X is for Xenia


I moved towards the door, he didn't. He was still terrified at being found out.

"Move!" I hissed.

He did, suddenly, he zipped up and turned, I heard him rather noisily scrambling up the stairs. In the kitchen I quickly re-adjusted my panties and bra and top and skirt. I very quickly re-did my lip gloss and patted my hair back into place. I tripped through into the lounge and grabbed my handbag and my drink, then shot straight out of the back door. When Sandra came in half a minute later and came through she noticed the back door was open.

"Oh. Hello Geoff. What are you doing here?"

'Geoff!' Well, what else did I expect from my sister?

"Hi Sandra. James gave me a lift."

Which was true, of course. I was sitting there with a cigarette and my vodka.

"Well, I thought you'd be somewhere getting shagged."


"Just been out with the girls. We called in at that 'Pink' place you trannies hang out at. One girl there, tall girl with a midget guy fondling his thighs, she said you'd been dancing with a really hot hunk."

"Oh. Right. I thought I'd pulled but he just vanished. Scared off I suppose. It happens."

Thank God Yolanda hadn't said who I was dancing with. Did she know Sandra? I thought perhaps she might but at least she hadn't said anything - untoward.

"So you met James?"

"Yes. As I left the club, I was looking for the guy. James was there, outside, going past. He saw me and offered me a lift back."

I stood up and rubbed my bare shoulders.

"It is still a bit nippy, let's go in."

My sister and I went in and closed the door, she turned towards me.

"You really are amazing - er - Xenia. Flirting like that, with what you've got hidden in your panties. One day you're going to get a shock."

James came in from the hall, looking cleaned up and tidy-ish. He kissed Sandra on the cheek, poured himself a scotch-and-soda, and downed it in one.

"Well James, looks like I'm giving my tranny brother a lift home, you're obviously pretty pissed. Come on Xenia, I need to get to bed."

Behind Sandra's back, James leered at me as we left. There was satisfaction there - and there was also lust.

'Well Xenia,' I thought to myself. 'It looks like I'm really going to enjoy James and Sandra visiting at Christmas....'

In the four weeks up to Christmas I didn't see James once. OK so he and Sandra only live half a mile from us, but we generally moved in different circles. I missed out on two weekends dressing and shagging because of family commitments, but was cheered by the thought of Christmas dinner at home, with Sandra and James too. With my sister-in-law and my brother. Wow!

We always have Christmas dinner together, the whole family. Mum and Dad and Sandra and her previously-straight husband and me. A couple of years earlier I'd invited a 'boyfriend'. OK so Mum had accepted him but Dad had been very wary. Specially since I was so obviously flirting with him after dinner. So, not again, not unless I could be really sure

So it was just the five of us again for dinner. I was a good girl, honestly, by now Dad is more used to his 'son' mincing round the house in a tight mini. And that Christmas Day was the first time I'd had any chance at all to get together with James. That first time, when he'd picked me up at the club and we ended up doing very tasty oral, it was still fresh in my mind. But I wanted, I NEEDED, him to shag me. I needed his cock up me. I didn't know how, but it just had to happen somehow.

Just sitting there, seeing James sitting opposite me across the family dining table, I couldn't help but feel something between my legs throb. He still looked so handsome, his short-sleeved shirt showed off his muscular arms and I was going crazy with desire. We continued to look meaningful glances in each other's direction, oblivious of the rest of the family gathered around for Christmas dinner. He just sat there, eyeing my 'boobs' through the sheer fabric of the lowest-cut dress I owned, the one I was wearing specially for his benefit. I think he realised that.

When I stood up to clear the glasses from the table, I knew he was staring at my long legs. That dress wasn't just tight and low-cut, it's as provocatively short as I dare wear in public without getting done for indecent exposure. James followed me into the kitchen carrying one of the empty wine bottles. As I put the glasses down I felt his arms round my waist.

"Christ, Xenia, you are looking HOT today!"

I turned and dared to slide a hand across his chest, kissing him quickly and lightly and then sexily whispering in his ear.

"And it's all yours, my lover, just say where and when. If you're man enough for me, of course."

I had to break off of course, we jumped apart as we heard someone. It was Mum - following us into the kitchen. Straight after that she and Dad vanished upstairs, we all knew why. It was a family tradition, every year after Christmas dinner. They still did it at other times of course.

And after that James and Sandra ended up sitting side-by-side on one sofa, with me on my own on the other. I could see my sister leaning over to James's ear and squeezing his thigh. I admit it, OK, so I know he is her husband but I was still jealous. Why the fuck should Sandra have all the fun, just because she is his wife? I wanted some of him. What I didn't realise, irony of ironies, was that she was about to hand him to me. On a plate.

