tagInterracial LoveWrong Place at the Right Time

Wrong Place at the Right Time


(This is just our third attempt at writing an erotic story. If you have positive comments, please feel free to leave them. If you don't like the interracial/black man-white female genre don't bitch, just keep it to yourself.)


It was Friday afternoon and school had just gotten out. My wife Connie taught art at a local School of the Arts and wasn't expecting me to come by and pick her up for an early dinner and a movie. I worked as a detective for the Atlanta Police Department and had some flexibility with my schedule so as to spring little surprises on her from time to time.

After 25 years of marriage, I tried to surprise her whenever I could get away from the department. You know, flowers, cards, and time away from the kids. I made it a point to give her whatever she wanted, so that she would know that I thought she was the most amazing woman in the world.

She wasn't in her room when I arrived, having bus duty until about 3:45 p.m. So I went into her classroom to wait. I moved around the room looking at the kids art work. There were examples of every form of art you can imagine in the room. My wife especially enjoyed pottery. She loved to mold and fire pots and bowls.

Now, in my wife's classroom there is a large storeroom were she keeps her art supplies and has her pottery kiln. We had often used that storeroom for quickies during her pre-planning days prior to school starting. She loved to be bent over the kiln and fucked from behind and I loved to accommodate her every chance I got.

This day would be no exception, if things worked out as I had planned.

The storeroom was full of free standing shelves and racks for drying paintings, crafts and pottery. My plan was to go in the storeroom room and kind of hide while I waited for her to return from bus duty. I figured I'd jump out grab her for a quickie, as we'd done so many other times, and then leave for dinner.

I loved jumping my wife's "bones." She is still one of the most beautiful women I've ever known. At forty-five years old she a real looker, easily looking like she's in her thirties. With long auburn hair, fair skin and a fit, trim body, she is always getting stares from the men around the school and community. Her youthful figure boasts long legs, a flat stomach and 36C breasts that still stand tall and proud after 3 children.

I moved to the storeroom, and while looking at some of the pottery that was drying, I heard her classroom door open and someone walk in. I moved to the door for a peek, expecting to see Connie. Instead, Erick, one of the P.E. coaches was standing there. Erick was a handsome, muscular, twenty-five year old black man, who had been teaching at the school since he graduated from the University of Florida two years earlier.

Connie and I are big Gator fans and had watched him pay football for four years. She was kind of instantly attracted to him when he was hired, because he was kind of a quasi-celebrity. She had spoken of him before in passing and mentioned their budding friendship. As I watched him move around her classroom, I figured he was there to wish her a good weekend ,before the weekend started.

He sat at her desk and stretched out his legs, grabbing a magazine to read while he waited. I noticed that he was still in amazing shape, with big, strong legs and a massively developed upper body. His arms were easily twenty inches around and ripped.

I moved back into my hiding place and waited. A few minutes later the door opened again and in walked my wife. She didn't seemed surprised at all when she saw him sitting at her desk. Rather she smiled brightly at him as she turned and locked the classroom door.

My mind was filled with surprise and confusion at her locking the door. What surprised and shocked me even more though, was watching her walk up to him and to give him a kiss. Not a peck mind you, but a deep, soulful French kiss!

What the fuck was she doing? I couldn't believe what I was watching. A powerful rage like I'd never felt before began to build in my body.

As they kissed, I watched him slide his dark hand up her pale arm. My heart was beating out of my chest. The passion of the kiss my wife was sharing with another man was killing me. I ground my teeth and clinched my fists rage... but for reasons I can't explain, I didn't move from my point of concealment.

They continued to kiss for what seemed like forever. Their tongues moving and caressing one another's. Barely audible moans were escaping from their mouths. My anger grew with each passing moment, but I couldn't seem to make my feet move toward the door, they seemed frozen to the floor.

The kiss broke for a moment and I prayed that this was as far as my wife's infidelity would go...but again she surprised me. She reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt and hiked it up so she could swing her leg over his, settling herself on his lap.

As her leg raised to straddle his, I clearly saw that she wasn't wearing any panties. My mind exploded with anger and hatred like never before. I started toward the door, then stopped.

As she seated herself on his lap, she began to seductively move her hips and grind her pussy on his crotch, as they returned to they're kissing. I looked and noticed her hands working at his belt, trying to get it undone without breaking the kiss or stopping her grinding. His hands too were busy, unbuttoning her blouse and fumbling with the front hooks of her bra.

My hand reached for the police SWAT knife that I always carried with me. It was time to put an end to this bullshit. How dare she touch another man...much less dry hump him right there in her classroom.

As I pulled the knife from the sheath, I noticed how my hands had begun to shake. What exactly was I going to do? Kill him...her...or just scare them to death.

