tagIncest/TabooWrong Picture Ch. 02

Wrong Picture Ch. 02


The sun was high in the sky the next morning before Jim finally stirred and woke up. In those first moments of being awake all the happy memories of the previous night flashed back to him. He rolled over hoping to find her beside him but found that he was alone in bed. He looked around the room and heard the water running in the shower. He settled back in bed and reflected back to last night.

He heard the water stop in the shower and then the unexpected sound of the toilet set being thrown open just before the unmistakable sound of his mom vomiting. She emerged from the bathroom wrapped in another of the big, white hotel robes with a white towel wrapped on her head. She looked decidedly less chipper and contented that he felt. Jim recognized the look of someone who was very hung over.

They exchanged good mornings, but hers felt a little awkward and uncomfortable. Jim started telling her how amazing last night had been but she interrupted him. She said she wasn't sure how to feel about what had happened. She said she was confused and hung over, but what she knew was that she had been very drunk, very emotionally fragile, and perhaps more than a little confused. Jim tried to convince her that what had happened was wonderful, but before he could get very far she said that maybe the best thing for them was to get some space so she could figure some things out.

Jim wanted to protest, but he knew better than to argue with her once she had made up her mind about something. He suddenly felt a little awkward getting out of bed naked but resisted the urge to cover up to show her that he was comfortable with what had happened and their new relationship. He walked, perhaps a little too slowly, to the bathroom and noticed that she seemed to sneak a quick glance at his cock. When he came out of the bathroom he gathered his clothes and got dressed. He laughed after he put his shirt back on and found that all the buttons were ripped off. Before he left he told her that he didn't regret anything that happened and meant everything he had said and done the night before.

Cindy didn't return home until that evening and when she did it almost seemed like nothing had changed or happened between them. On the surface, she acted the same way around Jim and Dan that she always had. Inside though, nothing felt the same for Jim. He wanted to talk with her about what had happened, but she never let them be alone together in a position to bring it up. Jim worried because he felt an undercurrent of tension and unease from her whenever they were alone now.

His visit at home was quickly drawing to a close and he worried that he'd have to leave and return to his overseas studies for the next 6 months without being able to talk with her. Finally, on the morning of his last full day at home, Cindy asked him if he had any plans for that night. He said no and she said that Dan had other plans tonight and wondered if he was up for dinner with his old mom.

Time couldn't move fast enough for Jim as he looked forward to their dinner. He wasn't sure what was going to happen, but at least they would get a chance to talk. Jim dressed nicely for dinner and was happy to see that she dressed up a bit also. Part of him hoped this was more of a date than just a simple dinner, and seeing her dressed up made him think that maybe she was thinking the same way.

They went to a nice restaurant for dinner and finally things between them felt normal again. They talked and did a lot of catching up, although they didn't address what had happened between them. Finally, as they lingered over dessert, Cindy said she felt bad about how things had been strained between them the past few days. She said she didn't want things to be weird between them, so they could just say what had happened between them had been a one-time accident. There was no need for regrets, she added. She said she had just been so confused and upset and so very, very drunk that she didn't know what to make out of what she felt or did that night.

When she finished Jim replied that he didn't regret anything. He took her hand in his to try and show her he was serious and said he would never, ever regret what had happened. They sat in silence for a few seconds gazing into each other's eyes. Cindy shook her head and softly said, "But it is so wrong, we can't, we shouldn't."

"Why?" Jim questioned. "Why is it so wrong? Why is it wrong if we are both consenting and both wanted what had happened?" As if to answer the question that her eyes asked, he assured her that he had absolutely wanted it to happen. He added that he still wanted it very much.

Cindy sat staring deeply into his eyes. She couldn't believe the effect of his words. It wasn't actually his words, but the deep sincerity in his eyes and the conviction in his voice and on his face that impacted her. Suddenly their simple hand holding felt powerful and exciting. Her hand tingled with warmth and the warmth spread up her arm until it consumed her. Suddenly her tits tingled with excitement and her nipples grew slightly stiff. The warmth reached her pussy and she felt herself growing wetter and hotter.