"James. Honey. Look, Xenia's all alone. On Christmas Day."

She was drunk. I'd given her a bottle of Bailey's that morning, I didn't realise until I glanced across that she'd already drunk most of it. She's a bit weird like that, Sandra, drinks like a fish and then suddenly goes ultra-tipsy when she hits some sort of threshold. Looking at her I could tell from experience, she'd just begun to slide down it. In about five minutes she'd either vomit her entire Christmas dinner over that sofa, or she'd just go to sleep.

She was looking across at me, with that look on her face. That near-tipsy look. But there was something else, she was going into sibling-rivalry mode. She'd been upset ever since I'd been able to carry bigger boobs than her AND she'd realised I had better-looking legs. She was about to mock, to insult, to pull my strings, to make nasty comments about my transvestism.

I didn't realise she was for some reason upset with James too.

"Oh dear, James. She looks lonely. Why don't you go sit next to her? Next to HER!"

That's when the mocking tone started.

"Go on James, sit next to HER! Sit next to my SISTER!"

"Sandra, please, maybe you need to rest....."

I wanted her to stop.

"No I don't, XENIA my dear. It is XENIA isn't it? Not Geoffrey! It can't be GEOFFREY, can it? Not with such a short skirt, can it? I mean, a guy wouldn't wear a skirt that short, only a real slut would do that!"

"Now, come on, Sandra. Calm down."

James was trying his best but she was in a mood, the alcohol effect was increasing.

"No, James, you fucking bastard, I won't. And if you're on her side, you may as well fucking move like I said. Go on, sit next to the bitch."

She pushed James. He had no choice, he moved and sat next to me. I hadn't time to react, hadn't time to start enjoying him sitting next to me, Sandra was winding up.

"Well, if you're going to fucking sit next to her, maybe you should give her a Christmas kiss. You're nearly under the mistletoe after all. Come on then, James, I want to see you kiss her."

James looked at me. I looked at him, then across at Sandra.

"Look, Sandra, if you're sure?"

She was giggling now, pleased with herself, she was trying to force her husband to kiss her tranny sister. I don't know what he'd done to upset her but I was damn sure I was going to make the most of it.

"All right, James. You heard what Sandra said."

"I can't. Not with Sandra there, I can't."

"Yes you fucking can, James. Come on, kiss him -- her - and do it properly!"

I didn't wait any longer, I flung my arms round James's neck and pushed my lips to his. I kissed his lips, I worked on his lips, I pushed my tongue into his mouth, I wanted and needed him to respond. He didn't at first but after about fifteen seconds I felt his hand on my leg, sliding up my thigh. I thrust my tongue deeper into his mouth, I was having so much fun - and my sister was watching us.

I looked over towards her as James and I ended our passionate embrace. She really was pissed. She was watching her husband necking with her transvestite 'sister' and actually enjoying it. More than that, she was encouraging us! OK, so she was mocking me and to an extent mocking James as well but I didn't care.

"I bet you enjoyed that didn't you, Xenia. My sexy tarty SISTER, Xenia. Must be good to have a proper man instead of those pansies down at that gay club. So, come on James, see if you can get my SISTER excited. Come on get her tits out. Her big bouncing so-called tits!"

James was distinctly unsure but, hell, I needed to make the most of the opportunity. I smiled in his direction.

"Come on James. Don't be shy. You'd like to see my boobs, wouldn't you?"

I was trying to encourage him without sounding too keen. But keen I was! I watched him nervously unfasten the top of my dress and pull it open, then unclip my front-fastening bra. My big tits flopped out.

"Come on James. I bet you'd even like to fuck her!"

We both turned to look in amazement at Sandra. Necking was one thing but actual sex? She looked towards us both, smiled inanely, closed her eyes, and slumped back against the cushions. I was pretty sure that when she did wake up she'd both have the hangover to end all hangovers, and not remember a thing about what she'd just seen. Or said. I turned to look at James.

"Want to fuck your sister-in-law?" I hissed as I licked his neck.

James stared back at me. Maybe the exertion was sobering him up, bringing him to his senses. His wife's 'sister' was trying to get off with him and his wife had actually suggested it. I could see him just begin to hesitate, to wonder if this was right or wrong. But as far as I was concerned it was too late for that. I wanted him.

Quite quickly - he realised.

"Shit Xenia, I can't fuck you. God I wish I could, you're so hot, but you haven't got....."