With the knife in my hand, I continued to watch them as my mind raced through the possible intervention scenarios. The passion with which they worked at undressing one another was amazing. The kissing, the touching, the synchronized movements of their bodies revealed a hunger and passion I hadn't seen from my wife in years.

The vision of my wife's pale skin against his dark ebony skin was striking. I was transfixed, fascinated by the contrast of their skin color and the motion of their two bodies. I hate to admit it, but I was very sexually stimulated by the sight of it.

I continued to watch as they both achieved what they had been working for. This black bastard had my wife's shirt off and bra dropping to the floor in what seemed to be one, fluid motion. She too had finished getting his pants undone, and was quickly pulling them down along with his underwear, acting as if she'd done it a thousand times before.

My eyes were fixed on the scene unfolding before me. Connie took his cock in her hands and slid backward down his legs. She moved between his legs and started stroking his cock, licking her lips and smiling at the black mother fucker.

She worked her hands up and down the shaft, getting him harder with each stroke. His cock grew into a thick, black "Billy-club" like monster, every bit of nine inches long.

Still smiling, she leaned forward and took his dark purple cock head in her mouth and began to suck and lick it. The visual image of her pale pink tongue and lips sliding up and down his black cock was driving me crazy...not so much from anger now... but from lust. My own cock strained against my slacks, begging to be released.

I could see his hands were holding her head, guiding her hungry mouth, as she slid his cock further down her throat. For the first time since she came in, I could clearly hear him talking to her.

My wife moaned as she work his cock further into her throat, and as she was doing so, he was whispering words of encouragement to her. "That's it baby, suck that cock. You know you love it. Damn, you get better each time you suck it. Before long you'll have a line outside your classroom with guys wanting blowjobs," he said with a laugh.

His words seemed to have an effect on her, as she increased her tempo, passionately attacking his huge cock. More and more of his black tool was going down my wife's throat.

He was getting near orgasm too, I could tell. His golf-ball sized nuts that had been hanging between his outstretched legs, had begun to draw up. He held her head firmly and began to buck his hips, forcing more of his ebony rod down my wife's throat.

The force with which he was shoving his cock down her throat was beginning to scaring me. She seemed to be gagging and her face was turning red.

If he hurt her, I'd come out of hiding and slit his black throat. I'd kill the mother fucked right where he sat and not think twice about it.

But just then, he let go of her head, thrust his hips up one final time and shot his load down my wife's throat. She swallowed every drop of his black seed, all the while continuing to suck and stroke his cock and balls. She kept sucking on his cock until it softened and flopped out of her mouth.

"God, I love it when you suck me like that!" he breathed.

"And as long as it tastes that sweet lover, you can plan on me sucking you off every chance I get," my wife said with a smile and a wink.

She laid her head on his lap to catch her breath. With her face an inch or so from his flaccid cock, I was again struck by the contrast in their skin tones.

Having recovered some, my wife began to blow cool air across his dick, obviously trying to revive it. "What this, can't you wake our little friend up again so I can have a little fun too? What about that 'black stud' stamina you're always bragging about, Mr. Football star?" she said with a note of challenge in her voice.

"Try licking it a little too baby, you know that always works," he said with a grin.

"ALWAYS WORKS????" How often were they doing this? God-damn, I should walk out there and carve out that fucker's heart. Then let her try and get his dead ass hard again. Bastard!

But I still didn't move. My cock was overriding my hatred at that moment.

The cool air and flicks of her tongue were having their desired effect, as his black cock began to stir and harden again. With that, Connie began to stroke him again in earnest. In seconds he was fully hard again and if it's possible, it was bigger than before.

With his erection firmly reestablished, she stepped out of her rumpled skirt and began moving back up to his lap. She slid her breasts up his legs and over of erection. Stopping her for a moment, he slid his cock between her breasts, titty fucking her.

After a couple of minutes she stood up, and in what seemed to be a fluid, practiced movement, my wife quickly straddled his lap and impaled herself on his huge black cock. She took his full length and girth in one quick, easy, downward thrust of her hips. Her quick intake of breath indicated his cock had found it way all the way up to the entrance of her cervix.

She began that same hip grinding motion she had practiced earlier on his lap, this time however with a big, black cock buried to the hilt in her wet cunt. She began to moan and whisper to him. "That's it baby, slide that monster into me. God, I love how it fills me. You stretch my pussy so nice."

And with that little bit of encouragement, they began what appeared to be a practiced, steady rhythm, not the frantic humping of someone getting "it" for the first time. The more I watched them move together, the more I knew in my heart that this was not the first time they had fucked like this.

