WSS, Inc.


After he collapsed into the office chair, the phone rang.

"Good morning, World Stud Services, Ty speaking. How may I help you?"

"Yes, do you have black studs?"

"Ma'am, we here at WSS, Inc. believe that the only real stud is a black stud. It's what our company was founded on. But, we employ Caucasian studs, Puerto Rican Studs, Asian studs, whatever racial background you prefer. We are also discreet and extremely professional, giving you exactly the experience you crave. How may I help meet your needs today?"

"Well... I have a unique request. I need a big, black stud to discipline and fuck two whoring white women, one of them being myself. He needs to be well equipped and he needs to bring the following implements..." She ran down a short list of items, seemingly off a list. "That should take care of it. How about payment?"

"I'll take your credit card number right now if you'd like to set an appointment."

The lady said yes, if that afternoon was available.

"Actually we had a cancellation, so our specialist is available."

"Oh? Who is that may I ask?"

"That would be me, ma'am. My name is Ty, but my professional name is T."

"T? OK...ah.. my name is Ronni, with an I, and my friend's name is Alice, And we'll see you at around two?"

"Yes ma'am. We'll sit down for a minute or two before we start, OK?"

"All right, thank you."

Most of the time, the women stammered and stuttered their way through the phone call, and then would insist upon three or four meetings before they would give themselves up to the cock. This one was a little different. He could tell.

Ty got up and began to assemble the things he would need from various cabinets in the office.

Steve, another WSS stud, poked his head in the office. His blond beach-boy looks and body had a different effect on women than Ty's dark skin and tight, toned frame. Steve seemed to perpetually be having sex on the beach.

"What's up, dude? Got a call?"

Ty said "Yeah. Right up my alley, too. They asked for a black dom."

Steve whistled in appreciation. "Do they know what they're in for?"

Ty smiled a sweet, devilish smile. "No, my pale companion, they have no idea."


Ty was dressed casually yet conservatively in khakis and a polo shirt that stretched over the muscles at the shoulders and chest when he rang the well-appointed doorbell. A blonde woman, with sizeable tits and a plump ass opened the door.

"Hello, I'm from WSS?"

"Oh yes, we've been expecting you. Please, come in."

The living room was as well-appointed as the door bell, high vaulted ceiling leading down through thoughtfully stucco walls to a carpet you could lose your shoes in. Another blonde woman, slightly chunkier than the woman who opened the door, sat on a couch to the left of the large fireplace. Her hair was a little longer than Ronni's, and tied back into a ponytail.

The first woman said ,"My name is Ronni, you must be Ty."

They shook hands. "Yes I am. And that must mean that you are Alice." Ty said to the woman on the couch.

"You are correct, you handsome black man, you. Ronni, you didn't say anything about him being so cute!"

Ty chuckled. She really has no idea...this could be the highlight of my week. "Ladies, I would like to talk to you for a second before we start today's activities."

"Sure," Ronni said "I'm going to have another glass of wine. Alice?" Alice nodded, and seemed to vibrate without moving. "Ty?"

"Actually, ma'am ,I'll have a glass of water, thank you."

After Ronni went to fetch the drinks, Ty sat on the loveseat opposite Alice's couch.

"I hope you are as good as Mira said you were. Did you really make her call you her black savior?"

Ty wanted to take this white slut right now, make her feel the power of the cock, have her begging for more cock up her big ass, but, ever the professional, he said "Alice I'm sorry, we don't discuss clients' preferences or sessions." He said it in a way that found Alice rubbing her thighs together like a locust.

Ronni returned with the drinks, and after distributing them, sat next to Alice and looked pointedly at Ty.

Ty took a swallow of water, and set his glass down. "First of all, I would like to say that WSS, Inc. is proud to have your business, and will do our utmost to see that you are satisfied. Having said that, you know that I am here for your pleasure, but that doesn't include any irreversible pain or injury. To me or you." He removed a small sheaf of paper from the duffel bag he carried. "Please read through this and sign it."

The ladies read through the contract for services, while Ty waited. Alice absently stroked Ronni's leg , close to the hem of her skirt.

After reading and signing, Ronni sat back on the couch and lit a cigarette.

Ty said "Thanks for signing. Is there a restroom where I can prepare?"

Ronni said, "Just use the guest room. There is a bathroom next to it. Right through there," she gestured through the kitchen.

"Ma'am, if you and your friend want to get changed into something more comfortable..."

