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X-Men: Evolution Ch. 01


Rogue is a senior of Bayville High School. While she attends a normal high school, Rogue lives at another school, a school for the gifted, for mutants. Created by Professor Charles Xavier, this school teaches mutants how to controls their mutant abilities and become productive members of society. The school is located in a Professor Xavier personal mansion, large enough to accommodate all 14 students and 4 instructors. All of them are mutants, each with their own unique power.

Rogue's has the power to absorb a person's memories through physical contact, and in the case of mutants she absorbs their powers for a short time. Because of her powers Rogue had never even kissed a boy, and at a very hormonal time in a young girl's life, that was a problem. Not to mention, that she had a major crush on Scott Summers. Scott was one of the first X-Men to truly except her as part of the group and was genuine in his effort to make her become part of the team. However, Scott does not share Rogue's feeling. It maybe because of Rouge's inability to touch another human being but it's mainly because of Jean Grey. While Rogue is in love with Scott, Jean Grey is the person who owns Scott Summer's heart. And while Jean does have feeling for Scott, it seems that neither of the two has the courage to act on them. Needless to say, it's one weird and wacky love triangle.

Summer was fast approaching and the entire Mansion was as busy as ever. Most of the seniors were getting ready for graduation, while the younger students were cramming at the last minute for their finals. As one of the seniors, Rogue has been spending the last couple of days hanging out with her best friend Risty. The two young girls did practically anything and everything together. They would study for their classes together, go shopping together, hell even at clubs they would dance together. Despite this great friendship, Rogue was lonely for a boyfriend and that was one department Risty couldn't help her with. All Risty could do was to keep Rogue company during her times of loneliness.

One Thursday night, Rogue broke her curfew, and joined by Risty, went to a heavy metal concert in the city. When she returned to the mansion, she staggered about and bumped into numerous objects. She was quite stoned. While Rogue herself had never done any illegal drugs of any sort, just about every other person at the show did and the resulting cloud of smoke affected the southern Goth. She stumbled into her room and tried to lay herself down on her bed but missed completely and fell smack dab on her face. Hearing the impact, her roommate Kitty woke up with a startle.

"What the hell? Like, are you ok Rogue."

"Ah'll be fine, ah jus need ta sleep".

The young brunette got up out of her bed and went over to pick up her intoxicated roommate. Knowing the risk of her powers, Kitty carefully took hold of Rogue from underneath her arms. Kitty started to lift, but Rogue started to fall again. Rogue's hands frantically searched for anything to grab onto. The only thing her pale hands could find were Kitties hand, Kitties bare hand. Rogue screamed as she realized what she had just done and quickly let go of Kitty. However nothing happened. No memory transfer, no power transfer, just nothing. Rogue stared in complete shock at her hands; she can't even cope with the fact that she actually touched someone without anything happening. Kitty however was much more excited.

"Hey, like when did this happen?" Kitty asked.

"When did wha happen?" Rogue responded.

"You controlling your powers, I didn't know you could do that."

"Ah didn't know ah could either."

The southern belle replied as she finally gained enough energy to sit herself down on the bed. She just stared at her hands in amazement and then her eyes start to water up. Kitty instinctively lowered herself down and gave Rogue a hug and a friendly kiss on the cheek.

"Looks like your life is gonna be a lot more interesting."

As her roommate finished that sentence, a thought popped into Rogue's head and a devilish grin shot across her face.

"Kitty, why don't we keep this between the two of us for right now? I wanna surprise some people."


