tagIncest/TabooWrong Room Ch. 02

Wrong Room Ch. 02


After some prodding from some fans I've decided to go ahead and release chapter 2. Currently I'm hard at work on the final chapter. As always thanks for all the kind words.

The next morning Ryan awoke with a huge grin on his face. He'd managed to sleep with his own mother without her knowing it had happened. He laid there for a while just reflecting on the past night's outcome. Eventually, Ryan came to a couple of realizations. First, he had to fuck his mother again. Second, thanks to her propensity for drinking too much, he had a real chance to get his mom between the sheets at least once more. As he laid there with his arms above his head Ryan began to try and think about just how to proceed.

"I just can't believe it. I fucked her. I fucked the shit outta her." Ryan smiled.

In the next room Amanda was coming to herself. Like her son she also smiled widely. As she stretched Amanda felt a slight soreness between her legs. Last night was the best sex she'd had in a very long while. Amanda glanced over at her husband Don who was still dead to the world.

"Hmmm...that's odd." Amanda thought noticing that Don still had his shirt and underwear on.

She could've sworn that last night her husband was naked after they'd had sex. After a few minutes Amanda chalked up her foggy memory to the insane amount of alcohol she drank last night. Soon Amanda was up and showering the night's funk away. Looking forward to a day with her family, Amanda sang softly to herself as she washed. Amanda was very satisfied with her vacation so far. The young stud at the pool, the night out dancing, and some seriously good sex topped off a wonderful day.

Don finally came too and was thankful that he'd made it to his own bed. He was a bit surprised that he still had on all his clothes but his pants were around his ankles. He was still scratching his head when his wife came out of the shower with a nothing but a towel wrapped around her hair.

"Good morning stud." Amanda said kissing her husband on the forehead.

"Morning." Don mumbled.

"Hey I was thinking that you and I could spend the morning sightseeing with Ryan and then you and I could have a romantic dinner later tonight. What do you think?" Amanda asked as she put on her panties.

"Yeah, I guess so, we'll see." Don answered.

Amanda was surprised by her husband's sudden lack of interest in her. Last night was the hottest they've been for each other in years and now he wasn't giving her a second look.

"Maybe he's just hung over." Amanda thought.

"I'm going to get some ice from the machine, I'll be right back." Don said getting up.

Amanda went back into the bathroom to dry her hair and put on her makeup. As she dried her hair she didn't hear the door to her room opening. Only when the thud of the door closing grabbed her attention did she say anything.

"Hey honey, let's go to a magic show today. I've always thought that would be fun." She called out.

Unbeknownst to her that her husband was still in the process of finding some ice. The machine on their floor was out of order so he had to go downstairs. Ryan had showered off and was curious as to what his parents were going to do today. Before Ryan could let his mother know that it was him and not his father, Amanda walked out of the bathroom in nothing but her panties.

"Well what do you....." Amanda stopped mid sentence as she saw her wide eyed son standing before her.

Even though it was only about two seconds Ryan did his best to memorize his mother's naked form. She was standing there with her arms above her head brushing her hair. Her breasts were hanging freely and the only bit of clothing she had on was a pair of bright yellow panties. Knowing he had to do something fast or risk getting screamed at Ryan thought fast.

"WHOA MOM, SORRY!" Ryan yelled covering his eyes reluctantly.

Amanda wasn't mad; it appeared to be an honest mistake. Besides so far no harm was done and her husband wasn't even in the room.

"It's okay Ryan." Amanda said grabbing a towel off the bed.

"Next time you should probably knock though." Amanda smiled.

"I did." Ryan lied as he uncovered his eyes.

"Oh......well no harm no foul, but you'd better leave before your father comes back. It would be...awkward." Amanda said.

"Ok mom, I'll come back in just a bit." Ryan replied as he closed the door on his way out.

"Damn, what a way to start the day." Ryan thought to himself.

After about fifteen minutes Don made it back with some ice. Amanda didn't know what was up with her husband but he wasn't paying her any attention at all. She had put on a little sundress and was nonchalantly posing on the bed when Don came into the room. He didn't even glance in her direction.

"I'm gonna rinse off." Don mumbled.

Amanda pouted for a few minutes then got up to look out the window. Below her she could see all the people swimming in the pool. After a while Amanda spotted someone familiar. The young guy, Chris, from yesterday was lounging by the side of the pool. Amanda stared at Chris for a while before realizing that she was smiling and rubbing her shoulders gently.

