Wrestling Couple - Dani and Jay Ch. 03


"God Dani I'm so sorry I couldn't do anything."

She hugged him seeing he was defeated physically and mentally. The crowd was electric it wasn't too often the woman of the team won over the man and never like that.

"You need to get out of the ring so I can start the next fall." Dani saw that the minute between falls was passing quickly and she didn't want him to be in the ring anymore.

He agreed and let her help him out of the ring, the referee was ready and restarted the match. Jay slumped down in the corner leaving Dani to take them on alone. Debbie chose to stay in the ring and fight. Her eyes were on fire as she looked at the tall sexy blonde across from her. Dani saw the intensity and it was intimidating. They went to do a traditional lock up when Dani pushed away Debbie's arms and slapped her hard across the face. The reaction of the audience was incredible as they jumped to their feet. Debbie held her cheek feeling the harsh sting. Dani watched her waiting for her to retaliate but instead the bigger stronger woman laughed.

"You're going to wish you didn't do that you little whore." Debbie said with a wicked grin.

Debbie walked straight forward at Dani pushing her back into the ropes, she kicked her in the stomach doubling her over. She smacked Dani's ass sharply making her jump. The crowd laughed and clapped with their approval. Dani turned and tried to slap Debbie again but Debbie ducked. She grabbed Dani by her blonde hair and walked her around the ring. The referee told Debbie to let go and started to count. He counted to four when she flipped her over by the hair to the mat. Dani rolled to the outside to regroup. She stared at the dark haired woman on the inside of the ring. She didn't know how she was going to beat her. Debbie ran over and kicked Jay as he began to stand up in the corner sending him to the floor. The referee admonished Debbie threatening to disqualify her. Dani distracted by what she just saw failed to notice Chuck coming around from behind. He hit her from behind clotheslining her and sending her crashing to the ground. He picked her up quickly and rolled her into the ring.

Debbie took both of Dani's legs and held them up. Dani tried to fight it but she could not stop Debbie from turning her over and putting her in a Boston crab, She leaned back putting pressure on Dani's back and bending her body in an unnatural way.

"You are a flexible bitch aren't you?" Debbie teased as the people watching were loving how the blonde was being dominated. "If you paid attention during training you might be able to get out of this."

Dani cried out as Debbie bent her legs back further as she sat down on her back. Debbie laughed as the referee asked Dani if she wanted to quit. Debbie answered for her with a loud no. She let one of Dani's legs fall free as she held her in a single leg Boston crab. She licked her fingers lewdly and reached between Dani's legs to rub her pussy. She played with her lips before pushing two fingers inside her. Dani let out a loud gasp as Debbie pushed them deep inside her.

"Yeah baby! Finger the hell out of that pussy." Chuck yelled from the corner enjoying the match.

Debbie didn't need much encouragement as she began working Dani's pussy hard. Jay was back up standing in their corner and saw the expression on Dani's face, a combination of pain and pleasure.

"Come on Dani fight it. You can do it." He tried his best to support his girlfriend.

Dani moaned as the fingering only got harder as Debbie moved her fingers in and out of her faster and faster. She took a deep breath and tried to gain her composure. She twisted her body slightly and saw her escape. She reached for Debbie's right ankle and pulled it back. It was enough for Debbie to lose her balance and fall forward. She scrambled to the ropes for safety as Debbie got to her feet.

"So it turns out you were paying attention after all." Debbie said with a fake smile as it was obvious she was angry at having her hold broken.

Dani got to her feet, she saw the look in the other woman's eyes and knew she had embarrassed her. Debbie charged her but Dani was quick enough to step aside and she smashed chest first into the turnbuckle. She fell backwards knocking the ind out of her body. Dani knew this was her chance and climbed to the top turnbuckle and dove. She splashed down on top of Debbie.

"Holy fuck you got her!" Jay screamed from the corner barely heard over the rest of the crowd who were on their feet cheering.

The referee counted 1...2...3!

Dani had won the second fall by pinning Debbie in a serious upset. Even Drake was on his feet clapping as Dani raised her arm in victory. Chuck came in and saw to Debbie, she was furious at being beaten especially by Dani.

"I'm fine! I want to start the next round with that cunt." Debbie hissed at Chuck.

Dani and Jay heard what Debbie said and Dani motioned for Jay to leave the ring.

