tagSci-Fi & FantasyWyxt and Sia Sinblade Ch. 04

Wyxt and Sia Sinblade Ch. 04


Wyxt leans against the stairs, massive, silk-clad breasts hanging over the edge of the staircase, one elbow on the banister and her chin in hand as she peers at the room down below from the faint shadow of that dragon snout helm. Peering at Varrain, and then Throk fondly, Wyxt speaks up to the three men in the bar, the gnoll included. "I owe th' lot o' ye f'r that show this mornin', don't I?" Well, maybe not Varrain, but how could she refuse to tease the tauren who'd treated her and her wife so well? Of course, Wyxt is in her favorite outfit, crimson silk vest showing off most of her cleavage (and the bare edges of dark purple tattoo cupping her tits), and that fiery red thong she favors.

Cavhoagh turns in his seat as he picks up his drink, the tall gnoll glancing at Tatayana, especially her legs... before straightening up "oh.. the talented troll lady..." he muses ".. I suppose a little.. ehm.. show won't that wrong..."

Varrain nods to Tatayana with a smile.."I am doing well this evening and yourself, Tatayana?" He looks over to Wyxt and offers her a grin, letting his eyes roam her form..."Hmm ,what show would that be, Wyxt, seems I may have missed something."

Throk cackles as he recalls the two trolls and their non too subtle performance. "Wyxt lady likes bananas is all me gonna say." He leans back in his chair and takes a swig, eyeballing Wyxt's outfit.

Tatayana smiles as always; she was good even if she was not doing well.. " evening Wyxt.. I am well Var thank you.. show what show hmm??"

Cavhoagh gives the large tauren a grin "..you'll see, my horned friend.. and you'll like you." he extends a long fingered, clawed hand "...Cavhoagh Cloudrunner." he says to his bar neighbor.

Wyxt winks at Varrain. "Teasin' th' poor boys wit' showin' 'em what I could do wit' a banana. But got dragged off t' m' room." Wyxt purrs lightly from her place above the rest of the room, legs crossed under her, leaning against the apparently strong support of the banister. She licks her lips lightly, then purses them, as she glances to the new face, Tiergan. Then... "G'mornin', Tats." Of course, it's night time, but she just go up, so it's all the same to her.

Varrain glances over at the gnoll and raises a brow, most gnolls he knew was trying to gnaw on him. He reaches over and shakes the offered hand.."Varrain Splithoof." He then looks back towards Wyxt and keeps eying her and the revealing outfit she is in. "Ah I see" He chuckles deeply and glances to Brenka with a chuckle.."Sorry got distracted, some moonberry juice would be nice, when you get the time Brenka"

Tatayana just chuckles and shakes her head sipping her rum.. not really thinking much of Wyxt's teasing the guys but well some ones got to have some fun here.

Brenka nods, hustling back behind the bar to pour some fresh drinks for Tiergan and Varrain, smiling up to Wyxt. "How bout yerself, Miz Wyxt, bottle o' the usual?"

Throk empties his mug and throws it on the table. He slides his boot knife out and starts spinning it on the table to amuse himself. "Nice dwarf lady, me need rum!" He cackles as the knife spins off the table and sticks in the sand floor. "Don't forget bout da free drinks neither."

Wyxt slips off the banister, then. With a faint wobble and a moment to steady herself, and a single glance over her shoulder back to Sia's room, Wyxt shakes her head faintly, and makes her way down the stairs, one hand on her breasts to keep them from bouncing out of her top. "Th' usual, hah. I got somethin' thick'r 'n mind t'night, I think. Maybe grab me a bottle f'r aft'rwards." Wyxt hops down the last two steps of the stairs, and moves to a chair near the bar. She leans against it, though, on one elbow, and peers from Throk, to Varrain, to the crazy old gnoll from earlier, and lips curl in a faint smile. "Y' know, if y' want a sample, I ain't against revealin' some o' m' secrets." Tiergan clips open a pouch on his belt, withdrawing a couple coins as he waits.

Brenka beams and nods. "Oh, aye, drinks is on Mister Throk tonight, folks, ye can thank him fer the poundin' headaches ye get tomorrow mornin!"

Varrain grins at Wyxt and sips his juice, eying her more and he gets up moving to sit closer to the troll lady.."Hmm, well why don't you reveal some then" He chuckles and grins.."And I'm sure everyone in here would like to help you get your..thicker drink" He winks at Wyxt again, and sips his moonberry juice slowly.

