tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWrong Place, Wrong Time

Wrong Place, Wrong Time


So I'm on a night shift. I'm pretty used to it by now. At nights I go out on runs, thinking nothing of it really. In a city, but not a busy one. Streets are pretty empty at nights. I always take the same path on my runs. I walk the beginning area though to get to my normal run spot. I always walk through this back alley behind some retail stores on a strip mall, it's dark but I'm used to it. So I never think much of it.

This particular night I'm walking and parked beside the building Is an large Chevy Tahoe and a few guys sitting around. Just smoking and talking and laughing. I'm an introverted person at heart so I avoid them just simply from that. Not really out of being afraid.

As I walk by I notice the 3 of them. The first guy "X" yells out at me.

X – "Hey man what's up? Want a beer man?"

Me – "No I'm fine, thank you though"

The second guy jumps in. "Y"

Y – "Come on man, we really don't mind. Come have a beer with us"

I hear X and the third guy "Z" laughing. Sort of snickering really. Now I just kind of feel like they are fucking with me. Making fun of me or something so I'm just kind of annoyed.

Me – "No I'm good."

X – "Wow man no need to be rude, we were only trying to be polite"

I just ignore them.

Z – "What an asshole" ( starts laughing)

I just keep walking the way I was ignoring them. I hear the Tahoe start up. Y and Z run up to me while X drives the car up next to me. Now I'm starting to get worried thinking I'm about to get mugged.

Y and Z catch up to me.

Me – "Look guys, I don't have anything of value on me but an ipod. If you want it you can have it"

Z – "Oh no dude, we just want to hang out. Don't know why you are being so mean to us" (laughing)

Me – "Come on seriously...."

X drives up next to us slowly and rolls the windows down.

X – "Hey man, why don't you come along with us? We are heading out to an awesome party, we'd love to have you come along."

Me – "Look, I've already tried to get away politely. I just want to be left alone and finish my run"

Z – "Hey man, we are good guys. If you'd just come hang out with us and get to know us you'd find that out"

Me – "look I'm sure you are great guys (sarcastically), but you are really just harassing me. I just want to mind my own business and go about my way"

Y – "Well now your business is our business.."

Y reaches out to touch me and I just punch him in the stomach and run.

Instantly Z runs after me. He catches me by the shirt and grips tight while dropping his weight to the ground. Dragging me down with him. I hear the car door slam shut. X is running over now and so is Y. I struggle with Z and get out of his grip but X just tackles me. Then Y catches up and Z is on top of me.

X – "Get the cuffs."

When I hear that my heart sinks. As X ran over he dropped 2 sets of hand cuffs and some duck tape on the ground. I try to yell but X and Y are holding me down. X is covering my mouth. Z cuffs my hands with both sets of hand cuffs. Then they uncover my mouth. I instantly yell but it's short lived. They tape my mouth shut.

Z starts laughing again. I hate those laughs, laughs of an asshole. Especially the laugh of an asshole getting his way.

X and Z grab me by my shoulders and pick me up. Y gets right in my face.

Y – "You little asshole, you are gonna regret punching me"

They drag me over to the Tahoe. I notice the hatch back of the Tahoe was never closed. I start to realize this was sort of planned. Thinking, why would these guys just be hanging out in a back alley. Probably just waiting for someone to come by. Then X driving over to me with the hatch back never being closed. They were planning on this.

As I'm brought over to the back the hoist me up and push me into the back and shut the door. The seats are down..... plenty of room.

Of course I'm not quite thinking of any of this at the time. I'm kinda freaked out. I honestly think they are going to kill me or something. I don't really consider any kind of sexual act. I hear Z laughing in the back ground.

X hops into the drivers seat. Y and Z hop into the back on either side of me. X starts driving.

Z – "those are some mighty short shorts you got there" (starts laughing again)

Y – "so you are a runner huh? Running around in those loose shorts..."

Now this is odd. Sounds very off to me. I'm still not connecting everything. I'm a straight guy, this situation has never occurred to me.

Y – "Have you found a spot yet?"

X – "Yeah , nobody ever comes here"

Z – "Wow this place is so dark" (pats me on the back and starts laughing)

The car comes to a stop. Then the keys leave the ignition. If it wasn't bad enough that he had a black Tahoe with what can only be described as illegally dark tinted windows. He parked in a secluded spot, so dark I couldn't even begin to make out what was outside the windows. This didn't feel very good. I was extremely nervous thinking they were gonna kill me.

X – "You can un-tape his mouth, nobody will hear him out here anyways"

Z untapes my mouth.

Me – "Look, please don't kill me. I didn't do anything wrong and I have roommates expecting me home"

X – "How old are you?"