The next morning, Rogue could hardly sit still through her classes. She finally has control of her powers. She didn't know how it happened, and truly didn't care. Her last class of the day was her English class, and it was the worst out of them all. Scott was there. With her powers no longer a problem, Rogue was prepared to finally make a move on him. She thought many different plans as she stared at him. He was easily the cutest boy in the mansion and among the cutest in the entire school. She took his entire body in and she eyed him up and down the entire class. Scott was a tall brown haired man, with long legs. At first glance he was just tall skinny guy, but Rogue had seen him many of times in his uniform and knew that he was quite muscular. She imagined doing all sorts of dirty things to him, and by the end of class had gotten herself quite horny. Her nipples were very hard and could easily be seen through both her green mesh top and black tank top. The black thong that she was wearing was getting thoroughly wet, and unconsciously Rogue spread her legs. However, she had forgotten that she was wearing her black leather skirt, which only went down to her mid thigh. Luckily for Rogue, the only person to notice the show was Mrs. Johnston, her teacher. Disgusted by the girl's whorish position, the teacher walked over and whispered something into the gothic girl's ear. Rogue quickly closed her legs and slouched down in her chair. As she crossed her arms around her breasts, a bright shade of red quickly engulfed the normally pale girl's face. A few of the students in the back start to laugh quietly and words like 'whore' 'slut' and 'skank' escaped from their mouths. Scott heard these words and became quickly angered by them and yelled back for them to shut up. He then looked over to Rogue and saw a single tear run down her face. Once the bell rang, Rogue quickly backed up her stuff and practically ran out of the classroom.


Once school let out, Rogue went straight to her room and collapsed on her bed and started to cry. She wasn't the most popular girl in the first place, but then going and embarrassing herself like just completely ruined her. Not to mention that any chances of getting with Scott had just gone out the window. As her mind drifted, her thoughts went back to her wet panties. She wiped the tears from her face and laid her back against the bed.

"At least ah can get some type of enjoyment from this," Rogue thought.

She gently pulled up her black skirt revealing her soaping wet thong. She raised her legs and slowly took off her trenched thong. She let out a soft moan as the cloth clung to her wet pussy. Tossing the underwear to the floor, Rogues hands began to wander. Her hands found their way to her large breasts the one thing she loved about her body. They're a full C cup, hell lately her bras had seemed rather small and she could probably move up to a D cup. Despite their size, her breasts were that of a 17-year-old girl, and did not sag a bit. In fact they were very perky. Loving the feeling of her hands on them, Rogue continued to rub her nipples and pinched them until they were once again hard. Her hands left her breast and passed along her toned and firm stomach, and then finally found their way to skirt. She pulled the black leather up to reveal her beautiful pussy. She had a small amount of brown hair just above, but Rogue was shaved were it counted. Her index finger gently brushed down from the top to the bottom of her lips. A quiet moan was let out as she continued to tease herself. After a few more teasing passes, Rogue stuck her finger all the way in her pussy and moaned loudly in pleasure. She quickly found her clit and began to rub it in a delightful circular rhythm. Adding another finger, Rogue let out a whimper as she threw her head back in joy. She bit her lower lip as she began to feel an approaching orgasm. Her breathing was very heavy and she couldn't help but to let out moan after moan. Jamming her two digits in and out in a much faster rhythm, Rogue now felt the orgasm that was mere seconds away. But then two powerful *KNOCK* *KNOCK* pounded on her door. The approaching orgasm Rogue was about to achieve was obliterated as she remembered that she had forgotten to lock the door. Trying to catch her breath, Rogue desperately let out a

"Just a second!"

She frantically removed her two wet fingers from her pussy and pulled down her skirt.

"Ok, yah can come in now." She said as she sat herself upright on the bed. The door opened up and a tall dark haired man stood at the other side of it. It was Logan aka Wolverine.

"The Professor and I are gonna have a training session in about 10 minutes, get suited up and come down to the Danger Room," the gruff man commanded.

"Sure thang, ah'll be down in a bit." Rogue said as a sense of relief showered over her. However, just as Logan was closing the door, he picked up an unusual sent. He sniffed the air a couple times. Rogues eyes widen in fear, as she knew what Logan was sniffing. After a few more sniffs, Logan recognized the unmistakable scent and gave a quick look to Rogue and raised an eyebrow to her. All she could choke out was


"Nothin," Logan muttered as a smirk could be seen from the corner of his face. He then closed the door and went on his way. Rogue knew in her heart that he could smell her sex. With the mood completely destroyed; Rogue threw herself on to the bed and let out a sigh.

"Ah fuck."


Ten minutes later, a handful of the X-Men and New Mutants were in the Danger Room training. Lately, Professor X and Wolverine have been training them in hand-to-hand combat. They thought it would be best to know how to fight without the use of their powers. With everything that had been happening lately, Rogue was in need of releasing some stress. Since she couldn't finish masturbating, an intense physical work out would have to do. As she spared with Evan, flashes of her English class came to her. In the back of her head she could hear the words 'whore' 'slut' and 'skank' over and over again. Then mixed into the voices were flashes of her fantasies about Scott. Then further mixed into those fantasies were flashes of her masturbating. When Rogue finally came out of this trance, Evan (her sparring partner) was on the ground and it looked like he had just taken quite a beating.

