Wrong Room Ch. 03


"What do you say we get outta here and go someplace for some food." Chris said.

Amanda stared at the young man who she'd just cheated with and knew that her naughty adventure had to come to an end. She'd had her taste of cheating and as great a fuck as Chris was she was still committed to her husband. Hopefully after today she could put all this behind her.

"Chris there's something I need to tell you. You see...I'm married." Amanda said softly.

"Oh......wow." Chris said as his heart sank.

"Please don't look like that. I had a great time with you...a really great time." Amanda said as she slid her panties back on.

"So this is it I guess..." Chris said pulling his pants up.

"Yeah...but look...thank you again sweetie. You don't know how much I enjoyed you keeping me company." Amanda said.

With that Amanda kissed Chris on the lips and walked out of the dressing room. She winked at the clerk behind the counter after paying for Chris' outfit. On the walk back Amanda thought about all the crazy things that had happened to her over the last few days. She did things she didn't believe she was capable of and she learned a little about herself. She did, however, think she would be very happy to be back home.

At the casino Don was just getting warmed up. He'd already advanced to the semifinals and if he'd counted correctly he was nearing forty thousand dollars in winnings. The next round was gonna be tough though, but with lady luck on his side so far, he was surprisingly calm.

Ryan was back in his hotel room surfing the net on his new laptop when his brain finally disengaged from the trance that new electronics bring. His mind began to race. He knew this was his last night in Vegas and maybe is last chance to have his way with his mother. This was probably the last time he'd be able to slide his cock into his mother's tight pussy, and if it was, he was going to enjoy himself.

Moments later Ryan heard his parent's room door slam shut. Knowing his dad was playing poker he knew it had to be his mom. Amanda put all the stuff she'd bought on the floor and fell across the bed. She was still feeling great after Chris had ravaged her but she still had plenty of energy to spare. She didn't have long to herself before there was a knock on her door.

"Who is it?" Amanda asked.

"It's me mom." Ryan replied.

"You can come in." Amanda said.

Ryan opened the door and walked into the room. He tried hard not to stare at his mother's legs as she lay on the bed.

"I was wondering what you had planned for tonight since dad's kinda busy?" Ryan asked.

"Hmmm...I don't know. But I don't want to spend the last night in Vegas in my hotel room." Amanda said.

"How about I take you out dancing?" Ryan asked knowing his mom would have a hard time saying no.

"Sounds like a plan honey, gimme an hour to get ready." Amanda said.

"Sure thing." Ryan said as he went to get ready himself.

Amanda eventually got up and took another shower. She was looking forward to loosing herself on the dance floor one last time in Vegas. Ryan got ready pretty quickly and waited a bit before knocking on his mom's door. When it finally opened he was speechless for a moment. His mother stood before him in the same tight little red dress that had started his infatuation with her all those weeks ago.

"Is something wrong?" Amanda asked.

"Uh...ummm...no not at all." Ryan replied.

As they walked to the lobby Ryan's eyes stayed glued to his mother's ass as she walked. He thought it was kinda cruel that they even made mothers that looked like his. After calling a cab it didn't take long for them to get to their destination. Ryan took his mother directly to the bar and ordered her the first of many drinks. Tonight his plan was simple. Just let her dance and drink until she's about to pass out. Then take her back to the hotel and fuck her to death.

As the night wore on Ryan made small talk with a couple of different girls all the while keeping his eyes on his mother as she danced the night away. Although he was preoccupied with his mother, Ryan began to drink a few himself, and before long he was pretty buzzed. He knew he had to be careful and not get too wasted or tonight would be a total waist. After about three hours Amanda was covered in sweat when she made it back to the bar for another drink. Ryan stared for a moment at a trickle of sweat as it made its way down between Amanda's tits.

"You want another?" Ryan asked.

"You bet babe." Amanda slurred.

Ryan knew she was about where he wanted her as he ordered another drink. Amanda finished it in a couple gulps and stumbled back out onto the dance floor.

"Any minute now." Ryan smiled.

About thirty minutes later Amanda stumbled back to the bar and had some trouble getting back onto the stool.

"You ready to go?" Ryan asked.

"I guess so.... But I tink I need nother dink." Amanda barely managed to get out.

Ryan happily obliged and then helped his helpless mother back into the cab. Once back at the hotel Ryan took his mother to her room and laid her down on her bed. He slipped her shoes off and turned off the light before going to his room for a bit. He knew he had to wait but it was killing him to know that his mother was dead to the world right across the hall.

After the longest hour of his life Ryan made his way back across the hall. He quietly opened the door and walked inside. The room was nice and dark as he made his way over the bed. He took his time taking his clothes off before sitting down. He was still a bit drunk but Ryan was as ready as ever. Amanda didn't move a muscle so Ryan decided to start without her. He reached over in the darkness until he found what he wanted. Slowly Ryan pulled up his mother's dress until it was around her waist. He began to kiss her stomach as he gently pushed her panties down her legs.

