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I am writing this short story in response to some feedback and requests I received since publishing 'Thank you god' some time ago.

It follows my thoughts; feelings, and writing process, while putting one of my fantasies into words. Though my other stories (which I am yet to write) are works of complete fiction, this short story is the exception. Everything in this story is fact. Nothing exaggerated and nothing a lie. I felt a little vulnerable and embarrassed writing it because of its nature, but ultimately, it has helped me become a little more confident overall.

I hope you enjoy.



I've always loved reading the stories on Literotica. They allow me to live out my fantasies through other people's eyes, which makes them all the more hot as I get the added feeling of being dominated that only feels artificial when it's only a product of my own mind.

I've read hundreds. I spend a lot of time wading through the thousands of stories. Using the 'Advanced search' function to find stories with tags like "gang bang", deep throat", "glory hole" and combinations of the three (among others).

Until recently, I didn't know I could 'favorite' stories, much less authors. That was a happy afternoon, I can tell you!

I've always thought of putting fantasies on paper so one, not very interesting, afternoon I downloaded a free iPad writing app, and began.

I'm shy about sex, so I figured this would be the best way to see if anyone had the same fetishes as me, while remaining completely anonymous. And to be completely honest, I get a thrill and my heart thumps every time I see a new email with feedback on my other stories!

What will I call it? I thought. I want it to be witty, so people think I'm smart. But, it has to be mysterious, so it draws people in - or no one will read my story.

After debating the name for a half hour, I decided to come back to it. I wanted to get writing.

I've mentioned before that I'm horny all the time. But right now, I wasn't. Writing a sex story when I'm not in 'the mood', seemed like it was doomed to fail. So, I figured a little internet porn (orsm.net usually has a few good amateur videos - it's updated every Friday, if anyone is interested) would sort that out pretty quick. It usually does, and this time was no exception.

I found a great little four minute video of a couple having a quickie in a department store change room. The guy was standing and holding his cell, so they whole thing was shot from his point-of-view, which meant all I could see was his cute, large breasted, girlfriend swallowing his medium-size cock (7-8 inches I guessed). And he was circumcised (my favorite - but I know a few tricks with a 'hooded warrior', as my friend calls uncircumcised cocks), with a perfectly shaped head that you could see her lips curve around as she bobbed up and down - being careful not to let his head pop out.

I was wet after ten seconds of watching her, with fierce envy. If only I had a cock to suck whenever I wanted! My 'side-kick' just isn't the same as having a guy grab the back of your head and force his throbbing cock in your mouth, desperately trying to get it past your gag-reflex and down your throat. Alas, Dominos doesn't deliver dick. Note to self: write to Dominos customer feedback inbox. Being five in the afternoon, I was sitting around my dorm room in my cute little panties, which have pictures of little Koala bears on them, and a grey tank top. I have a single dorm room which suits me just fine, lets me have a lot of alone time.

The girl in the video was starting to moan. I wasn't sure if she was enjoying it as much as I would, if she was trying to make him cum so she could get a mouthful of his heavenly cum, or if she was just trying to make him cum so it would be over with. I didn't care either way, though if it were me I'd be losing my mind at the mere thought of sucking cock and the salty sweet taste of his cum would be a bonus! My left hand slid down into my panties. Using my middle finger, I lightly rubbed my pussy lips. Up and down slowly, teasing myself but never entering.

I was so frustrated now that all I wanted to do was grab my seven inch side-kick and spend the next ten minutes imagining myself being taken by three strong, well-hung men! But I didn't. I concentrated on what it would feel like to get off while I began writing the opening chapter of my fantasy.

Writing came easily, being in the frame of mind I now was. The first chapter was hot and raunchy - exactly what I was aiming for.

After getting through the first chapter, which by the way I was a little proud of, I wasn't sure where to go next. I had already got everyone interested (I hoped) but I didn't want it to end too quickly. So I went back, two days before the best night of my fantastic (I use this word for its literal meaning - fantasy) life... so far.

It was late, around 11 p.m. so I turned off my iPad and got ready for bed. I was extremely horny now, not having got off while writing and watching porn. I was considering finishing myself off, when I thought of what it would be like to do the same thing tomorrow, and the next day and every day until I finished my story. By the end I'd be insatiable, hornier, and more frustrated than I'd ever been. I'd decided to do it. Deprive myself for as long as it took to finish. But not only depriving myself, also teasing myself to the verge of orgasm several times a session to ensure I'd write something really hot.

