Terry was holding on for dear life. The taxi driver didn't seem to understand things like "green means go" and "red means stop". It seemed more like he was determined to drive straight through every light, no matter what the color. His music, a mixture between a Yogi prayer and the latest hip-hop, blared through the cab.

By the time Terry had reached Carl's house, she had almost pee'd herself. That would never do, showing up at your ex-boyfriend's house covered in pee. She reached in her purse to pay the crazed driver when he looked back at her and smiled. "I tell you what pretty lady," the driver said in a heavy mid-Eastern accent, "you let me take you out while you are in the city and you no pay me. I wanna know you."

Terry already knew there was no way she was going out with this cat. But, she also knew that she could give him the wrong name and wrong room at the hotel she was staying at. "Sure. My name is Mary. Gimme a pen and a piece of paper and I will write down my hotel name. Look it up and call me."

Terry pulled her overnight case out and waved as he screeched off down the block. For a minute, she just took some time to breathe. It was nice not being in a moving car hurdling toward other moving cars.

Then, Terry squared her shoulders and headed for the front door. Her ex, Carl, wanted to see her. She knew she had better go ahead and see what was going on. The thing with Carl is, what Carl wants, Carl gets immediately. Being away from him for 8 years hadn't made Terry forget that.

Terry knocked on the door with a little bit of trepidation. She hoped that she looked ok for Carl. At 5' even, she was no one's tall drink of water. But, she was curved in all the right spots. Her breasts were always showstoppers. With a 34 J chest, she was used to covering them up so they wouldn't cause problems. Today at Carl's, however, she knew to show up in a tight white bustier masquerading as a shirt. Her ass was too big for some, but Carl had a thing about asses. He loved a girl with a huge ass. So Terry made sure that her black leather skirt was just short enough to show off her pussy if she bent over at all. Terry made sure that since the rest of her was so pronounced, she kept her waistline very trim. She decided to emphasize it today by wearing a gold chain around her waist, attached to her navel ring. Carl would like that.

She felt like such a slut as she waited for Carl to answer the door. In his neighborhood of soccer moms and cute little kids throwing snowballs and yelling to each other, she was an unhappy distraction.

Terry's feet were killing her, encased in 4 inch red patent leather pumps. Carl had left her outside waiting for 10 minutes already. Terry was just about to slide one heel off when Carl opened the door.

"Baby!" Carl opened his arms wide. Terry was genuinely happy to see him. She allowed herself to be enveloped in a big hug. Carl was a big bear of a man with a voice and personality to match. He wasn't all that tall, at 5'7. But there was something about him that made even the strongest of women want to give him whatever he demanded. His big barrel chest felt hard and unforgiving against Terry's breasts.

Terry knew not to speak until Carl gave her permission. He had trained her well all those years ago. Carl's hands went from a welcoming hug of an old friend to roughly grabbing Terry's ass under her skirt. "Good girl! You knew not to show your black ass up with any panties on. I had planned to punish you for your panties. I am happy we can forego that."

Terry stood silently in his grip, allowing his thick fingers access to her ass and pussy. Carl roughly stuck a finger into her pussy and fucked in and out a few times. Then he smiled as he pulled his hand out and held it to Terry's lips. Terry knew what to do. She looked Carl in the eye as she licked all of her juices off his fingers. When she was finished, Carl kissed her deeply on the mouth and slapped her ass.

"Well, baby, come on in." Carl led her through his foyer into a comfortable sitting room. She could tell that he had an interior decorator do this room. Eight years ago all that was in this room was a vintage Harley that Carl had been restoring. Now, the Harley was being displayed off in one corner, on a stage of sorts, lit by beautiful hidden lighting. The furniture was all black leather accented by silver studs. But, the pieces of art and the baby grand in the other corner, made this room feel designer, not tasteless.

Carl led Terry over to a chaise and motioned for her to sit down. "Tell me, what have you been doing lately? I know it isn't taking sexy pictures for me." Carl bent down at Terry's feet to unbuckle her shoes while she talked.

"Well, pretty much the same old things. I am still going nuts with the people at work. My kids are growing like weeds but driving me nuts with getting older. I met a guy. I am thinking that I might settle down with him. I think I am ready to get remarried." Terry laid her head back against the soft leather of the chaise while Carl massaged her feet.