"Are you sure? She looks kind of crazed."

Dani gave Debbie a second look and while she wasn't sure she thought she could use her anger to her advantage. She would be prone to making mistakes or at least she hoped. She kissed Jay on the cheek and guided him out. The referee signalled for the bell and as expected Debbie was ready for a fight. She charged Dani but this time she was smart, she caught her pushing Dani back into the corner. The vicious slap could be heard throughout the arena as Debbie's open hand struck Dani across the face. Her cheek instantly went a bright red and her eyes filled with tears.

"That's for thinking you are better than me you little bitch."

Dani held her cheek staring at the angry woman in front of her and felt a wave of intimidation wash over her. She swallowed hard as Debbie stepped toward her. Debbie locked up with her but twisted her body quickly turning it into a standing headlock. She walked Dani around the ring stopping in front of Chuck. She cranked hard on Dani's neck and smothered her as her face pressed into her large breasts. Chuck reached between the ropes and gave Dani's ass a good squeeze, he liked what he saw. Dani kicked at him while the referee chastised him for his interference. Chuck ignored him and reached for Debbie tagging himself in. She continued to hold Dani in a standing headlock as Chuck got down on his knees behind her. He wrapped his muscular arms around her thighs and began eating her pussy from behind. Dani could only stand there and wait for the thirty second count to finish as Chuck licked her pussy relentlessly.

"You like his fat tongue inside you," Debbie teased as a soft moan escaped Dani.

"Fuck you!" She spat out in sheer defiance.

She hated to admit it but it did feel good as he spread her lips with his thick tongue. The referee tapped on Debbie's shoulder telling her to get out which Chuck was ready for. He quickly wrapped his arms around Dani's waist from behind pulling her body tight to his before she could run to tag Jay. He popped his hips lifting Dani off of her feet. He threw her back over his body delivering a thunderous belly to back suplex. Jay jumped into the ring instinctively to help his girlfriend but was cut off by the referee.

"Get the fuck out or you are disqualified!"

Chuck didn't even notice Jay trying to come after him as he got down straddling a prone Dani. She had been knocked senseless after being dropped on the back of her head. He gripped her hair with both hands as he crudely pushed his cock between her lips and into her mouth.

"Fuck her pretty face!" Debbie yelled as she watched from the corner eliciting a loud reaction from the crowd.

Chuck worked his cock in Dani's mouth making her to suck it. Dani felt the thick cock slide into the back of her throat and she fought not to gag. It was so demeaning as the man straddled her face and fucked it. Jay again considered running into the ring but stopped when he saw Dani slowly slip her hands around Chuck's hips. He was so enthralled with fucking her mouth he didn't notice. She gripped him tightly and without him knowing was in control and sucking his cock aggressively. Chuck seemed oblivious to her being in control all he was focused on was how great it felt. Jay was confused as he couldn't believe he was now rooting for his girlfriend to make another man cum if she could.

"Watch it Chuck! She is trying to make you cum." Debbie saw the shift in power and how Chuck was blind to it.

Chuck let go of Dani's head and tried to get up but she had a death grip on him. She strained to keep bobbing on his big cock as he pushed at her forehead. Finally he was able to pry her mouth from his cock and fell back onto his ass in doing so. He looked at Dani who was breathing heavily who suddenly turned scrambling to get to her corner. Chuck reacted just as quick lunging for her and catching a long leg. He pulled her back to the center of the ring as she swung her hands at him. She managed to slap him in the face but it didn't faze him. Chuck ignored the stinging and pulled her in close, his arms wrapped around lower back and his hands clasped as he put her in a painful bear hug. He squeezed her hard forcing a pitiful whimper from her as the air left her body. The referee gave Jay a quick look to warn him not to interfere. Chuck lifted her off her feet and began shaking her from side to side as he added more pressure. She looked like a ragdoll in his arms and it was very affective as her arms and legs started to go limp. Finally when there was no resistance Chuck let go of the bear hug and instead scooped her up for a bodyslam. He carried her over to the corner where Debbie watched anxiously before throwing her down on her back. Dani lay there on the mat with her eyes shut fighting to catch her breath unaware of Chuck standing above her leering at her slowly writhing body. He carefully and silently got down between her legs and in a sudden swift motion grabbed her ankles and put them up on his shoulders. Dani's eyes flashed open and she tried pushing him away but he caught her wrists. He pushed his body forward pinning her hands above her head and in the process hooked both of her legs folding her over. Chuck grinned as his hard cock was in perfect alignment with Dani's pussy. He plunged down into her making her cry out. Debbie clapped her hands together and whistled her approval as her man started driving hard into Dani's snatch. Dani was at his mercy trapped under his full body weight as his intensity grew. Jay slumped against the ropes watching at the sight of his girlfriend folded over being fucked hard by this man. It was so disheartening for him to see as her knees were literally bouncing off her own shoulders with each powerful downward thrust into her pussy.

