tagFetishWrestling Couple - Dani and Jay Ch. 02

Wrestling Couple - Dani and Jay Ch. 02


Thanks for choosing to read my story I hope you enjoy. This is the second in a growing series of stories about couples wrestling. If you have not read the first chapter where Dani and Jay wrestle Ali and DeShawn it doesn't matter but there are some references to it so please do not be confused or irritated. In the first chapter they learn of the unique wrestling opportunity provided by a club owner named Drake, it seems to be their only solution to their personal financial crisis. The match doesn't go as expected for them and results in a harsh learning experience. This brings us to now and their second match.


Nearly four stressful weeks had passed since Dani and Jay wrestled last or more accurately lost to Ali and DeShawn in devastating fashion. As per the special stipulation of that match Ali went ahead posting the video online of Dani getting fucked. Ali took it one step further by embedding it on the front page of their website free of charge enabling anyone to download or stream. She had never been so embarrassed and that went for Jay too. Word got around fast at the club and through the course of that month everyone had watched it and word had even spread outside to some friends and even family. At home the tension between Dani and Jay was near unbearable at times forcing Jay to the couch for the first few nights. The silent treatment was the norm. It wasn't until Drake sent an email alerting them of their second match being booked that they talked openly with each other. It was a horrible back and forth argument ranging from wrestling match itself to why they were involved in the first place. In the end however they agreed they needed to do it again in order to pay the newest set of bills. But most importantly they agreed it was business and nothing more with this wrestling stuff.

"It's just business and nothing more right?"

Dani asked Jay looking him directly in the eyes.

"That's right baby. Simply business."

Jay hugged his girlfriend tightly knowing it was the right attitude to have but deep down still felt a burning shame.

"We have to train a lot harder than we did before."

Jay knew what Dani was saying was true. They didn't work hard enough for the first match. They weren't going to make that same mistake. Drake also gave them some good news in that the couple they would be wrestling was new so they had the experience edge and more importantly a real good chance at winning.

Over the next week Dani and Jay spent a couple of hours a day in the gym working out with weights and practising wrestling moves. They worked much harder than before, learning some new attacks and talking to each other about strategy. They were ready for their opponents this time or so they believed.

Fight night came quick as the couple traveled to the hidden location in relative silence their nerves getting to them. Inside behind the curtain as they stripped they heard the crowd, Drake's friends and associates. Dani and Jay shared a look as there was a large roar of appreciation for the match that was happening.

"Guess something big is happening." Jay said to Dani having an idea it must be a sexual attack.

She nodded in agreement also knowing what it probably was. Dani stretched to get ready as Jay listened. He looked over at his girlfriend impressed with how good she looked. She stood with her legs together and bent over at the waist grabbing her ankles. Jay felt a stir between his legs as he watched Dani. Her legs were long and lean and her ass had never looked better.

"You are so sexy sweetie."

Dani was surprised to hear him and looked around her legs back at him. She smiled brightly and laughed. It was the first time she laughed that day. He picked the weirdest time to make her feel good. She spread her legs shoulder width apart and lowered her hands further to the floor.

"Damn! Now you are just showing off."

She laughed loudly and so did Jay. It felt good breaking the tension. She stood up and shook her arms and legs working out any remaining tension. She walked over to her boyfriend and wrapped her arms around him. Her hand slipped down to his erection.

"Is this for me big guy?"

"You know it is. Now what do you say we go out there and kick some ass."

"Kick some ass, smack some ass and maybe even fuck some ass."

Jay laughed loudly at his normally modest girlfriend's brashness. It made him feel good to see she was excited and prepared to go. They heard their names called and out they walked hand in hand. They saw a few familiar faces from last time as they walked down the aisle to the ring. Drake sat with his usual entourage at one of the ringside tables that surrounded the wrestling ring. Dani heard the catcalls and as she was told to do played up to them by smiling and waving. Winning simply meant you were paid more it didn't guarantee you would be back to wrestle. But if you were entertaining and the people reacted well you were more likely to receive an invite from Drake.

They entered the ring and went to the far corner. Jay climbed to the second turnbuckle and raised his arm in mock victory. Dani entertained the crowd by doing some more stretches along the ropes. She was getting the better response. Their heads turned when the spotlight moved from the ring to the entrance and out stepped the other couple.