"That is good, baby." Carl paused to put one of Terry's big toe into his mouth and lightly bite and suck on it. "You need some happiness. Hopefully this new cat will talk you outta that hellacious job of yours. You need to stay home and have more babies." Carl's hands started rubbing Terry's thighs lightly. His callused hands were heavy even when he was just lightly touching her.

Instead of ravaging her as Terry expected, Carl leaned in to kiss her softly. "Hey babe. I know you must be starving. Let's go out and get some good food and talk some more."

Carl helped Terry up from the chaise. With care, he led Terry off to a guest bedroom off the front foyer. Carl was being so gentle with her that it was making Terry's hair stand up on her arms. "Something is afoot," Terry thought.

Inside the bedroom, there was a massive four-poster bed. The mahogany posts were big as tree trunks. On the silk duvet covering the huge bed, there was a beautiful velvet gown.

"Put this on, baby. When I saw it, I knew I wanted to see you in it." Carl kissed Terry and left out of the room.

Once Carl was gone, Terry sat heavily on the bed, trying to figure out what he was doing. Carl would have had her tied to something and spanking her by now. At least there would have been nipple chains or something.

"Oh well", Terry sighed to herself. "No way to figure this out but to let him play his little game."

Terry slide out of her black leather skirt but left her bustier on. She slid the black gown over her skin. The inside of the dress was lined with satin. It felt decadent against her skin. The dress was strapless and had a very low back. There was no way she was going to be able to even wear the bustier with it. Once she shed the bustier as well, she put the dress back on. It fit her like a glove. The back of the gown dipped down until it almost showed her ass cleavage. The front had a deep V. The cups of the dress hugged her breasts, making them puff over the top, just a bit. There was a split on both sides of the dress that went all the way up to the top of her hips. It was if the dress was made for her.

Terry snuck out to the foyer to grab her overnight bag. She thought she heard the whistle of swinging cattails, but she couldn't be sure. She hurried back into her room, so Carl would not find her in the hall.

There was a thick diamond necklace that Carl had given her years ago in her bag. Ten rows of diamonds stacked on top of each other to form a collar. She adjusted her collar and her make up in the mirror. She was looking at the over all effect as she put in diamond earrings. With her faux lashes making her eyes look sexy and her red lipstick making her full lips look pouty, Terry knew that Carl would be pleased.

Carl came into the room as she was trying to decide between a pair of thigh high boots or sexy black heels. Carl told her to put on the black heels and let him see.

Once Terry had the heels on, she modeled them with the dress for Carl. He made her prop her foot up on the bed, so he could inspect closely. Carl bent closely to the boots and bit Terry through the fabric. She felt his hand, moving the fabric aside so that he could feel her sex with his hand. After spanking her full lower lips hard twice, he dropped her dress. "Put on thigh high stockings and the heels."

Carl sat back in an oversized chair covered in leopard skin to watch Terry. "Slowly, slowly," he instructed as she unzipped her boots. Terry's breasts almost spilled out the top of her dress, as she got to the bottom of the zipper.

Terry made a show of sliding her sheer black panty hose over her shapely legs. Always a pretty mocha color,

Terry's skin took on a mysterious tone with the added fabric. She made sure that the seams in the back of the stockings were straight before she put on the garter belt and attached the stockings. Terry added the shoes and came over to the chair for inspection. Carl smiled and motioned for her leg.

Terry propped one well-shod foot between Carl's legs. He ran thick hands over her legs, savoring the feel. Then, from out of the front pocket of his understated tux, he pulled out a diamond chain. He placed it around Terry's ankle and kissed a dimple in her knee.

Carl led Terry to the bed and laid her just over the edge, her ass pointed to him. He pulled the dress aside so he could admire her ass. To him, it seemed plumper since the last time he had seen it and he loved it.

Terry could feel his hands roughly moving her cheeks to and fro. She was preparing for him to shove himself inside her. Instead, he bent down and lavished her asshole with little kisses. Carl's tongue massaged Terry's hole. She wanted to moan so badly. But, she knew he would beat her if she made a sound.

Carl saw how wet Terry was getting and grinned to himself. He knew she would be ready when he was finally ready to use her for his pleasure.

Carl rose up after one last intimate kiss to her rose bud. Carl kissed Terry on the mouth, which she eagerly returned. He could tell by the way Terry was slinking against him, she wanted him to fuck her. "Let her wait," he chuckled to himself.