Sia comes down the steps to the common room, hips swaying with each step, her full, swollen breasts pressing against the tight confines of her top as they jiggle slightly with every step. She yawns a moment, looking around the common room and giving everyone present light smiles. Her red gaze settles on her beloved at last and without further waiting, she walks towards her, putting a hand on her shoulder and leaning forward to kiss her lightly. "Sorry I'm late..." she mumbles and smiles slightly.

Brenka bounces back over to Tiergan's table, sliding the mug of stout to him with a flourish before she heads over with Throk's rum. "Drink up, lads!" She gives her boss a wave. "Oi, Miz Sia, wot can I get ye?"

Sia looks over to Brenka with a light smile. "Mug o rum if ya will lass."

Wyxt winks at Varrain. "First in line, eh Varr darlin'?" Wyxt is distracted a moment, when Sia abruptly leans against her, and her cheeks flush immediately as she returns the kiss. "S'alright darlin', thought y' were tired, was gonna let y' sleep." She pulls her into a half-hug, breasts pressing against Sia's own as she purrs. "Was goin' t' pay back th' poor men f'r th' awful teasin' I did this mornin'. Been feelin' terrible 'bout it." Wyxt grins, clearly not feeling terrible at all.

Tiergan giving a weary smile to Brenka as he nods, "Thank ya lass." He takes a deep drink of the stout, washing out the cobwebs left over from his nap.

Cavhoagh stuffs his pipe and lights it with a grin, looking up at Varrain and then to Wyxt, as the gnollish shaman removes his cape, folding it up and putting it on the counter... he doesn't say anything, but grins, adjusting his armor slightly.

Brenka pours Sia a mug of rum and slides it to her with a smile, setting it nearby while she embraces Wyxt.

Varrain grins at Wyxt and Sia nodding to the green troll and eyes both before he answers Wyxt..."Well can you blame me Wyxt, I'm surprise riots don't break out when you offer to..share some secrets with everyone" He gives a deep chuckle.

Sia chuckles lightly, hugging Wyxt against her tightly and inclines her head, looking down to her for a moment, then around the room once more, then back. "Well...can't have ya feelin terrible...what kinda wife would I be if I did, mh?" she murmurs and grins lightly, pinching one of Wyxt's nipples lightly through the fabric of her clothing while shortly leaning back in the embrace before again leaning down and kissing her beloved tenderly. She then looks over to tat, giving her a soft wink and a smile. "Heya Tats...hows everything goin sweets?" she asks while nodding a thanks to Brenka and picking up the mug, sipping from it.

Tiergan adjusting the brim on his hat, pulling it down a little more as he looks around, finally taking in everything now that he's a bit more alert.

Throk grabs his rum and stalks over to Wyxt's table, sliding a chair back and plunking down. "Me not have fun with you for a long time, Wyxt lady. How you pay me back, hmm?" He chugs his rum and stares at both sets of troll tits pushed together. He leans back in his chair easily.

Tatayana shrugs.." Ah, you know me its sweet and fine as rain.. nothings bad .."

Wyxt winks at Varrain, then looks back to Sia, and frowns a bit. "Terrible? Sia darlin', sometimes y' need rest, sometimes i do. 'ow'm I gonna 'old that against y'?" She boggles, though that confused look is dispelled when her nipples are pinched. Then.. Wyxt smiles. "Why don't the three o' ya come sit at m' table? I feel like ent'rtainin' t'night b'fre I gotta go tend t' m' crew." She winks at Cavhoagh in particular, who hasn't come closer yet. "Throk, y' know 'ow I can pay y' back darlin'. I owe y' big wit' th' teasin' and leavin' wit'out tellin' ya, don't I? Wouldn't mind a good stuffin' right now..." Wyxt murmurs, and glances to Sia with a sly wink. "Y' don't mind if y'r slut wife makes a mess do ya?"

Sia chuckles and sips again from her rum, licking her lips afterwards. "S long 's my slutty wife comes back ta me ta clean the mess I will create by watchin' ya..." she winks, playfully, her eyes glittering as she leans down to kiss the half-trolless tenderly on the lips for a moment before retreating.

Tatayana listens to whats going on and chuckles.. knowing Wy this would be interesting..she looks at Sia.." You're always making a mess some how..'

Cavhoagh finishes his drink without any signs of hurry, knocks his pipe clean against the counter and puts it in his pocket before he gets up... walking towards what seems to be a promising evening, the distinguished looking gnoll, looking his chops and returning Wyxt's wink, a wolfish grin curling his lips

Throk grins wickedly at Wyxt. "That what me like to hear." He stands up and looms over Wyxt, grabbing one of her barely covered tits, and squeezing the fat nipple sticking out beneath the fabric. He leers as he massages her chest and looks lustily at her glossy lips. "How you wanna do this, slut?"