Their competition came to the ring with a lot of energy, obviously they were told too to be entertaining. The ring announcer called the team Vicious and Delicious. Jay thought it suited them well but he was surprised by how young they looked. As the introduction went on it was announced they were the youngest team to ever wrestle here. The girl Cassie was only nineteen years of age while Lewis just turned twenty. Dani gave Jay a sideways glance as he his eyes followed Cassie around the ring. She couldn't blame him for looking she was delicious. She was almost as tall as Dani but she was curvier. Her breasts were larger (36C) and her hips were rounder. She had a Marilyn Monroe figure for sure. Dani was feeling a bit jealous and couldn't wait to get her hands in the young woman's wavy dirty blonde hair. At least Jay wasn't sporting an erection looking at her she thought as she checked on him to be sure.

Like Cassie the boyfriend Lewis resembled his nickname Vicious. He was almost 6' tall and in very good shape. His skin was covered in tattoos, sleevs on both arms and a big dragon on his back but it was the spiked hair that intimidated Dani. He just looked like he didn't care which troubled her.

"What the fuck is with the hair?" Jay asked as he turned to face Dani.

She studied her boyfriend and could see he wasn't intimidated by Lewis in the slightest which made her feel better. She stared at Lewis as he strutted around the ring almost snarling.

"You looking at my man bitch?"

Dani snapped out of her trance and smiled at Cassie as the young girl yelled across the ring at her in an obvious attempt to scare.

"Don't worry little girl you can have him back when we're done with him."

Jay couldn't stop from smiling at his girlfriend impressed with her new found ability for trash talking. God knows he was happy it wasn't directed at him this time, he had heard enough since the last match. The crowd also appreciated the feistiness of the tall blonde by cheering loudly. Cassie looked away quickly obviously frustrated that her attempt at intimidation fell flat.

Lewis had heard enough and walked to the center of the ring.

"I'm going to kick your ass you fucking pussy."

Jay shrugged his shoulders as he went nose to nose with the younger man. They stared each other down building the tension and there was a buzz as if they might come to blows.

"I'm going to fuck your girlfriend and there's not a damn thing you can do about it son."

Jay winked and turned away from the younger man after speaking. Dani returned Jay's smile equally as impressed by his level of trash talking. Lewis remained in the center of the ring, his blood boiled at not being able to frighten Jay. He watched Jay walk away and go back to Dani.

"Fucking prick." Lewis muttered to himself quietly.

The referee looked at both teams and motioned for them to get ready. It was obvious Lewis was going to start for his team as he never left the center of the ring. Jay kissed Dani on the cheek and pulled the middle rope up for her as she took her spot outside on the apron. Cassie clapped her hands and cheered her man on from their corner. Jay stepped forward and gave Lewis an antagonizing smile. The bell rang and Lewis grabbed him forcing him backward against the ropes. Jay realized quickly this guy was strong but inexperienced. Jay tied Lewis up so he couldn't attack and managed to reverse the position putting Lewis against the ropes. The referee called for a clean break. Something Dani and Jay knew they had to be was more aggressive. Jay slammed his forearm down onto the young man's chest driving the wind out of him. The referee yelled at Jay for not breaking cleanly but to be successful in these matches they had to bend the rules. Cassie protested loudly calling Jay a cheater. Dani watched happily seeing he was sticking to their plan.

Jay listened to the referee and stepped back. Lewis coughed loudly and rubbed his chest, Jay knew his opponent wasn't used to being hit. As he straightened up Jay lunged forward with a kick to the young man's stomach doubling him over. The referee again yelled at Jay but it fell on deaf ears as he followed up with a knee lift to his jaw. Lewis fell backward to the mat partially under the ropes. Furious the referee warned Jay he was risking being disqualified if didn't start listening. Jay put his hands up acknowledging the referee and backed off.

"You got him baby, he's nothing compared to you." Dani was getting more excited by the second in the corner as her man dominated.

