tagInterracial LoveX-Mas Revelations

X-Mas Revelations


Christmas Eve: Y2K

Simulated flakes flutter lightly in sixty-seven degrees of southern winter. Yards away an ice-truck continues to generate faux snow. Palm trees wrapped in white-spiral, icicle lights decorate the walkway. Luminously tall, primary colored candy canes-compliment the topiary, fashioned in the likeness of toy soldiers.

At the center of the lake stood the park's centerpiece highlight, a ceramic-crafted water fountain emitting red and green festive hues. The curvaceous amp theatre showcases the sounds of The Swan Brook Park Choir.

"I can appreciate the gesture but I have a hard time feeling Christmas. It's just not like home up north." Darius spoke. "See, I have to nearly freeze my face off before I can start feeling any of this."

"It's our first Christmas here. What's with all the grumbling? And, how did all this love for snow come about? Thought you hated it?"

"Other than maybe a quick stroll or the view outside a window, I have no use for it. My back twitches just thinking about all the shoveling I had to do over the years."

"See, all the more reason for you to appreciate all of this." She flexed her nostrils, sighing deeply. "No, it's not like Long Island at all. It wasn't like Long Island when I grew up going to Waikiki Beach for Christmas. And, just like here, we had to pretend it was winter wonderland too because it would just rain and rain for days. So, if I can get use to it, so can you." She kissed his hand while it held hers, interlaced.

"Maybe it's because we spent so much moving down here that we're broke. Not for nothing but it sucks being broke around this time. Could be why I'm struggling with feeling this."

"Stop it!" She poked Darius on the side. "Come, try!" She said in her island accent. "We have too many reasons to be grateful, no? This is a new beginning for us and I'm totally happy about our relationship. Where we're going...all that! "

"I know. Trust me, I feel honored just to have you in my life. Shit wouldn't be right without you. I want us to start making some babies, find that white picket home."

"Honey, I love you, but go easy- you just got a job. What's the name of that place again...Sorrento's Cruises?"

"Serenity, as in at ease, I start the job after New Year's day."

She studied Darius' looks for a moment. His abrupt commitment to silence and motion concerned her. "You just went quiet...what is it?"

"I'm off somewhere as usual just listening to the chorus."

"Are you being sarcastic?"

"No, I'm actually feeling this song. There's innocence to it all."

Darius stops mid-walkway. He brings her body closer to his, walks her backwards, flush against the back of a vibrating speaker. He sips in the awe and view of her hazel eyes peering back at his Polynesian angel, dreamingly.

Beneath her pillowed breasts, he sensed her breathing, heart-beating to his orchestral movements in the sea of strung up Christmas lights.

"You're warm." He acknowledges, stroking her hand.

Darius savors her toffee skin, while neon lit figurines blinked into his peripherals. "Maybe it's all that hot chocolate heating up your insides."

"So what did you ask Santa for Christmas?" She pushes her pelvis closer to him.

"Nothing, you've already gifted me. But, I'm sure I can think of ways to have you..."

"You know, you keep getting kinkier and kinkier the more we spend time together. Last year we ditched the condoms and started practicing unsafe sex, pulling out.

I'm almost afraid to think about what you have planned this year for our Christmas Eve anniversary." She looks at his face, playfully mocking him.

She moves her left arm around his waist but uses the other to minimize him from closing in towards her face. His kisses are met with some shyly resistance, since she dislikes all public signs of affection. Their eyes meet with unspoken clarity.

"I just want one thing for Christmas," he pulled her closer and grabbed a palm full of taut, firm ass. The scent of her Pheromones slowly arose.

"I want to have anal sex." He ripped the words from his chest.

"Great...!" she pushed him away. "We'll look for a long carrot and then use some of that chicken base to grease you up..."

"I'm serious! You know what I mean."

"You want me... back there." She motioned her head. "Alright," she spoke after a long pause. "...say I give it up to you what's next? Why does it have to be so raw? Am I not good enough?"

He pecks her on the forehead. "Sex and us, it's all wonderful. It's no doubt, otherworldly and bomb. We just need to look at expanding it a bit."

"After four years, I just got use to your fingers stretching it never mind thinking about your...we can't talk about this here. It just doesn't feel right. C'mon we're in front of the nativity scene." Her tone suggested sarcasm.

