tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWrong Room, Hard Lesson

Wrong Room, Hard Lesson


Hi my name is Tiffany and I'm 23 years old. I've been told I'm hot and well, to be honest, when I get all dolled up for clubs, I do turn heads. I have long black hair down to the middle of my back. Men seem to like my shapely body. My measurements you wonder? 34D-24-32, so yeah I guess they have a reason to stare and I love it when they do. As a matter of fact I've always made sure I am the center of attention.

My hubby and I finally had a night out and a baby sitter for the entire evening. So we decided to venture out to one of the many Gothic Fetish nights we know, booking a room at the local Radisson. A delightful place, with a rather large bar area of it's own.

I got all dolled up in my Latex Asian dress. It had a tiny skirt that barely covered my ass and it showed my cleavage delightfully, pushing them up to make them look even bigger. We headed out to the club and sadly, it was closed; I guess a water pipe broke and we did not see the post. That sucks big time, I thought. So we headed back to our hotel figuring we may as well have some fun, it wasn't often we had a babysitter.

As we walked by the bar room a table full of black guys were gawking at me something fierce. So I grabbed hubby's hand and decided we should go in for some dancing and a few drinks. The bouncers looked me up and down as they checked our I.D's. I absolutely love clubs with bouncers, they are a cock teaser's best friend. Always there to tell the creeps to back off.

So I got out on the dance floor and started shaking my ass , as usual. The table of gawkers started to hoot and holler, that just made me move to the music more, grinding the air and really getting into it. A few times they tried to approach me and when I made it clear I had no interest in them, the bouncers sat them back down. I just dropped my head, kept dancing and laughed. Then hubby motioned for me to come over and I strut off the dance floor still laughing. I always got hubby extra horny when I made the natives horny. So it was off to our room for us.

Little did I know, hubby had packed away our toys for the trip as well. When we got back in he began to unpack some of our restraints, gags, blindfolds and other various toys I so loved him to use on me. I began to unzip my thigh high boots and he stopped me.

"No no no," he said "You look good enough to fuck, lets keep it that way." he said laughing. Within minutes he had me blindfolded and gagged. Next came the thigh restraints, connected to my wrists, then he used his belt to go around my arms and under my breasts pushing them up nicely. He was walking me backwards, unable to see a thing, when I felt a crunch under my boot heel.

"Crap" he exclaimed as he pushed me back the rest of the way and I fell onto the bed wiggling around. "The keycard, you just broke it, damn it."

I sighed, the hotel used cards to let guests in and I guess I'd stepped on ours. He turned me over quickly so I was bent over the bed with my knees on the floor. Then he tied ropes around my knees and pulled them open wide to the beds feet, securing them. He reached down and cut my undies off of me. Just when I thought we were gonna play he stood up.

"Since you broke the card you can sit here horny while I go get a new one." he laughed at me as I wiggled trying to complain. With that he actually LEFT me like this, I could feel my pussy dripping already as the door shut.

Jesus it seemed like forever, how long was it. Then I heard voices and footsteps in the hallway. It sounded like the gawkers and they sounded real drunk. I heard a bump on the door and I jumped a bit startled.

"Wrong door asshole," one of them exclaimed. Then my heart must have stopped for what seemed like forever. I heard the door fling open hard. He didn't fucking close it all the way, is all I had time to think. "Whoah, HOLY shit guys," I heard one of them yell "Get the fuck in here." I heard a rush of footsteps entering the room. "It's that fucking cocktease, what the fuck."

One of them tried to talk reason to them "Guys let's just go."

There was silence for a minute then another blurted out "What you want to pass up fucking this piece of meat?"

The one that was reasoning, or I thought he was started laughing "Hell no." he yelled. Then I heard the door shut.

"Lock the bolt so no one can bug us." One of them ordered.

I heard them and could feel the footsteps on the floor as they came nearer to me. "Well well well cocktease, looks like your gonna get your fill tonight."

They all started laughing taunting me. I tried to object but the gag was in tight. Suddenly I felt a hand cup my pussy and I shivered. I was dripping and horny as hell and now he knew it too. "Holy shit girl, your one wet slut aren't you?" he said mocking me.

Then fingers where crammed in me quickly, stirring inside of me. My hips started to gyrate on their own.

