tagLesbian SexWrestling Rival Becomes a Friend

Wrestling Rival Becomes a Friend


It's been about a month since my second wrestling match with Sam and Gemma. In the time since my victory I have seen little of Gemma and even less of Sam. Gemma has moved onto a different project, and Sam hasn't been in the office much, as only a couple of days after our last encounter, she found out that her husband, of only six months, had been seeing another woman throughout their marriage. Needless to say, she's kicked him to the kerb, but still she had taken the break-up hard and has taken a leave of absence to sort herself out.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, I received an email from Gemma, suggesting that we could meet up with Sam, and take her out for dinner and drinks, at a bar near Sam's home. I accepted the invitation, along with the offer of staying over at Sam's, as this saves me a 25 mile journey home at the end of the night.

So tonight is Friday night, I'm at Sam's preparing for our night out. I'm not sure why, but after our recent trysts I feel the need to dress to impress around Sam and Gemma. I'm wearing a burgundy shirt, unbuttoned to show a little bra and cleavage, with a short, black A-line skirt, sheer black seamless pantyhose and black shoes with a 3 inch heel.

I head back to the living room, whilst Sam is still getting ready in her room. After a few minutes, she strides in to the room, for the 'reveal'. Wow, she looks hot! Like, newly single, hot!! She's wearing a shiny red, strapless top which clings to her tight 24 year old body, along with a black, mid-thigh length wrap skirt, sheer black hose (could be either pantyhose or hold-ups) and 4 inch red heels.

"You look fantastic." I say, expressing my approval "I wish we were staying in to wrestle now." I added jokingly (well sort of jokingly!).

"Maybe we could go a couple of rounds when we get back later, I'm feeling confident I can make you scream." Sam flirts back.

With that Sam heads out the door. It takes me a second to get my senses back, as I do I follow her.

We've made the short walk to the bar, are we're sitting drinking a glass of wine, waiting for Gemma to arrive. Sam starts to tell me about what had happened between her and her husband.

"We shouldn't have got married. The relationship wasn't great by the time we got to the wedding day. But naively we thought maybe tying the knot would make things better." Sam declares.

"So how did you did out about the affair?" I enquire, hoping I wasn't being too invasive.

"The night after we last met up to wrestle, there was a phone call at home. When I answered it was a guy from a restaurant telling me they had found my purse under the table I was at last night. I was just about to say they had the wrong number, when the penny dropped!" Sam explains "When Carl came home I confronted him about it and he coolly admitted what was going on and that it had started only a couple of weeks after we had returned from honeymoon."

"So did you kick his ass?" I ask.

"No, to be honest I felt a little relieved. Relieved of the guilt about what we had been doing the previous night." Sam continues "So I calmly told him to get his stuff and go. He packed a bag, went and he's been with her since."

"Well Sam, if it's any consolation, I'm willing to bet you gave women more pleasure that night than he did! If your ex-husband is anything like mine anyway." I offer.

"Thanks Becky." Sam giggles "I never thought I'd hear that but funnily enough, it does actually make me feel a bit better."

With that, I feel something that I wasn't expecting, as Sam's nylon covered foot, removed from it shoe, starts to run up my hosed encased calf.

"Sam what are you doing? Stop!" I appeal, albeit somewhat passively. "Gemma will be here any minute, so stop."

"Gemma isn't coming!" Sam says matter of factly. "We set this up because I wanted some time alone with you. Becky, I have the hots for you, and ever since we first wrestled you're all I can think about."

Flustered and speechless I sit silent for a second. As I do Sam's foot ventures further, starting to explore under my skirt and quickly coming to rest on my crotch. In my attempt to feel sexier, I had forgone panties, so all that is between me and her is our gossamer-like nylons. Once she finds her target, Sam starts to stroke my mound with the ball of her foot, with the friction of the sheer fabrics rubbing together making me sooo hot.

"Please stop." I implore unconvincingly. Trying to regain some composure; whilst in reality the butterflies were rampaging inside me, as I grew hornier and hornier.

