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Wrong One


Another dark piece, which ends in a surprise. Feedback is greatly desired. Even if you just want to tell me I suck.


Wandering listlessly through the club, the blonde 'bette tries to wrap herself in the solace of anonymity, while enjoying the stares of the lust-filled men. The only clear spot in the cool room is near an even colder doorway, the half-open fire escape leading to the alley behind. Leaning next to the door, finally away from the stripping eyes of the place, she enjoys the cool breeze over bare midriff, and goosed thighs.

He suddenly clamps a hand over her mouth, stifling the choked cry of surprise she tries to emit. Her head pulled back by the tight hand, her neck is bared, her suddenly racing heart and gasping lungs clear in her throats movements. Both small hands rise to grip at the wrist clutching at her mouth, trying ineffectively to pry it away. A warm body, slightly damp with sweat, presses firmly up behind her, as she's pulled further up and back by the grip her assailant has on her.

Her back arches to try to escape the contact from behind, as she continues her silent struggle with the man, only making it easier for him to slip a hand up her shirt, strong fingers trailing up her belly to slide over the curve of a proudly buoyant breast. Her struggles renew with stronger passion as she stares over the fingers covering her mouth, at the crowd so smotheringly close mere moments before, but now seemingly miles away, unable to help.

Almost as if taunting her, her assailant doesn't head for the door yet, but grinds his hips forward against her barely encased ass, the tight jean-shorts so briefly cut, and so clenchingly tight that the erection seems to press through his pants, and right between her ass cheeks. Mauling at her tit, he slowly walks backwards towards the door, elbowing it open, and half carrying her out into the alley behind. No refuse lines it's walls, and no rats scurry about, but the street seems miles away in one direction, the roar of passing cars only a whisper to their ears.

As the door bangs shut on the noise of the club, she's spun around, her hands going to his right arm, trying to tug it's attentive hand from beneath her shirt, with little effect. He marches her down the alley, towards the far, distant, dark end, groin jabbing at her butt as he goose-steps her forward. Hand roving over barely covered breasts, tweaking her nipples, cupping and stretching at the supple skin, he all-but ignores her desperate attempts to both cry out for help, and remove his offending hand.

Reaching the far wall of the alley, he turns her to one side of her prison, and presses her forward against it with his body, smothering her between brick and solid flesh. Teeth biting at the back of her neck gently, through her hair, the hand finally leaves her shirt, though the relief at that is merely momentary, as the warm palm slides down her belly, to settle over the button to her micro-shorts. Squirming ineffectively, and grunting against his hand, she tugs at the arm, doing little to stop him as he undoes the button. And then his hand is delving into her minimal shorts, and below the even more minimal layer of panty, coarse fingers sliding over her sex.

Grunts turn to sobbed screams as he lets go of her mouth, putting his hand on the back of her neck to press her into the wall more fully, face turning sideways against the rough brick. His fingers slide firmly over her cunt as he pulls back on it, the solid mass of his erection forcing into the crack of her ass as he grinds at it in a circular motion, driving her into the wall further. A dark chuckle sounds at her screams as he all but slams a finger between the lips of her pussy, body grinding and pressing her into the wall as he slides his finger in and out of her.

"You don't want to do this..." she hisses through clenched teeth, bearing his sexual assault with grimacing indignity, and it's minimal impact on her body. He merely grunts in annoyance, and pulling his hands from her clothing he grips her shoulder to spin her around, shoving her against the wall backwards, one hand snapping out around her neck to pin her in place. A clenching of his hand doesn't quite cut off her breathing, but it restricts it enough that both her hands seem to rise involuntarily to his wrist, tugging at it uselessly.

Using her distraction, ignoring her plaintive, but almost warning stare, his free hand dips to her shorts, clutching the front of the material, and tugging down her shorts and panties, bending slightly, snapping back upright to raise a fist warningly at her sudden kick to his leg. As she freezes in response, his leg slides up, planting his foot on the top of her half-lowered clothing, and using it to draw them down her legs to the ground, standing on them, and kicking her feet out until she's standing there in nothing but the half-shirt that offers little protection.

So little that a few sudden, solid yanks at the front of it rip the seams up the sides, pulling it from her body. Another warning movement of his hand, and her sudden frantic attempt to escape stops, her hands dropping to cover herself as best she can, breathing tiny gasps through her nose, as his hand allows. Her last attempt at modesty is allowed, as he undoes his belt, opening the zipper to free his erection, and stepping closer again, the achingly ready cock sliding across her thigh, while he grasps her wrist to pull it away from her cunt.

Whispered admonishments to keep silent and relax are uttered as he guides the swollen head of his dick against her slit, finally releasing her throat to grapple with her for a brief second, her rage lending her strength to fight back for a second, before he holds both her wrists above her head, pinned to the wall by one strong hand. Her eyes close as his open wider, his hand returning to her neck to grip her strongly, pulling her face up to his, his lips mashing against hers in a sudden harsh kiss, before he savagely thrusts forward with his hips.

Their eyes change rolls, his closing, as hers fly open, a hiss escaping his lips as a soft cry flees hers, his body tensing again before thrusting up into her again, grinding her back against the rough wall as he shifts upwards a third time, finally settling his entire length in her. Sudden panting leaves her lips in a rush as he releases her from the kiss, pushing her head back against the wall as he dips at the knee's, drawing out of her only to thrust back in halfway.

Apparently her joy is no aphrodisiac to him, as he doesn't take long setting up a pounding rhythm in and out of her with bruising force, her back achingly crushed against the wall by his body as he drives in and out of her, his breathing rapidly speeding up as hers does too. His pleasure is written all over his face as he closes his eyes, pistoning within her with ever-harder thrusts.

Mere seconds, mere moments before his cum would burst into her, milliseconds before his orgasm can begin, his hold is suddenly broken as her hands are merely no longer in his, but at his ass, clamping around them with a savage strength that's painfully tight, holding him within her as he desperately tries to draw back, needing nothing more than that one last thrust, that last drive to push him over the edge.

His eyes fly open in time to see her mouth snap open, fangs gleaming far larger than they should be, before she snaps forward, digging harshly into his neck in a sudden well of blood, his own scream finally echoing down the alley as hers had minutes earlier. Stumbling backwards, hands frantically alternating between the hands holding him inside her so tightly, and the head drinking greedily from his throat, he stumbles over half-dropped pants, and falls to the ground with a savage crash, half dazing himself as his head bounces.

Her hands finally leave his body as she drinks in great gulps from the ripped wounds in his neck, inflicted with far more force and depth than usual, to settle on his chest, gathering his hands up in one strong fist, and pinning them above his head. Finally she leans back, letting the blood well and flow down his neck, licking her blood-soaked fangs, and looking down at his terrorized, agonized face.

"You'll die, so close to cumming, and spend eternity in hell thinking of nothing but how you picked the wrong victim..." Almost sadly stated, almost like an assurance, as she pats his face gently with the hand not holding his effortlessly to the ground, grinding down on his dick once, before gripping his chin, and yanking it sideways, his scream ending as her fangs rip into the other side of his neck, blood pouring from two wounds, one set wasted, one drunk in long swallows by the girl keeping him so close to the edge that as consciousness fades, it's still all he can do to try to thrust up into her, just on more time-

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