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Jeanine stared at the screen in wide-eyed disbelief, watching the nude footage of herself having sex with Mayor Smith in the middle of a public park. And what made it even worse was that his wife had gone missing and both the police and public opinion held him as the prime suspect in her disappearance. The pretty blonde reporter covered her face with her hands, as if trying to block out the moans of pleasure she made on the tape as the mayor penetrated into her again and again.

She knew that she was going to be fired today. In fact, she knew it from the moment she got the phone call to come into her boss' office. Someone had to have filmed the incident; after all, she was having sex in public with the front page story of the month. It was too delicious not to make headlines.

Mike, her boss at the station, paused the tape and took a deep breath. He hesitated, as if unsure of what to say next.

"I think you know why I called you in here," he said sternly, "Don't you Mrs. Anderson?"

Jeanine Anderson, former general assignment reporter meekly nodded, not sure if there was anything she could say to salvage her job... or her reputation, for that matter. The way that things were unfolding for her today, it seemed as if she would never be able to work in this state again!

Taking a deep breath, Jeanine tried to think back to how this whole situation began weeks ago.

See, Jeanine didn't think of herself as being 'loose' or 'slutty,' not really anyway. Oh sure, she had fooled around with people on the job, but there were plenty of female (and, for that matter, male) reporters who did the exact same thing. Embedded journalists with the troops overseas called it 'foxy hole syndrome;' the sudden urge to just fuck a co-worker or source because you know that at any moment you could die far from everyone you know and love. Sort of like a one night stand, in fact.

Local reporters had the same urges. After all, when you are away from home on the road, chasing leads downtown, or even pulling all-nighters on a story, it becomes increasingly hard to relate with your spouse at home. It's much easier to have a quick fling with a co-worker, as long as you are discreet about it.

In Jeanine Anderson's case, it was something of an open secret that she had slept around with several of her co-workers at the station. Most recently she had been having sex with Jose, her swarthy Latino cameraman. But this time it was different. Jeanine had crossed the unwritten line and was having sex with a source! That would have been scandalous enough to ruin her career by itself, but the fact that it was in public, in broad daylight, and had been caught on tape!

It had been a lapse of judgment on Jeanine's part. She would have been the first to say so herself! But she wasn't thinking clearly that day.

Jeanine went out to the news van, ostensibly under the pretext of going over the footage from the last interview with Mayor Smith. In reality, she really just wanted a quick fuck with Jose. But she hadn't expected to find him with his pants down and Sandra -- the new intern, the freaky one with the fake boobs and all the tattoos -- kneeling down and sucking his dick.

Jose looked up at her in shock and confusion, their eyes meeting for but a mere moment before slamming the van door shut and storming off. She heard him trying to call out for her, but ignored his pleas. She really shouldn't have taken it so personally, in retrospect, but at the time all she could think about was her wounded pride. And if Jose was going to start fooling around with some younger tramp, then she would have to find sex somewhere else.

In fact, Jeanine Anderson knew exactly where to find her next lay...

Ever since his wife had disappeared, Mayor Smith had found himself at the center of a media frenzy. His bizarre, some might even say sociopathic, behavior had only served to attract more attention to the case. He claimed that his wife had run away, but everyone suspected that his wife had met with foul play. Nonetheless, he was pretty damned charming, especially when you got him up close.

Jeanine had been fortunate enough to form a close relationship with him. Up until this point, it had been strictly professional. She realized that even if he was guilty, it would still be much easier to get information from him by feigning sincerity rather than actually asking him tough question. As a result, Jeanine had managed to score several exclusive interviews with the Mayor, while reporters from other stations had much less luck.

Over the course of these interviews, Jeanine had become quite aware of the lustful looks that the Mayor gave her... or pretty much any other female reporters for that matter. And while it did make some of them uncomfortable, Jeanine was able to simply brush it off. But now, she thought to herself, why not have a little fun with it. It couldn't hurt, right?

She called him on his cell phone that Thursday. Not surprisingly, he picked almost up immediately after the first ring. Jeanine noted that he seemed very eager to give her another interview -- too eager, in fact, but then, that was exactly the reaction she was hoping to get. She scheduled an interview with him over the phone.

"Of course," he said cheerfully, "Two o'clock is fine for me."

"I'll be right over then," she responded, as she eagerly rushed to her mini-van. She took a quick look in the rearview mirror, taking the time to adjust her make-up and lipstick, before she drove out of the station parking lot.

Traffic had been good that day. The drive from the city out to the suburbs had only taken Jeanine about half an hour. She pulled into Mayor Smith's subdivision and parked in front of his house. Although she was normally pretty discrete, Jeanine hadn't worried too much about anyone recognizing her card. After all, she was just a local television reporter, not some movie star. And besides, she actually did have a legitimate excuse for going over to his house, as anyone who had seen her interviews would be forced to acknowledge.

Mayor Smith was already waiting for her at the doorstep when she arrived.

"Hello Mrs. Anderson," he said, warmly greeting her as she walked up the driveway to see him, "It's such a nice day out, I was thinking that we could have a seat out her on the porch."

