tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWrong Place, Right Time

Wrong Place, Right Time


Mika is a very pretty 27year-old. Her parents moved to the U.S. when she was a baby so she had grown up almost completely westernized. She was happily married with a 2-year-old that kept her busy. Her husband had a good job so she was able to stay home to raise her child. Although she was very active in her church and helped run the childcare department on Sundays and Wednesday nights.

Mika had shoulder length black hair, a very pretty face and a slender 34-A, 24, 34 body. She was 5'5", but her legs were very sexy and, in a short skirt with heals on gave her the appearance of being taller.

Today she was in such a skirt, but was wearing flat shoes to make walking more easy. Her thin but shapely legs looked stunning beneath her mid thigh length blue skirt. She wore a thin white sleeveless pullover beneath a blue jacket that matched her skirt.

Although Mika was westernized, she was still very much naive about the world outside her small circle. And that was about to get Mika into more trouble than she realized.

Mika had injured her back recently. Nothing serious, but the pain hurt just the same. Her doctor had prescribed some muscle relaxers and offered some stretching exorcises to help. He also suggested that she consider massage therapy.

Being in somewhat of a hurry to take her medication, Mika stopped in the closest shopping center after leaving the doctor's office to find a pharmacy. While waiting for her prescription to be filled she strolled the center looking at the stores.

Like many places, this center had quite a few vacant storefronts and was run down in several areas. Had it not been for the large chain grocery store and pharmacy that anchored this place it was more than likely that the few remaining businesses would have closed or moved elsewhere by now.

Mika spotted a sign on a glass door leading into a stairwell to an upper level section at the end of the strip. It read, "Massage Therapy Upstairs". Mika had heard of massage parlors that fronted for prostitution rings, but never would have expected that anything like that would be in her town, especially not advertised openly.

She returned to the pharmacy and picked up her prescription, but a bottle of flavored water and took a pill. Then, as she was returning to her car she decided to go see what this massage therapy place offered.

Mika rang the bell and the door was answered by an Asian woman. She inquired about the prices and discovered that a thirty-minute massage was very reasonable. She noticed that when the woman at the door spoke to two other Asian women that they spoke hurriedly and in hushed tones, but thought little of it. She was asked if she could show her identification and if she wanted a full treatment massage. Mika agreed and was led to a small room where she was asked to undress and lay on the massage table. She did so and a few minutes later a woman whom Mika hadn't seen yet came in, closing the door behind her.

The massage was a very good one, and combined with the muscle relaxer she had taken before coming in Mike nearly drifted off to sleep a couple times. She noticed the woman had removed the towel that covered her butt and was now massaging that region but was so into it that she did not pay it much attention. Then Mika felt a sensation growing between her legs. She realized that she was becoming aroused.

This shocked her, as Mika had never entertained the thought of arousal with another woman. Then, with a start, she felt the woman's fingers reach up and began to sensually massage her now swollen clit.

Mike jumped in shock, unwilling to believe what was happening. The woman apologized to Mika, speaking in broken English and saying, "You wanted full treatment."

Mike realized what this place was, grabbed her clothing and dressed as quickly as possible. To save time she took her panties and bra and shoved them into her purse, putting on only her skirt, blouse and jacket. And had it not been for her protruding nipples poking through the thin material of her blouse she wouldn't have put on the jacket. Mike then rushed out the door to the staircase, her face blushing with humiliation.

While Mika was dressing to leave, two men had entered downstairs. Charles Hutchinson was a rugged looking man in his early thirties. He had light brown, slightly long hair and was dressed in paint stained blue jeans and a flannel shirt along with brown workboots. His friend was Ricky Jones, who was a couple years older than Charles was. While plainer looking than his buddy, Ricky was taller with short brown hair and was dressed more professionally in a pair of khaki slacks and a nice colored shirt and tie.

The two men had been friends since high school, and both men were divorced. Charles was the first to find this massage parlor, having frequented others in the past. He had told his friend about it and both men had tried it out a couple times. But neither was satisfied with the regulation "happy ending" that consisted of a hand job at the end of the massage.

Charles had been to a couple in the past that provided more sexual options, at a much greater price. But no matter how much he begged and offered the ladies at this place would do nothing more than jack him off.

But Charles had an idea of how to get what he wanted without paying anything extra. He reasoned that if he forced one of these women to have sex that she would probably be too frightened to report it to the police for fear of bringing attention to the massage parlor.