Varrain grins at the two lovely trolls, even as Wyxt invites the other two closer, he scoots over closer to Wyxt, reaching to cup her other breast and chuckles as he hears Throk.

Wyxt bumps that dragon-head helmet against Sia's forehead lightly in her usual affectionate gesture, grinning at the green trolless, before she licks her lips and turns to the table. Both hands come to rest on the table as she leans forward, massive tits almost completely on display from the way she's leaning and her curvy, full ass somewhat thrust into the air behind her as she bends one knee slightly and dark red eyes peer slyly at the men at her table. "Lessee now. Throk, I owe y' th' most f'r m' absence..." She shivers as he begins to play with her heavy tits, closing her eyes. "So I'mma get y' good an' ready first." Then, glancing to the other two, Wyxt winks. "Don't worr'h, I'll get th' three o' ya good an' read'h soon too. Y' can all stay seated though, f'r th' moment."

Cavhoagh pulls out a chair and drapes his cloak over the back of it, sitting down in it and leans back.. a grin still playing over his lips.. and ignoring the indignantly rattling staff he left over by the bar

Throk laughs softly to himself as he undoes the top of his pants and frees his orc cock, almost fully hard already from just thinking about Wyxt's skilled mouth caressing him. His pants slide to his ankles as he sits back down, idly stroking his shaft.

Wyxt licks her lips, hungry and unable to help herself as she purrs. To save a little time later, she wriggles out of the silk top now, with quite a bit of jiggling effort, mind you, to pull the red fabric up and over her head so that glossy blue breast flesh can flop free, dark purple nipples highlighted by the firelight. That done, she purrs, and drops to her knees, crawling under the table. Shuffling on her knees, she first eyes Throk's stroked shaft, hungry to get to it, but knowing that first, some pants need to be lost. So she shifts over to Varrain, hands coming up to the edges of his pants to remove them. One hand quickly undoes the few buttons that would keep them up, with a slut's expert touch, before she pulls back, taking his pants with her as she retreats under the table. Last, of course, is Cavhoagh, the half-troll's hands quick to repeat the process with him after taking a moment to rub one hand against his shaft through his pants, curious as to just how gnoll cock feels. Vaguely, she wonders if he has a knot, too.

Sia chuckles and moves back towards the bar, sitting down there slowly while sipping from her rum, then setting the mug down on the bar top and licking her lips slowly. Her red gaze is fixed on her beloved slut wife as she is having her fun. Her eyes glitter faintly in the light of the tavern, her free hand resting on her ample breasts. Briefly, she considers simply joining in, but she discards the idea, for the time being much more interested in seeing her beloved little slut be taken by those three...or her taking them as it were.

Cavhoagh spreads his legs apart slightly, growling softly as Wyxt feels his aroused shaft through his leather pants, looking down at her as she sits on her knees in front of them... a nice view in itself.

Throk glares lustily at Wyxt as she shuffles around under the table like the bitch in heat she is. Throk's muscled hand strokes slowly up and down, pre-cum beading on his cock head as he kicks his leather pants out of the way and spreads his legs wide, full balls waiting to empty into Wyxt any way they could. He cackles softly in anticipation.

Varrain gives a grunt as Wyxt deftly removes his leggings, revealing that thick ebony bull cock that is already standing semi-erect from watching Wyxt strip and the thought of the fun about to happen, he leans back waiting to see just what Wyxt's does next, stroking his ebony shaft slowly.

Cavhoagh licks his lips as Wyxt pulls his leather pants off... baring a pair of very powerful digit grade legs and a glistening shaft, completely emerged from it's sheath... it doesn't have an actual knot, but a widening towards the base and a much more flared head than canines... he keeps his hands on his thighs, chewing on his lip

Wyxt wouldn't mind being fucked raw by the three of them, would love it, but she wouldn't mind getting them all to cum down her throat too much, either. When the smell of pre-cum fills the air, Wyxt is quick to move back to Throk, licking her lips, milky tits swaying beneath her as she crawls under the table like a hungry bitch on all fours, ass high in the air for onlookers to see. She doesn't use her hands at all, except to sit up, lashing the head of Throk's cock with a full, rough stroke of her tongue to lick up that pre-cum. She leans forward, and curls her tongue tight against his shaft, kissing the shaft lightly as she purses her lips and sucks, sealing her tongue tight against his cock as she begins to bathe him in warm saliva with those rough strokes, getting Throk good and wet while cleaning up that pre-cum.

Tatayana leans on Sia sitting there with her watching Wyxt torment the three males.. she looks at Sia and chuckles a bit... and she sips her rum.. watching the show...

