Wrong WIndow


It was a hot, humid night in mid July. The air conditioner in the apartment was broke. I took a chance and left my windows open to catch any breeze nice enough to come my way. Finished with my shower I hit my sheets naked. I was hoping to get some sleep before I had to work in the morning.

I was in the middle of a great dream when I woke up enough to realize someone was in my bedroom with me. I tried to scream but he quickly shoved a gag deep into my mouth.

Now that no one could hear me, he took his time tying me to the head and foot of my bed. He then traced a path down my body from my lips, which were grotesquely stretched by his gag, over my breasts and down to the parting of my legs. Once there his fingers explored my assets and gave me a running commentary of how pretty they were, how tight, how wet, how much fun we were about to have together.

The weight of him on my mattress told me he was large, the feel of his hands on my body told me he was strong. I knew he was well groomed. He smelled of expensive cologne and newly washed hair. He had a full beard and over his face, he wore a handkerchief, but I could see his eyes.

"Behave and this will be over before you know it and you will be left sexually sated and in one piece. Tonight we play by my rules."

He showed me a feather, and then lightly started to run it over and into my body. Soon I was vibrating to his every touch the odor of my arousal clear on the air. He took a scarf from his pocket and covered my eyes.

"That's so I can take off my mask."

I nodded, and then felt his hot wet mouth capture my breast and suckle my nipple. I am a large breasted woman my DD cups overflow their boundaries. He managed to lick, suck and bite every inch.

"Didn't know you were going to have work done on your breasts. I like it."

I wondered what he meant, then pleasure took over and I just felt. I never knew my breasts could be so sensitive. I never knew that a woman could be so wild without being touched anywhere else. Soon I was moaning into my gag and begging for something more. I heard him laugh and then he whispered into my ear.

"If you promise not to scream I will remove the gag."

I shook my head yes. He removed the gag and replaced it with his mouth. I willingly opened my mouth to his searching tongue and then when he straddled me, I opened again to his seeking cock and it never crossed my mind to bite him. Somewhere in this seduction, I had passed from prisoner to willing participant.

He tasted better than any man I had ever sucked in my life did; I had enough experience to have an opinion. He felt thick and large in my mouth, and when he moved so that I could suckle his balls, they were heavy and large.

Having wet my breasts with his saliva, I was not surprised when he slid down and forced them tightly against his cock. The friction of his moving back and forth with occasionally giving me the chance to slurp his juices was driving me insane with the need to have him buried deep inside me.

"Please," I managed to say "please."

"Not yet, my little prisoner."

This time it's my timetable. He pulled loose from me, and went to the end of my bed. Once there he got comfortable between my legs.

"First, I get to taste my conquest."

I felt his tongue on my quivering clit and then first one, then a second finger slid into my wet and waiting center of lust. I squirmed as he sought out and then found my "G" spot and then I rewarded him with a loud cry and a gush of juice.

"Guess that's the spot,"

I heard then a laugh that warmed my heart. I had long ago this night started believing that he wouldn't kill me. I had at least convinced myself of that, and when he kept giving me orgasm after orgasm, I quit thinking at all.

I was in a haze of sexual exhaustion and lust when I felt his cock penetrate me very slowly, inch by inch. He pushed inside me slowly, allowing me to open to his size and feel what he was offering. He was still outside my body when I felt the head pushing against my cervix. Demanding entrance he pushed retreated and pushed again. Suddenly with a small amount of pain, I felt him gain entrance. He erupted in his climax, almost at once; the warmth and the amount of his juices took me over the top into the hardest longest orgasm of my life. He slipped a hand down and slid a finger into my ass. I was off again on another ride to the stars. I was never a multi orgasmic woman. This man had kept me on the edge of orgasm or over it all night long.

He pulled loose and lay beside me pulling me into him as much as he could with me tied to the bed. It wasn't until the sun started to peek over the edge of the building next door that I felt him loosen the ties that bound me. I felt the weight lift off the bed as he stood up. Suddenly, I heard him swear.

"Christ, it's the wrong woman. No wonder it was so damn good. What have I done." Before I could ask what he meant? I felt a soft kiss and he had disappeared. I hurried to get the knots untied but he was gone without a trace when I inspected my apartment.

"Could the lover of my dreams belong to someone else? Had he meant to harm the woman who wasn't here?" I found myself asking the now empty rooms.

I had moved in almost three months ago and I knew I resembled the former tenant as I had met her moving out. I wished I had gotten her forwarding address. I was imagining the conversation if I could call.

"Excuse me Ma'am I rented your old apartment and a man raped me last night who was pissed off when he figured out it wasn't you. Got any ideas who that might be?" Yeah! Right!

Several months went by, late for work as usual, I stopped for juice and a bagel and picked up a newspaper.

Front page center I noticed a photo. I recognized the man. They called him the Midnight Stalker. There was no doubt that this was the man, who had been in my apartment. I had found my late night visitor. The story went on to say that he never hurt anyone and none of the women except one would testify. The woman who preferred the charges was an old employer of his, and the others were all friends of hers from a club she frequented.

I patted my belly and said. "Guess what girl? We found your daddy. The question is now do we want to meet him in daylight." The question answered itself when I read that it was anticipated that he would be in jail until he was old and gray. That even his Public Defender thought he was a menace and should be put away for life.

I called my office explained I was heading to the jail to talk to a new client and caught a taxi. I sent my card into him with a note explaining I wished to represent him when I arrived at the jail. He asked me why when they brought him to meet with me. I was a full partner at one of the most prestigious criminal legal firms in town. Certainly one he could not afford at this time. I reached under the table took his hand and put it on my small belly. "For our daughter."

He swallowed hard, looking at me with eyes that asked questions he couldn't verbalize in his present position. He waited to see what came next, "Do you remember a time when you spent the whole night in an apartment and leaving mentioned it was the wrong woman?"

He nodded. "I never broke into another apartment except hers after that, I knew nothing would equal what we shared."

I asked him why he had done what he did to his former employer. He told me a story of being kidnapped by her and kept at her home with two other men for her personal pleasure. He knew she also kept an apartment in town as he had been taken there in chains on several occasions to be used by her women friends.

The women he had tracked down with the exception of me had been those women who abused him while he was a prisoner. He had been a graphic artist before his experiences. He had a wife and a small son and now he had nothing. He only knew the pain and the need to pay her back.

I asked him if it had worked. He hung his head and said "No" He then smiled at me and said, "That night your giving so freely to me reminded me I was human, a man who had a chance to be one again." I will always thank you for that if nothing else and he reached and gently patted my stomach.

The jury sent him to jail for one year. The prosecutor arrested his former boss after a raid on her home that netted them two slaves now free, a computer full of porn, some of it with under age children and confiscated her assets. He is in line for his share when her case comes to trial.

Since then we have had a beautiful healthy baby girl and his ex wife has allowed me to take his son to visit him every Sunday, when I take his daughter.

Some might say it's a fairy tale ending for a bad person. I call it justice.

© December 19,2003 all rights reserved to author

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