I went to bed that night and dreamed of being gang banged by a group of men. I awoke the next day sweating from the intense dream. To my dismay, it hadn't been a wet dream. I was both frustrated by the fact, and also pleased that I hadn't unintentionally broken the self-inflicted drought.

I got up, showered and went to class all day. It seemed like an eternity as all I wanted to do was get home to my new project.

Racing home from American history, I threw my bag down and stripped off to my just my panties, lying stomach-down on my bed and propping myself up on my elbows over my iPad. I didn't need porn this time. I had a lot of material running through my mind like a film strip, having all day to think about it. My 'highlights reel', I've heard my male friends talk about.

Using my left hand, I reached across and pinched my right nipple firmly. Twisting it lightly between thumb and index finger, moaning lightly as I closed my eyes and started my highlights reel. I 'watched' myself lying on top of a man as he fucked my pussy slowly, another on his knees behind me driving into my tight ass using my waist to steady himself, with a third (and my absolute, undeniably favorite thing) had his hands firmly around the back of my head, pumping my throat and slapping his heavy balls on my chin so that all 9 inches of his thick meat were down my throat.

As I twirled my right nipple; now sore, hard and very sensitive, my right hand snaked down between my stomach and the bed to my already slippery pussy lips. I was surprised that I hadn't already cum! My clit was sensitive so, the moment my fingertips brushed over it, a cold flush rushed through my body making me shiver. It had been only a couple of seconds but I was already about to cum. Reluctantly, I pulled both hands away, fluttering my eyelids to try and clear the haze in my head.

I was ready to continue writing. I'd read a lot of stories and had always favored the ones that were hot, but also believable. Don't get me wrong, a bit of exaggeration, like a thirteen inch black cock, always gets me going! But I like the ones that I can see myself in. Details about sitting in a boring class, or having a conversation, or the way a good game of beer pong makes a party much more fun. I wanted my story to have the same element of believability. So in chapter two, I went back to a couple days before my big date and based the character of my friend on one of my real friends.

She is pretty veracious and has been known to sleep with the better part of a football team's offensive line. A point I'm extremely jealous of, having only had sex twice in my life (fact. It was with the same guy and he was... unsatisfying. I often wonder if my lack of experience is why I am the way I am...). Nevertheless, she is a very close friend and regularly tries to include me in her (sometimes drunken) 'adventures' by texting me at two a.m. with something to the effect of "hey cutey, I found a couple strapping young football players who would looooooove to party with you and me! You can have your choice! They are both hung like horses haha!" She's yet to convince me, I'd be much too shy to actually have a gang bang, much less let her, or anyone else I know, see or participate with me!

So my next chapter was closer to home, a glimpse of my day-to-day at college, and talking to my bestie about my big date in a couple days. It helped me get into my own story and almost made me believe my own fantastic tale.

This process went on for the next couple of days. I'd come home, strip down to my bra and panties, panties, or nothing at all. I'd spend five to ten minutes getting as worked-up as I could handle before delving into my new erotic hobby. Each time, I'd get closer and closer to cumming. I'd gotten really good at working out where my threshold was so I was about to masturbate several times during a writing session, even including my dildo side-kick and a little bullet vibrator that I'd put in my ass and leave on vibrate while I wrote, sometimes for the whole session. It was an amazing feeling, to say the least, and made me feel like a very dirty girl.

I was almost finished. I was up to the point where I was being fucked, completely, from both ends. The men had gotten into their rhythms and it was bliss. I was Itching to finish the story that day. I'd had a very early start (by my standards) with an eight a.m. morning class, followed by history, English lit, bio and finishing with the most boring class in the world - calculus. It was six thirty in the evening and I was just getting in the door, I was hungry and exhausted, but all I wanted to do was finish the story. It meant not only the feeling of accomplishment, but more importantly, getting off for the first time in six days!

I started my routine, taking all my clothes of and laying my toys out on the bed. It was colder than usual that night so I got under the covers to stay warm. I wanted tonight to be epic, for lack of a better word. I imagined cumming multiple times, harder than ever before. After all, it had been a while and the wait wasn't exactly a usual drought where I could ease my cravings at will.

I woke up my iPad and went to my usual source of material - porntube.com. "Bondage gang bang", "deep throat gang bang", "glory hole slave". These are some of the searches I regularly run to find what I'm looking for.