Ronni laughed dangerously, "Ma'am. You are so nice."

Ty went throught the kitchen and through a small hallway that led to the guest bedroom. Once there he began to unpack the duffel bag he had with him. Out came the black jeans and the black bandanna he wore on his shaved dome. He had brought boots, but didn't think he would wear them, or the tight white wife beater he had. He thought that maybe bare chested might be the way to go with these two. He decided in favor of that when his cell phone rang.


"Ty, this is Steve. I got a call from a group of women requiring your services."

"Today? I don't know if I can fit anything in after these two."

"It's cool. I think I can convince them to reschedule." He paused. "It's a repeat customer."

"Really?" Ty said as he tossed two thick black vibrators on the bed, along with two sets of handcuffs, a riding crop with a wide rubber head, and a leather paddle. "Well, who is it?"

"It's Ms. Criss and her bridge club."

Ty snickered. Bridge club my ass, he thought. If that's what those women call bridge, I'm a white man. "Yeah go ahead and tell them I will see them tomorrow."

"Cool. Have fun, kid."

"Always." Ty punched off and changed his clothes, wrapping his implements in a towel. He checked himself in the mirror and walked back to the living room.

Ty moved slowly upon entering the kitchen. He had heard what sounded like a muffled "yes" but he wasn't sure. As he was able to see into the living room, he saw that Ronni had Alice's head pressed against her pussy. Alice tongued her bald slit ferociously, sucking on her clit and fingering her pussy mercilessly. Ronni freed one hand and began to tweak her own nipples, making them stand out through her thin silk blouse.

Ty couldn't have thought up a better entrance. He took a deep breath and said "What tha fuck is goin' on here?"

At the sound of his voice, Alice popped up, her mouth shiny from Ronni's juices. "Oh!" She said. Her top was off and her ample breasts stood for the world to see. Her white cotton thong had become wet with her juices, making a spot on her skirt. Ronni was having trouble recovering from her orgasm and the shock of Ty's voice, her hand began to flutter over her pussy.

"Stop that, bitch." Ty snarled. "You don't fucking touch yourself until I tell you to."

Ronni snapped back to reality. "Who the fuck do you think you are talking to, you black fuck?"

Ty wasted no time. He bounded across the room, eliciting a shriek from Alice. He dropped the stuff he was holding, and, pulling her up off the couch, grabbed Ronni roughly by the upper arm, and slapped her across the face.

"Get it straight, white slut. I don't have to justify shit to you. All you are here to do is serve me and my black cock. Hey!" he said as Alice tried to sneak off to the kitchen and the back door. "Get your white ass back here. Now!" She hesitated, and Ty tossed Ronni effortlessly back on the couch, stepped over to Alice, and grabbed a handful of her hair. "Bitch, When I tells you to do something, you damn well do it. Get over there!" He shoved Alice over on the sofa, where she ended up on all fours. She whimpered, "I didn't sign up for this! Fuckin' nig-" was all she got out, and Ty was on her ass. His big hands seemed to envelop her whole left ass cheek as he smacked it, twice, three times. Hard. He grabbed her hair again. "No. Bitch, you just picked the wrong word!" he hissed. He bent over and swept the first pair of handcuffs off of the floor, snapping it deftly on her left wrist as he pulled it behind her back. Ronni was frozen in horror on the other end of the couch. He's going to fuck us, she thought. Oh my god, what else is he going to do?

Ty was thinking he ought to just forget the preliminaries and give her the cock right away, she seemed to want it so bad. But, he also wanted to have some fun with her. He snapped the other cuff on her right wrist, and hooked a finger in the chain. "Now, what am I, slut?" he said, pushing her skirt up and yanking her underwear down. "A nigger? Is that what you were going to say?" He brought his hand down across her ass. Alice's ample ass jiggled and she cried out. "Yes, thank you, I am." Smack. "I am that nigger that's going to make you wish that white folks never thought of the word." Smack,smack. Ty doubled up on her ass, and pulled her towards him. He glanced back at Ronni, who's hand began to slide back towards her pussy. "Didn't I tell you?" he said, sweeping up the other pair of handcuffs. "I tell you when to touch yourself. Now, you pay the price." he said with a grin, forcing her face down on the couch and handcuffing her.

"Now," he said "You, big titty bitch," he said to Alice. Get down on the floor. On your knees."

"I don't have to." she said in a small voice.