"I bet he'd pay attention to me." Amanda thought as she stared at Chris.

Amanda's daydream came to an end when she heard the shower cut off. Don spent the next couple minutes drying off and getting dressed. The shower had done wonders and he felt a lot better. Today he was going to see what kind of poker joints Vegas had to offer. After he got dressed he finally made eye contact with his wife.

"Hey, I was thinking I'd..." Don began but was interrupted.

"Spend the day with your family." Amanda said sarcastically.

Don knew his wife was slightly perturbed at him so he chose his words wisely. He knew he could check out the poker tables later. If he had to do a little time and walk around Vegas with his wife and son to keep things smooth so be it.

"That's exactly what I was thinking." Don smiled.

"Smart man." Amanda smiled back.

After calling to let Ryan know what was going on the family met downstairs for some breakfast. They chatted and tried to decide what to do for the day. They all agreed to see some of the local sights and if the opportunity presented itself attend Amanda's magic show.

Throughout the day they passed lots of casinos and gaudily decorated establishments, just the usual Vegas attractions. Ryan used every opportunity to stare intently at his mother's ass as they walked. After a quick lunch and a magic show the group was making their way back to the hotel when they passed a casino that was hosting a weeklong poker tournament. Don was instantly curious.

"Hey, let's check this out for a second." Don said.

Reluctantly Amanda and Ryan followed Don into the casino. Ryan noticed the twinkle in his dad's eyes and began to see that this might just be what he needed to keep his dad busy.

"Bingo!" Ryan said as he spotted a sign that said: All Night Poker Tournament.

Ryan talked to a man sitting by the sign and it turns out that for $65 he could set his dad up in the tournament for the rest of the week. Ryan paid the entrance fee and put the ticket into his wallet with visions of his mother running through his mind.

A few minutes turned into a couple of hours and Amanda and her son were becoming bored. Ryan had noticed a strip club a few blocks back and was interested to say the least.

"Hey mom, I think I'm gonna blow this Popsicle stand." Ryan smiled.

"I don't blame you, I won't last much longer either." Amanda replied.

"I'll catch up to you guys later." Ryan said as he headed for the door.

Amanda waved and went to try and drag her husband out. After a few minutes it became abundantly clear that Don was mesmerized and wouldn't be leaving anytime soon.

"But what am I supposed to do while you're standing here with your tongue hanging out?" Amanda asked with her arms on her hips.

"Baby this is Las Vegas! You can ..."

"I know, I know. I can do anything I want to." Amanda interrupted.

"Uh huh......sure......sure." Don replied staring back at the craps table.

Frustrated Amanda went back to the hotel and flipped through the channels on the television. After a while Amanda walked into the bathroom to do a quick touch up on her hair and makeup. As she messed with her hair Amanda glanced down at the little folded piece of paper lying on the corner of the cabinet. As she unfolded the paper Amanda smiled. It was that good looking boy's number. Amanda thought back to yesterday and the young man rubbing lotion her back. A warm fuzzy feeling enveloped her body and Amanda wondered if the young man was still by the pool. Like a giddy schoolgirl Amanda skipped over to the window.

"Hey there." Amanda whispered as she noticed her young admirer still lounging by the pool.

Amanda felt slightly guilty about wanting to go down to the pool; she was a married woman and had no business flirting with the young man. But on the other hand, her husband wasn't around and he didn't seem to be too interested in what she was doing anyway. Besides, it's only flirting she told herself. Amanda slipped off her dress and searched through her luggage for a swimsuit. She pulled out a black string bikini that she'd bought before the trip. She'd planned on showing Don first, but if all he wanted to see were cards then so be it. After tying the top together Amanda looked herself over in the mirror. The reflection that stared back at her was sure to grab the young man's attention.

"Just right, only slightly slutty." Amanda laughed putting on her sunglasses.

Ryan was just leaving the strip club. He was trying to decide how to go about getting his mother alone again tonight. He decided to make a pit stop by the casino his dad was at to tell him to enjoy himself and that he'd take care of his mom for the night. Then maybe he could take her out dancing and get her sloshed again. After searching for a few minutes Ryan found his dad at the craps table. He was grinning widely and from the size of the stack of chips in front of him Ryan could tell why.

"Hey dad, looks like you're doing pretty good." Ryan said.