"Oh fuck yeah." Ryan said as he slowly spread his mother's legs.

Ryan used one hand to spread Amanda's pussy lips. Hungrily, he dived in tongue first. He bathed his mother's pussy with his mouth taking great care to enjoy himself. Ryan was amazed at how good his mother's pussy tasted.

"I could do this forever." He thought.

Amanda slowly started to stir and at first didn't know where she was or what was going on. But that quickly changed. Amanda arched her back and groaned in pleasure as her mind registered the sensations that her pussy was sending it.

"Oh baby....god that feels wonderful." Amanda moaned thinking her husband had made it back.

Ryan knew she'd wake up eventually but he wasn't quite done with her pussy yet. He began to drive his tongue deeper into Amanda's hot pussy while he rubbed her clit with his thumb. Amanda's hips began to move up and down as Ryan's tongue continued dealing out pleasure.

"Ummmmm........." Ryan moaned as his mother wrapped her legs around his head.

"Fuck.....c'mon baby deeper!" Amanda moaned as she neared climax.

Ryan stuck his tongue as deep as he could into his mother pussy and began rubbing her clit as fast as he could. Amanda's breathing was bordering on hyperventilating as she grabbed the back of her son's head.

"OH FUCKKKKK!!!" Amanda moaned as she came.

Ryan sucked his mother's clit as hard as he could as she came. Amanda's pelvis bucked wildly but her son's mouth matched every move. Eventually Amanda began to calm down and Ryan freed his head from the grip of his mother's thighs.

"God baby, you're unbelievable." Amanda moaned.

Ryan crawled up onto his mother and kissed her deeply as his rock hard cock hovered inches from her pussy. Amanda felt what she thought was her husband's cock bump her pussy lips. She reached down between her legs and spread her pussy wide. With the other hand she grabbed her son's cock.

"Ohhhh........" Ryan moaned.

Amanda guided the hard cock to her pussy and then closed her eyes as it entered her. Ryan plunged his entire cock into his mother. For a moment he laid there on top of her relishing the feeling. He could feel his mother's pussy squeezing is cock. Slowly he began fucking his mother.

"Goddamn baby." Amanda moaned as her own son's cock went deep inside her.

Ryan steadily began fucking his mother faster and faster. Before long the room was filled with the sound of flesh loudly slapping flesh. Ryan greedily groped one of his mother's tits through her dress as he kissed her. Amanda grabbed her son's ass and began pulling him harder and harder into her.

"Ohhh.....fuuuuuuuuck!!!" Ryan moaned as he got close and closer to blowing his load.

Amanda began to feel the cock inside her starting to swell even bigger and she knew what was coming. She wrapped her legs around her son and pulled him on top of her. Her tongue dove into his mouth as she felt his cock explode deep inside her pussy. As hot as her pussy was, she could feel the scalding cum coating her pussy. Ryan struggled to breathe as his mother kept her mouth sealed to his as his cock emptied a massive torrent of cum into her pussy. Seconds later Amanda released her son and he fell to her side breathing heavily.

"Oh my god......" Amanda whispered.

Ryan laid there breathing heavily for a few minutes. Eventually he felt his mother snuggle up beside him. He turned his head slightly and kissed his mother passionately. They kissed for what seemed like a very long time. Amanda's hand eventually found its way to her son's cock and began to pump it slowly.

"Ohhh...." Ryan moaned as his mother brought his cock back to life.

Amanda licked her son's nipple as his cock grew in her hand. She was as horny as she'd ever been. Whatever else happened on the trip didn't matter to her at all. All she knew was that she'd been fucked better this week than she'd ever been before. She sat up in bed and pulled her dress over her head.

"Oh yeah..." Amanda said as she threw one leg over her son and straddled him.

She grinded her pussy on top of Ryan's hard cock before grabbing it with one hand.

"Fuuuuuucckkkk......" Amanda moaned as she impaled herself on her son's cock.

Slowly Amanda began bouncing up and down on the hard cock between her legs. Ryan grabbed his mother's hips and began thrusting up as she came down. Amanda could've sworn his cock was in her belly it was so deep.

"Fuck baby...fuck me..fuck me..." Amanda moaned.

Ryan loved to hear his mother talk dirty to him. If only she knew who was fucking her so well. Ryan pulled his mother off his cock and positioned her on her knees. He lined his cock up with her pussy and in one violent thrust, buried his cock inside his mother as deep as he could.

"FUUUUUUUCK!!!" Amanda screamed.