Ty grabbed her, and forced her onto her knees in front of a cushioned footstool. Service, he thought.

"It doesn't matter what you want anymore, white slut. It matters what I want. It matters what this cock inside my pants wants. Until you learn a little discipline, you aren't worth the sweat off this cock." He squeezed her big nipples until she cried out, and then pushed her over the footstool.

"Get a clue, Ronni. If you don't pay attention while I fuck this little white slut, you'll be in for some of the same."

"Fuck you." Ronni spat from the couch.

Ty said "Have it your way, slut." He went to the couch, grabbed Ronni forcefully and bent her over the ottoman, across from Alice so that their faces could almost touch. But with their hands bound behind their backs, they could only keep their chins down, facing each other. Ty crossed the room, and retrieved his riding crop. He'd had it hand made, with an extra-wide head on it. He flipped it through the air, very close to Alice's ear. The whipping sound startled her, and the thump when it landed made her jump.

" Let's get a few things straight, cocksuckers. You will do exactly what I say. From now on, you exist to satisfy black cock. If you decide that isn't what you want to do, well..." He brought the crop stinging down onto Alice's left ass cheek, twice. He saw he mouth drop open for a scream, and said "Shut up, slut. I'm not through talking." and stung her again, this time lower on her ass, closer to her pussy. She managed not to scream, but her jerking around and thrashing let him know exactly how she was feeling. "You taste the crop." He thought about it, then hopped over to Ronni's ass and let her have it twice. "You need to learn too." Her face twisted in pain, but Ty saw the wet spot on the carpet beneath her. Either she had gone and pissed herself, or the bitch was so wet she was staining the floor. He stuck a long finger in her pussy, up to the second joint, and was correct. It felt like a clothes dryer in there. Warm and wet to bursting. Ronni looked like she was about to pass out, so he tapped her lightly on the cheek with the crop and said "I guess I'm going to have to keep this bitch awake." He stood and took off the warm-up pants and the thong he was wearing, letting them see the cock for the first time. He was happy with it. He wasn't quite a monster, but he was long enough and thick enough. It was the thickness he was most proud of. "You are going to have to suck this cock, bitch. No hands. I want to see it moving past your lips. Get on it!" He flipped the crop against her ass. She didn't move. He grabbed her by the hair and maneuvered her into position, taking time out for a few more whacks with the crop. "Stupid white sluts don't listen," he said through clenched teeth, while he pushed her onto the head of his cock. Her full lips were pushed out by the crown of his head as he worked his way down to her tonsils. "Best a white bitch ever looked was with a big black cock in her mouth." he growled. "Stay on it bitch...yeah..." He pushed her down on his cock again and again, finally casting her aside, her body slumping to the left, and he went to Alice and asked her "If I let you go, you need to listen to what I say. Understood, bitch?" He let her have one across the ass, and she screamed. "Yes."

He released her from the handcuffs and said "OK. Go over there and lick that pussy. Don't make me tax that ass again, bitch." Alice started over towards Ronni, but it wasn't fast enough for Ty. He raised the crop, and Alice, seeing him out of the corner of her eye, scrambled over to Ronni and began to lick her even more furiously than before. Ronni, still handcuffed, lay on her side and lifted her leg so Alice could have a better shot at her pussy. Alice held her leg for her, and sank her tongue into Ronni's sweet spot, swirling it around her walls. Ronni began to shake, and then she let out a high, faint, sustained keening, that seemed to spiral downward like a cat. Her juices flooded Alice's tongue as her orgasm took her right out, her leg collapsing on Alice's head. Alice smeared her juices over her lips, licking off the sweet scent. Her hand was busy down below. Ty thought Look at this passin' out bitch. When she gets the cock, she won't know what hit her...

Ty said to Alice, "Bend over." Alice obediently got on all fours as Ty swatted Ronni's big ass awake. Her eyes opened with a start. She had almost forgotten where she was, what she was doing, but when Ty said "Wake up, white slut. We ain't even close to done yet." She remembered, and immediately became wet again. He hadn't even fucked them yet, and Ronni was already thinking about the next time she hired a stud from WSS.

