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Wrong Room!


I was a virgin when we married, and Mike was a wonderful, caring lover. He taught me how to make love, and we had been married for a year. He told me he want to do something special for our first wedding anniversary, and so I opened the envelope excitedly as I sat at my office desk.

It read.

Darling Helen,

You are my world, and I love you more than anything. To celebrate our first wedding anniversary, I wan to make tomorrow night the most erotic night of your life. I want to pleasure you in ways you never thought possible. When you leave work tonight, please go shopping and buy yourself some sexy lingerie and some high heels. I know you do not normally wear this kind of clothing, but it will be an important part of our evening together.

At seven p.m. tomorrow night you are to be wearing your new lingerie, and put on a long overcoat over the top. Then, a taxi will arrive to collect you right on seven, and you will be delivered to a hotel where I will be waiting. You are to enter the hotel, and proceed to room 142, where you will knock on the door. I will be in the room ready for you, my love. You are to also blindfold yourself and enter the room when the door is opened, completely blindfolded.

Once inside the room, you are to do EVERYTHING YOU ARE ASKED, WITHOUT QUESTION. You are my wife, and I need you to trust me in this.

If you agree to my proposal of the most erotic night of our lives together, send me a text message saying only 'Yes'. Upon receipt of this text message, I will not be coming hope tonight, but will stay at the hotel tonight, getting things ready for you to arrive tomorrow night!

I love you and am sitting here with my phone in my hand waiting for your response.....

Love, Mike

I bit my lip as I imagined climbing into a taxi in lingerie and a long coat! I imagined arriving at the hotel , walking into the elevator and heading up to room 143. I imagined standing there, blindfolded in my heels and coat and lingerie, waiting for him to let me in and make love to me. I imagined, no, I was unable to imagine what he might do to me to make the night the most erotic of my life.

I sent the text. "Yes".

The next night I was dressed and ready when the taxi arrived, and I noticed the driver leering at my heels and overcoat. He must have been trying to see what I was wearing under the coat, because he kept adjusting the mirror on the way to the hotel. He was creepy, and I kept pulling my coat tighter to make sure my lingerie was not peeping through at any point.

When we arrived, I was totally nervous, and the walk in the main entrance, wearing lingerie underneath, made me flushed and blush in the face. I had never done anything so sexy, and I was sure people in the foyer were looking at me like I was some kind of call girl or something.

As I stepped into the elevator, I felt for the blindfold in my pocket, and bit my lip nervously. The bright red lipstick tasted like strawberries. I usually wore very little makeup, but given Mike was doing everything else, I figured I might surprise him a little by putting on a lot more makeup than usual. His words were ringing in my brain as the elevator reached the 14th floor and I stepped out.

"Once inside the room, you are to do EVERYTHING YOU ARE ASKED, WITHOUT QUESTION. You are my wife, and I need you to trust me in this."

I had left the note at home, but I remembered the details and was totally excited. I approached room 143 and reached into my pocket for the blindfold. Looking left and right, feeling very nervous that someone might see me standing there wearing heels, a coat and a blindfold, I quickly put it on and then knocked at the door, my knees like jelly.

As I stood outside room 143, I heard music and it seemed like a number of people inside the room, which confused me, but Mike's words were clear.

The door opened.

"Whoooooaa! Come on in baby! We've been expecting you."

The voice was unfamiliar, but when he took me by the hand and lead me inside, I figured Mike must have been one of the other voices in the room.

Once inside, the man spoke to me again, shouting in my ear so he could be heard over the loud music.

"We're ready when you are, honey. Just do your thing and the boys and I will join in whenever you feel ready."

I was confused.

What did he mean?

Where was Mike?

What was I expected to do?

"Dance, baby, dance!" said a voice nearby.

I turned my blindfolded head in an attempt to try and hear if it was Mike. His words in the letter echoed in my confused head.

Once inside the room, you are to do EVERYTHING YOU ARE ASKED, WITHOUT QUESTION. You are my wife, and I need you to trust me in this.

I began to dance, still wearing my long coat and blindfold. Nervously at first, I soon heard some cheering and yelling, and the men in the room were making me feel relaxed saying nice things about me.

I became hot as I danced, and so I removed the coat, and that caused all sorts of wolf-whistling and cheering from I don't know how many men in the room.

Still unable to see, I kept moving and began to get a little excited by the thoughts running through my head. I had never done anything like this before. Here I was, blindfolded, wearing high heels and lingerie, dancing and being watched by some men, and presumably Mike!

I imagined him watching me dance, and despite the fact strangers were in the room with me, I wondered what he was thinking. I wondered if this public display was exciting my husband. I have no idea why or how, but it was exciting me, and for the first time in my life, I was enjoying knowing that men were enjoying watching my body move to music. I felt alive and very turned on.

As I thought about Mike's clear instructions to do everything I was asked, without question, a person approached me from behind and took hold of my body. I flinched at first, but he smelled good, and I relaxed a little when he pressed his body into me as we began to move together in front of the others.