"I thought you might like it. You seemed to enjoy my feet whilst we were wrestling. You know, when you humped them, as I was servicing Gemma." Sam says, making me blush. "So, tell me to stop again and I will. Otherwise let me finish it this time, as I watch you cum."

Embarrassed but saying nothing, I awkwardly reach between my legs and assist Sam, guiding her toes to my clit, as she continues her ministrations.

I don't know how long it's been, as honestly I don't know very much right now but I have a massive orgasm building inside me. I'm cumming, trying so hard to not bring attention to myself, in front of the other patrons of the bar. I tense, inhale as quietly as possible and finally release, before going limp.

"Oh god Becky, you are spectacular." I hear Sam say as I regain a semblance of consciousness. "I hope that was as much fun for you as it was for me. Watching you cum is just beautiful. I have never seen anything as sexy as watching you trying to look blasé, whilst you climax."

"Hell yes that was fun!" I laugh, breathlessly "But was I as conspicuous as I felt?"

"It's ok, I think all of the guys in here are too busy watching the sport on TV. Although I did see the barmaid smiling at me." Sam says reassuringly, sort of. "Oh and by the way, can I have my foot back please?"

Still not really with it, I haven't released my vicelike grip, maintaining Sam's foot in position against my still pulsing crotch.

"On one condition." I say in a naughty tone.

"Name it." Replies Sam

"Tell me why a gorgeous young woman like you wants to seduce someone like me. I mean I'm over ten years older than you and I've never been in your league for looks." I ask.

"Are you kidding?" Sam responds "You're stunning. You have a sexy, confident style. You're clever, funny and kind. I could go on."

"Please do." I giggle, feeling like a schoolgirl again. It's been a while since anyone complimented me like this.

"Also, it's hot knowing that whenever you want to, you could wrestle me down, make me submit and take me there and then." Sam added.

"And?" I smile, as I tighten my grip on her foot, starting to grind on it slightly; as the compliments act as an aphrodisiac.

"Sex with you is the best I've ever had. The first time you gave me oral, I was ready to leave my husband right there and then. And finally, in case you hadn't guessed by now, I'm in love with you."

That's it! Releasing Sam's foot, I stand up and leave the table. She looks a little bemused as I walk away.

"Come on then, let's go back to your place and make you forget about whatshisname." I say.

Sam slips her shoes back on, and we leave the bar. As we get outside it's all I can do to resist the urge to jump her and ravish her body right here and now. But instead we stride quickly towards Sam's house.

My heart is racing, this gorgeous, young woman has just declared her love and desire for me. I'm not sure quite how I feel about Sam right now, as I've never really thought about her in that way before. But one thing I do know, is that I cannot wait to get her alone and fuck her brains out.

We finally arrive at Sam's house, she's fumbling for her keys, and she is obviously every bit as excited as I am. She opens the door and we fall inside, kissing voraciously. The front door clicks shut as Sam pushes me against the wall, her mouth exploring mine, her hands traveling all over my body, she raises her knee between my legs and almost involuntarily I start to grind against her long, sleek thigh. Awkwardly, I'm moaning like virgin schoolboy having his first encounter with a girl but I can't help myself, Sam is turning me on so much.

After a short time of making out, Sam drops to her knees in front of me. She looks up at me and smiles a naughty, sexy little smile. With that, she runs her hands up my thighs, lifting my skirt to my waist. She is now kissing the inside of my thighs, trailing her lips upward, higher and higher. I know where this is going, and I think I should stop her, after all she's already given me one orgasm tonight and I've done nothing for her. But who am I kidding, I no more have the will power to stop her going where she's going, than I have the power to stop the world spinning!

Oh my god! Sam's mouth has made it to the seamless crotch of my pantyhose, her tongue getting to work licking and gently sucking my clit. This is unbelievable! I can feel my legs trembling and knees are starting to buckle. GIRLS, some advice for you, don't try this in heels, you could break an ankle...but what the hell, it's worth it.

