WWE – HLA featuring Mickie, Trish and Ashley

"Shit Trish look at this!" Ashley says as she sits on her bed with her laptop. On the screen is a rated X pictorial of fellow Diva Mickie James.

Trish comes over and starts laughing, "Holy fuck! That's Mickie!" Trish laughs as she presses her lips together.

"Who knew she was a little porn bitch like me..." Ashley laughs.

Trish smirks, "Hey... Mickie is more extreme than yours... she's showing her sweet pussy..."

Ashley looks at Trish with a raised eyebrow before smirking, "Sounds like you know that fact first hand..."

"You bet I do..." Trish smiles, "Come on... let's go drop in on her.... She has something of mine anyway...."

"All right..." Ashley says, licking her lips as she looks at her laptop's screen once again.


Mickie James lays on the bed of her hotel room, completely naked as she moves two fingers in and out of her hot shaved cunt while looking at the Playboy pictorial for fellow Diva Ashley Massaro. "Ohhhh Ashley..." Mickie moans softly as she moves her fingers in and out faster, "Fuck me.... Mmmmm..." Mickie moans as she fingers her twat at a faster pace. Mickie closes her eyes and just as she's about to reach her peak there's a knock on her hotel room door.

"Son of a bitch..." Mickie curses as she reluctantly pulls her fingers out of her wet pussy. She gets out of bed, incredibly pissed off as she stomps over to the door. "Who is..." Mickie is almost immediately cut off as she's pulled forward and kissed deeply by Ashley. Mickie responds to the kiss instantly, sliding her tongue forward into Ashley's mouth and the two hot Diva's slap their tongues against one another's for several moments before breaking he kiss. Mickie is totally stunned by this development as she looks into the wild eyes of the WWE's Dirty Diva, "What... was that for?" Mickie asks.

Ashley presses her pierced lips together as she smirks, "I found some hot pictures of you...." Ashley says as she steps into Mickie's hotel room as Mickie steps backward.

"You did?" Mickie asks as she gets an embarrassed look on her face, remember the X-Rated photo shoot she did years ago.

"Yeah... and they are hot.... I was coming to ask you about them... when I heard you moaning my name..." Ashley replies.

Mickie's face gets incredibly red as she backs up towards the bed, "Um well... umm..."

"And to think I thought you wanted that dyke tongue in Trish's cunt...." Ashley says just as Trish follows her into the bedroom.

"Yeah Mickie... what the hell?" Trish asks with a laugh..

Mickie smiles a little, "Well... um..."

"Oh shut up and lay down..." Ashley lays as she pushes Mickie onto the hotel room bed. Mickie giggles as she lands on the soft surface. Ashley spreads Mickie's legs apart as she lowers her head down to Mickie's pussy and starts flicking her hot tongue against Mickie's twat.

"Oooo..." Mickie moans as she closes her eyes. Trish strips out of her clothes and moves over to the bed and straddles Mickie's face. When Mickie opens her eyes she sees the awesome sight of Trish's wet, bald pussy above her face. Mickie raises her head slightly and shoves her tongue into Trish's pussy.

"Ohhh yea.... Lick it..." Trish moans as she starts to grind her pussy on Mickie's tongue as the brunette twirls it around inside of her. Mickie raises her hands to put them on Trish's smoothly shaven legs as Ashley darts her own tongue in and out of her pussy. Ashley grins as she brings her tongue out of Mickie's pussy and she starts dragging her tongue up and down Mickie's pussy lips as she inserts two fingers into it as well.

"Ahhhh... shit..." Mickie moans as Ashley pumps her fingers in and out of her of pussy. Mickie happily laps her tongue against Trish's snatch as the Canadian Diva pinches her own nipples.

"Mmmm fuck yea..." Trish moans before she moves off of Mickie's face and she sits down on the edge of the bed. "Hey Ash... get that dirty tongue in my twat..." Trish says.

Ashley lifts her head up from Mickie's pussy and pulls her fingers out of Mickie's pussy. "With pleasure...." Ashley says with a smirk as she kneels down in front of Trish. The Dirty Diva of the WWE starts running her tongue up and down Trish's pussy.

"I want some action too!" Mickie says as she gets herself behind Ashley. The loony Diva sucks on her own fingers for a moment before reaching between Ashley's legs to jam them into Ashley's twat.

"Ohh fuck!" Ashley groans as Mickie starts to finger fuck her from behind. Ashley spreads Trish's pussy open with her left hand and starts darting her tongue around inside of her.

"Ooooo shit yea... eat that pussy...." Trish moans as Ashley licks her Stratusfying cunt. Ashley raises her right hand up and slides her fingers into her and Trish moans loudly as her wet pussy makes it easy for Ashley to finger fuck her. Trish leans back and puts her hands behind her on the bed so that she can rock her hips forward to grind her pussy against Ashley's face and fingers.

"Mmmmm... mmmm!" Ashley moans as she eats and fingers Trish's pussy while pushing herself back against Mickie's fingers as the loony diva continues to finger fuck her.

"Fuck this is soooo hot!" Mickie says excitedly as she pulls her fingers out of Ashley's soaking wet cunt and licks them clean.

Trish smirks, "We're just getting started... get the strap-on Mickie..."

Ashley jerks her head up from Trish's delicious pussy and looks over her shoulder at Mickie. "You have a strap-on?" Ashley asks.

Mickie giggles, "It's actually Trish's and it's huge!" Mickie says as she goes over to her suitcase to bring out a very thick ten inch long strap-on dildo.

"Holy shit!" Ashley laughs as she looks at the monster strap-on as Mickie hands it to Trish.

