tagSci-Fi & FantasyX-Men, Angels, Devils or Aliens?

X-Men, Angels, Devils or Aliens?


They are here and have always been here; they walk among us.

Who are they and why are they here?

Myra first met him nearly forty years ago before her blonde hair turned grey. She was so young, so impressionable, and so ripe for his advances. He blew in town driving a shiny red, '68 427 Corvette convertible.

He was handsome and tall, 6' 2", maybe. She remembered because he had to pretzel himself to get in and out of his car. How she loved going for a fast ride down a winding country road in his Corvette with the top down, the hot touch of the sun on her face, the cool feel of the wind blowing through her hair, the deep sound of the music from the rumbling exhausts' side pipes, the sweet smell of honeysuckle in the air, and the panicked taste of death rounding a curve on the wrong side of the road while passing a slower vehicle at 100 mph. It was a thrill better than the rollercoaster that came around once a year with the carnival.

He had blue-black hair, Superman hair, only longer and not slicked back. He had eyes like Elvis, the bluest eyes she had ever seen. With the muscularity of a Greek God, she had never known a man with so much muscle and, even though his name was Freddie, she called him Zeus because she worshiped him. For her, it was love at first sight. For him, he used her.

He told her that she was beautiful when she was not. She was average at best but, with his attentiveness and compliments, he made her feel beautiful. He told her that he loved her body and was wild for her big tits. She was 50 pounds overweight but, with his sexual desire and passion for her, he made her feel sexy and voluptuous. He told her he loved her. She so wanted to believe him because even his kisses told her that he loved her.

A real gentleman, he paid for everything, movies, eating out, and day trips through the countryside. Her favorite times with him were driving through the countryside. He always wanted to look at land and she was eager to go with him because looking for real estate culminated in a picnic with sex afterward in a field of fragrant flowers or on a hillside meadow that overlooked an oasis of water. He was always surprising her with funny cards, flowers, thoughtful gifts, and extravagant surprises.

He first had her down by the lake and it was the first time she had sex outdoors. He was voracious and she had three orgasms that day. Never had she climaxed with anyone before or since. After that, back then, his stiff cock was all that she thought about when not thinking about him and when not seeing his handsome face and hot body, everywhere.

He had her dress off before she could resist. He removed her bra with one hand while peeling off her panties with his other. Never had she been undressed so quickly. His fingers were so nimble titillating her clit, fingering her, and finding her G spot. He was such a manly man, yet, at the same time, so lovingly tender to her sexual desires and so sincerely sensitive to her emotional needs.

She remembered his tongue. God, how could she ever forget his tongue? Never had she seen a tongue so long and so wide. She quivered, even now, after all these years, just thinking about the sensation of his tongue licking her pussy. Yet, his tongue was not as long or as thick as was his cock. He had a huge, eternally hard cock and, after he fucked her, he offered it to her and it was in her mouth before she could say no and before she could tell him that she had never sucked a cock before. He cam in her mouth and she swallowed him, all of him. After that first blow job, she blew him regularly. She loved sucking his big cock because he was such a generous lover and whatever she did for him, he returned the favor threefold.

Before him, she was innocent. Her inept experience consisted of some heavy petting with the locals at the drive-in movie and a failed attempt at intercourse on prom night. She never blew another man before him and after him. She never made love to anyone else but him. When he left, she fell within herself never recovering from his love lost. Now, in hindsight, she believed that he cast a spell over her, a spell that ruined her for any other man. She thought of all that she did not experience, a husband, family, children, and grandchildren.

Growing up in a small town, she had never seen anyone like him. Before him, the biggest thing in town was the rattlesnake rodeo and the snake race. She figured he was from the city. Anyone different had to be from the city. She had never been to the city and had never been out of Opp, Alabama.

As soon as he screeched to a halt in a cloud of red clay dirt, those out and about all turned to stare. He created quite the spectacle with his fancy car, dark shades, good looks, tailored clothes, and swaggered confidence. Most of the people in town had bad teeth. Back then, no one had dental insurance. Few had health insurance. He had the whitest and straightest teeth she had ever seen.

The good old boys tried to start trouble with him but he just ignored them and that irritated them more. One by one, they tried picking a fight with him and he would just dodge and duck away from their wild swings until they tired themselves out. He was too fast for them.

"He must know that Karate stuff," said Big Jim out of breath and bellying up to the bar for another beer.

"Yeah, I watched a Bruce Lee movie once and he moved like that before he started swinging," said Bobby Jo counting out coins to buy another beer.

