up again. Lyn smiling at Sue and mouthing the word 'Loser'. Sue ignored Lyn but focused on her opponent's belly button.

The command from the referee was shouted over the crowd, "Wrestle!" Both women circled one another. Lyn, staring at Sue, waved her arms to the crowd for more noise.

From the crowd, a fan cheered, "Go get her Lyn, strip her and fist her!"

Lyn glanced to her left at the commentator from the crowd for a split second. In that nano-second of distraction, Sue moved in grabbing Lyn's breasts and pulling on her nipples. Sue pulled and grabbed as though her life depended on it, grabbing the long-hard nipples and twisting and turning them obscenely.

Sue caught off guard, her mouth in the form of an 'O' and in a state of shock, grabbing at Sue's wrists. Sue anticipated Lyn's reaction and let go of the nipples only to latch onto her brown hair, pulling it toward her. Sue bent over and drove her head into Lyn's stomach as she pulled on Lyn's long brown hair.

Sue stood and flipped Lyn unexpectedly onto her back. The crowd erupted in a loud cheer. The sound of the crowd was deafening to Lyn but Sue heard nothing as she was so focused on her mission.

Lyn landed with a slap as her glistening skin made contact with the rubber mat, her body bouncing twice off the blue rubber. Her wind knocked out of her, Lyn groaned and rolled from side-to-side on the mat.

Sue wasting no time to allow her opponent to recover leapt in the air with her knees underneath her, landing squarely on Lyn's solarplexes. The whole gym heard the air escaping from Lyn's lungs, ooommmppppphhhhhhhhh!

Sue head-butted Lyn nearly knocking Lyn unconscious. Lyn, by reflex, raised her knees and Sue slid her hands down Lyn's sides hooking her fingers in Lyn's black string bottoms and ran them all the way down to her ankles, twisting them, and them pulling them back toward her.

Sue dropped her heart-shaped ass on Lyn's chest. Sue pulled on the twisted panties that caused Lyn's legs to cross and continued to drop herself over and over on Lyn's chest.

Lyn was barely conscious. Mary lifted Lyn's arm and it dropped to the mat. Sue continued to pull on Lyn's twisted legs while pushing down on her chest, not letting her catch her breath.

Mary slammed her hand on the mat as Lyn was pinned for three seconds.

Victoriously, Sue stood and untwined Lyn's legs, taking her black string bikini bottoms with her. Lyn remained on the mat for the first three minutes of their break.

The deciding fall was about to begin.

Sue used her time judiciously, preparing for the next fall, the final fall. This time there would be no jury to provide a verdict based on emotions but rather on pure physical energy.

Lyn sat on the mat and for the first time noticed that her bottoms were gone. The crowd continued to cheer but the words stung her. "Show us some more pink..." and " Sue, Sue, Sue!"

Lyn heard the whistle and shook her head to get the cobwebs out. Sue was already waiting at middle of the mat.

"Wrestle!" shouted Mary.

Lyn was still wobbly and Sue noticed her opponent's predicament. Sue shuffled quickly to her right, Lyn's left, making fake lunges at Lyn. Lyn countered but could not catch the quicker moves of Sue. The long brown hair of Lyn's seemed to complicate her vision.

Sue moved even quicker grabbing a handful of Lyn's brown hair. Both of Sue's hands had Lyn's hair and she began to swing her about the mat. Lyn's arms flailed abut she maintained her footing.

Sue swung Lyn straight across the mat letting go in a crack-the-whip style. Lyn lost her footing and stumbled across the mat falling onto her knees. Lyn was on all fours, the crowd laughing and screaming at Lyn's exposed pussy and ass. The pink slit was completely shaven and glistened from the arousal and sweat.

Sue heard the crowd chanting, "Go for it!" and ran up from behind Lyn and grabbed her left arm and crooked it behind Lyn's back. Sue put her right knee into Lyn's back and pushed her forward into the mat.

Lyn's brown hair and face went into the mat and her left arm was pinned behind her back. Sue grabbed Lyn's left wrist and string top and began to twist the thin strand of material around and around her wrist.

Lyn's left arm was immobilized by the material causing her great pain and discomfort. She tried to thrash around but Sue sat on her back pressing her firmly to the mat.

Sue began to smack Lyn's beautiful ass to the chanting of the crowd. Lyn squirmed and tried to break free but could little with only one hand free and the other tied to her top.

Lyn's ass was red and burning. Lyn was crying partly due to the spanking but also from the dread of loss and humiliation.

"Five, Six, Seven..." the crowd counted the slaps from Sue on to Lyn's ass. As the numbers increased, Sue began to enjoy the spanking of her nemesis.

"Forty-eight, forty-nine..." the crowd was screaming. Lyn was beside herself in pain. She wanted it to end. Lyn tried to get Mary's attention but Sue slammed her face into the mat.

"Not yet bitch, not yet," Sue muttered to herself.

Sue went for the kill and the embarrassment of her bitchy opponent. Sue stopped the spanking. Lyn's ass was a fire engine red as though she went sun-bathing without her bottoms for 24 hours in a hot Caribbean sun.

Sue hooked her legs inside the back of Lyn's thighs. Sue grabbed her own ankles and pulled them toward her.

Lyn, on her stomach, felt her legs being pulled apart. Sue pulled even more causing Lyn's legs to spread wide exposing her pussy completely. Flash! Flash!

The lucky photographer snapped pictures of two pussies, one completely shaven and another right above with a red string between the lips.

Lyn was screaming into the mat, her right hand slamming furiously in the rubber. Her left hand finally broke free taking her top with her.

Mary the referee slammed her hand down. Sue continued rocking causing more pain to her defeated nemesis. Mary had to pull the two apart and send them back to their respective sides.

Mary blew the whistle again and had both women return to the middle of the mat, Lyn on her right and Sue on her left. Sue smiling, her 38 C's swinging freely but her bottoms still intact.

To Mary's right was a completely stripped Lyn, brown hair matted in her face, and a shaven mound.

Mary raised Sue's right arm announcing her as the winner. Lyn began to move quickly to her side of the mat but Mary announced, "Ladies, you both agreed that the loser must submit to the winner, here, now."

With those words, the crowd blocked Lyn in from fleeing the gym. Sue had enlisted the help of a few from the crowd to bring an inclined bench onto the mat. The bench was about three foot from the floor.

To be continued...

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