Ryan slapped his mother's ass and then began to fuck her doggy style. Amanda had never known Don to fuck her so hard but she wasn't opposed to his new found skills. Every time her son's balls would slap against her sensitive clit Amanda would get closer and closer to cumming again. As her son fucked her she began rubbing her clit furiously.

"Don't stop baby.... Please ....don't ...stop..." Amanda moaned as she neared her goal.

Ryan knew his mother was about to cum and he wanted her to really get off. As she began to shake Ryan slowly pushed his thumb into his mother's tight asshole. The sensation caused Amanda's eyes to open wide and her mouth to hang open. She was teetering on the verge of cumming, and as her son began to slide his thumb in and out of her ass, she lost all control.

"OH FUUUUCKKKKK!!!! FUUUCKKK I'M CUUUUUMMMING!!!" Amanda screamed as all the muscles in her body contracted.

Ryan smiled as his mother's cunt gripped his cock tightly. He never let up fucking her as she convulsed beneath him. Amanda moaned and shook for well over a minute. Ryan pulled his thumb from his mother's ass and continued to fuck her slowly as she came. Eventually Amanda fell forward onto the bed. Ryan ran his hands up his mother's thighs until he found her firm ass. He began to knead the firm flesh between his fingers. Whether it was the alcohol or the fact that he knew it might be his last chance Ryan decided to be daring.

Amanda was still half comatose when she felt who she thought was her husband climbing on top of her as she lay face down on the bed. Her eyes opened slightly when she felt a hard cock probing between her cheeks.

"What does he think he's doing?" Amanda thought to herself.

Ryan spit in his hand and coated the head of his cock before using both hands to spread his mother's ass apart. He leaned forward slowly until the head of his cock was right against Amanda's puckered hole.

"Baby..I don't know..." Amanda whispered as she realized what her husband wanted.

Ryan leaned down and kissed Amanda's back as he pushed forward a bit more. Amanda's mouth opened wide as the head of her son's cock disappeared into her ass.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck..." Amanda hissed.

Ryan took his time and slowly fed another inch of his cock into his mother's ass. Every so often he would pull back before going even deeper. The feeling of her ass muscles clenching down on his cock was unbelievable. Amanda was in a little bit of pain but it wasn't so bad. She realized that the alcohol was probably numbing some of it.

"Fuck yeah." Ryan whispered as his cock disappeared entirely into his mother's ass.

He laid there for a few seconds to let Amanda adjust before he began to fuck her with slow deep thrusts. Amanda was beginning to get used to the feeling of a cock in her ass. After a few seconds she began to like the warm sensation that was coming from her stretched asshole. She grinned when Ryan slapped her ass.

Ryan knew he wasn't going to last long with his mother's tight ass milking his cock. He pulled his cock from his mother's ass and rolled her back onto her back. Amanda spread her legs wide and Ryan buried his cock back into her ass.

"OH SHIT!!!" Amanda moaned.

Ryan began to fuck his mother's ass as hard as he could as his balls tightened. He tightly groped his mother's tits as he pounded away at his mother's virgin ass. Amanda's fingernails dug deeply into her son's chest as his cock plunged into her ass time after time.

"C'mon baby.... That's it... Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Amanda hissed as she neared yet another orgasm.

Ryan's eyes closed tightly and his mouth opened wide as his cock finally erupted into his mother's tight ass. His cock coated the walls of his mother's ass as Amanda came herself. Neither one of them made much noise as they came with a ferocity that they'd never known before. Ryan's hips bucked uncontrollably but Amanda's tight ass kept his cock firmly in place. Finally after a few minutes Amanda could feel the hard cock in her ass starting to soften.

"Oh my god..." Amanda groaned as she ran her fingers through her hair.

Ryan was totally drained. The alcohol he drank earlier combined with fucking his mother's brains out had him completely exhausted. As his cock popped out of his mother's ass he uttered a few words he didn't mean to.

"Oh fuck mom..." Ryan said as he collapsed next to his mother.

Amanda's eyes opened wider than pie plates upon hearing the words. Not knowing what to do, she quickly turned on the lamp by the bed.

"Oh my god..." Amanda said as she saw her own son passed out beside her.

Amanda didn't take a breath for a while as the enormity of the situation sank in. She looked down at her son's flaccid cock and then at her well fucked pussy and ass. The reality of the situation sank in bit by bit. No wonder her husband had been so different in bed the last couple nights. It wasn't her husband at all. Amanda's alcohol filled brain did it's best to process the situation but she really couldn't comprehend what had happened. After a few minutes Amanda smiled, then reached over and turned the lamp.

"What happens in Vegas..." She said as she drifted off.


...Oh, and if you're wondering about Don. He didn't win the tournament, but he did come in second place. He won a lot of money and ended up partying all night with some of the contestants. What he found when he finally made it back to his hotel room is a story for another day.

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