Noticing Jay looking defeated in the corner Debbie decided to rub some salt into the wound, "Hey Jay, she's finally getting the big cock she always dreamed about. She might decide to come with us tonight and be our bitch."

"Shut up you dirty skank!" He answered as he gestured with the middle finger.

Chuck's muscles flexed with every motion and Jay could see Dani was quickly becoming overwhelmed as she was now moaning as his solid piece of meat worked like a piston. There was nothing she could do but take it as long as she could and hope Jay could break it up somehow.

In a low deep voice Chuck spoke to Dani, "You love how my cock feels don't you? I can see it in your face that you don't want me to stop. So you know I wanted to fuck you the first time I saw you in the gym."

Dani shook her head trying to ignore his words and trying to focus on anything other than his cock and how it actually made her feel. Her moans were getting louder as his body slapped against her. Chuck could see he had her close to cumming. She wasn't resisting at all instead she was just taking it from him. He then saw her eyes close and a long deep groan escaped her.

"You're going to cum aren't you?" He asked with a grin.

He started pounding her pussy making Dani cry out. It was like a knife in the heart for Jay hearing her react that way to Chuck. He knew she couldn't help it but still hated she was getting any satisfaction from him. The referee took a closer look and was on his way to ring the bell when Chuck stopped. He held still inside Dani.

"Not yet ref she isn't ready."

The referee started to argue but Drake shot him a look. Jay stood with an open mouth not understanding what was happening.

Chuck smiled at Dani and laughed.

"You're going to beg me to let you cum before this is over."

Jay couldn't believe his ears and neither could Dani. Chuck didn't move he just stayed buried inside her and let some of her composure return. She was still trapped under him and there was nothing she could do about it. He started pumping hard again and in just minutes Dani groaning and moaning. She was on the edge for the second time when Chuck plunged all the way in and stopped.

"You fucking asshole!" Jay was infuriated seeing his girlfriend being tortured.

Chuck ignored the angry voice and continued to try and manipulate Dani more, "Beg me to let you cum and I'll give you the orgasm you need."

"Fuck you," she answered back quietly and unconvincing.

For the third time Chuck waited for Dani to regain some control of how she was feeling. He started to grind on top of her pushing the head of his cock against her. She gasped loudly and closed her eyes desperately fighting what she was feeling. The crowd erupted when Chuck threw his head back and started fucking her wildly. Drake even held up his glass saluting Chuck as he drove her to the edge for a third time.

"Beg me you little slut I can do this all night." Chuck loved taking away any power Dani had over her own body in front of everyone.

Dani was desperate to cum, her body was on fire. She looked over at Jay for permission. He saw in her eyes she couldn't fight it any longer so he simply nodded his head. Debbie saw the interaction and let out a loud victory squeal.

"Please let me cum." Dani said almost in a whisper.

Chuck snorted and gave her a single powerful thrust that shook her body.

"You need to be a lot louder than that whore."

Dani bit her lip struggling with it her last ounce of pride stopping her from giving into Chuck. He again stopped and waited for her. Chuck looked up at Debbie proud of the dominance he had over Dani. Debbie gestured and he pounded her pussy as hard as he could. Dani writhed under him, bucking up at him trying to feel him even deeper inside.

"She so fucking wet buddy," Chuck spat out at Jay in between ruthless thrusts.

"Don't stop please make me cum I'm begging you to make me cum!" Dani said loudly in sheer desperation for everyone to hear including Jay.