Tiergan works a couple moments at cleaning out his pipe, as he watches the going-ons around the room, filling his pipe again, and lighting it. Draws a few quick puffs, then takes a drink from his tankard.

Wyxt of course does not leave the other two males idle in the least. She places a hand on Varrain's shaft, her hands warm and surprisingly soft for a troll that shoots bows all day... but her grip firm, too. Gripping that thick, ebony cock in hand, Wyxt purrs, sending vibrations through Throk's already rather rigid shaft, as she curls four fingers around that hot, throbbing meat, her thumb pressing against the base of his shaft to keep him steady and pointed upright as she begins to pump that hot length... the throbbing feeling in her hand making her want to start switching off and bobbing on cock already.. but she forces herself to be a little more patient. Her other hand finds Cavhoagh's shaft, fingers first gliding over the widened base of his cock, then the flared head, teasing, stroking, and exploring, before she curls her fingers around his shaft and begins to pump him, too, her thumb pressing against that sensitive head of his shaft, and her pinky curled around that sensitive, widened base, as she begins to pump his cock, favoring the more sensitive ridges with her fingers.

Throk grunts in pleasure as Wyxt begins slathering up and down his shaft, his cock pulsing in response to her tongue. Bending over slightly and reaching under Wyxt, he grabs a handful of firm soft tit flesh and tugs on her large purple nipple. Removing her helm, he runs his other hand through her hair and pushes down slightly, urging her to bury him in her throat.

Varrain grunts as Wyxt begins to stroke his cock, it hardening fully rather quickly. He looks down at her under the table, watching her sucking the orc's cock and he grins. He glances to the other two guys and then he reaches under the table to grab one of Wyxt's tits, squeezing it as she strokes and sucks cocks.

Cavhoagh licks his lips... exchanging a glance with Varrain.. before leaning his head back and sounding a soft growl.. the smooth, wet shaft hardening and growing further in Wyxt's skillful hand.. sounding a surprised yip as she presses her thumb against the tip of his cock, jumping slightly, his tail thumping against the back of the chair in a staccato rhythm.

Sia peers at Tat leaning on her, smiling as she slips an arm around the human girl and strokes her shoulder and side gently up and down, then up to her hair, entangling her fingers in the red strands quietly, as her gaze returns to her wife busily working on the three males. She grins lightly, licking her lips happily at seeing the slut doing what she does so well.

Wyxt pulls back, though. In fact, she ducks away when he moves to pull away the helm, which she's rarely seen without these days. Her tits being molested, herself dripping wet between the legs and panting a bit already, she peers up at Throk from the darkness, and winks. "Don't worr'h, y' get t' fuck m' throat soon as y're all good an' wet." She blows him a kiss, then disappears, turning to face Varrain's cock now. Wanting to do something different each time around, she guides his cock into her mouth, dark blue glossy lips pursing around his throbbing shaft as tusks lightly guide that thick, long bull cock into the depths of her warm mouth. She doesn't take him into her throat, but rather, lets the head of his cock bump the back of her throat, as her tongue arches and strokes his length vigorously, lips pursing tight around his cock as her cheeks pull in and she begins to bob on his shaft lightly.

Wyxt shifts her hand to Throk's gleaming green wet shaft, closing her eyes as she feels him out, and begins to stroke his cock. This time, her hand is a fist, pumping him vigorously almost as though she's trying to get him off with her hand, though in truth she's purposefully working Throk into a frenzy for her next time around.. assuming the men can remain seated a little longer before they outright fuck her. Cav's hardening shaft lengthens in her hands, and Wyxt's fingers spread to follow the growth of that thick cock head and the widened base of his cock. Not gripping quite as tightly, but spread over nearly his entire length, stroking him as she bobs on Varrain's cock.

Brenka makes the rounds, checking on Tiergan's mug with a nod and a wry grin, making sure Miz Sia and Tats are both topped off.

Throk looks a bit disappointed when she pops off of his cock head, but her husky words seem to satisfy him for now, and when she starts pumping his shaft vigorously, he doesn't mind one bit. Her hand is a slippery blur up and down his throbbing cock. Grunting, he leans back and savors the feeling as it washes over him and waits for his chance to fuck her throat like he loves to do.

Varrain closes his eyes to grunt a bit as Wyxt's mouth engulfs the head of his ebony cock. He lets go of her tit so the gnoll and orc can fondle them as he bends over slightly to grab that nice ass and squeezes it. He pushes his hips very slightly to Wyxt's bobbing mouth. He lets out a low groan opening his eyes to watch Wyxt working his cock.

Sia looks to Brenka and nods lightly, then winks. "Come on, sit with us and enjoy..." she murmurs and pats the chair beside her.

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