"Okay, I finally get what you're saying about Christmas. I guess I got locked in Scrooge for the moment. Ohhh, hold up! I can hear my favorite. Okay, we're feeling it now!" Darius boomed excitedly while a handful of passerby flashed strange smiles to his marked enthusiasm.

"I think they're going into Christmas Time is Here from the Charlie Brown special. You know the one they give..."

"Okay, it's yours!" She interrupts.

"What's mine? Go ahead, say it nasty and proud!"

"...my ass! Now let's get out of this park before the clouds speak and we turn into stone." She tugs on Darius' sleeve as they cross through respective turnstiles, hands still interlaced.

"We're taking this to Peaches!" He broke, while they scanned the jam-filled lots for his black sedan. They jumped in and then turned several blocks away, into a neighboring plaza, where Darius sought the dim-lit confines to park.

"Now your reasons for parking this far away are...?" She motioned her hands. She then questions his need to pick up a Charlie Brown Christmas CD late in the evening.

She accompanies him to the store but then questions his motives once again. "...because I want to make love to you." Darius broke, while the keys remained dangling from the ignition. "Your reasons for asking questions you have the answers to are...?" "We can't do this now!" She breaks. Darius moves his ebony sedan back into a parking space concealed beneath the spread of palm trees and darkness.

"Stop worrying!"

"What do you mean stop worrying? This isn't like five years ago. We're married we have a condo. Yes, a bed and a private place for us."

"I know," he crossed under her, guiding her body so that she could pass over him and into the driver's spot. Clumsily, her elbow struck the steering wheel and her forehead scraped the side of the overhead visor. "I have more room here in the passenger's.

"I'm not comfortable with us being this close to the store. They still can see us."

"If anyone looks suspicious, just start the car and drive. Alright, we can get a move on but at least let me show you what I got you for our Christmas Eve Anniversary."

Darius reached behind the passenger's seat to pick up a bag marked with the logo: Multiplex X: The World's Greatest Adult Store!

"Oh, you got me something." She smiled.

"I sure did! I want you to close your eyes and then bring your legs together, lift them off the floor." He bent down, ducked below the steering wheel to assist her.

"This better be good." She grimaced nervously, batting her elongated lashes. She could make out the sounds of plastic being scrunched.

"Now move your waist just a little bit...keep those eyes closed!"

"What is this some kind of underwear?"

He said nothing and slid it up-beneath her skirt, fastened the harness around her waist. With a turn of the wrist, he adjusted the knob to its highest speed. She patted the jellied shell; stroked it, as she would his flesh.

It felt terrific stimulating her clit, vibrating her sex intensely. She opened her almond-esque eyes as a volatile release erupted.

"Ohhhhhh, feels so..." She spread her legs apart, as much as the dashboard and restrictive space would allow.

"Why don't you hop over? Bring yourself over here." He suggested, While squeezing a glob from a bottle of wet lube he pulled out from the same bag.

"How does it feel?" Darius watched her adjust, stretching her neck over to the side- along the top of the roof. She rested on his lap, welcoming his digits plunged sweetly beneath the vibrating shell. He rubbed the jelly substance, felt the sensation buzzing her lightly into an unctuous flow.

Darius unzipped himself; pulled his member forward in anticipation of her velvet entrance. "Like your present?"

After adjusting the harness, she placed a wet finger over his lips. "Love it, but...shhhhh..."

He tugged on her thick soaked panties, stretched them so as to reveal her sex. She kept her pussy lightly trimmed on the sides. He tiptoed a few fingers over her wet mound, past her slit and then into her pucker, where he proceeded to forge it ripe for the plunging.

They moved into an intensified kiss, enough to render her juices submissive. Her body awoke slowly. She flexed her brows, adjusting to the feel of his cock tickling her anus.

"Darius, we've tried this before. It's not going to work so easy."

"Just give it a try. C'mon babe I'm not asking for anything else but this."

"This is gonna feel weird. All I'm saying is that I wished you would wait until we got home."

"Spread those cheeks for me!" Darius instructed, as he drew in her thick tongue in an attempt to stifle anymore protest. Again, he stretched her panties over to the side.

"Are you sure you want to do this? Can't you wait? I don't know...I, I never did this.......oooooh...tsssss..." She winced.

Darius inched the tip of his cock just past her anal threshold, having barely broken through. He then moved, compromised by the height of the car's roof; the restricted interior. He moved to lower the seats, flatly.