Me – "21!"

Z – "Legal." (laughing)

X – "We aren't going to kill you. Just have some fun, you like to have fun right? When we are finished with our fun we will be dropping you off where we found you. Alive of course, I don't find the idea of jail time appealing."

Y- "Yeah there's gonna be a WHOLE LOT of DNA evidence left inside you so killing you would be a bad idea" (Z starts laughing again like an asshole of course)

Now my mind is really racing. What is he getting at exactly. It's starting to phase through my mind, but it's very hard for me to come to terms with this possibility so I simply don't accept it as a reality. If my mind was clear I'd know exactly what was happening. If I saw it in a movie happening to someone else I'd know immediately, but no. This is me. This can't be happening to me. So I just can not accept it.

I catch a whiff of something and next to me Z has his cock out in his hand. Just flopping it around, I know the smell because I have one. The smell of cock. I see X taking his pants off.

Me – "Wait a second, what is happening here"

Y has already gotten his pants off.

Y – "Wow you are pretty stupid. We all got our pants off and you don't what's next? Just open your mouth and say AHHH. We'll take it from there"

Z starts laughing and pulling my pants down. I start squirming

Me – "NO! you cant do this! PLEASE STOP!"

I feel Y's cock against my face. And X comes over and helps Z pull my running shorts off. X sort of holds me down. Keeping my mouth shut I Get a good glimpse of X and Y in front of me. X is black and it shows. His cock is massive. Realistically probably 10 inches. He looked like a real porn star and Y wasn't very far off. Y and Z were white but still pretty decent size. They all had big floppies. Y and Z were probably about 8 inches. What was very noticeable about Y is that he had very large balls. Low hangers and huge.

Y pushes his cock up against my mouth but I keep it shut.

Y – "you are going to be sucking this cock or so help me, we'll double penetrate your ass"

Z – (laughing) "He's gotta a real nice ass!"

My ass is pretty huge, always got compliments on it from girls. They liked it. Never really thought about how a guy might like it. This wasn't looking good.

Y kept pushing his cock against my mouth. X started to rub his massive cock on my face.

I felt the lube hit my ass cheeks. I clinched shut but Z started laughing and pushing his cock against my cheeks slipping his cock in and out of the cheeks easily because of the lube.

Z – "That's good, just keep your ass clinched that way it feels better when I cram it in"

X - "It's not gonna feel good for you though, I suggest you loosen up and you might wanna start sucking on these monsters because they are getting off one way or another. Whether it's your mouth or your ass. If you think you can handle a 10 incher then be my guest. Otherwise you might want to show this dick some attention"

I keep my mouth shut still. Z is about to put in.

Y – "Z, hold on a second. Let's flip him over. "

They all grab me and flip me over. Now im laying on my cuffed hands. I try to keep my legs closed. But X and Z grab my legs. They have MORE hand cuffs!

They hand cuff each leg to some bars on either side of the vehicle. Now my legs are cuffed in a position where im spread open. While im laying on my back. On top of my cuffed hands. Can't really get any worse.

Y gets up on my face and just plops his balls onto my face. His balls are bare. I can feel them. Hot and not quite sweaty but enough that they are sticky. So his bare balls just sort of stick to my face. I'm disgusted.

Y – "Well you gonna open your mouth?"

Z climbs up to my ass. I'm nervous trying to get ready, but Z just pushes it in. I hear him laughing. I let out a grunt of pain and Y pushes the tip of his cock into my mouth. I try to move my head. But I feel hands around my head. Y grabs my head and holds it firmly. As Y pushes his cock down into my face.

He holds firmly as he sinks his cock in. I can barely think, as this is happening Z has pushed into me deep and is already thrusting in and out. Luckily he's not as thick as X or Y, but it still hurts. I'm wincing in pain and trying to breathe.

Y – "You having a hard time breathing?" (still thrusting) "I've got a huge load I haven't released in a month. You are going to regret punching me. I'm gonna make you choke this load down"

I stare up in horror. Bare balls smacking against my face repeatedly. Finally Y slows down. Z is still going to town.

Y – "If you suck my dick I'll stop fucking the back of your throat and I might not even shoot in your mouth. Think you can handle that?"

I am freakin horrified. I don't even really know how to respond do that.

Y – "Here let me help you decide"

Y pushes his cock all the way down my throat. I didn't think that was even possible. I feel it fill the walls of my throat and my nose is buried into his bare balls. And he just holds it for a minute. Then he pulls all the way out. I gasp for air.

Y – "So can you suck this dick? Or do I need to fuck your mouth like that to get my load out? "

Me – "yyyyes"

Y – "Yes you'll suck my dick?"

