X-Rated Xmas


At the same time, Katy was on her back while her sister's boyfriend held her on top of him, rubbing his cock between her legs. He shifted underneath her, and she felt his cockhead press against her tight, wet hole. She froze with her mouth open in a silent moan as his thick cock slowly parted her swollen pussy lips and slid into her opening. Once inside, he held her tits while he fucked her fast and she couldn't help moaning with each thrust.

"Shh," he said. "You're going to wake the neighbors. You're so noisy tonight." As he squeezed her tits, Aaron thought they seemed smaller than normal and he wondered if it was because she was on her back.

"Oh...fuck, Lauren...your pussy is so fucking tight tonight," he said, as he kept thrusting into her.

Katy quickly sat up, his cock still inside her, and tried to catch her breath.

"What's the matter, babe?" he asked, as he slid his hand under her sweater to rub her back.

Katy held her head in her hands. She knew she should stop, he was her sister's boyfriend, but being fucked by him felt so good; she felt...compelled to continue. Footsteps crunched on the snow outside and she looked up as her brother, Tyler, staggered past the car. Ducking down onto the seat so he wouldn't see her, she heard the front door of the house open and close as he went inside.

Aaron moved behind her and, before she could get off her hands and knees, slid his erect cock back into her pussy. She had to bite her lip as he fucked her hard from behind, and held on to the car seat as her head banged against the car door.

By the Christmas tree, Lauren was crouching in the box wondering what was taking her boyfriend so long when a hard cock appeared through the glory hole.

"Finally," she thought.

Lauren smiled as she wrapped her hand around the shaft, stroked it and whispered, "Merry Christmas," and heard the same whispered back.

She circled her tongue around the head of the cock a few times and then started to slowly suck the tip before letting the rest of his pole slide into her warm mouth.

"Wow," she thought, "his cock is way thicker than normal." She was happy to see he was enjoying his present, and wondered what he'd tell his friends when they asked what he'd got for Christmas.

Tom stood in the living room with his pajamas down around his ankles, as the willing mouth on the other side of the glory hole sucked him. He could tell his wife was really into it this year. Usually, she preferred the slow, sensual approach to oral sex. But tonight she was attacking his prick like she was a teenager again. He had to brace himself against the box as she wildly sucked his cock. He wondered if she'd taken a blowjob class or something.

Lauren furiously jacked the shaft into her mouth as she sucked on the knob. His cock felt so big, so good in her mouth. She tried to deep throat it but gagged, it was too long. As she bobbed back and forth she felt the cock stiffen, and then it erupted hot cum into her mouth.

Lauren was surprised, as Aaron had never come in her mouth before; he always warned her. But it was his Christmas present, so she took the load like a pro, swallowing it all while still stroking and sucking and hoping for more.

But she wished he hadn't come so soon, she wanted so badly to get fucked by this big cock. Her hand was between her legs, as she'd pulled her panties aside to play with her pussy while she blew her boyfriend, who still hadn't gone soft. She was surprised when his cock popped out of her mouth and disappeared through the hole. After waiting a second to see if he'd stick it back in, she lifted the lid to peek -- the room was empty.

Tom ran into the kitchen, pulling up his pajamas to hide his hardon. He'd heard someone coming through the front door and was worried it was one of his daughters, but realized it was only his son, Tyler. He was just about to steer him to his bedroom to make sure he didn't discover his mom in the box in the living room, when a naked man walked out the back door.

"Who the fuck is that?" thought Tom. Half naked, he grabbed Katy's pink scarf off the table for warmth, and chased after him, holding up his pants with one hand as he raced barefoot down the back stairs and through the cold snow.

"Hey! Hey, you!" he yelled, thinking he was going to kill this guy if he'd just come from Katy's room.

The pale-skinned man stopped but didn't turn around, and Tom felt a numbing sensation as he grabbed his shoulder.

He was frozen. Completely paralyzed, Tom stood in the backyard like a statue with one hand reached out in front of him and one at his waist, with his pajama bottoms piled around his feet. He no longer felt the cold even though he was completely naked, with his still fully erect cock sticking straight out in front of him. The snow around him magically circled up like a whirlwind, and buried him beneath a wintry blanket.

