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Jessica padded barefoot across the carpeted den, stopping behind her master's chair.

He kept his eyes on his laptop.

Jessica wrapped her pale arms around her master's neck, nuzzling his cheek.

He turned, looked at her. Smiled.

"It's a little bit past your bedtime, honey. I'm just finishing up here."

"But I miss you, daddy," Jessica said. "It's so lonely in bed."

Jessica's eyes flicked to the screen. A video: her, bound and gagged and bent over the living room couch. Her master, swatting her ass red.

Her master wore headphones, but Jessica was close enough to hear. Moans of pleasure as he beat the young student's ass with both hands.

They had filmed the video two days ago. Jessica was still sore.

Jessica rubbed the bulge in her master's pants.

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, daddy," she whispered. "Let me suck you."

Jessica's master looped a finger through the collar around her neck and dragged her into a kiss. He bit her lip.

"Ask properly."

Jessica felt heat between her legs. She knelt, her auburn hair tumbling to her shoulders.

"Please can I suck your cock, daddy?"

Her master stood, tugged his pants down, greeted Jessica with the center of her world. She kissed its tip, swirled her tongue around the first inch.

He unplugged his headphones and turned up the volume on the video. Jessica heard her own gagged shrieks as she teased her master's cock, bobbing back and forth on the tip of his shaft.

Her master did not want to play. Jessica felt his hand guide her further and she closed her eyes in surrender.

"Good girl," her master cooed. He held Jessica steady, thrusting into her mouth.

Jessica could feel the heat between her legs turning into moisture. She opened her throat to push after push.

Soon her master's full length plunged into Jessica with every thrust. She gagged loudly, pumping drool onto the fat member.

"You're a fucking whore," she heard her master say. He said similar things on the screen, where he was now - Jessica knew because she had exploded at this point - licking her asshole between bouts of dirty talk.

"You're a whore and you look like one, Jessica," the man inside her mouth said. Jessica pictured what an outsider would see: a lithe, short girl in skin-tight yoga pants facefucked by a man twice her size.

She wanted him back in her ass more than anything. Her master hit a rich vein Jessica didn't know she had the first time he fucked her there.

He was too busy violating her mouth to think about much else. He kept holding her nose to the bottom of his shaft for longer and longer. Jessica, still retching, felt deliciously helpless.

Both hands were on the back of Jessica's head now, forcing her to fight for breath around her master's cock. She felt dizzy.

Her master felt it. Jessica's hands were slipping from his thighs.

"Don't you fucking dare pass out, Jessica."

This was the point when Jessica usually did. Most times she would revive, her face covered in semen and her master back to work or already in bed or out of the house. Those were the days the slave girl would spread her legs wide and masturbate like an animal, slapping her pussy to coax countless orgasms out of her tired body.

"Don't, honey, DON'T. Just hold on."

Jessica's eyes were still closed, but she couldn't keep them from rolling back in her head. She focused on the sounds in the video - a helpless young woman wailing as eight fat inches of cock plunged into her asshole.

"That's it, that's it, that's - Ugh!"

Suddenly Jessica could breath again. She gulped air as her master jerked his cock.

The young girl knew better than to open her eyes. Within seconds she felt hot ropes of cum plaster her porcelain face, tangle in her hair and pool in her open mouth.

Her master groaned as he tugged the last of his load out onto Jessica. He grabbed his nearby smartphone and snapped photos of the sight below him.

Jessica smiled, unaware of the photo opportunity.

Emboldened by her good luck, the young girl turned and dove face first into the carpet, smearing it with her master's cum. She pulled her pants down to her slender feet and shoved her dripping pussy in the air.

"Please eat my ass, daddy," she moaned. "You can spank me until I bleed."

Her master started recording Jessica's pleas on his phone. She had already dug two fingers inside herself, and juice dripped onto her curling toes below.

Jessica almost came when she felt her master kneel behind her. He spread her asscheeks apart and breathed hot air onto her tiny rosebud. Somehow she dug deeper into the carpet.

He circled the hole with his tongue and felt Jessica's ass start contracting.

"Oh my god oh my god oh my god YES," she yelled when her master's tongue finally grazed the most sensitive spot on her body. Jessica attacked her pussy. She felt a squirting orgasm build inside her.

Her master worshipped Jessica's ass long enough to get his cock rock solid once more. He had 100 pounds on her but could barely hold her down, she squirmed so much.

Jessica knew to stay still when she felt the hard slaps on her ass. But she was too far gone to care. She sawed an entire hand across her clit, dumping girl-cream onto her wrinkled soles.


Jessica felt carpet burn. Her master had slipped a finger into her ass, which was desperately clenching and unclenching around it. Jessica's tongue lolled out of her mouth. Rational thought left her.


Her master watched Jessica crumple and drench the carpet in her cum. He never let up his slaps on her ass.

Jessica saw stars. Then she felt cock pressing against her asshole.

"Daddy -"

Then she did, finally, pass out.

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