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WWE Divas Gone Wild


It was Monday, March 15, 2004 the day after Wrestlemania and three hours before RAW started. Trish Stratus walked out to the ring, which had just been set up in her shiny red pants and tank top, which she usually wore to wrestle. She had the same outfit in many colors but she thought that the red one was the sexiest. She lay down in the middle of the ring looking up at the dark ceiling thinking if the decision she made to take Christians side over Chris Jericho's at Wrestlemania was the right one. Trish was a little worried because a draft lottery was going to take place today and she was not sure if she or her beloved Christain would be traded to Smackdown. While her mind was wondering the 2 time playboy diva Torrie Wilson walked into the ring wearing pink bootie shorts and a tight pink tube top.

"Hey Trish what's going on?"

"Nothing just thinking about the draft. I don't want to be traded!"

"Yeah I know, neither do I! How bout we have a little warm up match to take our minds off of it."

"Sure what kind of match did you have in mind?"

"The first person who taps out loses."

"Okay lets get started then Torrie"

Before the match starts the two divas take off their shoes because they decided that they would wrestle bare foot. Trish and Torrie exchange some fundamental wrestling holds and Torrie soon realizes that she has no chance of defeating Trish. When Trish tries to get her in an armbar Torrie quickly pulls Trish's top off and starts walking around waving the tank top around as if there was an audience there. During the first few minutes of the match both girls have a thin layer of sweat coating their bodies and it is noticeable that Trish is very excited because her nipples are rock hard and pushing through her red mesh bra.

"Oh you want bra and panties match now," Trish says as she tackles Torrie to the ground. Torrie tries to wiggle away but Trish grabs her pink tube top and rips it right off of her body. Before she can even react Torrie's pink shorts get pulled off as well and she is lying on the mat in her white silk bra and thong.

"I guess I win hun," Trish says as she turns around and starts to walk away.

Torrie runs up to Trish grabs the back of her hair and pulls her to the ground. She then straddles her face with her knees around Trish's arms so they can't move and her ass directly on her face. Torrie pulls her legs up and grabs the waistband of her red pants and slowly tugs them off.

"I said that the first person who taps out loses, and neither of us have tapped out yet."

Both Divas stand up and the match continues with Torrie in her white silk bra and thong and Trish in her red mesh bra and thong. Trish soon gets Torrie on the ground, lifts her leg and drives her elbow into it locking her leg up. Torrie is squirming in pain and does not want to lose just yet. She starts to pull at Trish's hair but she wont let go of the hold. Torrie then grabs the back of Trish's bra and unhooks it pulling it of her. Trish stands up pulling Torrie up with her and slaps her across the face. Torrie gets dazed for a little and this is enough time for Trish to pull her bra off. Both these exquisite Divas have D cup breasts. Trish's are firm and she has big dark nipples, where as Torrie's are a little bouncier and have tiny pink nips. They both stand face to face with their hard nipples pressed against each other. Torrie smiles at Trish seductively. "When I said first person to tap out loses I meant to say the first one to tap or give up to an orgasm loses."

Once Trish hears this she does not hesitate, she grabs Torrie from behind and tries to pull her thong of but Torrie backs Trish up to the turnbuckle. Trish can't get her thong down because Torrie's ass is pressed tightly against her stomach. Trish reaches both her hands around Torrie her left reaches up to Torrie's tits and her right goes down into the front of Torrie's thong. Trish smiles when she feels how wet her opponents cunt has gotten. She slides two fingers inside of her and squeezes her breast tightly at the same time. Torrie starts to moan softly. Trish's hand starts working her wetness faster and faster and Torrie starts to let out louder moans, which soon turn to screams. Just as Torrie is reaching her orgasm Trish asks " So do u give up?" Never is the scream she receives as Torrie's knees start to buckle and her pussy juice covers Trish's hand. Trish takes her hand out and places her fingers inside Torrie's mouth so she can taste her own juice.