"Damn Rogue, what the fuck did I do?"

"Sorry sugah, guess ah got a little carried away with ma self."

Many students who witnessed this then proceeded to break out laughing at Evan, for he just got his ass handed to him by a girl.

After the sparring session, the students all went straight to bed. Rogue and Kitty slowly grudged into their room. Both of the girls were worn out beyond belief. Kitty was so tired that she didn't even have enough energy to remove her clothing. However, her powers were perfect for this situation. She simply phased herself and her uniform dropped to the ground, revealing a pair of pink panties and bra. Rogue however didn't have as much luck and had to strip down out her uniform. With no erg to put on anything else, she decided just to sleep in her bra and panties tonight. She climbed into her bed and for a brief second, Rogue thought of finishing her early masturbation session. She still had a tingle down there and had a great longing for an orgasm. She brought her hands back down to her panties and gently traced her finger across the material. However, exhaustion swept over her eyes and she drifted into sleep.


The following day was a Saturday and Rogue slept in till 11:00. When she finally woke, the sunlight filled the room and she groggily sat up in her bed.

God damn it, she thought, Ah am still horny. The way thangs are goin with ma luck, ah'll never be able ta cum.

She got up out of her bed and decided to go take a shower. While she was still in her bra and panties, she didn't care. She stepped out of her room and walked down the hallway.

"So far so good," the pale brunette thought.

But of course one of the doors in the hallway opened and out stepped the 14-year-old Bobby Drake. His jaw dropped as he saw the busty figure walking down the hallway in nothing but her underwear. Like any 14-year-old boy, the site of a girl in her underwear was instantly arousing. Rogue was totally embarrassed and looked down; she didn't even want to make eye contact with Bobby. As she looked down, she noticed the boy's erection. It didn't look all that big, but in her current state, anything would please her. For a second she stopped and considered pouncing on the young boy. But that was the problem, he was young and she felt it just wouldn't be right. So she continued on her way and entered the bathroom. But with a devilish grin Rogue turned around and blew Bobby a kiss and closed the door. Needless to say, Bobby went straight back into his room and had a sore wrist later on.

"Damn it, another thang to add to ma list of embarrassment," she thought, frowning.

With a small sigh, she stripped out of her bra and panties. A low grumble escaped her mouth as her slightly wet pussy clung to the crotch of it of her panties, again. Tossing it aside, she turned the faucet to the shower and climbed in, the water was already warm. Her brown and white hair clung to her face as she hung her head under the pounding spray of the showerhead. The warm water felt terrific on her soft flesh and the bathroom quickly filled with steam. Lathering herself up with soap, she slowly washed her toned pale body, her fingertips crawling gently across her flesh. Casually, her fingers brushed against her swollen pink lips, sending a tingle through her pussy. Realizing that she would burst if she didn't cum soon, she slid two fingers deep into her drenched lips.

A moan came from her throat as those fingers began to work hard and fast, obviously, she was not in the mood for teasing. A faint squishing sound could be heard as her fingers pounded in and out fiercely. Her free hand then slid its way up her body and stopped on her ample breast. She took it into her hand and squeezed it. Her hand rubbed all over her breast and she pinched her nipple, she let out another moan, as it became erect. Her fingers pounded away at her wet pussy as her other hand squeezed her breasts and in a few minutes, she was breathing heavily and quite close to cumming, her head swimming with the promise of pleasure. Feeling like her life depended on this one, simple orgasm she jammed her fingers in and out even faster. And then an unmistakable *BAMF* sound filled the room and a bright light flashed. The distraction threw off her orgasm. She took her fingers out and looked out to see short blue fuzzy guy brushing his teeth.

"Fuck Kurt, what the he'll are yah doing!!" Rogue yelled as she poked her head out of the shower, trying not to let the fuzzy elf see her naked.

"Oh shit Rogue, I'm sorry, Kitty told me that Scott was in here taking a shower."