Carl ended up taking Terry out for a lovely dinner of Lobster bisque and a crisp Riesling. Instead of going to a busy restaurant, Carl took her to a private residence that catered to couples of discriminating taste. There were different spaces set for eating that would give each couple privacy and cater to their every whim.

There was another couple there, eating at the dining table. Terry saw how in love they were. She and Carl were shown to a dining area in the atrium. It was lovely, eating in candlelight surrounded by exotic plants, under the stars.

The hostess came to ask Carl if there was anything else that he wished. "Yes," Carl said, giving the woman a stack of folded bills. "My lady would like the house special."

The hostess took the money and the request discreetly. "As you wish, sir."

A few minutes later, there was a gorgeous woman at their table. She seemed to be Tahitian or Polynesian. There was a lush flower in her hair and she was covered at the hips by a sarong. Her nipples were covered in slices of sugar-covered strawberries.

Terry looked at Carl in askance. Carl smiled and said, "Give or receive?" Carl had never given Terry that choice before.

Terry smiled at Carl and said, "Receive."

The beautiful young woman kneeled before Terry. Her soft, small hands moved Terry's skirt aside. She took a small bottle of Moet and shook it up. Once she got the cork out, the liquid started to spray out profusely. She aimed it at Terry's clit.

The hard spray of champagne on her clitoris shocked Terry. It felt wonderful, like an instant orgasm. Terry felt her body convulsing as the alcohol stimulated her intensely. Once the spraying was over, the woman replaced the liquid with her tongue. Her tongue was warm in contrast to the cool liquid of the champagne.

Carl came over and grabbed the girl's hair. "Lick my bitch's snatch." That seemed to make the girl want to lick deeper and more intensely.

Terry threw her legs over the girl's shoulders, allowing her deeper access. The girl's tongue seemed to be everywhere, showing Terry lots of attention.

Right when Terry was at the point of cumming hard, Carl pulled the girl up. "You are done, cunt." He bent to her breasts and roughly bit off some of the strawberries from both breasts.

The woman bowed slightly and turned to leave. Carl called out for her to stop. He made the girl bend over the table and held her ass open. Carl unzipped his pants and slid on a condom. He bent down to her ass and spit in the hole.

As she screamed, "No!" Carl fucked her ass.

The more she screamed, the harder he fucked her. The hostess came to the door.

Terry expected her to stop Carl, but she came over and held the girl's ass open more. Then, as Carl sped up, the hostess started to spank the girl's nipples harshly.

Carl came in a grunt, pushing the girl from him. He motioned for Terry to rise. He was done.

When they left out, Terry turned back to see the girl under the hostess' skirt, the hostess holding her head in place. The hostess was screaming obscenities and cumming hard.

Terry and Carl waited for the door man to get their coats. Terry glanced off to the side and saw the couple in the dining room. The man, an older white conservative looking gentleman, was vigorously sucking the dick of the server, while his female companion, a beautiful full figured black woman, was fucking him with a monster dildo.

The ride home was uneventful. Carl nursed Terry's breasts as the sounds of Christmas jazz filled his limo. As they rode through the city, the beautiful Christmas lights assailed them. Terry couldn't believe how at peace she felt cuddling in Carl's arms.

When they pulled up to Carl's home, there were carolers singing up and down the street. Carl wrapped his arms around Terry to keep her warm. Terry snuggled in close and giggled as Carl kissed away snowflakes on Terry's nose.

Once inside, Carl instructed Terry to have a hot shower. Carl kissed Terry deeply. It felt different than before. Terry thought she saw a twinkle in his eyes before he headed off to his rooms.

Terry stripped naked. She walked through the connecting door of the bathroom and drew a bath. Usually a shower girl, she couldn't resist soaking for a bit to warm up. With the water running, Terry flicked the remote for the fireplace. She looked through the play list for the music system in the bathroom. Instead of Christmas music, she opted for a little Coltrane. The sounds of "A Love Supreme" drifted through the room.

Terry sunk down into the tub and turned off the water. A push of a button and the Jacuzzi was bubbling around her. She was feeling sexy and loved and relaxed.

The door of the bedroom opened and Carl followed the music into the bathroom. "Damn, I wanted you to take a shower. I have to pee and I was looking forward to peeing on you." They laughed together.