"You bet kiddo. I'm on a hell of a streak." Don replied.

"Hey I got something for you I think you'll enjoy." Ryan smiled.

"Hold on just one sec son." Don said as he gathered his chips.

Don piled all of his chips into two chip holders and walked with his son.

"So what's this about?" Don asked.

"Well dad, I thought you might get a kick out of this." Ryan said handing his dad the admission ticket for the tournament.

Don looked the ticket over and smiled broadly. He'd always wanted to try tournament poker.

"Ryan, that's a damn fine present." Don smiled.

"I would love to but I don't think your mom would like sitting here with me all night." Don said.

"Don't worry about dad, I'll take care of mom for tonight and you can have some fun." Ryan said.

"But I'm supposed to take her out to dinner tonight. I don't think she'd like me standing her up." Don said.

"Don't worry about it dad, I said I'd take care of it." Chris replied.

Don rubbed his chin for a second and then put his hand on his son's shoulder.

"Ryan that might be the best idea you've ever had." Don smiled.

"Just remember if you keep winning, I like Corvettes." Ryan joked.

"What color?" Don replied jokingly.

"Surprise me, I'll see you tomorrow dad." Ryan said.

Back at the hotel Chris was soaking up some rays when a shadow covered him. With his eyes closed Chris at first thought it was a cloud but after a few seconds he cracked open his eyes slightly.

"I hope I'm not interrupting." Amanda said standing there in her black bikini with her hands on her hips.

Chris sat up so fast he got dizzy headed. With his mouth slightly open he stared intently at the beautiful woman in front of him. Amanda blushed because of the look Chris was giving her.

"You can interrupt me anytime you want." Chris finally said.

Amanda sat down on the chair next to Christ and stretched out. The two made small talk while Amanda put lotion on her arms and stomach.

"That Vegas sun doesn't mess around. It's gotta be 120 degrees out here." Amanda said.

"It got a lot hotter when you came out here." Chris smiled.

"How long did you rehearse that one?" Amanda laughed.

"All morning. Hey, I could use a drink, how about you?" Chris asked.

"Sounds good." Amanda smiled.

Chris returned with two Crown and Cokes and the two talked for a while. Amanda was really starting loosen up, they talked liked they'd known each other for years. Besides, all she could think about was how good it felt the other day when the young man was rubbing lotion onto her back. The only problem was that Amanda knew where this train of thought was leading her. She was going to ask Chris to put some lotion on her back, and if she did, she'd be the one opening the door for something she'd have a hard time controlling. After putting lotion on her legs Amanda handed Chris the bottle and smiled.

"You mind?" Amanda said as she turned over onto her stomach.

"No problem at all." Chris replied.

Amanda figured there was no reason to be shy, besides, with the Crown in her system she was really starting to relax. She just wanted to lie in the sun and enjoy herself. What better way was there than to have this young stud rub lotion all over her.

Chris was so horny he almost couldn't control himself. He thanked his lucky stars that he'd decided to come back to the pool today. He gently rubbed the lotion into Amanda's shoulders and began to work his way down her back. Deciding to be daring Chris untied Amanda's top without warning. Before she could react he continued rubbing the lotion into her skin.

"You'd better be careful back there." Amanda said as she smiled at the young man's cockiness.

"Just don't want you to burn." Chris smiled.

Amanda was almost asleep she was so comfortable. It was warm, she felt wonderful, and as Chris' hands slid over her body she didn't think it could get any better. Her eyes opened a little wider as Chris' hands began to slide down to her sides. Amanda softly gasped as Chris' fingers rubbed along the outer swells of her breasts.

"Oh man..." Chris thought to himself as his fingers slide along the edge of Amanda's tits.

Amanda debated stopping him but she decided against it. He wasn't being overly inappropriate and he eventually moved on. However, it wasn't before she began to feel a tingle between her legs. Chris continued his gentle assault and worked his way down to Amanda's lower back.

"Umm........." Amanda moaned as Chris began massaging the lotion into the small of her back.

Chris remembered form yesterday that she loved having the small of her back rubbed. He was more than happy to comply. After a few minutes, slowly but surely, Chris began to run his fingers under Amanda's bikini bottom ever so slightly. At first Amanda didn't think too much about it but as time went on she could feel Chris' fingers going ever lower.