Back in the living room, Lauren climbed out of the box and wondered where Aaron had gone. She checked to see if he was in the bedroom and was surprised to find her brother fully clothed and asleep on the bed.

"Get out of here!" she said, shaking Tyler awake. "We're staying in your room, remember? Mom said we could."

"Where am I supposed to sleep?" he drunkenly asked, as his blurry eyes tried to focus on his sister's toned body in her sexy Santa's little helper outfit.

"Wow, sis, you look fucking hot!"

"Get out!" Lauren said, and tried to cover herself up.

Tyler staggered down the hall to his parents' room to find out where he was supposed to sleep, hoping his mom wasn't still mad at him for going out on Christmas Eve. When he saw their bed was unoccupied, he fell backwards onto it and passed out again.

Downstairs, Shannon was lying on Katy's bed with her long red hair splayed around her head, trying to catch her breath while her legs trembled from being fucked so well. Now that the stranger was gone, she felt like it had all been a dream, and couldn't understand why she didn't feel guilty at all.

She knew the stranger was magical, but in more ways than one. He'd made her come twice with his giant cock, and then pulled out and walked toward the back door without coming once himself.

Looking at Katy's alarm clock, she realized she'd been down in her daughter's bedroom for nearly ten minutes. Shannon was surprised her husband hadn't come looking for her and hoped he'd fallen asleep. She headed back upstairs, wearing only her panties, and covered her breasts as she hurried down the hall to her bedroom.

Shannon shut the door until it was nearly closed and saw the outline of her husband sleeping on the bed in the dark, arm across his face. She left the light off, as she didn't want to wake him -- yet. He'd fallen asleep waiting for his Christmas Eve present and she wasn't going to disappoint him. Climbing quietly onto the bed, she carefully undid his belt and unbuttoned his fly.

Meanwhile, Katy was on her knees in the back seat of the BMW as Aaron fucked her from behind. He laced his fingers through her auburn hair and gently pulled it, arching her back as he pounded his cock into her.

"Hey," he said. "Did you get your hair cut? It seems shorter."

Katy bounced harder on his cock in answer, and he soon forgot the question. She knew this was wrong, she remembered how hurt she'd been when she'd found out her boyfriend had been fucking her best friend.

But she didn't feel guilty, she felt like she was lost in a magical dream, and she loved it. Katy had gone out with Jon for almost a year, but he'd never fucked her like this. She was used to two-minute quickies in back rooms at parties, not being rode for ten minutes like she was a hobby-horse. She could see why Lauren liked older guys.

Aaron was slamming her ass against his hips when he finally groaned that he was going to come.

"Oh, shit!" Katy thought, and looked over her shoulder at him. "Don't come inside me, I'm not on the pill!"

"Who the hell are you?" Aaron pulled his cock out of her and tried to stop himself from coming, but it was too late. He couldn't hold it back and, not wanting to get it all over his car, pushed Katy down on the backseat while he fired cum all over her tiny ass.

Aaron fell back against the car door, his spent cock hanging between his legs. "Oh, no. You're not -- "

"Hi, I'm Katy," she said, looking back at him while she rubbed his hot cum against her smooth bum.

At the same moment, Lauren looked in the backyard but only saw Katy's snowman, standing like a silent sentinel on the shimmering snow carpet. Then she went and looked out the front window and didn't see Aaron there either. Going back to Tyler's bedroom, she texted him: "Where are you?"

"I'll be right there," Aaron replied, as he watched his girlfriend's little sister pull her undies back on.

Katy gave him a shy smile. "Do you think I could have a sip of your gin?"

After leaving the car, Katy went around to the back of the house, hoping she wouldn't run into Lauren and have to explain where her and Aaron had been. As she kicked her fuzzy slippers through the powdery snow, she took a sip from the bottle of gin and made a yucky face. She sniffed at the bottle, thought it smelled like a Christmas tree, and took another sip.

Sneaking around to the backdoor, Katy did a double take when she realized her snowman had moved. She trudged through the snow and saw someone had also replaced his red and green scarf with her pink one.

And there was a giant candy cane sticking out where his snowman cock used to be. The thick, striped candy cane even had a penis-shaped head. She looked back at the house and wondered if Lauren had bought this as a joke. She grabbed the candy cane and tried to pull it out and, when it didn't budge, she put her foot against the snowman and pulled as hard as she could.

