X-Rated Xmas


She was shocked when an erect cock poked through the hole and she heard someone whisper, "Merry Christmas." What did he expect her to do? She couldn't see well in the dark without her glasses, so she got a little closer and saw how stiff it was, how near it was. She could smell that he'd just fucked someone, as he was so close that she could've touched him with her tongue; her hand dipped back into her panties.

Aaron wondered why Lauren was hesitating, wondered if she suspected something. And then he felt her kiss the tip of his cock and give it a little lick. She took just the cockhead in her mouth, and softly sucked him even harder.

His girlfriend was giving him the most sensual blowjob he'd ever received; she normally liked to suck him fast and hard, getting him ready to fuck her. But this time she was going nice and slow, sucking and licking and teasing his cock until he was ready to explode. He steadied himself against the box as she pushed him toward the edge.

At the same time, Katy bounced back and forth on the candy cane cock, amazed that it felt so much like a real one. Her panties were around one ankle and lying on the snow as she looked back at her frosty fuckbuddy.

"Oh," she moaned, "your candy cane feels so good Mr. Snowman. I wish you wouldn't ever melt, so I could sneak outside every night and ride your big stick." She kept bouncing back and forth and quivered as a tremor ran through her. "Unh...you're gonna make me come!"

Suddenly, Katy let out a loud gasp and trembled as she came all over her dad's cock. She slid off the stiff stick and saw it was slick with her sweet juice. "Wow, what a mess."

Tom watched, frozen with pleasure, as Katy gave him a lewd smile and wiggled back into her panties. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and rubbed his candy cane one last time as she ran into the house. His cock ached from not being able to come.

Meanwhile, Lauren was in her brother's bedroom teasing her clit with the vibrator and trembling with mini-orgasms as she looked at pictures of her dad's cock, secretly wishing he really had meant this present to be for her. Tilting her head back, she was just about to come again when she heard a familiar moan from the living room.

Aaron felt his balls getting tight, as he was about to blow his load for the second time tonight. He started when he heard Lauren's voice behind him.

"Aaron? What the hell are you doing?"

He looked over his shoulder and was shocked to see her standing there, wrapped in a blanket. He looked down at the box in dread, wondering if her little sister had tricked him again.

Lauren stormed past him and tore the lid off the box. She was shocked to see her mom on her knees, her chin glistening as cum spilled out of her mouth and down onto her big tits.

"I'm sorry, honey," she lied. "I thought he was your dad."


"Mom? Your mom!" Aaron quickly stuffed his dripping cock back into his pants. "I thought it was you in there, Lauren, honest!"

"You already came in my mouth once, but you thought you could come back for seconds and I'd still be in there?"

"What are you talking about?" Aaron said, starting to get really confused. "I just got here."

"What do you mean...you just got here? I saw your cab outside fifteen minutes ago."

"I was too drunk, I went and passed out in my car."

Lauren was stunned. If he'd just got here, who'd come in her mouth?

"I think...I think you'd better leave," she said.

"Lauren -- "

"Please," she said, pointing toward the door, "just go."

She watched out the window as Aaron stood on the snow-covered street and called a taxi. Her mom came back into the living room after cleaning cum off her face and tits.

"Honey, I'm so sorry. This has been the craziest Christmas Eve ever." Shannon still wasn't sure what had come over in the box, wasn't sure why she'd had the sudden urge to suck the strange cock.

"Its okay mom, I understand -- you thought it was Dad, right?"

After her mom kissed her forehead and went to bed, Lauren sat on the couch wrapped in a blanket as she stared at the Christmas tree lights. She remembered climbing out of the box to look for Aaron and finding Tyler in the bedroom, and she knew -- she'd blown her brother!

Outside, Tom watched Katy close the back door and, as soon as it shut, he felt the spell break and was exhausted as he fell to his knees in the sparkling snow. Completely naked except for the pajama bottoms around his ankles and the pink scarf around his neck, he looked down and saw his cock was still purple and throbbing from fucking his daughter. He pulled his pants up and tried to hide his raging hardon as he went inside.

Back in her bedroom, Shannon could still taste Aaron's cum in her mouth even after she'd brushed her teeth. As she climbed into bed beside her husband, worried he might be able to smell it on her breath, she lay with her back to him and didn't give him a good night kiss.