"Best we not mess with him," said Big Jim with a burp.

Then, he befriended all of them buying them beers at the bar that night and every night thereafter. He was affable and smart. He knew everything about everything. She figured he was a college boy.

She followed him in LeRoy's Country Store. She figured he was buying cigarettes, instead he bought a dozen packs of five flavor Lifesavers. She remembered he said, he bought the five flavor because orange was his favorite flavor and since they did not have a roll of all orange like they had with the cherry, he bought the five flavor. He hated the yellow and the green and threw them away and, since, she loved the cherry red ones, he gave her all of those. She remembered thinking that it was so extravagantly wasteful to throw away all of those Lifesavers. Sure, the pack only cost a nickel but, since the factory closed and put everyone out of work, no one in town had money enough to waste even to discard Lifesavers. Hell, back then, if someone dropped a Lifesaver, they'd be adhering to the five second rule and blowing off the dirt before popping it in their mouth.

"Peanuts," he said laughing. She thought he meant the cost of a pack of Lifesavers was peanuts to him. She found out later that he was really talking about peanuts. When she told him about the factory closing, he looked out across a barren expanse of land as if envisioning something there. Then, he told her that the future of the town was in peanuts. She figured he was talking about peanut farming. Hell, the land in Opp was prime land for peanut farming but all the good land was already taken and held on to by the generation after generation of peanut farmers and family owned peanut farms.

He gave her money, a lot of money, and told her which land to buy. He knew that if he bought the land himself, that they would raise the price. So, she went around town secretly buying up parcels of land until he owned 100 acres of worthless land. The land he told her to buy was not good for peanut farming. It was his money. What did she care if he was buying dusty, clay dirt in the middle of nowhere that was not good for farming? Now, she knew he was from the city because he sure was no farmer.

The locals thought he was a crazy, city slicker fool. After a while, they all knew that she got the money from him to buy the land. What did they care? They were glad to sell their worthless piece of land and welcomed his money. She never understood why he bought all that land until recently, in 2004, when Perihelion Global bought all of the land he told her to buy for the construction of the largest Bio-Fuel Refinery in North America using peanuts as the primary stock. The land that he bought for a few dollars forty years ago, he now sold for millions.

He was not like the rest of us. He did not age. No one suspected that he was stranded here on Earth from another planet because by the time he aroused anyone's suspicion, he was gone traveling the world for 40 or 50 years and not returning until those who knew him were either old or dead. Like a chameleon, he had the ability to change his outside appearance to fit the country he visited. Unless, one looked closely listening carefully to all that he said, one could not tell that he was not one of us. At worst, they just thought him odd or from the city, as did she.

Yet, Myra recognized him when she saw him from a distance. She knew it was him even after not having seen him for nearly forty years. She dreamt of his eyes and cried over him, her lost love for years, so many years ago. They were a couple. She dreamt about getting married, buying a house, and having kids. Then, when she woke up to make breakfast one morning, he was gone, gone for good once he had the deeds to the land she bought at his bequest and on his behalf, until now, yet, why now? Now, she knew. He returned to claim his money from the sale of his land to the peanut refinery.

Startled when she saw him again, she thought it was his grandson. He still drives a Corvette, a red convertible Z06, albeit, a new one. Then, when she walked closer to him to look in his eyes, she knew it was him. Now, somewhat understanding more of the mystery that surrounded his sudden disappearance, she understood his sudden reappearance.

Even after watching the latest X-Men movie previews on television, she did not suspect he was from another planet. Before he up and left her, she thought him an angel, now, she figured that he was the devil. Now that she knew he prowled the earth, his eyes haunted her nightmares. She was thankful that she did not get pregnant with his baby, the devil's baby.

She ducked in the alley and kept watch of him from a distance. She was an old woman, now, an old woman with cancer. She wondered what may have been had they married and had children. There she goes again thinking that he is normal but he is not. How could he be? He looks the same as he did when they first met nearly forty years ago.

He was the one who did not recognize her. How could he? He was so shallow never really taking the time to know anyone, not really caring about anyone or anything. He was not like us. He was not human, after all. He was an alien. Only, back then or now, even, she did not know that he was an alien. Now, she was convinced that he was the devil.

In thinking about the past, she forgot the present and lost sight of him. She took a step forward to peek around the corner and to get a better look of him. Only, he was gone. He was nowhere in sight. When she turned around to leave for home, he was in front of her.

To be continued...

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