It's no surprise given my highly aroused state, that it doesn't take long before the waves of orgasm are surging through my body. The control of my body is deserting me, Sam is practically having to hold me up, as she brings me to oral ecstasy. Ok,

I'm done, I softly push Sam's head away from between my legs, seeing her pretty, cum soaked face smiling up at me as I do. As she moves away, my legs are no longer able to support me and I just slide down the wall and crumple inelegantly into a heap, which brings a laugh from Sam.

"So, I'm guessing you enjoyed that too." Sam offers, still laughing at me.

"Huh uh." I respond affirmatively but not as yet able to form actually words.

"Tell me what you want me to do now. I'm all yours." Sam offers.

Jeez this woman is just incredible. I sit for a while, trying to gather my senses, whilst Sam gently caresses my legs.

"I think we should at least try to move further than the hallway for a start!" I finally answer. Which brings another laugh from Sam.

"Living room or bedroom?" Sam asks.

"Living room for now, I think." I reply "But I think you'll need to help me up, as I'm still a bit wobbly."

Once again Sam laughs affectionately at me, but helps me up, we both kick off our shoes and she guides me by the hand into the living room. Sam pushes me back towards the sofa, and in my shaky state I simply fall backwards, and as I do Sam launches herself on top of me, straddling me, as we once again start to make out passionately. As she has her legs astride me, I am able to reach down to find her pussy with my inquisitive hand. Ok, well that answers a question, Sam too is wearing seamless hose and not unexpectedly, no panties, after all this is what she was hoping for. And just maybe my decision to go 'commando' tonight was subconsciously for the same reason, I really don't know now! Sam starts to moan, and gyrate against my hand, with eyes closed and breathless whines, as I stroke her.

"Do you want me to lie back, so you can sit on my face?" I whisper in to Sam's ear.

"It's OK, you don't have to Becky." Sam replies, showing insecurity for the first time this evening.

"Oh, Ok. Well maybe you could call Gemma and have her tag in, I don't think she would say no." I tease.

"Your mouth gets you in so much trouble, in so many ways Becky." Sam responds, her face beaming.

"I think I can cope with this kind of trouble Sam." I reassure her "So, do you want to fuck my face or not?"

My direct words seem to spur Sam in to action. She stands, grabs my ankles and pulls me, so I am laid flat on the sofa, then quickly she climbs into position, lowering herself onto my face, until her pussy finds my mouth, and I go to work enthusiastically.

"Becky, look at me please." Sam requests.

I had forgotten that Sam likes to make eye contact as she cums. I look up at her and watch her as her body becomes rigid and her movement more urgent as she writhes on my face. She is close to climax now.

Well it seems I was wrong, I have been sure that she was close to orgasm several times and each times she tenses, fidgets and moans, then slows and continues to ride my face - she certainly has way greater self-control and stamina than I was able to manage. Not that I am complaining, there are many worse places to be than pleasuring the body of a fit, 20-something woman.

Sam is now done, she reaches an earth shattering climax and then moves back ever so slightly, just enough to remove herself from the reach of my tongue. With that, she attempts to get off me, putting one foot down on the floor, to step away from the sofa. As she moves her weight, her legs give way and she folds, collapsing to the floor, much as I had done earlier; which brings a small, retaliatory giggle from me.

"Oh dear Sam, feeling a bit unsteady are we?" I taunt.

"Yeah, well it's ok for you, but it's much harder for me!" Sam responds laughing back.

"Why's that?" I enquire.

"Firstly and unfortunately for you, you'll never know how good you are at that. And secondly, I have never in my life had a multiple orgasm, I always thought that was myth, but you just made me cum 6 or 7 times." Sam answers.

"My god, I thought that was taking a long time!" I respond incredulously.

"I am reallllly sorry Becky." Sam apologises, her giggle showing she is not actually sorry. "But you only have yourself to blame!"

"Sam, never apologise for being multi orgasmic. And to think I felt guilty that I had 2 orgasms before I did anything for you." I joke.

"Well, we've done the hallway and the living room. Let me show you the bedrooms and we'll see if we can even things up a bit." Sam proposes.

