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Wrestling Rape


Circling my opponent I caught sight of the bulge in his pants. The wrestling suit did little to hide his arousal and the look in his eyes told me that he would be humping my ass for a long time if he won. Standing at 6'2 and extremely well muscled, I took his lustful stare in stride, winking back at him and patting my own rock hard cock for effect. The studs eyes soon showed dread as he comprehended what would happen if he lost, I had acquired a little notoriety in the secret wrestling building for brutality when I won.

Catching me off guard, the other man lunged at me quickly, attempting to take my legs out and render me helpless while he stripped me. Long experience paid off, and I managed to get mostly out of the way as he latched onto my right leg.

Wasting no time, I kneed him in the face with such force as to send him sprawling back on the mat. Taking advantage of his momentary weakness, I jumped on him and lifted his feet high into the air, holding them with my right hand and fishing out my engorged shaft with my left.

The object of my frantic actions now suddenly popped out. The swollen purple head begged to be plunged into the opponent, who I now had at my mercy. Recovering from his daze, the man began to struggle, the muscles on his legs stood out with the effort as did mine, but eventually my superior strength and position won out. With that I peered around his up-lifted legs to stare him straight in the face. I received a look of grim defiance, he knew he was about to be brutally raped in front of hundreds of people, and after I had sunk my cock up his beautifully firm butt, he would have no choice but to endure it, for the rules state that the match is won upon forced entry in any of the opponents orifices. The hole at the back door of the wrestling suit provided unhindered access to the booty, and the only thing stopping me thus far was the mans rapidly weakening attempts at a pathetic defense to keep his asshole in its virginal state. I was getting ready to change that, and have a LOT of fun doing it.

With that I pressed my engorged member up against his puckered anus. Watching his face for a reaction, I was rewarded with a look of fear pass over the otherwise handsome features. Looking down I guided my cock with my free hand up the man's poop chute, just pausing momentarily to straighten out my shaft as it bent from the pressure of being pushed up something so tight.

When I had fully buried my 8 inch dick up to the pubic hair in his ass, I leaned over him, parting his legs and put my face to his, looking him straight into his eyes as I began to ass fuck him. With his calves resting on my shoulders I reached around his luscious thighs and tweaked his nipples. With that I put my hands back down for support and lowered my mouth to his, kissing him deeply, swirling my tongue around in his mouth, all the while continuing the passionate butt pumping I had already begun.

Through the haze of lust that had been erected over my mind I heard the referee announce me the champion. Using that as a good excuse, I pulled out of him dripping wetness, dragged him to his feet and pushed him over the ropes forcing him to bend over at the waist. With that I positioned myself behind him, spit on my hands, rubbed them together, grabbed his buttocks and slid my throbbing member back up his ass, and began to butt fuck him with renewed vigor, occasionally slapping his ass for the hell of it.

Once in a while a low moan escaped his lips and from this I could tell he was enjoying taking it up the ass. After reaming his butthole for a good ten minutes, I let out a strangled cry and pumped what felt like gallons of cum into his bowels.

Tossing him onto the mat I squatted over his head and used his thick hair to wipe clean my glistening cock. My thick white fluid could be seen oozing out of the mans posterior onto the mat. This made me smile as I put my manhood back into my pants. Jumping out of the ring I walked out of the building, a beaming smile on my face and an aura of pure contentment emanating from me.

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