He felt her starting to relax, so he proceeded to thrust in gentle doses; inch by compassionate inch. The temptation to burst prevailed. The occasion to have her in this very depraved way bore too much excitement.

He felt his cock, thickened by her blanketing anal walls, tightly coaxing his sacks into an eventful rise.

"How is it?"

"It's starting to hurt just a little bit. I'm enjoying this but I just need a little break..."

Darius added more lube before he sped up his pace. He felt her ass opening up slightly wider. She writhed on his lap, pushed her ass into his cock until it could slide half-way. "Boy, you better hurry up!" She demanded.

He obliged, bursting inside her as the remnants leaked, downward, stringing towards his sacks. She pressed her shell-buzzing snatch against his pelvis, ripping out an orgasm that nearly tore through the roof of his whip.

"Woooohhhhaaaaa....wwwwooohhhhaaa!" Her entire body became depleted of its strength. He felt her collapse on top of him.

He stretched her cheeks apart, jabbing the last of his convulsions, creaming within her bunghole. "You're so damn tight!"

He felt her arms break apart from him. Her sudden movement alerted him, as the concern thickened before the flashing of red and blue lights. She flipped over quick into the driver's seat; slowly, she slid her skirt up.

Her hands shook as she attempted to fix her hair. They sat stiffly in silence, save for their erratic heartbeats. The officer parked his squad car nose to nose against his sedan-kept his intrusive beams shone high.

"Alright, he spoke. I need to see some IDs. He read hers out loud: Let's see, Korin E Flesher and Darius A Flesher. You folks are married! What a shame? Getting your thrills? Bedroom has gotten boring?"

"We were just conversing. I just bought this CD from the store."

"And then you decided to park in the back and have at it like rabid dogs. I don't care what you have to say about what you were doing. I'm going to run these IDs and then get back. I'll just need registration and insurance as well."

Darius opened the glove compartment to furnish the proof. Korin appeared too nervous and near tears to speak of anything else. After scanning the info, the officer returned with a warning. He followed the couple out of the parking lot before speeding away.

"I don't know what I would've done if he caught us a minute ago." She nervously broke. Let's just get home so that I can change. I think you opened me up pretty good back there."

"Why do you say that?"

She relaxed her hand on the wheel. "Because I just felt something sticky run out of my ass, that's why!" She laughed at herself, sniffed in the tears.

Darius removed the wrapping and then inserted the CD into the player. Immediately the first track came up as he began to sing the lyrics.

"Christmas Time Is Here..." He found himself distracted in song. He neglected to notice how she'd been sobbing quietly to herself, minutely slipping into a state of less expression.


2001: A Christmas Morning Interlude

As he stirred out of dreaming, the odd winter's sun snuck through a barricade of blinds, playfully tickling his lids. He remembers faintly how the night before; somewhere in mid-fuzziness, he'd chosen this lavish Orlando suite in commemoration of their fifth Christmas Eve anniversary.

Semblances of the evening's debauchery unfolded. He lifts the covers off and then gazes admiringly at his wife's beautiful body. Heavily, she slept, stripped bare of innocence and evening wear.

Korin held the replicate cock snugly up to her bosom. Darius spooned behind her, awoke her with kisses and flickering licks around the top curves of her shoulder. A glint of sunlight accentuated her gingerbread tone.

"Merry Christmas, babe," he spun her body so that she would face him. Darius allowed his wife the time to adjust to her morning senses before he decided to jumble them up once again. He lowered himself beneath the sheets, parted her legs with his hands and then inched closer to her sex.

He sensed her awakening, coming into the sense of knowing his mouth. Darius blew pins of hot air that tickled her womanliness. He drew in her petal folds, slurping gently, coaxing the network of nerve endings into celebration. Her fragrance exuded, lightly sharp.

Korin's body ran hot, flush. He felt her mind change from one state of bodily nurturance to the next.

"Ooohhhh!" She released, bucked fervently underneath the sheets, gyrating, matching the rhythm of his tongue strokes with her fluent hips.

She worked herself into an orgasmic oasis. Filled up Darius' mouth by jetting light streams he slurped on all too obligingly. She was now ripe with the familiarity of climaxing, rediscovering her effervescent springs.

She thought of the word "squirting" and laughed, reminiscing the first moment she'd learned of its benefits while attending Cal-Poly. First time spent away from home, first apartment.