Me – "yes...."

Y – "well why don't you start with X?, if he tells me the quality is good then I'll let you suck mine instead of fucking the rest of this load out."

X gets up to me. What a fucking monster. He just plops that meat sack onto my face. It's hot. Warm and sticky too.

Y backs off for a little bit. And Z pushes in deep letting out a huge grunt. I feel that he's blowing his load. I can barely think because now X is mounting over my face.

X – "Get these balls wet first"

X lowers his balls onto my lips. Hot sticky and bare too. I hate the smell, and I actually open my mouth and start licking and sucking. I can smell his ass. It's right in my face. These guys were obviously waiting outside for a little while. They are all hot and a little sweaty. Im completely disgusted. X pulls up and brings his enormous cock to my mouth.

X – "Now get this dick wet for me"

I start to suck.

X – "Oh yeah suck that fucking dick good boy."

I am sucking on his dick for a while finally.

Y – "Fuck man, I'm ready for my turn again. He should be sucking my dick anyways. Fucker owes me an apology."

X pulls out and Y steps up to the plate. Y's cock dangling above me

Y – "You know what to do"

Broken. I open my mouth. Not happily, but I know my fate. There is no escaping it, at best I might be able to avoid having to taste the massive load in those inhumanly huge balls of his.

Y – "Oh.... Oh fuck yeah. That's fucking good. Suck that fucking dick. "

X crawls around over to my ass. I don't really think about it at first. Then I feel his hands on my legs. I know Z is done. Z is just kind of there. Making sure I can't really stop anything from happening or squirm too much. Which is a little bit of overkill if you ask me. The realization that X is near my ass with that monster cock though is a bit much to handle. I kinda freak out I little making noise.

Y – "Oh yeah keep yelling, that shit feels awesome on my cock"

I try squirming. Y grabs my head again, very firmly.

Y – "Don't forget you have a fucking dick to suck!"

X – " I forgot to mention I only get off from fucking, but thanks for getting my dick wet"

My eyes widen, there's no way this is happening. It cannot happen!

I feel the head of X's dick press up against my hole. Meanwhile listening to Y grunt like an asshole.

Y – "Oh fuck yeah, FUCK YES"

I try to tense up to get ready.

Y – "So that's how it is? You are gonna just stop sucking? I fucking told you what would happen. If I'm doing all the work then you are swallowing this load"

I try to start sucking. Then I feel it. X pushes his cock in me a little. My eyes widen and I let out a groan of pain. And to make matters worse....

Y – "Oh fuck yeah I feel it coming"

Z starts laughing. I feel it. It's huge, the load is massive and I know it because I can feel Y's cock bubbling against my mouth. Y grabs ahold of my head. I'm thinking. Oh no not this again! And I try to move my head away. But he sinks it down pretty deep to keep me from getting his cock out and starts doing short thrusts to fuck his load out.

I start choking on his cock and X is just pushing in deeper and deeper. Y was thrusting kind of fast but it's starting to slow down. I notice Y's legs trembling a little bit.


Y grunts so hard he's practically growling, I feel the surge. Just go into my mouth. I start choking on it. My mouth is over flowing with cum and it's still pumping out of his cock. As he's cumming X is thrusting in and out really fucking me. Im in total ass pain and up top my faces is covered in cum. Y starts doing short thrusts again still squeezing jolts of his load out. There was cum down my throat all in my mouth, all over my face. It was disgusting and I couldn't just spit the taste out because Y wouldn't stop fucking my mouth.

Y – "How's that cum taste fucker? Get used to it cuz I'm just getting ready for another round. Your mouth is mine"

Y keeps fucking and his cock just went from blowing a load. To slightly soft. To rock fucking hard again. X is just going to town.

Then I hear Z

Z – "Guys, this Viagra was a great idea. Are dicks are gonna be raw by morning time."

Z starts laughing. That's all I can hear anymore. Z laughing, this isn't over. It's not even close. This is just their first round, I have quite a few hours left till morning time. I just loose track of everything. This cannot be stopped. I'm not going anywhere. They won, I lost. I accepted it. I sucked and was fucked. I never did like one bit of it, but I had to make it through this dick beat down marathon. At least actively sucking them would relieve some pain. I definitely didn't like the feeling of a cock slamming into the back of my throat so that was it. My only relief in all of this was to suck their cocks to avoid them fucking my tonsils. I was still gonna be fucked repeatedly. I was till going to taste cum all night long a taste I didn't imagine would go away soon. I was still going to have the smell and site of their nether regions burned into my nostrils and mind for quite a long time.

I was defeated.

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