Tyler woke up as his mom came back into the room and watched her naked silhouette as she crawled into bed with him. He lifted the blanket and saw she was still only wearing panties. Hoping his dad was asleep in the living room, he moved toward her and put his arm around her waist.

Shannon was surprised her husband was awake, and was even more surprised when she felt his huge erection press against her ass. It had been a long time since he'd been able to get hard again so soon after being sucked. She reached behind and slowly rubbed her hand against his stiff cock.

"Take your pants off," she whispered.

Tyler couldn't believe how fast this was going. He was nervous as he removed his jeans, but figured his mom wouldn't be telling him to get naked if there was a chance they'd get caught. He reached around and squeezed his mom's big tits while she reached behind and played with his cock and balls.

"Mmm...you're so hard," she whispered. "Did you like your Christmas present? Did you like having your big dick sucked until you came in my mouth?"

"Uh huh," Tyler groaned, as his mom jacked his cock while he kissed her neck just behind her ear.

Shannon moaned; she loved being kissed there. Her husband's cock was so hard that she wondered if he'd slipped Viagra into his eggnog. Her pussy was soaked from her wild night and was getting wetter.

Tyler watched as his mom slid her panties off and reached behind so she could rub his cockhead against her nice, round ass and sopping pussy.

"You like that?" she whispered.

"Uh huh."

"You want to put your big cock in my pussy?"

"Uh huh."

She lifted her leg and slid his pole into her from behind. Her pussy was still sore from the pounding she took in Katy's bedroom, but his cock was too stiff to refuse. As he thrust into her, he played with her tits as if it was the first time he'd felt them.

"Oh, that feels so good, honey," she moaned.

Tyler just grunted as he fucked his mom hard from behind. After a couple of minutes, he rolled her onto her stomach and pounded her from the prone position. His mom's ass kept bouncing forward as his hips slammed against her, and he tried to drive his swollen cock as deep as possible.

Shannon clutched at the sheets as she moaned into her pillow. After so many years of giving on Christmas Eve, it was nice to finally receive. She felt like she was being fucked senseless as she fumbled in the dark for the dresser drawer, feeling inside it for a small bottle she kept there. Her husband was stuffing her stocking so good that she wanted to give him a second Christmas treat.

"Pull out for a second," she whispered.

When he did, she squirted Astroglide onto her hand and used two fingers to rub some on her sphincter. By the thin line of light shining underneath the bedroom door, she could just make out her lover's silhouette as he kneeled on the bed, waiting. She reached for his swollen shaft and rubbed Astroglide all along the length.

Tyler didn't know what his mom had planned, until she got on all fours and pressed his knob against her backdoor and, with a groan, backed up until the head of his cock was inside her. He couldn't believe the first girl he fucked in the ass was going to be his mom.

"Go slow," she groaned, as he pushed his cock inch by inch into her snug chute. The lube helped, but his cock was definitely one size too large for her ass. She unclenched her teeth and tried to relax as his balls finally pressed against her.

Putting her hand against his hip to make sure he didn't go too deep too fast, she slowly slid her bum back and forth on his thick stick, wincing as it stretched her wide.

"Unh...your cock is so fucking swollen," she said, as she got more used to his size and started to pick up the pace. "You like that, honey?"

"Oh, Mom...it feels fucking incredible!"

Shannon scrambled forward in blind panic, gasping as her son's cock popped out of her ass. She pulled the sheet up to cover herself and fumbled in the dark to turn on the bedside lamp.

"Tyler!" she cried. "What are you doing in here?! Where's your dad?"

"Dad? I don't know -- sleeping on the couch?"

"I mean, why were you...what are you doing in my bed?" she whispered.

"I was waiting for you...and then you told me to take my pants off."

"I didn't...I mean...why didn't you say something, tell me that it was you?"

"I figured you knew it was me after you, you know, sucked me off."

Shannon was shocked -- that's why his cock had been so hard! But where was her husband? She watched Tyler, kneeling between her legs and waiting, his thick shaft slick from being in both her pussy and her ass. She could see how she'd mistaken him in the dark for his dad; he was just as big. And his balls were so swollen, and she'd already made him come once tonight...

Down the hallway, Tom was trying to hide his hardon with his hands as he walked back toward his bedroom.


He looked in the living room and saw Lauren wrapped in a blanket and sitting on the couch near the Christmas tree.