I can't fully express with words what I was seeing and how it was effecting me. I was almost violently ill because of my wife's betrayal, and yet at the same time, I was incredibly turned on. I almost wish he was hurting her, so I could kill the mother fucker and be done with the whole episode. But Connie was loving every moment of their love-making and he was treating her...the way I would, with honor and respect

From my hiding place, I could clearly see his black cock sliding effortlessly into her pink, wet pussy. Each time she would rise up, I could see her clinch her pussy muscles, milking his hard black cock. The steady motion of his cock going in and out of my wife's cunt, was covering his ebony pole with a froth of white pussy cream.

Fifteen minutes passed as they effortlessly made passionate love to on another. Stroking one another's skin, kissing, grasping and releasing their hands. The gentle touches of a pale hand on a chiseled black chest and arms. Tender kisses from two who knew the true joys of love-making.

As the moments passed, their lovemaking began taking on a more fevered pitch. I know my wife well, and from her movements and breathing, I could tell her passion was building toward a climax.

You see, Connie wasn't just mechanically fucking a cock, she was making love to a man, kissing him with a lovers passion, hungering to be satisfied. The sound of her moaning as he drove his cock into her, was driving me crazy with lust.

Soon she stopped the kissing and caressing, and strictly focused on his thick black cock, slamming into her well stretched cunt. Rising and falling onto his dick, she ground her clit against his pubic bone, moving closer and closer toward her orgasm.

And then she was there. Connie had never been real vocal when we made love, but she was today. Her groaning was loud and insistent as wave after wave of her orgasm washed over her. She drew his head to her breast so he would suck her nipples, sending additional waves of pleasure through her body.

Not to be out done, her black love began a fevered pounding of his cock into her sopping wet pussy. Thrust after thrust was bringing him closer to his orgasm. With a grunt and thrust of his huge black cock, he shot his wad into my beautiful wife's waiting hole. Spasm after spasm propelled his sticky black seed into her gapping pussy. They both came for what seemed like minutes.

Slowing into a steady rocking, the two of them continued to fuck, lost in the bliss of the moment. Enjoying the afterglow of their orgasm, they soulfully kissed and caressed one another. Hands moving and caressing one another in the familiar way of practiced lovers.

From my hiding spot, I was faced with a dilemma. Do I remain in my hiding spot and do nothing or do I burst out and confront my adulteress wife and her black lover. A jumble of emotions and feeling were wrestling around in my mind. Just then, Connie and her lover began to talk.

"Why don't you just leave that dumb ass cop and be with me? You know you love how I fuck you and make you cum. You can't ever seem to get enough of my cock. I could give you beautiful little black babies," he said.

"Yes, I do love how you fuck me Erick, but I don't really love YOU," she said as she began to raise off of his limp cock. "I've told you from the beginning that our lovemaking was just about the sex. I love my husband and children. I love my home, my job and my friends. And I won't give all that up just for a hard, black cock... I'm sorry."

There was genuine compassion in her eyes as she spoke those harsh words. She knew she was hurting him in a big way. She acted as if she wanted to reach out to him, but stopped herself.

He looked at her with a look of utter bewilderment. That look quickly changed to anger. With a sneer he shouted, "Bitch! What am I to you then? We do this 2-3 times a week for the past two years and it means nothing to you! God-damn woman, I thought you loved me."

He was visibly shaking with suppressed rage now, trying to control his anger. His muscles rippled and contracted as he fought to control himself. Connie moved away from him quickly to pick up her clothes.

As she slipped on her skirt and blouse, she quietly spoke to him, "This has never been and will never be about love, Erick. It's always been about your body, about that big, beautiful black cock of yours and how well you use it. I love how we make love, but that's it. Nothing more and nothing less."

I noticed that she had moved to a place where there was now a table and some chairs between her and her black lover. If he made a move toward her, I'd be able to get to him before he got to her.

He started to make a retort, but then seemed to gain control of his anger, and didn't speak. He stood there naked for a moment, just shaking his head, trying to accept what my wife had just said to him. Still shaking his head, he began gathering up his cloths.

As he dressed you could see a look of total defeat on his face. The way he held himself at that moment indicated that, maybe for the first time in his life, he wasn't the winner of the prize. He had lost what he had thought was surely in his grasp.

With a final glance at Connie, he left the room.

I watched Connie as she finished dressing and gathered her things to leave. A look of regret was on her face, but there was also the look of an unspoken resolve to maintain her marriage and family. It seemed that love was more important than a cock, even a big black one. She walked to the door, turned out the lights and left the room.

My greatest fear, and I guess most men's greatest fear, is that our wives will one day find a bigger cock and dump us for it. Some men think that all that matters to a woman is the size of their dick anyway.

Connie's reaction to her lover's words about me and our family told me that she enjoyed getting fucked, but loved us more, and wouldn't leave us for another dick, even a big black one.

And that... I could live with.

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