"Yeah... it's my personal bitch maker...' Trish laughs as she puts it on. After a few moments to make sure it's perfectly adjusted against her snatch. Trish looks at Mickie and Ashley with a grin on her face, "Now who wants to suck MY dick..." Trish laughs.

"ME!" Ashley and Mickie both say as they position themselves in front of Trish as she stands up. Ashley and Mickie both lean forward and start sliding their wet tongues up and down Trish's ten inch plastic dick as she puts her hands on their heads to stroke their hair.

"Oh yea lick that dick!" Trish giggles as she watches Mickie and Ashley tongue wrestle at the tip of the fake cock. Ashley moves her head back slightly, which allows Mickie to wrap her lips around Trish's dildo and begins to bob her head quickly.

"Mmmm!" Mickie moans as takes over eight inches of the fake dick into her loony mouth.

"Fuck yea Mickie! Suck it!" Ashley laughs as she puts her hands around Mickie's body to feel up Mickie's large tits. Mickie closes her eyes and moans around Trish's dildo as she starts to deep throat it. Ashley lowers one hand down to Mickie's soaking wet pussy and begins to finger fuck her twat.

"Mmmmm! MMM!" Mickie moans as she feels Ashley's fingers going in and out of her pussy.

"Oh fuck Mickie... you're a hot cock sucker!" Trish laughs a little as she feels Mickie's saliva dripping from her dildo down to her thighs.

Mickie then lifts her head off of Trish's dildo and grins, "I so much want this in my pussy!" Mickie laughs.

"That'll be soooo hot!" Ashley says as she brings her fingers out of Mickie's pussy so that the happily loony Diva can get up.

"Then bend over like my bitch then..." Trish laughs as Mickie climbs back onto the bed and gets on all fours. Trish positions herself behind Mickie and then pushes the ten inch strap-on dildo into Mickie's pussy.

"Ooooo fuck!" Mickie moans as Trish starts to slowly thrust her dildo in and out of Mickie's pussy. Mickie starts to push herself back against Trish so that her juicy ass cheeks hit against Trish's waist as the Canadian Diva thrusts herself deeply into her cunt.

"Yea... you like that...." Trish moans as she continues to fuck Mickie's hot pussy. Ashley sits on the bed near them and starts to rapidly finger her twat as she watches Mickie get fucked doggy style.

"Fuck her Trish.... Fuck her good..." Ashley moans as she pumps her fingers in and out of her pussy.

"Ohhhh... shit.... Fuck meeee..." Mickie moans as Trish starts using faster thrusts to fuck her. Mickie throws her head back as sweat drips from her body as she starts cumming on Trish's dildo. "Ohhhh fuck... fuck... FUCK!" Mickie moans as she slumps down as she gets hit with a wicked orgasm.

"Shit... too much for her tonight..." Trish laughs as she pulls the strap-on out of Mickie's soaking wet pussy.

Ashley presses her pierced lips together, "Hey Trish... how about I fuck you with that big dick?" Ashley asks with a smirk.

"Sure!" Trish nods her head as she takes off the strap-on to hand it over to Ashley.

The Dirty Diva puts the strap-on dildo on and looks down at herself, "Fuck... I look good with a dick..." Ashley laughs jokingly.

"That is so wrong on so many levels..." Trish laughs as she lays on her back and spreads her legs. Ashley gets between her legs and slides the dildo into Trish's cunt. "Ooooo fuck..." Trish moans as Ashley starts to pump the dildo in and out of her pussy slowly, but then starts to pick up the face.

"Awww shit..." Ashley moans as she watches Trish's tits sway as she pounds her pussy faster and faster. Trish wraps her smooth legs around Ashley's sexy waist to pull her deeper into her pussy.

"Ohhhh... fuck... ohhh shit!" Trish moans as Ashley's deep thrusts have her breathing deeply. Trish arches her back and closes her eyes as the Dirty Diva's quick thrusts push her over the edge, "Ohhhhh son of a bitch!" Trish screams as she starts cumming on the ten inch strap-on dildo .

"Fuck this is hot!" Ashley smirks as she continues to fuck Trish until her friend starts to come down from her climax. Once Trish is worn down, Ashley pulls the dildo out of Trish. The Dirty Diva then smirks as she looks at the passed out Mickie and tired out Trish. "Shit... no one's left to fuck me.... Maybe I should find some fan..."

Ashley then looks down at the dildo she's wearing that's covered in Mickie's and Trish's cum and gets a wicked smirk on her face. "Or better yet..." Ashley takes off the strap-on and then proceeds to lick it clean of the juices that's on it. "Mmmm tasty..." Ashley says before she sits down on the bed between her passed out fuck buddies.

"Shit... I gotta get off!" Ashley laughs as she holds the strap-on dildo at the base and brings it to her own pussy. She wastes little time by ramming it into her twat where she then starts to grinds herself against it as she pushes it in and brings it out of her pussy repeatedly.

"Ohhhh shit...mmmm fuck!" Ashley groans as she tosses her head back as she fucks herself. Ashley licks her lips as she pushes the ten inch dildo as deep as she can into her pussy while pushing herself against it. "Ohhh shit... fuck... god damn it..." Ashley screams as she starts to cum on the dildo as she rapidly fucks herself. The Dirty Diva continues to fuck herself with the ten inch dildo until she can't keep going any more.

"Mother fucker.... That was sweet!" Ashley groans as she pulls the dildo out of her pussy and brings it to her lips. She licks her juices off of it and drops it on the bed. She looks at Mickie and then at Trish who are both passed out. Ashley then starts laughing "I should've gone and find someone..."


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