He had shared his idea with Ricky, who had always fantasized about fucking an Asian woman but the handjobs had been the closest to fulfilling that fantasy. Ricky did not like the idea of trying to rape one of these women in the massage parlor because he was certain that they would have some form of protection available.

But Charles had reasoned that out as well. He had observed one of the women leaving one day when he arrived, and returning with a bag of carry out food when he was leaving. He went back two days in a row to keep watch and saw that someone left every day around the same time. He discovered that the two offices by the stairwell were both vacant, and the doors were easily jimmied. So the two men decided that they could wait and surprise one of the women on her way out, drag her into the back of one of the empty offices, have there way with her and be gone before anyone discovered that she was missing.

"Hell," Charles said, "Whose gonna care if one of this whores gets raped anyway."

Ricky kept watch as Charles jimmied the lock on the door closest to the stairwell. The plan was simple, when they heard the door upstairs open and close Charlie would step inside and wait while Ricky would move down the hall, turn around and head back, timing his steps to meet up with the woman just as she passed the door. Charles would then pull the door open, as Ricky would shove her inside where Charlie would be waiting to help.

Mika rushed out into the hall and down the steps, feeling her face burning with embarrassment. She saw the man walking toward her but quickly looked down, averting her eyes from him. She gasped in surprise when he stepped into her path, grabbed her arms and shoved her to the side. The door to her right opened and a second man grabbed her. She tried to scream but the man inside the doorway put his callused hand over her mouth and in seconds Mika had been dragged into the empty room.

She struggled with her captors as they dragged her back into a rear room.

Charles spun her around and pinned her back against the wall.

"Now you're gonna have to do more than just jack me off." He said.

"Please, let me go. You're making a mistake." Mika pleaded, realizing that these men were looking for one of the women upstairs. "I'm not one of them. This is all a mistake."

Charles ran his hands beneath her skirt, finding her bare crotch.

"Not one of them, then why aren't you wearing any panties. And your pussy is all wet!" He said, driving his finger into her moist hole.

"Please, don't." Mika begged.

Charles and Ricky wrestled with Mika, pulling her jacket off then pulling her blouse over her head, exposing her small but perky tits. They held her tightly against the wall as each man fondled her tits and sucked on her hard nipples, ignoring Mika's pleas as they did so.

"I'm gonna fuck you real good!" Charles said as he began unfastening his pants.

Mika's eyes went wide at the sight of Charles' stiff cock as it sprang into view. She fought with renewed effort as the two men wrestled her around so that Charles could get behind her. Without her panties all he had to do was raise her skirt up over her ass and press his cock between her legs. Mika tried to resist him but he was able to shove his stiff rod into her wet pussy.

Mika screamed as he entered her. She had been married for five years, and had dated her husband for two years before that. Making Charles the first man in over seven years other than her husband to fuck her. Mika had a few experiences in high school and college, but had never entertained the thought of cheating on her husband.

"Shut her up!" Charles said as he grabbed Mika's hips and began fucking her cunt.

"How?" Ricky asked.

"Shove your cock in her mouth." Charles suggested.

Ricky liked the idea and he too undid his pants. Mika resisted as he pulled her head down to meet his thick cock. She had given the obligatory blowjob while dating, and even provided the same to her husband on occasion. But Mika never really liked it, nor did she permit her husband to climax in her mouth.

Mika clenched her mouth tight, trying to avoid taking Ricky's manhood in her mouth. But the man pinched her nose until she had to open her mouth to breath, then rammed his pole into her mouth and began fucking her face.

Mika stood, bent over between the two men as each man pounded her from opposite ends. Charles was leaning over her, groping her small tits and playing with her nipples as he sank his cock deep inside her over and over again.

She hated what was happening to her, but at the same time could feel her body responding. Mika realized that she had already been aroused and that her body was in need of release. And now the man fucking her was providing her body with what it craved. And as much as it humiliated her to admit it she could tell that, physically, her body was beginning to enjoy her assault.

"Oh yes, this is one great pussy!" Charles cried out as he felt his balls tighten. "I'm gonna fill you full of come, baby!"

Mika tried to cry out in protest at the realization that Charles was planning on ejaculating inside her. The rape was bad enough, but she did not want him cuming in her pussy and risking pregnancy. She shouted out for him to stop, but her words were muffled as Ricky's cock continued fucking her mouth.