The people watching stood and cheered, there was even a CHUCK CHUCK CHUCK chant starting as she had been broken finally. Chuck didn't stop as he drove his cock into the blonde's aching pussy. Dani's body shook and she cried out as Chuck forced the most intense orgasm out of her. The referee called for the bell and the end of the match. Chuck pumped her a handful more times until he felt the squeezing of his cock subside. He pulled out of her pussy and let her legs fall from his shoulders. She turned onto her side with her hands between her legs holding her pussy as she tried to catch her breath. Jay slowly made his way into the ring and over to her, he could see her juices on her inner thighs.

Drake took the microphone, "that was fucking brilliant. Now to the victor belong the spoils so Chuck and Debbie they belong to you, do as you please."

Debbie hugged Chuck and kissed him as they celebrated a dominant victory over the couple that would not work hard enough during training. Chuck smirked at the site of Jay kneeling down beside Dani as she tried to get her senses back. Debbie asked for the bag on Drake's table. The referee not knowing what was in the bag went and got it for her. Being dramatic she made sure everyone was watching as she emptied it out on the mat to a loud cheer. On the mat was a large strap on with bright blue dildo and a set of handcuffs.

"He needs to be cuffed." Debbie said to the referee pointing to Jay.

The referee went over to Jay and instructed him to put his hands behind his back. After a small argument he complied. Debbie smiled as she knelt down behind Jay and slipped her hand around grabbing his cock.

"If I didn't know better i think you enjoyed seeing your girlfriend begging like a slut." She teased quietly so only he heard.

She slowly stroked him while Chuck returned to an already tired Dani. He pulled her up onto her knees and positioned her in front of Jay so he could have a close up of her sucking his cock. Chuck put his slick dick to Dani's pouty lips and she obediently opened her mouth. She willingly started to suck and take him deep into her throat.

"Good girl show your boyfriend how you suck a big fat cock." He taunted as he gave Jay a dirty look.

"I think he likes it more than he wants to admit." Debbie announced as she ran her hand up and down his rock hard shaft.

Dani glanced over and saw Jay had indeed hardened. She didn't know what to think about that but Debbie was handling his cock like a pro so what else could she expect. She started to really suck Chuck's cock hard eliciting a deep groan as she slurped noisily.

"Fuck she can suck dick." Chuck said with a breathless laugh.

"Just look at her swallowing his cock, she loves it," Debbie whispered in Jay's ear.

Jay was watching Dani perform and couldn't believe it was her. It was as if his girlfriend had turned into a porn star. Chuck put his left hand in the front of Dani's hair and tilted her head back as he began jerking his cock with the other.

"He's going to cover that pretty face with cum." Debbie whispered again as she continued to stroke Jay.

"Open your mouth and stick out your tongue." Chuck ordered Dani.

Dani did as she was told without hesitation. A thick rope of cum shot out from Chuck's cock and landed partially in Dani's mouth with the rest on her lips. She licked and swallowed at it as a second and third hit her on the cheek and over the bridge of her nose. Debbie screamed loudly making Jay jump.

"It's my turn to fuck your girlfriend." Debbie said as she got to her feet.

Dani watched as Debbie picked up the strap on from the mat and put it on. She pushed Dani forward onto her hands and knees and then positioned her to face her boyfriend Jay. Dani tried not to look up knowing that Chuck had covered her face with cum. Jay watched with some more excitement than he wanted to show Dani but it was impossible to hide as Debbie put the dildo to her pussy. Dani gasped at the feeling of the dildo entering her because it felt huge. She slowly slid it in and out getting into a rhythm. Debbie gripped Dani's hip with one hand and reached for her hair with the other.

"Look at your girlfriend's face all covered in another man's cum. That's a real whore." Debbie said with a laugh as she pulled on Dani's hair snapping her head back so Jay could have a good look at her face.

Jay did look at her face and it was shocking. As he stared Dani's mouth opened as a grunt escaped thanks to Debbie's increasingly hard fucking. Debbie watched the bright blue dildo splitting Dani's pussy lips and disappearing inside her. Her lust took over as Debbie lifted her hand from Dani's hip high for Jay to see and brought it down sharply on her bare ass. Dani squealed loudly making Debbie and Chuck laugh. Jay also noticed Drake laughing out of the corner of his eye. Dani's eyes were wide open as she looked at Jay and she saw a mix of sympathy for her but also excitement.

"Your boyfriend likes seeing you getting treated like a little bitch." Debbie teased noticing the tension between them.

"Fuck you." Dani said in between moans making Jay smile briefly.

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