As he finished the sentence he finally noticed what was in front of him. Kurt was so desperate to have a girl; desperate enough that he didn't care about Rogue's gothic looks. He saw a beautiful girl, and didn't care what some other people might say. And right now she was a beautiful young girl, who was naked and wet and right in front of him. However, he couldn't see her figure as she was hidden behind the shower curtain. He slowly took a step to the left to maybe try and get a peek at her but that thought was quickly demolished.

"Don't yah dare take another step, or ah'll really make you black and blue."

"Fine." The young German said as he gave up and teleported out.

While Kurt was finally left, the mood was totally gone and having an orgasm was once again out of Rogue's reach.


The rest of the day, Rogue tried to keep her mind off of sex. It was apparent that she wasn't going to find a moment of privacy to enjoy herself. So she found as many things as possible that wouldn't make her think about sex. She read a book, listened to some music and even did some homework. But all the while, she kept thinking about Scott. As she dreamed about him there came a couple *KNOCKS* at her door. At first she was so involved with her fantasies that she didn't even hear them. Two more *KNOCK* *KNOCK* came again, this time louder. She was wakened from her daydream and got up off her bed and went to the door. She opened and to her surprise and enjoyment, there stood Scott Summers.

"Hey Rogue," the tall young man said.

A smile came across her face.

"Hey Scott." Rogue said as she ran her hands threw her hair, trying to make herself look presentable.

"I haven't seen you around all day. Kitty was getting worried about you, so she asked if I would come up and see how you're doing. What have you been up to?"

"Just messin around in my room, tryin to keep ma mind off some thangs. Ya wanna come in?"

Scott casually strode into her room and briefly looked around. As Rogue shut the door, she glanced down the hallway, making sure nobody else was in site. She turned around and looked Scott up and down. She bite her lip nervously, she had never been in a situation like this and she was scared beyond her wits, but she was excited.

"So was it those asshole at school who you're trying to keep your mind off of?" Scott asked, he obviously was concerned about his teammates well being.

Rogue took a deep breath and walked over to Scott. He turned around as he noticed that she was now right next to him.

"Naw, ah was tryin to keep my mind off you." She then lifted her hand and moved it towards Scott face. Knowing the risk of physical contact with her, Scott backed away.

"Rogue, what the hell do you think you're doing?"

However, she didn't say a word, she only responded in thrusting her hand onto his face. He braced himself for the coming pain and closed his eye. Yet, there was no pain, no absorbing of memories or powers. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at Rogue.

"Wha...when...how are you doing this?" the confused young man asked.

Rogue gave no response. Her hand gently explored Scott's face. He fingers stopped as his lips, she then licked her own and threw herself at him. The two teen's lips interlocked. It was an uncomfortable and emotionless kiss. Scott pulled away from shock. Rogue looked at him; her face was filled with fear as she thought she had just been rejected. Scott stared back at her.

He was in love with Jean; she was the girl he wanted to be with. While his heart belonged to Jean, his testosterone filled mind took over. With one deep breath, Scott moved in and kissed her, opening his mouth and snaking his tongue into her. She accepted his wet and soft tongue into her mouth, twirling it around with her own. They stood there completely interlocked in each other.

He led Rogue to the bed and they sat down on it. He began to kiss and suck on her pale arched neck. Rogue eyes fluttered as her entire body tingled at the feeling of Scott's mouth on her flesh. She let out a low moan as he redoubled his efforts on her neck. His right hand then slowly made it's way from her shoulder down to her left breast. Rogue still had on her black tank top and green mesh shirt on. Despite the clothing in the way, the feeling of Scott's hand on her breast was wonderful. He brought himself back to Rogues mouth. He then placed both hands on her breasts and squeezed them. Just as Rogue opened her mouth to let out a moan, Scott lips engulfed her own, and her moan was muffled.

Their tongues intertwined once again. They frantically kissed and probed each other with their tongues. Desperate for more contact, Rogue placed her hand on Scott's chest. She briefly rubbed his firm muscular chest, and then moved down. First to his toned stomach and then to the growing bulge in his pants. There she stopped and her hand began to massage the growth. With her lips immersed in his, she could hear a muffled moan come from the depths of his throat. Despite the tremendous sensation of Scott's entangled tongue with her own, she broke the lip lock.

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