I've already said that deep throat is my main fetish. I'm a BIG fan of ideepthroat - she is so amazingly talented. But if you're into deep throat the way I am i.e. above all else, then do a Google video search for "nasty19 deepthroat". It's the first 12 minute clip (exactly 12 minutes) you come to. There will be lots of copies; they're all the same, so pick any. It's unbelievable! Hot, nasty, elements of control in there and she is very good at what she does. Towards the end of the clip where he is trying to cum, she stays down for so long! This is what I crave. So if anyone out there has any suggestions for me? More fantastic material involving gang bangs with 1 girl, REAL deep throat like the one above, glory hole sluts or things of that sort, PLEASE send me your feedback! Please!

I propped the iPad up on my bedside table, playing the nast19 clip. Usually I queue it up to the end where she is down for over a minute - so I can cum as quickly as possible, but in light of the situation, I started it from the beginning. Taking my side-kick and the bullet vibrator under the covers, I slowly pushed the bullet into my ass, setting it to vibrate on HIGH. I've said it before, the feeling is amazing. The vibrations travel all the way up to my abdomen and through the wall of my pussy.

I'm already wet from the scene on the iPad, he's just wrapped his hands under her arm and around her head - pushing his long cock down her throat. I spread my knees apart, touching my heels together, and trace my wet opening with the tip of my seven inch dildo. Using both hands at first, I push the head of the realistic cock inside me, twisting it like a corkscrew as I do. Bringing it slowly back out so I get the pop as my lips loses their grip from around the mushroom-shaped edge of its head. I do this again and again until I feel my clit start to swell and graze the head, sending a shudder through my body.

Compounded by the constant vibrations in my tight asshole, the shudder tells me that I am getting close to cumming. I'm about half way through the video, so she hasn't even gotten to her best work yet. I stop teasing myself and push the cock inside me, talking half its length in one go.

God, it feels so good! I pull it back out, keeping the head inside me, and slide it back in, taking its full seven inch length, so that I feel my wetness coat the tips of my fingers. I start a slow rhythm, in and out, taking the whole thing and twisting it from left to right as I do. This goes on for the next few minutes until I see nasty19 begin her finale. My pace quickens slightly and my left hand slides up to begin pinching my right nipple and kneading my firm c-cup breast.

I begin to imagine myself in her position, having a large cock stuffed down my throat, unable to back off or breathe, knowing it won't end until he's done using me, dumping his load in my stomach. I start to squirm in frustration and bite my lower lip hard, willing myself not to cum. I start to shudder again as the twisting cock's veiny exterior in my pussy rubs my throbbing clit. Subconsciously, I've started moaning and squealing from the torment I'm inflicting on myself. Realizing how loud I've become, I am immediately brought sharply back to reality. Reluctantly pulling my toys out of my frustrated holes, I am just in time to see nasy19 slide her throat off a, now cum and saliva coated, softening cock, gasping for air and coughing up strings of cum as she does. I slap the covers with both hands in frustrations and reach over to start writing the end of my story, wired as I am.

I'm very horny at this point so I go back over my story and exaggerated certain parts. I change ten inches into thirteen, add an O-ring gag and make the men more dominant - things of that sort. I've wondered how my story would have turned out if I'd not had my little torturous abstinence stint. Boring I imagine. I wanted to keep everyone interested at the end, after everyone has cum and is no longer interested in fucking me or reading about me being fucked. So, in my not so right mind, I introduced the bachelor party. This would be a way of keeping the door open for future adventures, hopefully keep my readers (if there are any) interested and keep myself interested in the possibilities of real life encounters – though, sadly, I don't think I'll ever have the courage.

It was over. For the next two minutes (if that) I was on a mission. I threw back the covers, got on my knees and buried my face in the pillow. Putting my hands between my legs, I stuffed the bullet back up my ass; burying it deep with my finger and turning vibrate to HIGH once more. Again, I used my left hand to roughly fondle my left breast. Kneading, rubbing, pinching and twisting my nipple until it was firm and erect. With my right hand, I went to work between my legs, shoving the thick, mushroom head of my dildo as far inside me as I could without losing it. Thirty seconds of this and I was screaming and squealing into my pillow. I didn't know if the sound would carry into my neighbor's rooms, but at that point I didn't care. Then bang! I felt like my body was imploding. My head was dizzy, I was seeing stars in the pitch black and my legs turned to jelly, collapsing under the weight of my tiny 105 pound frame.

Lying there for at least five minutes, quivering and gently convulsing, I pressed my legs together, squeezing the two toys still deep inside me. I let a long soft sigh out as I smiled at the thought of being finished and the nervous excitement that came as I waited for people to read, comment and give feedback on my story.

My thoughts now turned to the bachelor party and all the raunchy fun and rough fucking I'd be forced to endure. More than twenty men. A whole weekend. If only fiction could be made into fact...

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