They paid the bill and headed out to the car. Jim drove and Cindy sat in the passenger seat as they returned home. Dan had made it clear he wouldn't be back until sometime the next day. This time it was some excuse about going to a basketball game and staying in a downtown hotel with his buddies. She wondered who exactly his "buddies" were and suspected that although he might have been telling the truth about staying in a downtown hotel there was probably more going on in the hotel than hanging out with his buddies.

She pushed aside thoughts of Dan and refocused on her situation. They were very nearly home and she could already feel her excited anticipation building. This certainly wasn't how she intended the evening to end. Her plan had been to move past what had happened between them. She wanted to make things normal between them again and had planned on a nice dinner, good conversation, and then politely convincing him that they couldn't possibly continue what they had started.

However, all of that changed at the restaurant. Instead of her convincing him that they couldn't continue, he had convinced her of the opposite, and it turned out that it hadn't really been that hard to change her mind. It had been so long since she had been the object of such raw desire that it was almost intoxicating. The fact that it was her son still seemed strange when she thought about it, but he was right about them both being consenting adults. Plus it had felt so good, at least the parts she could remember, and the sensations had been so powerful that a primal part of her wanted to experience it again.

Jim pulled into their garage and hit the button to close the garage door. He quickly moved around the car and opened the door for her. She took his arm and they went inside. Without a word they went to the master bedroom. Cindy had shared so many passionless nights with Dan in this room it felt wild and exciting to be this excited in the room again.

They locked their gazes for a moment and then melted together into a long, passionate kiss. They stood beside the king sized bed as their tongues danced and their hands caressed each other through their clothes. Cindy's head spun in a tornado of thoughts and emotions. In some ways her memories of their previous fuck were wild and vivid, but they were also sort of fuzzy and blurry from her drunkenness. She could remember the sensations and the power of the union, but not necessarily the specific details of what happened or how it happened. This time she wanted to remember every single detail and to memorize every touch, taste, and smell.

As their kiss continued they settled down onto the bed. They lay side by side and slowly removed each other's clothes. Unlike the other night, Cindy didn't tear the buttons off his shirt as she ripped it from his body. Instead, she slowly and carefully opened each button. She savored each moment and let her fingers graze over his skin as she finally pulled the shirt completely off. She followed that by leaning down and giving him a series of soft kisses and licks across his chest and stomach. Jim groaned happily as her mouth danced across him. She lingered over his stomach for a long while and was about to remove his pants when Jim shifted their position.

It was now her turn to groan happily as Jim took several long moments to caress her soft tits through the slippery silk material of her top. Then, just as she had done, he took his time opening the buttons on her silk top. Once her top was open he slid it down her shoulders and removed it. He gazed hungrily at her big tits. Her bra was lacy and revealing and left much of her tits exposed to his hungry view. He leaned down and kissed and licked the exposed parts of her tits as she moaned and wriggled excitedly on the bed. He teased and kissed her exposed skin for several more long moments before she couldn't resist it any longer and brought her hands to the front clasp on her bra. She popped her bra open and Jim immediately closed his lips around her rock hard nipple, causing her to moan loudly.

He lingered for many long moments teasing and licking her nipples until they were both rock hard. She responded so vigorously to this that he thought she might cum. One of his previous girlfriends could cum just from having her tits and nipples teased when she was feeling very horny and he wanted to see if his mom was the same way. He lingered over her tits for a while longer but finally the temptation of her waiting pussy was too much to resist.

He kissed his way down her stomach and slowly opened the button and zipper on her skirt. She lifted her hips off the bed as he pulled off her skirt and then again as he slipped her skimpy, sexy panties down her legs before tossing them aside. He was tempted to go straight to her pussy, but convinced himself to prolong the moment by first moving his mouth to her knees. He moved back and forth between her legs and, as slowly as he could, he kissed and licked his way up her thighs. She spread her legs with a happy moan as Jim alternated his teasing back and forth between her legs. He was soon kissing and licking her inner thighs just inches from her pussy. He paused for a moment and gazed at the heavy wetness seeping out of her pussy. He inhaled her heavy scent and finally let his tongue find her pussy. She gasped and wriggled as his tongue slowly danced over and around her pussy. Each time he touched her clit she gasped and rocked her hips excitedly toward his mouth, but each time he moved his tongue away to prolong the teasing.