"Sure, I guess," Jeanine said as she sat down next to the Mayor.

"Can I get you some fresh lemonade," he asked, offering her a pitcher full of cool refreshment.

It was a pretty hot, steamy Summer day that week. Jeanine smiled and thanked him, accepting a small cup.

"So you don't have your camera crew with you today," he inquired.

"No," Jeanine replied, shaking her head, "This isn't an official interview. It's all strictly 'off the record' today. I'm just going to take notes and then work it into the story later on tonight."

She smiled at him. It was a lie, and both of them knew it. Both reporters and politicians are quite good at telling lies, and for very similar reasons. Nonetheless, neither Jeanine nor Mayor Smith did anything to challenge the lie either, so it served its purpose. They continued to make small talk for a while, not really talking about anything to do with his missing wife or any other real news in fact.

Quite coyly, Jeanine crossed her legs. She had to hike up her mini-skirt a little, but the effort was quite worth it. This allowed her to show off her long, shapely legs to the Mayor. She was also wearing her high heels, which she allowed to dangle off her foot. Mayor Smith looked over and adjusted himself in his seat -- exactly the reaction that Jeanine was hoping for.

Mayor Smith smiled at her and gently put his hand on her thigh. She smiled slightly and fluttered her eyes at him.

"Is it just me or is it getting sort of hot out her," she asked as she unbuttoned her formal business jacket. Underneath she was wearing a low-cut, silky blouse that showed off her rather generous cleavage. Jeanine took off her jacket and set it aside on the porch table, neatly folding it. Looking over, she noticed that the Mayor was starting to get hard.

"You know," she said as she gently stroked her hand against his face, "If this is going to proceed any further we should probably go inside... for our own privacy."

The Mayor just laughed and shook his head.

"Oh come on," he said as he roughly groped her chest, "There's nobody out here right now! Everyone is at work, so we've got plenty of privacy... besides, wouldn't it be kind of hot to just do it right out here?"

"In public," she asked shocked and even somewhat embarrassed by the thought.

"Yeah, why not? It's a nice hot Summer day!"

Jeanine hated to admit it, but she was starting to get wet at the thought of it. It didn't help that Mayor Smith's hands were starting to fondle her hot pussy.

"All right," she said as she started to take off her blouse, "But let's try and be quick!"

"I will! I promise!"

"I mean it," she said firmly as she stood up and slipped off her skirt and panties.

The Mayor dropped his pants, and Jeanine could see that he his rather large cock was already engorged at the sight of her firm, naked body. God, the whole situation was so fucking hot, even in retrospect. Jeanine's full, perky breasts stood up, her nipples hard with excitement. The Mayor squeezed her more than ample bosoms, eliciting a sigh of pleasure from her full, pouting lips.

"Let's do it," she said seductively, her inhibitions began to fade away as she indulged in this forbidden pleasure.

"Mmmm," said the Mayor licking his lips salaciously, "I definitely like where this is going..."

Jeanine noticed that he was already fully nude, all of his custom-tailored clothing lying in a pile on the porch.

Jeanine got up on his bench, spreading her legs wide and giving the Mayor a full view of her swollen cunt lips. She was already dripping wet by this point, but Jeanine began to finger herself, biting her lip shut as she start working herself towards ecstasy. The Mayor approached her, grabbing her thighs and slowly positioning his cock head at the entrance of her soaking wet cunt. He grinned lustfully at her and nodded, just starting to press the head of his cock into her.

Mayor Smith was big -- VERY big in fact. Jeanine Anderson had slept around a bit in her time, but he was clearly better endowed than any other man she had ever been with. Inch by inch, he began pushing his cock into her eager vagina. Even as wet as she was, it was still an extremely tight fit.

As the soreness began to give way to pleasure, Jeanine closed her eyes and pursed her lips hard. She began to thrust her abdomen, desperately trying to accommodate more of her new lover into the depths of her womb.


Unfortunately, Jeanine's loud (and rather explicit) exclamations did not go unheard. The neighbors did here, and neither her nor Mayor Smith noticed the small crowd that had begun to gather in the subdivision to watch their sexual escapades. Nor did they see Jose -- Jeanine's former cameraman -- gleefully filming the footage. They were so lost in ecstatic reverie that they didn't realize their predicament until they heard the police sirens pulling up into the Mayor's drive way...

A loud snap brought Jeanine Anderson back to reality. Looking over, she saw that her editor had slammed down a large binder on his desk in front of her.

'WORLD NUDES,' it said in bold letters.

"As you probably know," he said, "I'm afraid you won't be able to work as a general assignment reporter for us anymore after this little incident made the news, but how would you feel about shooting a pilot for an all nude news show?"

Jeanine began to get wet at the thought of publicly exposing herself to the world again. She knew right then what her answer would be. The next day, two million viewers eagerly tuned in to 'WSEX World Nudes' to watch Jeanine Anderson cover the headlines with nothing more than a smile. It was an exciting new career move after all, even if Jose wound up being promoted to head of photography for the show. But what could she say? He certainly was good at getting naked footage of her.

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