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X-Rated Grocery Shopping


Unlike most people I go grocery shopping for two reasons, one to get my necessary food I am going to eat for the week and the second reason is for the food I am going to use during my daily masturbation sessions. I don't like the feel of plastic but I have come to love the different textures of food. I also like to dress up while I am shopping as a complete and utter slut.

This shopping day was no different and I got myself ready for my excursion, first I put on my black silk garter belt with matching stockings, they always felt so nice sliding them up my long shapely legs. Then I put on my shorter than short silk skirt. No I wasn't wearing panties, I just loved keeping my legs straight when bending over for something on the bottom shelf, I felt empowered knowing I was leaving some poor man with a raging hardon as he glared at my uncovered ass and freshly shaven mound. Next was my beautiful black silk push up bra from Victoria Secrets. To finish off the ensemble I would wear a tiny top that left my midriff bare and would barely conceal my ample bosom. For footwear although uncomfortable while shopping I had to wear my six inch patent leather heels that just said "I need to get fucked".

I arrived at the grocery store and got my cart then proceeded down the isles, noticing every guys head turning in my direction. I even noticed a couple of obviously married men (probably not getting enough from the old lady) following just behind me dying to get a peek. I first did all the shopping for the food I needed to eat for the week then I turned my attention to my makeshift toys.

I started down the peanut butter isle and when I got to the honey (I love the feeling of sticky sweetness rubbed all over my tits and cunt). When I played with honey I would heat it up in the microwave a bit and I couldn't wait to feel the warm sticky liquid as I would rub it all over my hard nipples and wet cunt. And when my pussy juices mixed with the honey I loved the taste and would rub and lick and rub and lick. I never bother with prices so when I noticed the three men watching me looking for a brand to buy I decided to go with the one on the bottom shelf. Bending my legs slightly apart I bent over at the waist. I could feel the soft skirt slide over my ass revealing my tight ass and juicy pussy. I was already starting to get wet knowing how much I was teasing these men. I took my time going from one brand to the next. When I finally grabbed the honey I turned around and noticed three prominent bulges from the men. At least I made their day.

I then went to my favorite area of the store, the vegetable section. I went and grabbed a bag of good looking carrots. I found that carrots were the perfect size for sticking up my ass. The rough texture felt amazing sliding in and out of my tight hole. Then I went to the cucumber section and picked out three. One had a nice curve on it, I couldn't wait to get that baby home and work my G-spot for a good wet explosion. The second one was a small but really thick one; I could just imagine it spreading my cunt wide as if I was being fisted. The thought had my cunt nice and creamy; I could actually feel the juices starting to run down my leg. The last one was a nice long one of medium thickness, perfect to reach those deep needed areas. The thought off a deep self fuck with the final cucumber had me on the edge, if I even brushed myself at that moment I would have cum on the spot!

Now after a good self reaming I like to cool my cunt off, so I went to get my final food toy. I liked nothing better than to shove a nice Popsicle up my burning snatch after I have had orgasm after orgasm. I got my regular box of thirty then headed to the checkout counter.

When I got to the counter I thought the poor guy ringing in my items was going to have a heart attack looking at me. He could barely keep his eyes off my hardened nipples poking out after being in the freezer section.

I couldn't wait to get home and start my play with my newly purchased toys and masturbate until I couldn't stand it but that is another story!

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