A loud cheer went up when the man reached around and squeezed my breasts. I was shocked! Mike was the only man to ever touch me there, and although I had no idea why he was letting this person touch me this way, I was strangely aroused by the contact. I pictured my Mike sitting in a chair somewhere in the room watching, and I suddenly realised he must like this. He must have wanted me to let this man touch me this way, and let these other men watch me dance this way. I didn't understand why, but the thought of it made me very excited, and I started to press my buttocks backwards to wards the man holding me as we danced.

In room 142, a concerned Mike looked at this watch again. 7.15pm. She was late. And what was that bloody noise coming from the room next door?

In room 143 I kept dancing with the man as the music was turned up and the heavy beat started to get to me. Still blindfolded, another person joined us dancing, and I felt his face very near mine, his aftershave getting in my nostrils. It was a lovely smell, and the combination of the closeness of the two men, the music, the costume I was wearing, and the thought of Mike watching me helped me overcome my initial shyness.

Leaning forward as my instincts took over, I kissed the man in front of me, and again a huge cheer went up. This time though, the dancing stopped and my body was taken hold by I have no idea how many hands and men. It was incredibly sexy but also scarey as I was touched, my bottom pinched, and my lingerie started to be removed.

Still blindfolded, I started to protest as I felt a mouth on my breast, sucking on my nipple, making it all hard and aroused. Then I remembered Mike's instructions, and I simply lay my head back and decided to enjoy the treatment the men were giving me.

Soon I was completely naked apart from my heels, and I was carried into what was obviously a bedroom. Laid down on a huge mattress, my blindfold was finally removed, and I blinked a few times, trying to find my beloved Mike. I could not. There were seven men in the room with me, and all were playing with their penises, some naked, others dressed as they began to play with my body once more.

Where was Mike? I was totally confused still, but understood that he loved me and that he had planned this whole thing. I figured he must have been watching from somewhere, on a camera or something, and so I decided to do as I was told, and do everything the men asked me. I decided to make Mike totally turned on by watching me if that was his desire.

In room 142, Mike rang the taxi company, to discover that Helen was in fact picked up, and she was in fact delivered as requested to the hotel.

On the bed I allowed a stranger to lick my pussy for the first time ever apart from my husband, Mike. It felt very good, and I started to have an orgasm when the man to my left leant forward and started to suck my nipples at the same time. It was too much for me, and I squealed loudly in climax as the two men made love to me with their mouths. The orgasm made all the men cheer loudly once more, and as I started to come down from such a climax, a new man climbed on the bed ad offered his penis for me to put in my mouth. I was so excited knowing Mike was watching that I took him in my mouth straight away and started to slobber and suck the second penis ever to cross my lips.

In room 142 a now very concerned Mike heard a squeal from the room next door. He banged on the wall.

"Keep it down in there will you?"

He was angry now and walked out of he room, ignoring the noise and music coming from room 14 a headed for the elevator. He went down to the lobby and asked the concierge if he had seen a woman dressed in a long coat and heels with blonde hair.

"Yes, sir. She arrived at seven and went straight up. I have no idea what room she went to, but let me assure you sir, we frown upon that sort of activity here at the Ritz."

Realizing the man thought Helen was a hooker, Mike turned and headed back upstairs to his room.

As he left the elevator on room 14, he heard another loud scream from the room next to his. This time the sound made him concerned, as it sounded lie a woman in trouble. Raising his courage, he knocked on room 143, but there was no answer. The music was very loud, and he could hear al sorts of cheering and laughter coming from inside.

He knocked again, this time louder.

The door opened, and a man stood there in underpants and socks.

"Hey bro, some on in" said the man, before sculling from a beer can in his hand.

Confused, but wanting to make sure there was nothing sinister happening in the room, Mike walked in. There seemed to be something happening in one of the two bedrooms, and so Mike tentatively walked towards the door to get a better look. As he entered the doorway, he froze.

On the bed, dressed in only heels, was a blonde woman. She was on her hands and knees, as a fat man fucked her from behind, and a younger, thinner man pushed his cock into her mouth from the front. She was being spit-roasted, and she was enjoying it. Other men were touching her all over, and Mike could see fingers in her arse, squeezing her tits and pinching and slapping her bottom.

As the man behind her came, he pulled out and splattered his cum all over her back. He was quickly replaced by another man with a very large cock, and in no time at all, the woman started to cum. She moaned at first, which made the man in her mouth start to groan too. Then, as the man with the large cock jammed it in even further, and the man in her mouth started to cum in her throat, the woman began to cum as the other men teased and played with her body like a toy.

She swallowed what she could, and then screamed and shook her head like a rag doll as her body was wracked with the orgasm. Her boobs shook in the hands of the men squeezing them, and suddenly all the men started to pull their cocks and cover the climaxing woman with cum. She was drenched, completely soaked with cum all over her back, arse and hair as the men juiced all over her.

Once they had all finished, the men stepped back, and Mike, now totally erect, stepped on to the bed. Slowly, as the woman lay writhing in cum on her stomach, Mike pushed forward and stuck his cock in her arse. The woman leapt forward, but she was trapped as the other men held her in place, until Mike's cock was embedded deeply in her tight virgin arse.

"Happy anniversary, baby," he said as he pumped his dick into her arse, until he too dumped a huge load of cum into her bowels........

And in room 142, all was quiet.

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