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Party time! My husband and I have always participated actively with a group of select friends. These are generally people we have both known for many, many years. Some of these friends go back to my childhood actually. We are bound together by our interest in sexual play. Over the years we have traded partners and played some elaborate games. We try to schedule get-togethers at least once a quarter and everyone takes turns hosting.

So on this cold February Saturday my husband Greg and I set out to the outskirts of Chicago, to the home of Jim and Margie, who were among our oldest and dearest friends, and play partners. Now Jim is noted for his creativity and also his love of wrestling. He likes to watch women wrestle and has created some "interesting" rules. I had watched, but had always declined to really participate. After all I am a 46 year old woman, too old for that kind of physical activity. He had always said that one day he would see me wrestle.

We arrived at their beautiful home in the mid-afternoon. We were among the first to arrive. It was nice to see Jim and Margie and we spent some time catching up on our lives. After a little while others began to arrive. We were all dressed semi-formally,

I noticed a young woman who I was sure had never attended one of our parties before but who still looked Her name was Jamie and she reminded me that she had been a friend of my son's a few years before. She was now about 22. I spoke to her and she was friendly. She asked about Shawn and I told her that he was engaged to be married – she looked disappointed. Anyway, we both drifted away and talked with others, though I sensed her looking at me throughout the evening. She was a beautiful young woman, with short blonde hair and a nice figure and obviously in great shape. She was dressed in a nice short skirt with a blouse. This evening I was wearing slacks and a light sweater – no bra, but panties.

Now, as I said earlier, this group we were partying with were a group of our close friends; friends we played with, went nude with, shared ourselves with completely. The fact that Jamie was there was unusual but not unheard of. She would have come with someone who sponsored her and took responsibility that she was not out of place in any way. Usually the way things go these parties usually get looser as the evening goes on.

This evening however, out of the blue Jim silenced everyone to make an announcement. He introduced Jamie to the group and said she had something to say and that she had a suggestion for an evening activity. We all anxiously waited to see what she might suggest. Jamie walked into the center of the room and told everyone that she had heard that my son was engaged and that he should have been engaged to her, but that she was happy for him, but still disappointed. Additionally she felt that it was my fault that it had not worked out between them. She told the group that I had not been welcoming enough to her and had been critical of her to Shawn (this was true – she was young and immature). I was embarrassed, and began to apologize. "No apology necessary," she interrupted. Instead though she felt that I needed some punishment and that she proposed a wrestling match between her and me. This would settle the score between us. I blushed furiously – there was no way I could beat this girl. I objected, but everyone was yelling and encouraging me to accept the challenge. I asked, how she wanted to run the match. She suggested that we should start topless and that the first one to be stripped naked and impaled (one of Jim's creative ideas) would be the looser and would have to serve the winner for the rest of the evening. I objected again. I knew that I did not have much chance of beating this girl. But I could not resist my group of friends and when Jamie removed her top exposing her nice sized breasts I felt hands on my blouse removing my top as well.

Right off the bat we were not well matched. My breasts are tiny – 32a – with little pink nipples crowning them. Jamie was probably 38c with large dark areolas and nipples. I finished removing my top and we all went out to the back yard where Jim had laid down a large mat. Jim would act as referee. My friends were very excited to watch this I could tell. It seemed that they could not wait to see me get my ass kicked. What did I do to them to deserve this response?

We faced off against each other. She was smiling like a Chesire cat. I reach down and unbutton the top button of my slacks, knowing that if I didn't I would loose that button. She giggled and unclasp the clasp at the top of her skirt. Jim blew the whistle and we were off. After dancing around a bit I lunged and grabbed her at the knees and she went down with me on top. But quickly she rolled me over and we were locked in each other's arms struggling, then I slipped away. She stood and I lunged again and was able to get my hand on the zipper of her skirt as she wiggled under me. She rolled off me and kicked the skirt away. Now she was just in her bikini panties. "You're going to get it now" she said. "Come on, little girl, I'm not afraid of you" I replied.

This time she lunged at me. I went on my back with a thud. She sat on my chest and I could feel that she was unzipping my slacks. I brought up my legs and sissored her head to force her off of me. My slacks were unzipped and the rule was that I cold not zip them up even though there were tight enough not to fall off. I let her go and we went to opposite corners to get drinks of water.

Again we danced around each other while the audience was cheering and then a sudden lunge from her towards my hips. She grabbed my slacks and pulled them down to my knees. I tripped. I was on my knees. She pushed me over on to my back. I started kicking to get the slacks off. Again she sat on my chest but this time she slid up and rubbed her pussy over my face. Her panties were wet – and I knew mine were too. She reached down and rubbed my hairy pussy through my panties with her hand as she rubbed her own panty-covered pussy on my face. Her smell was intoxicating and I felt myself loosing energy. Then without warning she slipped off me. We both had only our now damp panties on.

I had little fight left in me, but I lunged at her again and grabbed her around the waist. She spun away, but with a yank my panties were down around my ankles. I stood there naked and tired as everyone cheered. She grabbed me from behind and pushed me to the floor. She kicked open my legs and then suddenly I felt it. Jim handed her a dildo and she plunged it inside of me deep. I moaned. She began pumping it in and out. She was fucking me with the toy. I lay limp with my legs spread. The crowd of friends went wild with cheering.

She grabbed my hand and put it on the toy. I took over pumping it in and out of my pussy – masturbating with it as she stood and removed her panties. Then she squatted over my face and lowered her wet pussy. She rubbed it on my face, covering me with her juice as I began to lick and eat her hungrily. I continued to pump with my hand and Jamie fucked my face. She moaned and then pulled off me.

"Up on your knees," she commanded. I got on my knees leaving the dildo dangling out of my cunt. She pulled it out and wiped it on my face and pushed it into my mouth. "Ok, everyone, your turn. She gets five spanks from everyone and you can use her holes!" I moaned.

One by one our friends, including my husband came up and spanked me and then fucked me or used my mouth stuffing their cocks in one opening or the other. The women lifted their skirts for me to lick and honor them and many of them played with my pussy and breasts.

Later in the evening I was collared and led around for more serving with my mouth and pussy. By the end of the evening I was exhausted and covered with cum. As we got ready to leave I went over to Jamie and told her I was sorry about getting between her and Shawn. She laughed and kissed me and told me it would never have worked out. It was just an excuse to get you. I have wanted to strip and fuck you for years. And, she told me, it had all been Jim's idea! Of course! We both laughed and kissed. Since then we have hooked up several other times, but nothing quite as exciting as this time.

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