With no hesitation I return the favour from earlier, helping Sam to her feet and I hold her hand as we climb the stairs.

Well I won't 'bore' you with all of the salacious details of the night, but suffice to say I lost score! Mouths, hands, feet, legs and even some pussy to pussy action were all used to explosive results. I've now awoken lying in bed next to Sam, wondering how anyone can do what she did last night and still wake up looking so infeasibly glamorous. Sam opens her eyes.

"Morning Becky. How is the sexiest girl in the world today?" Sam asks.

"You obviously haven't got your eyes open properly, because I definitely don't look sexy this morning." I reply "Though I'm not sure how you manage to look so beautiful, but it's a good job for you that you woke up when you did, because I've been resisting the urge to wake you by sitting on that gorgeous face!"

Sam closes her eyes and feigns a little snoring noise, little a child pretending to be asleep.

"Oh really?" I ask, rhetorically "Now who's getting herself in trouble."

Sam doesn't say a word, she just sticks her tongue out at me and holds her head back.

Well I don't need another invitation, as I spring in to action, as I position myself astride Sam and grabbing her hair slightly, I pull her into position to service me. We are now both wearing nothing but pantyhose, as it would seem our pantyhose wrestling thing has now turned into a full blown pantyhose fetish for both of us. Honestly I can't quite believe I'm doing this - not the lesbian affair, that seems so natural at the moment. No, I can't believe that after last night that Sam still has the energy to do what she's doing and that I have another orgasm left in my body. But she most certainly does and I do! I cum every bit as emphatically as any orgasm I had last night. I roll off Sam and lie motionless next to her.

"I'm going to hit the shower." Sam says, getting out of bed, I watch her taut, young body as she walks away. Still longing for her long pantyhosed legs and firm ass. "There's another shower and a towel and stuff in the other bathroom, if you want to use it." She adds shouting back to me.

After a minute I head to the bathroom, the one I had got ready in last night, the one that I would be using if I had actually slept in the bedroom Sam had shown me to when I first arrived. I shower and make my way into the bedroom, where I had put my stuff. On the bed there is a gift box with my name on it. I open it and inside there is just another pair of sheer, seamless black pantyhose and an oversize black t-shirt. I take the hint, remove the items from the box and getting dressed. Picking up my phone I dial...

"Hi there, look I hope you don't mind, but I think I might need to spend the rest of the weekend with Sam. She's in a really bad way and I think she needs someone here, or she might do something silly." I tell my hubby, who sounds a bit uninterested in what I have to say, I've obviously interrupted his X-Box game or whatever, barely grunting his responses. "So you don't mind if I stay here and take care of Sam for a couple more days." I add licking my lips.

I walk into the kitchen where Sam is making coffee. She is dressed similarly to me, not surprising given that she chose both outfits, except her t-shirt is white.

"Oh, good morning again." Sam says as she sees me enter. "You got my gift then. So does that mean you have time for a little fun before you leave then?"

"Well, if it's ok with you, I've told hubby I'm planning to stay here all weekend. Does that work for you?" I ask.

"Hell yeah." Sam replies enthusiastically, clapping her hands slightly to show her approval. "Didn't he mind? I mean, what did you tell him?"

"He doesn't really seem to care what I do. So I told him that you weren't doing too well and needed some looking after." I explain.

"It's true though." Sam smiles seductively "Because I think I've come down with a really bad case of Beckyitis."

"There is a cure for that you know?" I ask.

"Is there?" Sam replies, playing along with the role play.

"Yep. One hot Becky to be taken orally throughout the day." I counter.

"Well I think I'm having a little turn now, so I had better take my medicine." Sam says as she walks towards me. "Plus, we still haven't ticked the kitchen off our to-do list yet."

"Sam, you know what. I think I may be falling in love with you too." I exclaim.

With that Sam pushes me against the kitchen table and as I lean back she goes to work once again...my god this is looking like the best week ever, I think as I bit my lip whilst Sam does her thing.

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