Alice wasn't thinking about anything but cock, because after loosing Ronni's cuffs, Ty walked over and buried his thick black cock in Alice's sopping pussy, all the way up to the balls. He held it inside her, feeling it expand and stretch the walls of her pussy as she thrashed and shouted "Oh my god...that thick..." she flailed her arms, and Ty grabbed her ponytail and said. "Settle down, slut." He smacked her ass with the other hand, saying "Get over here and get on this cock while I fuck her. Lick it. I want to see your tongue on this cock every time I fuck this bitch." Ronni came over as if in a daze, and Ty, kind of sick of the lack of effort, pulled out of Alice, and grabbed Ronni's arm, forcing her down onto the floor below Alice's ass.

"Lick her ass, dammit. Clean out that pussy for this black cock." Ronni lazily began to lick Alice's pussy and puckered ass. Ty sighed and flicked Ronni's nipple with his middle finger. "Not good enough," he said before he plunged his cock down her throat. Her eyes bugged and he pulled it out, saying "Oh look who's fuckin' awake now? Lick that fucking pussy, 'fore I choke you with this cock." Ronni came alive, flicking her tongue all over Alice's backside, sliding her manicured nails into her wet pussy. "Please, I want more cock." Alice begged. "I can show you how much I need it. I don't want her tongue anymore. I want your cock buried inside me. Please..." Ronni worked harder , her fingers making sloshing noises in Alice's cunt. Alice, who up to now hadn't had an orgasm, was just about to give in, when Ty said "Stop." He shoved Ronni away, flipped Alice over on her back and said "Spread your fuckin' legs, white slut." She pulled her legs apart, and he laid the riding crop high on the inside of her right thigh. "What do you want slut?"

Alice cried out and said "I want your cock inside me."

Ty hit her again in the same place on the other thigh. "No you don't. I'm not convinced. Ronni, you can come if you want." Ronni immediately began rubbing her pussy, her fingers already slick. Ty smacked her again. "What do you want, slut!!!"

Alice screamed again. "I want your black cock inside me. I want you to fuck me, make me cock makes me cock makes me come..."

Ty grabbed her legs and pushed them back as far as they would go, and slammed his full nine inches into her slit. She immediately began to howl, as he withdrew and slammed back in again. He set his pace rapidly, their hips making a smacking sound in the still living room. Ronni pushed her head closer to their joined parts, catching a good look as his thick blackness pistoned in and out of her cunt. The sight brought her off again as Alice began screaming "Fuck! Yeah! Fuck my white pussy!"

Ty relaxed, his breathing slow. When he felt like this, he could fuck forever. All he could feel was his cock fucking, his hips thrusting, and Alice's legs kicking his back. He straightened his back and caught hole of Alice's ankles, pulling her legs apart and back, and began jackhammering his cock in a rough circle inside her pussy.

Alice was no longer in the room. Her pussy felt on fire and cool as ice at the same time. There was an increasing pleasant pressure on her lower abdomen, and she looked up at the big shiny black man fucking her so hard she could feel his cock in her stomach. Ty actually lifted her by her ankles, and fucked even harder. Her orgasm began as a slight shake , but when Ronni said "Let go, baby. Give yourself to his black cock," the tension went out of her hips, and she began to scream "YES! YES!" as her pussy spasmed hard against Ty's cock, coating his pubic hair with pussy juice, actually spurting against Ty's hard stomach. Ty slid his cock in again and held it while Alice's orgasm took her again to places unknown. Her stomach contracted hard again, and she almost passed like Ronni, but Ty pulled out abruptly and slapped her in the face lightly. "Wake up now." Alice just lay there trembling, while Ty grabbed Ronni and bent her over, fucking her doggy style. He grabbed her arms and held them while he impaled her on his cock, the clop-clop-clop of her ass on his stomach getting louder by the second. Alice's eyes grew wide as she thought He hasn't even come yet!

Ty's pounding had finally gotten to Ronni, as she let out a sream and began to lose it completely. "Fuck me with that black cock! I am your bitch! Fuck me with it...God...Damn!" she said as her orgasm burst upon her, making her see starts for a second, before he pulled out and said "Get over here, both of you on your knees."

They got down in front of him. Mouths open, tongues wagging.

Ty began jacking his cock, and said "What do you want?"

Alice said "Come in my mouth, Daddy, I want it."

Ronni said "Give me more cock, master."

Ty took a deep breath and came all over their wide open mouths, their tongues licking each others faces as he kept blasting their cheeks, their noses, their lips.

As they came down, Ty wiped his cock on a towel and helped both women to their feet. " I hope the session was to your satisfaction." He grabbed his pants,and gave them a business card. "Please call if you are in need again."

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