Years ago, when Carl and Terry were monogamous lovers, they fell out over Carl wanting to pee on Terry. That was something he wanted that she was not willing to do. And Carl was not willing to have anyone in his life that wasn't giving him exactly what he wanted.

Tonight, they laughed about it and Carl sat on the edge of the tub. "Baby," he massaged Terry's scalp, "I have missed your black ass. I miss the way your pussy milks my dick. I miss the way you love the taste of your cum on my dick. I really miss the way you look back at me when I am fucking your ass and you tell me you are my little bitch or my cunt."

Terry looked at Carl through the mirror. She could see his dark skin glistening in the humid air. Carl's muscles were very defined. They were clearly visible through his dark green silk robe. His mustache was thick, full lips underneath. His eyes were almond and deep chocolate. They looked obsidian when he is really serious about something. Like right then...

Terry tried to look relaxed, but she knew Carl had something to say. "Daddy, whatever you want to tell me, you know I will always listen."

Carl smiled and bent down to kiss Terry tenderly. "Yes, baby. I do know that. It is just that seeing you again is bringing up a lot of feelings I thought that I had put away for good. You are giving me things to think on."

Carl stood up and shoke his shoulders, as if to shake off the conversation. "Baby, hurry up. I have strawberries and champagne in my room. And, you don't have to eat them off anyone." They both laugh again and Carl leaves out.

As Terry dried off, she contemplated what is going on with Carl. She knows that he is seeing a girl there in town. From what Terry can tell, the girl is trying but Carl isn't very happy with her. When Terry asked if they were serious, Carl always changed the subject.

Terry rubbed scented oil all over her body. Then, she carefully put the diamond collar and anklet back on. She looked through her bags until she found her diamond studs that went through her nipples. She attached a diamond-studded chain to loop the nipple rings to each other. Terry added a diamond slave bracelet to her foot that was bare. It was made in India and was very intricate. Once she added a deep red lipstick she was ready.

Terry noticed how the cold marble made her steps sound heavy as she moved towards Carl's rooms. Her mocha skin gleamed in the candlelight lighting her way.

Knocking softly, Terry waited to be invited inside Carl's private rooms. She thought she heard a whip cutting air, but why would Carl be whipping air?

Carl opened the door and motioned Terry in lavishly. In his sitting room, there were deep chocolate couches covered in velvet. Carl motioned for Terry to sit and recline. He had a tray of chocolate covered strawberries flanked by a bottle of Cristal and Baccarat champagne flutes. "Prelude to a Kiss" by Duke Ellington was gently filling the air. The fireplace was crackling with gold Yule log.

Carl sat next to Terry and took her feet into his hands. Carl massaged and kneaded her feet until Terry was ready to purr. They made small talk about old times, just enjoying being with each other.

Terry took a deep breath in. "Daddy, you always smell so wonderful, what cologne is that you are wearing?" Terry leaned in closer to smell Carl more deeply.

Carl chuckled. "Clive Christian or something. Hey, I just grab and spray. I am glad you approve." Carl got up and grabbed a gift off to the side. "I thought about you earlier this week and I remembered how much you love parfum. I picked this up for you."

Terry took the gift and looked up at Carl, eyes swimming with unshed tears. "But, Daddy, Christmas isn't even here yet. Are you sure that I can open it now?" Carl had never gone through the trouble of getting a gift actually wrapped. Terry was anxious to see what it was.

Carl kissed Terry deeply, "Open it, baby."

Terry opened the paper and saw it was Bond No. 9 parfum. He couldn't have picked a better gift. Terry leapt into his lap and covered him with kisses.

They were tangled up in each other laughing and kissing. It felt so right. Carl pulled back and told her, "Hey, I have one more gift. So you might wanna save a little bit of that gratitude."

Terry couldn't imagine getting two gifts. But, she knew if Carl said it, it was so. He went into the other room and came back with a huge box with a bow on the top.

Terry hopped up and took the top off the box. Inside was another box with a bow. Terry made a grimace at Carl. He laughed as she opened the next box and found the same thing. By the time she was at the 5th box, Terry was ready to cobber Carl. Carl was laughing so hard he could hardly contain himself. The final box was from Tiffany's. It was small enough to fit in Terry's hand. Inside was an exquisitely made lock. It was made of platinum and shaped like a heart. It was engraved. "All mine."

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