Tom stood there frozen, trying to scream to his daughter to stop. She had her foot against his leg and was pulling on his erect cock as hard as she could. Relief surged through him when she finally gave up, and he was thankful that his prick was still attached.

Catching her breath, Katy saw her snowman's bright blue button eyes were gone. In their place, someone had put brown buttons that were the same color as her dad's eyes. And the pebble mouth she'd returned to a smile was now a frown again.

Katy took another swig of gin and couldn't get over the terrible flavor. Hoping the candy cane would take the bad taste away, she bent down and gave it a long lick.

Tom was surprised to see his daughter drinking, but was shocked when she bent down and ran her soft tongue along the length of his erect cock. Why was she doing this, why wasn't she helping him?

And then he glanced over and caught his reflection in her bedroom window. He saw her standing in front of a snowman, and realized he'd somehow magically been transformed into one!

The candy cane did take the bad taste of the gin away, so Katy gave it another big lick. As she wrapped her hand around the thick striped stick, she wondered if she'd be able to suck a cock this big. She crouched in the cool snow and licked the head a few times -- it tasted so good. Stretching her mouth around it, she started to bob back and forth, pretending she was giving her snowman a blowjob.

Tom could only watch as his baby girl sucked his cock. He struggled unsuccessfully to move his arms, not sure if he wanted to push her away or grab her head and fuck her mouth.

In her bedroom, Shannon wished her husband had got into his pajamas like she'd told him to, and was surprised to see he hadn't worn any underwear. She carefully pulled his half hard cock out and ran her tongue along it as it stiffened in her hand. She slowly stroked him, and was amazed at how stiff he was -- he hadn't got this hard since he was a teenager. After gently tonguing his balls, she wrapped her mouth around his cock and sucked it lovingly.

He woke up and put his hand on the back of her head to keep her mouth on his cock. He was really, really hard. Shannon kept sucking until he exploded in her mouth; she swallowed and swallowed -- so much cum! She could tell her husband liked his Christmas present by how quickly he'd gone off; he normally lasted much longer.

When Tyler opened his eyes, he thought he was still at the party. He didn't remember passing out, just waking up and discovering someone was sucking his cock. He wondered if it was his best friend's little sister; she was always giving him the eye.

Whoever it was, she was a fantastic cocksucker; he thought she'd be mad when he unloaded in her mouth without warning, but she just moaned around his cock and swallowed every drop. Her soft tongue felt great as it cleaned his knob off. Tyler was just about to thank her when he heard his mom whisper, "Merry Christmas, honey."

He sat up in shock and, as he watched her big tits bounce out of the room, realized she was only wearing panties. Finally remembering that he'd passed out in his parents' bed, he wondered where his dad was. Maybe they'd had a fight and he was sleeping on the couch? Tyler felt like he was already dreaming as his head fell back and struck the pillow.

Lauren was in Tyler's bedroom waiting for her boyfriend when she noticed a present on the dresser.

"Just like when we were kids!" she thought. Her mom always left a present in their rooms so they'd have something to open when they woke up Christmas morning. Lauren saw it was after midnight and decided she was going to unwrap it now. The gift tag was in her dad's handwriting, and she was puzzled by the message: "For a very naughty girl, make sure you open this present where no one can see you!"

Lauren tore off the wrapping paper and was shocked when she looked inside. She checked the tag again to see if she'd opened someone else's present by mistake.

In the box was a giant, purple vibrator. As she turned it around, amazed at how lifelike it looked, she realized there was more in the box.

Lifting out the cards, she saw they were sexy coupons. She read them and saw there was a coupon for kisses, one for a full body massage, one for a night in a motel, one for a tongue lashing and another that allowed her to ride his cock as hard as she wanted.

She looked on the other side of the coupons and saw someone had printed a photo of an erect penis. As she looked closer, she realized the picture had been taken in her parents' bedroom -- that was her dad's dick!

She couldn't believe this present was for her; it had to be a mistake. The present must have been meant for her mom.

Lauren's pussy was still soaked from sucking off her boyfriend, and she hoped he'd be back soon; she needed to be fucked so badly. She turned the vibrator back and forth, and wondered if there were batteries in it.