Trish lets her go and Torrie stumbles to the ground. I'm not through with you Torrie says as she slowly stands up. "It's going to take a hell of a bigger orgasm then that to make me tap out." Torrie thong is so wet that it is now see through. She turns around and bends over sliding the thong off her and showing Trish her tight ass and pussy at the same time. She throws the dripping thong at Trish and trips her. Torrie sits down with her legs straight out and lies Trish down horizontally across her lap. She pulls her red thong off and then starts to spank her ass. She spanks each cheek and keeps spanking it harder and harder. Trish yelps each time the hand strikes her and Torrie can feel Trish's pussy getting wet. Torrie picks her up and throws her to the turnbuckle. She picks each of Trish's legs up and drapes them over the second rope so that her pussy is spread out wide and her clit can be seen

Torrie starts to rub her fellow Divas clit as she lets out short gasps. Wetness is starting to drip out of her spread pussy and Torrie places her mouth up to her box. She starts to lick her pussy lips then starts to eat her out furiously. When she finds her clit with her tongue she sucks on it teasingly and an orgasm washes over Trish's body as she starts gyrating on the turnbuckle.

Torrie rolls out of the ring and then back in with her gym bag in her hand. She opens up the bag and there are a number of sex toys inside. Trish has now recovered and both the chicks grab a bottle of baby oil. They start to squirt the oil on each others body's until almost every inch of them is shiny and slippery with the oil. They try grabbing each other but they are too slippery and neither of them can get a good grip. Trish goes into the bag and pulls out a huge dildo. Torrie tries to run away but Trish kicks her legs out from under her. She then places the pink dildo into her own mouth and kneels down holding Torrie's ankles and spreading her legs out wide and up in the air so that her pink box is facing her. Trish lowers her head with one end of the dildo still in her mouth. She inserts the other into Torrie's gapping hole and starts bobbing her head up and down so that the dildo is slamming into Torrie's hungry cunt. "OHHH! I'mmm not goi goi going to loose Trish," she says as two orgasms fill her body. She knows that if a third one strikes she is going to tap out for sure. Luckily her bag is near her and she sticks her hand in and pulls out handcuffs. She clamps the cuffs on the wrist of Trish and cuffs her to the ropes. She grabs another pair and cuffs her other wrist to the ropes. Torrie is moaning loudly and breathing very hard as her tits bounce up and down with each gasp for air.

It takes Torrie a while to recover from her last powerful orgasm but when she does she looks through her bag and starts to laugh when she finds her double strap on dildo. She puts it on and goes behind Trish in doggy style position she puts one of the tips of the black 10 inch dildo in Trish's small asshole and the other in her already soaking pussy. "Oh my god" Trish screams as she tries to pull her self free to no use. Torrie eases the dildos into Trish very slowly inch by inch knowing that there is know way Trish can escape. Trish lets out a series of short powerful gasps and the dildo pushes into both of her holes. Once the dildos are fully in she pulls them back out and repeats her previous technique of inserting it inch by inch.

Trish can hardly breath as Torrie keeps making love to both her holes very slowly. Torrie then decides to finish her. She pulls the dildos almost completely out then rams them back in with force. "O FUCK" Trish screams as it echoes though the dark empty arena. The dildo's ram in and out of her furiously, as she gets double penetrated. Torrie rocks her hips faster and faster humping the brains out of her fellow diva. Trish orgasm's shaking her whole body but she doesn't give up, so Torrie continues her assault on Trish's ass and cunt. Cum is dripping out of Trish's pussy and Torrie starts rubbing her own clit as she keeps working Trish. Once Torrie brings herself to orgasm she takes her hand away from her own cunt and starts to spank Trish's booty as Trish gets her second orgasm from the double penetration. "O Torrie fuck!" Torrie sensing that Trish can't take much more reaches her hands around her and grabs her huge breasts. She squeezes her enormous tits and pounds her love holes at the same time. Trish's moans get very high pitched as she screams Torrie's name. " OHHHHH MY GOD TORRIE WILSON! TORRIE WILSON!" Torries pinches both Trish's nipples tightly and thrusts both dildos' in a few last times as Trish burst into a huge orgasm. Trish starts to slap her hand on the mat saying "I GIVE UP I GIVE UP!" She collapses to the ground and Torrie takes off the handcuffs.

Both the hot Divas lay on the mat breathing hard and looking into each other's eyes with the smell of baby oil, sweat and both their pussy juices covering the ring when Trish says "any time you want a re-match you know where to find me."

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