Jay took a moment to give Dani a quick smile as he pulled Lewis to his feet. He whipped him into the ropes and as Lewis bounced off Jay ran toward him jumping into the air with his arm extended. He hit him hard with a flying clothesline. Now Dani was jumping up and down like a cheerleader yelling. The audience was into the match now too and yelled their approval. Lewis lay still on the mat as he tried to gather his senses, everything was swimming in his mind. Jay continued to attack as he leapt into the air and crashed down onto the twenty year old man's chest with his leg. Seeing he had Lewis in trouble Jay quickly went for the pin. The referee counted. One! Lewis didn't move. Two! Still Lewis didn't move. The referee's hand was coming down for the third time when Jay felt a hard kick to his shoulder that sent him rolling off of Lewis. He looked up to see Cassie standing there but then Dani was there too. She saw Cassie enter the ring to break up the count. Dani smacked the young woman across the face hard enough to knock her down. The referee was calling for them both to get out of the ring but Dani had mounted Cassie and was slapping at her face and shoulders. Cassie covered up as best she could but was feeling the sharp sting of each strike. Having seen enough the referee physically pulled Dani off of Cassie and carried her back to her corner.

"Do that again and I'm going to disqualify you!" The referee scolded Dani and she complied.

The building was in a frenzied state after seeing Dani attack the younger Cassie. Most of the people at the ringside tables were standing and screaming. Drake sat comfortably smiling and sipping from his drink. Jay felt the rush too as he began stomping on Lewis' prone body. Lewis groaned with each painful kick to his body. Again Jay went for the pin but this time Lewis kicked out on his own after a two count. He pulled him up to his feet by his spiked hair and threw a hard uppercut sending him stumbling back into his own corner. Jay moved in after him quickly driving his shoulder into his abdomen. The referee stepped in again to separate them. Jay being careful now not to push the referee too far stepped back to break clean. Unfortunately for Jay he didn't see Cassie reaching for him over the referee's shoulder. He felt a sudden pain as she accidentally poked him in the eye. "What the hell was that? Disqualify her! Disqualify her!" Dani yelled across the ring at the referee who looked confused as to why Jay was doubled over and holding his face.

He looked at Cassie who looked guilty but there was nothing he could do, he missed it. Jay remained hunched over in extreme pain rubbing his eyes. Lewis stood up confused but didn't hesitate. He grabbed Jay around the neck tightly and dropped back. Jay's head was planted into the mat from a DDT. He was motionless as Lewis stood up slowly with a wicked grin on his face. He looked like a wild animal over his fallen prey. He grabbed Jay by both his wrists and dragged him over to Dani's corner and left him laying there. He dared the blonde to tag her fallen boyfriend.

"Your man doesn't look so good now." Lewis said with a smirk.

Dani didn't tag Jay, she was intimidated by Lewis. He laughed as he dropped his knee into the small of Jay's back. Jay's face contorted as he felt the pain. Dani reached out instinctively and tagged her boyfriend's hand.

"Now that's what I wanted."

She barely made it through the ropes before he was attacking. He grabbed Dani around her waist. She struggled trying to break his grip but he lifted her high in the air and slammed her down hard bouncing the back of her head off of the mat. She looked up at the lights fighting the sensation of blacking out. Lewis laughed quietly as he knelt down in front of Dani. He pushed her legs apart and licked at her thighs. The crowd erupted at the first sexual attack of the match. He moved to her pussy and shoved his tongue inside her. Cassie smiled reluctantly and clapped her hands as her boyfriend enjoyed another woman's pussy. She knew this was a part of the deal with Drake.

"That's it baby eat that pussy."

Dani shook her head slowly trying to focus on what it was she felt. Her body writhed as she let out a soft moan.

"Oh my god the slut likes it!"

Cassie yelled out in amazement, her boyfriend lapped at Dani's pussy harder as the crowd whistled and encouraged him to do more. Her eyes closed as she let the pleasurable feeling of having her pussy licked take over. The referee watched carefully waiting for Dani to show signs of having an orgasm, it was close to happening. Lewis reached out with his hand as he pulled on Dani's lips with his mouth. Cassie reached out and tagged him. She got into the ring quickly and dropped to her knees beside Dani's body. Cassie took her nipple into her mouth and sucked while Lewis continued eating her out. The referee watched the timer. They were allowed one minute to double team. Dani groaned louder and breathed heavier. Jay had made it to his feet and become painfully aware of what was happening to his girlfriend.

"Fight it Dani, fight it!"

Dani barely heard her boyfriend. She understood the words but Lewis knew how to eat pussy and she found herself pushing her body to his mouth.