Once she found the switch, she turned the sex toy on and felt it vibrate against her palm. And then she brushed it against her nipple and trembled as she felt a tingle. Lauren checked to make sure the door was closed, and leaned back on the bed as she slowly rubbed the vibrator against the front of her panties.

Her legs shuddered with pleasure as she played with herself. She wet her lip with her tongue and let out a soft moan as she pulled her panties aside and dipped the vibrator into her pussy. Leaning across the bed, she grabbed one of the pictures of her dad's cock. She held it in the air and her eyes wandered over every inch as she fucked herself with her new purple toy.

In the backyard, Katy was on her knees in the snow but didn't feel the cold. The sky was clear and all the stars were shining, while moonlight fell on the reindeer dust and made it sparkle as if it were magic. The night air was crisp and cool and the only sound that could be heard was Katy's wet mouth as she sucked on her candy cane.

She couldn't believe how real it felt and how wet her pussy was getting from the feel of it in her mouth. When she closed her eyes, she swore it felt just like a real cock. She stroked her hand up and down the candy cane, enjoying how smooth and hard it felt.

If Tom's eyes could have moved they would have been rolling back in his head. His little girl was stroking his shaft as she bobbed her tiny, warm mouth on his knob. He couldn't move, but he could feel every touch...every lick...every sensation. After blowing his load in the living room, he thought he wouldn't be hard again until the New Year; now he felt like his cock wouldn't ever go down again.

He was relieved when Katy finally stopped sucking on it. Part of him wanted her to come back and finish him off, but the rest of him was glad when she turned to leave. But then she stopped and, checking to make sure no one was around, pushed her stretchy pants down.

Her dad watched as Katy backed up against him, pulled her panties to one side, and held the end of his cock in her hand as she slid her wet pussy back and forth on it.

Katy looked between her legs; she must have been off balance -- she could have sworn the candy cane cock twitched. She didn't notice that the snowman's pebble mouth was now shaped like an O, not the frown it had been a minute ago. She balanced herself with one hand on the snow and one hand on her knee as she slowly backed onto the snowman's stiff cock.

Tom felt like he was going to come just from watching his little girl slide herself onto his pole. He felt every inch enter her as she slowly filled her pussy with his thick cock. When she was halfway, she couldn't take any more and began to slowly ride him, bending her knees to bounce up and down on his frozen fuckstick. In the reflection from the downstairs window, he saw her push her sweater up, playing with her tiny tits as she rode his candy cane.

Inside the house, Shannon's panties were wet as she went to the kitchen to get a drink to wash the taste of cum out of her mouth. While passing Tyler's bedroom, she heard Lauren moaning in pleasure and assumed Aaron had finally arrived.

Shannon was surprised after the pounding she'd received in Katy's room that she was still so horny. She loved sucking Tom's cock every Christmas Eve, but once he came he was always out cold until the next morning.

As she listened at the bedroom door, she slid her hand into her panties and was teasing her clit while she listened to her daughter coming on the other side. Shannon was fingering herself to an orgasm of her own when she heard someone lightly knock and open the front door.

"Hello? Lauren...Katy?"

Shannon didn't recognize the voice, but it was obviously someone who knew her daughters. She pulled her hand out of her panties and covered her tits as she ran into the living room, looking for a place to hide.

As she crouched beside the couch, she wondered why there was a huge, empty gift box in front of the tree. Realizing she could still be seen where she was, she quickly climbed into the box and pulled the lid shut.

Aaron closed the front door behind him and crept down the hallway, trying not to wake Lauren's parents. He still couldn't believe he'd fucked his girlfriend's little sister by mistake -- he didn't think he was that drunk.

Before Katy had left his car, she'd told him that Lauren was waiting for him in the front room. Nearly fifteen minutes had passed while he tried to sober up, and he didn't expect her to still be there, so he was surprised when he saw the closed gift box still waiting in front of the tree.

As he walked up to it, the box shifted and he realized Lauren was still in it. Amazed, but thankful that he was still hard after coating her sister with cum, he pulled his prick out and poked it through the hole, hoping she wouldn't taste Katy's pussy on his cock.

Shannon was hiding inside with her hands over her breasts. She wasn't sure why the giant gift box was in the living room, but she noticed the air hole and thought maybe Tom was giving her a puppy for Christmas and had planned on putting it inside in the morning?

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