As he walked in, wearing only pajama bottoms and a scarf, Lauren hid the photo of his cock she'd been looking at.

Tom tried to hide his erection, which refused to go down, and sat on the couch beside his daughter.

"Why are you up, still waiting for your boyfriend?"

"No, he's not coming for Christmas," she said, as she stared at the box by the tree and wondered where her brother was.

Tom followed her eyes and was embarrassed when he realized he hadn't put the glory hole gift box away.

"Oh, damn! Forget you ever saw that, it was your mom's Christmas present to me."

Lauren sat up and, as she looked back and forth between her dad and the box, everything became clear.

"Dad...it was me in the box, not Mom."

"No," he said, refusing to believe the truth. "It was your mom...your mom was in the -- "

"Dad," she whispered, "you came in my mouth."

Tom felt like the room was turning sideways. Had he really stuck his cock in both of his daughters tonight? "Honey...I didn't, I mean...how -- "

"It's okay, Dad," she whispered, as she went to put her hand on his leg and accidentally brushed her fingers against his hardon. "I liked it."

Lauren could see the uncertainty in his eyes. He was still shivering from being outside, so she straddled his lap and wrapped the blanket around them both, pressing her near naked body against him for warmth. She shuddered as she lowered herself and felt his throbbing cock press against her mound. She ground her panties against his stiff pole and her dad tilted his head back, his mind reeling from pleasure as he opened the blanket to let some light between them.

Tom saw she was only wearing white panties and a red ribbon across her breasts. His gaze drifted up her toned, beautiful body to her long auburn hair, which spilled across her bare shoulders. He looked into her eyes as she reached her hand down and pulled his pajama bottoms back, admiring his big, stiff cock.

Seeing no sign he wanted her to stop, she reached her other hand down and massaged every inch of his cock and balls. Tom pulled the bow and her top fell open, revealing her firm, round breasts. As he pulled her close and sucked on her swollen nipples, Lauren wrapped the blanket around them.

She leaned close and whispered, "I want to cash this in," and handed him the sexy coupon that allowed her to 'ride his cock as hard as she wanted'.

She pulled her white satin panties to one side and rubbed the head of his cock against her clit, and then pressed it against her pussy and slid down his pole.

Tom felt like Goldilocks; Katy's pussy was too tight, but Lauren's was just right. She put her hands on his shoulders and steadied herself as she bounced up and down on his cock.

Downstairs, Katy was changing into her nighty and getting ready for bed when she saw someone standing in her doorway. She was happy to see his bright blue eyes again, and to see that he'd got his red and green scarf and beautiful smile back. But his penis was way bigger than when it had been a candy cane.

"Mr. Snowman," she said. "Did you miss me? Is that why you came in from the cold -- you wanted to come inside where it's warm?"

As he walked toward her, Katy wondered if having her pussy wrapped around his candy cane cock was like wearing a magical hat and had somehow brought him to life.

He stood in front of her and gave her a warm, reassuring smile as he reached out and brushed a lock of her auburn hair back behind her ear. She nervously bit her lip as she gently brushed the soft palm of her hand against the tip of his huge hanging cock.

"Does it still taste like a candy cane?" she asked, as she gripped his cool shaft and bent down to give it a lick. He stopped her and looked up as if he could see through the ceiling. Katy let out a surprised squeal as he threw her over his shoulder and walked back upstairs.

In the bedroom, Shannon knew this had to be a dream; she'd never been unfaithful to her husband, yet tonight she'd already sucked three other guys' cocks, including her son's. She felt like she was trapped in some sort of naughty snow globe, and every time someone shook it she had to have sex. She felt the snow swirling again and knew she couldn't resist the storm any longer.

Tyler was waiting and hoping and, as she leaned back on her pillows, still covering herself with a sheet, she beckoned him closer. As she reached out her hand and gently massaged his swollen balls, she could see how much he was enjoying it.

"I'm sorry we argued earlier, sweetie. You were right, you're a man now."

"I'm sorry too, Mom," he moaned, as she caressed his cock. "I didn't mean to make you sad."

"Let's go to your bedroom," she whispered. "And you can make it up to me."

"I think Lauren's sleeping in there."

Shannon wondered where Tom was; she remembered how she'd heard Lauren getting fucked in her room, and knew it wasn't by her boyfriend.