Soon his mouth and her hips settled into an easy rhythm. He quickly learned what she liked and several times brought her right to the edge of her control before allowing her to regain her composure. After a while longer Jim again teased her to the brink of orgasm. This time she grasped his head and began thrusting her pussy against his mouth. "Oh fuck," she moaned, "make me cum, Jimmy, make me cum."

That was all Jim needed to hear and he let his tongue dance easily over her clit for a few more seconds as she pushed her hips up into his face and guided his face with her hands. That was the first time in his life he had ever heard his mom use the "f" word, and in this context it was incredibly wild and sexy. It almost seemed silly to be so excited simply by her words given that they had already fucked and what they were currently doing, but hearing the lust dripping from her words made the moment even more exciting and intense.

A few moments later she cried out and pulled his mouth roughly against her pussy as she burst into a long, lingering orgasm. Jim licked and teased her spasming pussy throughout her orgasm and spent a while after her orgasm passed enjoying and exploring her wet pussy.

Cindy was the first to stir. She sat up and looked down at him with lust filled, yet very happy and satisfied eyes. "Oh Jimmy," she sighed, "where did you learn to do that so well?"

Jim smiled happily and shrugged before answering, "I guess I was just inspired." He knew it was cheesy, but judging by her wide smile it was a fine response.

Cindy smiled and giggled at his response. Part of her loved the cheesy youthfulness of his reply and it reminded her of just how much younger he was than her. The more powerful emotion, however, was the effect of having a young stud so excited by her that he would linger over her pussy like he did. She couldn't remember the last time Dan had been so excited or eager during sex or when was the last time she felt so wanted and sexy.

At that moment she knew she would do anything for him and was eager to fully give herself to their forbidden relationship. She slithered down his body intent on finally removing his pants and showing him just how much she appreciated his attention. She pulled off his pants and boxers and paused for a moment to stare at his hard cock. His tip was already coated with pre-cum and she licked her lips before leaning down and wrapping them around him.

Jim's entire body shuddered as Cindy lavished her attention on his rock hard cock with her lips and tongue. For several long moments he lay back and let the intense sensations wash over him. Her blowjob was wanton and intense and it was only made better as his mind reminded him of how taboo their act was. He was already so excited he knew he wouldn't last long, but he couldn't resist lifting his head to gaze down at her. He gasped in pure lust at the wild sight of his naked mother devouring his cock. She lifted her head slightly and ran her tongue across the tip of his cock before sliding it up and down the length of him leaving a wet, slippery trail of her saliva behind. Then, as if she knew he'd been looking the whole time, she opened her eyes and looked up at him. Their gazes locked as she parted her lips and engulfed him again. That was all Jim could take and he only was able to grunt a warning before his cock erupted in her mouth. Jim kept his eyes open and watched her take the first of his heavy jets into her mouth. The visual only lasted for a single moment, but Jim knew it was an image that would be burned in his memory forever.

The sensations soon overwhelmed him and he closed his eyes as the rest of his orgasm washed over him. Cindy kept her mouth wrapped firmly around him for the duration of his orgasm. Cindy loved feeling the warmth of his cum in her mouth and savored his musky taste as she let his cum slide down her throat. With Dan, doing something like this would have almost been impossible, but now it felt natural, sexy, and exciting. A chill ran down her spine and her pussy tingled with the crazy realization that she loved the taste of her son's cum.

When he finally finished cumming he felt utterly deflated and completely content. Cindy licked his cock a few more times to make sure she had collected as much of his cum as she could and then lazily crawled over him. They gently wrapped their arms around each other as they rolled onto their sides so they were lying facing each other. They gazed into each other's eyes deeply and, with more intensity than Jim could ever remember before, they slowly settled into a soft, lingering kiss that seemed to last for an eternity.