"Oh yes!" Charles shouted as his hips thrust forward in a more rapid motion that made Mika realize that he was cuming. She could feel his cock erupt inside her as he pounded her from behind.

Charles unleashed his load in Mika's twat, enjoying his much needed orgasm at her expense. He continued pumping her tight hole long after he had finished coming, waiting for his partner to bust his nut in Mika's mouth.

Ricky watched as Charles climaxed in the tiny woman between them. He could feel his balls tightening up and knew that his own release was not far off. He fucked Mika's pretty face in growing anticipation of filling her mouth with his cum.

"Ohhhhh!" Ricky bellowed.

Mika felt the first wave of his cum blast in the back of her throat. She wanted to gag, or do anything to expel his semen from her mouth as his cock spewed the contents of Ricky's climax into her throat. But she was forced to gulp it down as he continued fucking her mouth, making her milk his rod completely before he pulled it free.

"Damn, that was good." Ricky said. "Now I want to get some of that pussy."

"Please, no!" Mika gasped, feeling some of Ricky's cum dribble down her chin. "Let me go."

Ricky and Charles forced Mika to reverse her position, then she felt Ricky's sock enter her slickened twat and found herself face to face with Charles' dick, which glistened with her own juices.

Giving in, she opened her mouth and accepted his cock without protest. She could taste her own pussy as she began sucking him.

Ricky banged Mika's cunt with delight, enjoying every moment of being buried inside her.

Mika was suddenly aware of the fact that her body was nearing climax. She tried to resist it, not wanting to cum for these men. But she fought to no avail as Ricky's measured strokes brought her closer and closer to the ends.

Sensing that she was responding to his cock, Ricky reached around with his hand and began rubbing her clit.

That was all it took for Mika. All resistance was gone as his fingers rubbed her love button. Her orgasm filled her to the core and she began greedily sucking Charles' cock and banging her hips back against Ricky's as she came on his shaft.

Ricky increased his pace, enjoying the way her pussy squeezed his cock and her juices spilled out over his balls as she climaxed for him.

Mika's orgasm subsided and she felt ashamed of herself for cuming while being raped. She tried to excuse it, knowing that it was all just a physical response, but she could not deny the fact that it had felt good. She continued working her body, trying to bring both men to their second orgasm to get this ordeal over with. But she had to admit that deep inside it felt wonderful having two men taking her this way. It was then, with a shock, that she realized that her body was already gearing up for another orgasm.

Unlike the first time, Mika did not resist but allowed her body to take over.

"Oh god, yes!" Charlie moaned as Mika used her mouth on him. His balls emptied a second time as she eagerly took every drop of his cum into her mouth, swallowing every bit of it.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh…." She moaned as his cock pulled out of her mouth. Mika orgasmed a second time on Ricky's cock as he pounded her from behind. This time her pussy gushed over his prick.

Ricky was in absolute delight. Hearing Mika's moans and feeling her pussy explode on him pushed him over the edge and he climaxed inside her pussy, pounding as hard as he could while spewing his seed deep inside her pussy. He continued fucking her until his cock began going limp inside her, only then reluctantly pulled it free.

Mika dropped to her knees, panting in exhaustion as the two men began pulling their pants up.

"That was much better than a handjob," Charles snickered, "And we don't have to leave her a tip."

Mika looked up at them, blushing as she felt a mixture of cum and her own juices dribbling down her thighs.

"I told you that you were making a mistake," She panted. "I'm not one of the ladies from the massage parlor."

"Oh shit." Ricky and Charles said in unison. Realizing their error.

"We thought you were one of those…" Ricky began.

"I know what you thought," Mika said, leaving the rest unspoken.

Both men finished buckling their belts.

"I wish I could say we're sorry, but we're not. You really were one good piece of ass." Charles said as both men bolted for the door, leaving Mika alone on the floor.

They were, of course, afraid that she would call the cops. And they did feel a little guilty. But finding out that she was just a regular woman who happened to fall into their trap by accident made the event even more satisfying for both of them.

Mika slowly grabbed her clothing, and retrieved her panties and bra from her purse, then dressed. She composed herself as best she could then left the building, all but running to her car. There was no way that she was going to tell anyone about what happened here today. The humiliation of it all would be bad enough. But the fact that she had ended up enjoying it as much as she did would be more difficult to explain to her husband. But perhaps not as hard to explain as the baby would be nine months from now if it didn't share any of her husband's traits…

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