"Wait here," she said. "I want to see if your sister knows where your dad is."

As she walked down the hall, she heard the now familiar sound of her oldest daughter being fucked, but this time it was coming from the living room.

She peeked in and saw Lauren was with someone on the couch, a blanket around her as she straddled him and bounced on his cock. Shannon wondered if it was Aaron, until she recognized the blue pajama bottoms piled around his bare feet.

Tom felt the heat trapped under the blanket dissipate as it was pulled away, and his heart stopped when he realized his wife had caught them. Lauren babbled an apology as she scrambled to get off her dad but her mom stopped her with a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"Don't," she said. "I'm not angry with either of you. I don't know why, but seeing the two of you together makes me feel...happy.

"Tyler, come in here," she called.

Tom was stunned when he saw his son come around the corner, totally naked and trying to cover his hardon with his hands.

"We want to know if we can join you, and make this a Christmas Eve to remember."

Tom didn't know how he could argue with his wife and son when they'd just discovered him ball-deep in his daughter. He looked at Lauren and, when he saw that she was willing, nodded.

Tyler walked over and stared at her as she sat naked on her dad's lap.

"Wow, Lauren, you're so beautiful."

She blushed and reached out to touch his cock, stroking it while her dad started bouncing her up and down on his pole again.

Shannon got on her knees beside them and slid her hand down the inside of her husband's leg, caressing his balls while she grazed her daughter's pussy on every down stroke.

"Honey, remember you said you were going to make me feel better?" she said to her son, and bent over the couch.

Tyler went to join his mom but his sister stopped him, and sucked on his cock a few times to get him ready.

He reluctantly popped his cock out of his sister's mouth and kneeled behind his mom, gently spreading the cheeks of her ass. "Mom, do you think I can stick it in your bum again?"

Shannon was embarrassed when she saw the shocked looks on both Tom and Lauren's faces. "Okay," she told Tyler, "but you'll need to go get the lube."

He opened his hand and showed he'd already brought the purple bottle with him.

Lauren and her dad both watched as Tyler poured clear fluid down his mom's ass crack and rubbed it into her opening with his index finger. He then rubbed the rest of the lube all over his cock, pressed the tip against her, and slid his shaft in. Soon his balls were smacking against her as he rammed her from behind.

Shannon was squeezing her husband's hand tightly and groaning as her son filled her ass while her daughter bounced up and down on his cock beside her.

Tom grabbed Lauren's firm ass as she rode his cock and slid his index finger into her tight sphincter.

She grabbed his hand before he got past the first knuckle. "Don't even think about it," she teased. "That hole's out of bounds!"

The groans and moans and gasps and sighs mixed with the Christmas music coming from the stereo and drifted toward the doorway, where Tom saw that they were being watched.

The creature that had frozen him outside was standing there with Katy in his arms -- a shocked expression on her face as she watched her family fucking in front of the Christmas tree.

Tom pulled Lauren off and covered her with the blanket while Tyler popped his cock out of his mom's ass and tried to hide beside his sister on the couch.

Tom took a step toward the creature. "Katy! Get away from that...thing!"

"Wait, Daddy! He's my snowman! He came to life."

"He's not your snowman, he's some kind of monster. That wasn't him you were with in the -- " He stopped, wondering if he'd said too much.

Katy got down, stood protectively in front of her snowman, and pleaded with her dad, watching him for some sign of understanding. She looked into his hazel eyes, recognized something, and looked past him until she saw her pink scarf discarded by the couch. And then she realized his erection, still glistening from being buried in Lauren's pussy, was shaped exactly like her candy cane cock.

Katy searched her dad's eyes for the truth. "Was it you?" she whispered. "Were you the snowman in the backyard?"

He grabbed her hands and squeezed them. "I'm sorry, Katy. I was trapped. I tried to warn you, to stop you, but I couldn't speak or move!"

"I didn't want you to stop me, Dad," she said. "I don't want this night to ever stop. In the backyard, that was magic. And so is he. He's my magic snowman, and this is why he came to life, so we can all have fun together."

Tom hesitated, unsure of what was real and what wasn't, and wondered if he was dreaming.

Shannon walked over and took his and Katy's hands. "This was my Christmas Wish," she said, "for the five of us to spend Christmas Eve together."

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