That is how they remained for a long time. During the kiss it seemed as though the reality of what was happening finally sunk in. Now there could be no mistaking or blaming unintended consequences or alcohol or anything other than their desire. Cindy had just sucked her son's cock and eagerly swallowed his cum. Jim had just passionately sucked his mom's pussy until she was screaming out in the throes of a wild orgasm. They had now knowingly crossed the most taboo of lines and had changed their relationship from that of mother and son to that of passionate lovers.

As Cindy lay in Jim's arms she let these thoughts wash over her. In that moment she didn't know if it was right or wrong or if she was even capable of telling right from wrong anymore, but what she knew with more clarity than anything she had known in a long time was that she wanted Jim. She wanted him fully and completely.

Gradually their kisses became more passionate and soon Cindy let her hands roam over Jim's ass. It didn't take long for her to feel Jim's cock twitching and growing against her thigh. She parted their kiss and slowly kissed and licked her way down his chest and stomach until her lips softly grazed his semi-hard cock. She sucked him into her mouth briefly but then released him and leaned forward until her tits hung over his cock. She held him and rubbed his cock back and forth against her tits and nipples. Eventually she moved back down and slowly teased his cock with her mouth and hands until he was rock hard. Now that Jim had cum so intensely Cindy knew his control would be a bit better and she lingered over his cock. As much as she was ready to fuck she loved lavishing her attention on him like this. She loved the way he squirmed beneath her. She also loved the way she seemed to instinctively know what he wanted and how to pleasure him.

As if in response to her thoughts Jim groaned, "Oh mom, that feels so good."

Cindy smiled and looked up at him as she purred, "I guess a mom always knows best how to take care of her boy."

Jim groaned in response to her comment and Cindy decided the time was right to crawl over him. She straddled him and held his cock as she lowered her dripping wet pussy down over him. She didn't stop until his full length was inside her. She flexed the muscles in the walls of her pussy and felt a charge of excitement as she watched him react to her. He moaned and wriggled beneath her as she teased him.

"Just lay back and relax," she cooed. "Let mommy take care of you."

Jim groaned again as she started sliding herself up and down on him. Following her directions Jim lay still and watched her body do its erotic dance over him. She noticed him gazing up at her and she couldn't resist teasing him further. She wasn't usually so vocal during sex, or at least she hadn't been in a very long time, but something had gotten into her tonight and she couldn't resist.

"Yessss," she hissed. "Do you like watching mommy fuck you?"

Jim groaned his reply before Cindy continued. "Do you want to watch mommy touch herself?" Jim's wild groan was all the answer Cindy needed. Jim's eyes blazed with lust as he watched Cindy caress and fondle her tits as she fucked him. Before long one of Cindy's hands slipped down her stomach and easily found her swollen clit. She inhaled sharply as she teased her clit as their slow, sensual fuck continued.

Jim's gaze was so intense it almost felt like an extra pair of hands on her body, and it wasn't long before she burst into an intense orgasm. Her pussy quivered and her body trembled from its power. When she finished cumming she leaned forward and placed her hands on either side of Jim's head. Jim's hands were now resting just beside hers on the bed and she sat up again for a moment and brought her hands down on top of his, interlocking their fingers. She leaned forward again, pinning his hands under the weight of her upper body.

Jim gasped and then groaned as she resumed fucking him while holding him down like this. Jim loved the feeling of being controlled by her. His relative helplessness only added to the sensation of being completely engulfed in her passion and body. As these thoughts danced through his head, Cindy's fuck changed as if she somehow knew exactly what tempo would feel best. Only a few moments later Jim felt his orgasm starting and he moaned loudly as he filled her with his cum.

As his cum filled her Cindy's moan joined Jim's. Feeling his warmth and his seed inside her was deeply satisfying and intensely erotic. After he finished cumming she lay down on top of him and he wrapped his arms around her back. They melted into another long, deep kiss as his cock slowly grew soft inside her pussy. The kiss lingered for many long minutes before they happily fell asleep in each other's arms.

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