"We ... we can't do this man, it's rape." one of them stuttered.

From the distance I'd guess the guy fingering me answered. "Well if she begs for it on that cam of yours is it rape then?" he laughed. I could feel myself coming close to an orgasm.

"I guess not, But how the hell we gonna get her to beg?"

I felt the hot air of someone's breath near my pussy as the fingers were pulled out , then a tongue dancing up my thighs.

'FUCK' I screamed in my head. My legs were quivering and I was panting into the gag as my breasts heaved in and out. My head was thrashing, god they had to stop this.

"Try this," I barely heard another say over my own panting.

Then I heard it, the sound of my favorite vibe. This thing had so much vibration we used to call it the jackhammer. Then it touched my lips and my whole body shock hard, held tight by the ropes on my knees. Then he yanked it back, he repeated it over and over, barely grazing my pussy lips as I thrashed, my cunt dripping down my thighs now. My breathing was hard as drool escaped out of the gag.

Then the room was silent as the vibe was shut of and one of the said "Shhhh." Minutes passed as I kept panting, my cunt ready to explode at the merest brush, I had to get off so bad my head was aching. I started to try and rub myself with the bed, arching my back to push my pussy into it. I managed to get it touching, and just as I started to writhe against it. My hips were grabbed and pulled back.

"You want it?" someone whispered. I bit down on the gag, then I felt fingers sliding up my thighs. "You want it in here, you want to get fucked so you can cum right whore?"

I almost exploded as the fingers traced upward and I began nodding my head yes yes yes.

"You ready to beg for it bitch?" Unknown to me he had his friend ready with a cam to start as soon as he prompted him to. I nodded again, dripping with sweat as I could feel his rock hard cock brushing my lips. I needed to cum bad.

"Ok I'm going to take this gag out now, when I do, all you have to do is say yes please, and you can cum. Understand slut?"

My pussy was on fire, I had to cum NOW. I nodded yes, my head shaking quickly. I felt the straps on the gag release as my clit pulsed harder in anticipation of an orgasm. At this point I am guessing he motioned for the video to start.

"Do you want us to fuck your holes whore?" he said loudly.

I was panting hard now, as I nodded.

"Answer me, do you want us to fuck your holes now whore?"

I stammered out "Y...yes please," but not loud enough it seemed.

"Louder!" he demanded.

"YES PLEASE" I ended up yelling. Just then I felt it, his cock tore into my soaking wet cunt, it must have been at least 10" and rather thick. It reached so deep inside on the first stroke I was jolted off the floor an inch. I immediately exploded and started to cum on his cock, as I began moaning louder and louder.

"Shut her up." the one fucking me ordered, I felt someone climb on the bed in front of me and then my moaning mouth was shoved down onto another cock as I gagged on it, it must have been at least 9" long, I was still trying to moan but the sounds were muffled, sending vibrations through the cock in my mouth.

Here I was tied down tight as my body was used as a fucktoy and all I could do is keep cumming. I tried to stop myself, but couldn't, each thrust into me made me want more, my cunt was squirting and covering the cock inside of me as my mouth bobbed harder on the cock using it. I was aware that there were more then just these two in the room, I had no clue how many though and as I tried to wrap my head around it all, my body quaked with yet another, stronger orgasm. As my body bucked and squirmed as it ran through my body like a wave, I slammed my own head down, gagging myself on the cock in it, the back of my head being grabbed and held down to keep me form moving away.

"So ya lil cocktease, how do you like being filled up now?" someone said as the room echoed with laughter.

My cunt was throbbing as it stretched around the cock shoved deep inside me, with each pulse it gripped the cock harder. They could see my starving body eating it all up, and each time I reacted they pumped harder.

"Bitch you better start working harder, if you're lucky we won't make you get us all off twice," he laughed "If any of us get hard again though, you'll be in for round two for sure."

With that I quickly recalled how long hubby stays hard after his first round, I started bobbing up and down on the cock and moving my hips to meet each thrust.

"Untie the lil cocktease, if she tries to fight, we'll just post this video on the net," the guy ramming my pussy said. I felt my knees being untied, then my wrists released. I knew what I had to do and I was pushed so far over the edge, I was dying to do it.

To be continued

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