First dark night she spent depending on the light of her imagination to guide her fingers slickly over her sex. How masturbation was so much fun in college.

"Merry Christmas!" He arose, twisting upwards until he found his wife, face to face. His kisses awoken her, stirred her into sex and being. She returned his morning pleas; backed her body into the crook of his, still spooning.

Korin leaned her head back to meet peripherals with that of her husband's. She sensed he held something wondrously filthy in mind.

"Last night..." Darius rubbed his 'shroom gently against Korin's pucker. She reached behind to place a hand against his chest, felt it when he broke the tip off one of her pomegranate-sculptured nails.

"Watch my nails! Darius...," she flipped over on her side, facing him. She then pointed the dildo at him, defiantly. "I'm surprised I even slept with it so close to me."

"Babe," he drew in her bottom lip. "I thought for sure that you enjoyed it."

"I did. Now where's my gift for being nice?"

"We still haven't finished with your gift for being so naughty."

Darius snatched the black, silicone-forged-cock from her fingers. Its likeness made him cringe just to touch it. He kissed her once before he dove beneath the sheets, where he plunged the makeshift member deftly into her moist, pliable pussy.

The petite vibrations hummed coaxingly while she slipped into a stream of senselessness. She broke into several more orgasms. Her finale left his face in a squirted glaze.

The simulated dildo was still kept dirtily twisting inside her unctuous cunt. He began tickling her anus with several digits. Hours ago, it had been rendered into the freshly swollen ass he so proudly approved of.

"Leave that alone! I'm still sore. I may have had too many peppermint margaritas but I do recall you taking my ass." She smiled once she saw him come up from under the sheets.

"Last night...what do you remember happening besides these tinsels left all around our bed?"

"Let's see, I remember you were in there." She patted her fingers over her closely-trimmed snatch.

"I want to hear it. " He flexed into a grimacing smile. "Be vulgar with it!"

"Babe it's Christmas morning..." As she turned to greet him through her glistening eyes. "Okay," she regained and then eyed him shyly. "You were in my pussy and, that silk skin thingamagig was in my ass."

"And you liked it?"

She shook her head yes, coming into a lewd awakening. "I think I even came a bit."

He walked over to her face while on his knees. She was uncertain of all that it required of him to keep from over-brewing.

He positioned his cock by the side of her mouth and then calmly combed his digits through her licorice-black locks. He then palmed the back of her head. Paused, admiring the beauty of her upturned face.

He slaps the side of her mouth with his cock. "Talk to me. Tell me more about how it felt. Was it good?"

"Mmmmhmmmm." Darius jabbed his cock into her mouth, kept his swollenness poised at the back of her throat before pulling out. He used the saliva for additional fluency as he initiated a stroking tempo.

"I just had to get use to it in my ass!" She slurped the head of his cock before spitting it out. "What did you call it...like when you were inside me at the same time?"

"DP- it stands for double penetration." Darius sped up his strokes, breathing laboriously. He sucked in his teeth. "I wanted to be in your ass in the worst way but I just couldn't break from pounding your pussy. "

"It's sore too..." She winced, "not as bad as my ass but sore enough." She peered up at him and smiled, having sensed his undoing was eminent. "I remember that. I think you came...twice."

"I knew you had it in you to remember. Now since you haven't got a naughty gift for me, I guess I'll just have to take it upon myself to impose."

"I already know what you want. You don't think I see a pattern here? My husband wants sex to be kinkier and kinkier." Korin removed her shirt and bra. "You just love those porno flicks don't you?"

She masked her defiant expressions. "What's the matter? Isn't this what you've been trying to get me to do for years?"

"And," he smiled at her knowing fully well that his wife was certain of his deprave desires. She returned to her position on the bed.

"You want me to lick your cum!" She sucked on her forefinger, sliding the lips over.

"Actually swallow!"

"Mmmm... I don't know." She removed her finger from her mouth.

"Shhhh!" He brought her mouth over his cock. He'd grown swollen with the thoughts of having had her the night before, remembering how she had worked a grinding rhythm with his cock based in her cunt and the replicate dildo twisting in her ass; she even bucked aggressively.

He unloaded twice recalling the lascivious episode. She had sucked seed and conscious from his being. Sucked it all up with her pussy, quivering in orgasmic syncopation to Darius' dildo thrusts, opening her bunghole into a smallish gape he would later admire.

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