I shut him up. I pushed my hot red lips onto his again and thrust my tongue down his throat. No way was Sandra's husband going to dump me because I had something between my legs. I sat up straight and lifted my bulging tits right there in front of his, my red nipples only inches from his face.

"You want to fuck my cunt, James? So, cum on honey, show your little sister-in law what you're made of!"

"Xenia. I can't!"

"You fucking can!" I whispered, grabbing his hand and firmly pushing in between my bulging boobs. "OK so I'm different but - I've still got a pussy. It's just a different sort of pussy. You'd still like your cock up my cunt, wouldn't you?"

"For Pete's sake, Xenia - oh!"

I'd grabbed his hard cock through his pants. My lusting attitude and dirty talk were having an effect despite his wife being only about six feet from us.

"You know you want to, baby, you like the dirty talk, don't you. So, keep it quiet but talk dirty to me while we fuck. OK?"

My brother-in-law was sweating visibly. He realised -- the possibility.

"Oh God, yes Xenia. Oooooh baby yes, I want to fuck your wet cunt, you fucking slut."

He was groaning and moaning and then he did it, his fingers reached down and slid quickly up inside my tight mini-skirt, past my stocking tops, and almost straight into my thong. I was surprised just how quickly he accepted what he found in there. His fingers slid round and began to caress my cock. It didn't take long, within seconds I was as stiff and hard as I'd ever been. His hands were playing with my cock and my balls and we were both loving it.

I wanted to be quick, to take my chance. I unzipped him and grabbed his hardening cock myself and shuffled round to slide it into my arse. I moved myself back, feeling his stiffness rubbing the walls of my 'cunt' as it slid deeper. His hand kept fondling my balls as I pushed myself further down his pole. When it was all in, I started pumping myself against his cock, riding him like a horse. I was in ecstasy, this was what I always dreamed about, my gorgeous hot brother-in-law was shagging me. I moved up and down on his cock while his hand jerked faster and faster on my balls. He moved his hips higher in tune with my thrusts and I felt him fucking so, so deep up my arse. We kissed passionately, lips and tongues writhing, only occasionally surfacing for breath.

I needed him to be quick. Sandra was asleep but I didn't know for how long.

"You want me to talk dirty, James?" I whispered.

"Oh, baby, yes, YES!"

"Oooooh Baby, cum on, cum for Xenia. Cum for your sweet hot slut Xenia, cum on lover, give my wet pussy all it wants. Oooooh yeah baby, fuck me, fuck me hard and hot."

I just muttered dirtily to him over and over again as his movements became faster and harder, thrusting his hips against my bum. I reached my hand down and cupped his balls, massaging them in a frenzied manner.

"Xenia! You are hot, so hot, hotter than Sandra, hotter than my wife, hotter than - oh wow!! You're a fucking tart!" he muttered coarsely as I pumped up and down on his cock.

"Yes, I'm your little tranny slut of a sister-in-law. I'm your little slut, James my darling, to suck and to fuck whenever you want, baby, and your little dirty Xenia will be there, to suck your big cock and to - OOOOHH!"

I moaned. I could feel my orgasm growing as I moved towards my peak. I lowered my head against his and took his mouth in mine, kissing him frantically and groaning my pleasure.

"Cum in me baby, I'm getting near," I whispered.

He grabbed me hard, putting his hands on my hips to push me harder onto his cock.

"Yeah, baby, I'm cumming!" he almost shouted.

I felt my 'pussy' tighten on his cock as it slid deeper, it slid - right in! His balls were right in, right up me, right up to my arse! I damn near screamed my delight even though he had to slide them out to carry on fucking me.

"Oooooh baby yes! Fuck me!"

I felt his balls tighten even more as my warm arse tightened on his cock.

"Xenia baby, I'm cumming!!"

And cum he did, wow, did he cum. My sister's husband shot loads and loads of delightfully hot sticky semen deep up my arse. It didn't take long, I just bucked and rolled as my that gorgeous cock emptied itself up me. As he began to wilt I clamped my mouth to his in one final passionate orgasmic kiss.

I collapsed on top of him, sated, then slid down to sit beside him on the sofa. We both looked down at our two wilted cocks. As we sat there for a minute or two, James himself nodded off, a result of his own alcohol consumption during the day and his recent exertions. I gingerly picked up my skirt and my halter top. I kissed James as he slept.

"You, James, are fucking gorgeous. I love you."

Sandra was beginning to stir, just a little. I got up and sneaked into the kitchen to pull on my panties, to re-check my make-up, to make myself look decent again.

Decent? Me? No way!

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