Chris was breathing very fast by now. He knew he was treading on dangerous ground but he couldn't resist. Eventually he felt his middle finger slip in between Amanda's cheeks. Chris barely moved. He was waiting to see if she would react and stop him like the day before.

"Damn." Amanda thought.

She knew she should stop Chris but it felt soooo good. Glancing over the top of her sunglasses she surveyed the scene. No one seemed to be paying them any attention. Amanda smiled and decided to be naughty and let Chris have his fun, as long as he didn't go too far.

Chris was surprised that Amanda didn't seem to care where his hands were. He took a deep breath and began to run his hands farther under Amanda's bottoms. Before long he was rubbing lotion all over Amanda's ass. Ever so gently Chris squeezed the firm globes of flesh. Becoming even more mesmerized Chris slightly pulled Amanda's cheeks apart and firmly squeezed her ass.

"Ohhhhhhh........my god." Amanda moaned as she bit her bottom lip.

She knew she had to do something but she didn't want to scare the boy off.

"Hey babe, I could use a refill." Amanda quietly said.

"Oh... um... sure. I guess I could use one myself." Chris said.

Reluctantly Chris removed his hands from Amanda's ass and he grabbed their glasses and made his way over to the bar. About this time Ryan was coming back to the hotel. He noticed Chris at the bar and decided to say hello.

"Hey man, what's going on today?" Ryan said.

"Oh man you won't fucking believe this. That hot ass chick from yesterday came back." Chris smiled widely.

Ryan quickly surveyed the poolside and finally found his mother. She was lying on her stomach and couldn't see him without turning over. At first he was a little surprised that his mother would come back down to the pool and seek out Chris.

"Really? Man that's gotta make your day." Ryan said.

"Man if you'd gotten here just a few minutes ago you'd have seen me with a handful of that ass." Chris bragged.

Ryan couldn't believe what he was hearing at first. But his mom wasn't one to be very shy and with his dad not around she seemed a little flirtier than usual. Quickly Ryan's scheming brain kicked in and he began to realize that if he could get Chris to get his mom all worked up maybe that would work to his advantage. If he could get Chris to take her out to dinner that night and get her all excited and then wasted she would fall right into his hands. He didn't think his mom wouldn't ever cheat on his dad so he decided to go forward with his plan.

"Damn man, that's sweet. I bet if you keep working your magic you could get her to go out with you tonight." Ryan said.

"Really? I was kinda planning to try something like that. I just hope she doesn't blow me off." Chris replied.

"Just give it a shot man. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Just work her a bit more then spring the question." Ryan said.

"Yeah, I'm gonna give it a shot." Chris said taking a drink.

"Good luck man. I'm gonna grab me a drink then head up to my room." Ryan said.

Chris grabbed the drinks and made his way back over to where Amanda was laying.

"Now where was I?" Chris said putting some lotion into his hands.

Amanda downed about half of her drink and lied her head back down.

"I don't think my butt will burn anytime soon." Amanda laughed.

Chris smiled at her comment and began to rub the lotion onto her legs. He started on Amanda's feet first. The sensation caused her to giggle slightly. She was ticklish after all. Chris continued gently rubbing her feet. Eventually Amanda got used to it and began to really relax. Soon Chris was working his way up to her calves. Amanda inhaled sharply once he reached the back of her knees. It was one of her most sensitive spots. Chris knew he had her where he wanted her so he began to firmly massage the back of Amanda's thighs. Before long his thumbs where gently pulling the cheeks of her ass apart.

"Ohhh........." Amanda moaned.

Chris did his best to get a view of Amanda's pussy but he had to be very careful not to be too overt.

Amanda was getting really turned on. She could feel her pussy getting wet as her toes curled uncontrollably. She knew she had to stop the young man but she really didn't want to. After a few more seconds Chris felt Amanda's ass tense and he knew he'd gone a bit too far. Before she could say anything to ruin the mood Chris decided to spring the question.

"Hey, what do you think about dinner with me later tonight?" Chris smiled.

Over at the bar Ryan noticed that Chris wasn't rubbing lotion onto his mother anymore. They appeared to be talking. He knew that his mom was going to turn Chris down because she thought she was going to dinner with her husband. Quickly Ryan pulled out his cell phone and called his mother.

Amanda blushed slightly at the young man's offer. She really like Chris but she was married and she knew that just by flirting with him she was on thin ice. She decided to be very sweet in turning him down. Besides, she might spend a little more time with him later in the week.

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