"You have to get out of the ring."

The referee tapped Lewis on the arm. He glared at the referee and slowly moved away from Dani's wet pussy. Cassie gave her boyfriend a smile as he got up and left the ring.

"Move Dani! Get out of there!" Jay hollered trying to snap her out of the haze she was in.

Dani quickly rolled to her side and all the way outside of the ring falling to the floor. Cassie tried to grab her but couldn't hold on. Jay felt instant relief seeing how alert Dani still was. Cassie was furious with herself and started berating the referee. Outside Dani stood up confused by Cassie who was almost throwing a tantrum inside the ring. That's when Lewis hit her with a surprise clothesline knocking her off of her feet. The referee again missed what happened with Cassie distracting him but Jay saw it. He entered the ring and ran across it hoping to get at Lewis. Cassie spun the referee around and he caught hold of Jay. He was incensed and not thinking clearly as he argued with the referee. Cassie looked outside and saw Lewis pull Dani over to one of the tables at ringside. He stood her up against it and bent her over. The people were ecstatic as Lewis got behind Dani and drove his long hard cock into her pussy.

Cassie turned her attention back to Jay and taunted him more over the referee's shoulder. Jay could see his girlfriend getting railed at one of the tables by that asshole with the spiked hair.

"Get out or I'll disqualify you, this is my last warning!" The referee yelled at Jay.

He covered his face and turned back returning to his corner. Lewis pulled out of Dani and let her slump to the floor. The referee looked at him with anger. He knew he had been taking advantage of the situation. Lewis dragged Dani over to the ring and tossed her inside. Cassie pulled her into the center of the ring and put her in a very painful Boston crab. Jay saw the pain etched on Dani's face as Cassie sat back folding Dani up more. As hard as it was for Jay to watch Dani hurting there was something sexy about seeing her body being contorted by Cassie that he found exciting.

"Finger that tight little pussy baby!"

Cassie looked at her boyfriend and saw his excitement. She let go of one of Dani's legs keeping her in a single Boston crab. She put two fingers into her mouth slicking them up before reaching between her thighs. She pushed her two fingers inside Dani's wet pussy. It was the first time she ever touched another woman this way. Jay couldn't believe his eyes as his girlfriend's expression went from pain to pleasure. Cassie smiled at Lewis as she enjoyed what she was doing to Dani. She pushed a third finger into her and started moving them in and out fast. Dani had stopped fighting completely and was letting it happen. She lay flat on her stomach gasping as the fingering got harder. Her moans grew louder as Cassie continued her relentless fingering. The crowd was up on their feet in support of Cassie as she forced an orgasm out of Dani. The referee motioned for the bell as Jay watched his girlfriend cum for Cassie in the middle of the ring.

Cassie let go of Dani and ran over to her boyfriend Lewis excited at winning the first fall of the match. He hugged and kissed her and then waved at Jay. Dani got to her feet she was sore but even worse ashamed. She didn't want to make eye contact with Jay.

"I can't believe he fucked me."

She looked up at Jay defeated and sad.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this, we were going to win."

Jay kissed her softly on the forehead as he hugged her gently, he felt the anger inside him turning into a rage. The referee checked his watch and motioned for the match to continue. Both Jay and Lewis tagged themselves in. The bell rang and Jay launched himself across the ring surprising Lewis. He drove his shoulder into Lewis knocking him down. Immediately he started stomping at his legs and arms until Lewis rolled out of the ring.

"Get back in here you fucking coward!"

The referee instructed Lewis to get in the ring or be disqualified. He carefully got in not taking his eyes off of Jay. This time they circled slowly until Lewis tried to kick Jay in the stomach. Jay was ready and caught his foot. He had Lewis hopping on one foot as he laughed at his younger foe. He swept his leg out from under him leaving him on his back again. Jay still held the leg he caught and kicked his hamstring hard. Lewis grabbed at his leg in pain. Jay dropped a hard knee to the same spot giving Lewis a nasty charley-horse. He jerked his leg free and crawled to the ropes. Jay watched as he struggled to pull himself up to. He stepped forward and slapped him across the chest, grabbed him by the arm and whipped him into the ropes. Jay waited until the last moment before bending over and sending Lewis flying over him with a huge back body drop. Cassie winced at seeing her boyfriend land so violently.

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