X-Ray Lisa


Small town life really doesn't expose one to all the things available in the world. And Lisa was about to have her eyes opened forever to things she had been missing.

Settling down at a very young age, she became somewhat bored with being a wife and a mother, but also felt her husband was too jealous most of the time.

It seemed like he was constantly looking over her shoulder, always wondering who she was talking to and why. She was a good wife, and true to her husband, but, he was pushing her in the direction that most jealous husbands often do, the life of having an affair because of the jealousy.

Lisa had a great job as an x-ray technician which allowed her to select her own hours that she wanted to work.

Her husband worked for the city and was home every night. But occasionally, Lisa did have to go to a conference now and then when it all happened.

While attending a recent conference, some of her co-workers were talking about going out for drinks at the lounge in the hotel that they were staying at.

She had agreed to meet everyone later after she had checked in with her husband to see how the kids were doing.

She did just that and he no longer got on the phone when her husband asked, "Have you been talking with any men at the conference?"

She did tell a small lie when she told him, "No." After all, it was just small talk between her and Kevin, who was also attending the conference.

Kevin was a great looking, tall, thin black man with a really nice smile, and was just a really nice guy.

Lisa had found Kevin attractive for all those reasons and the fact that she was just sick and tired of the jealousy from her husband all of the time.

Lisa herself, was a nice looking, brown haired, mother of three boys, that had super big tits (38D's).

She had about ten extra pounds on her, but, she also had a great smile and was very fun to be with.

She loves to have a good time just like everybody else, but her husband always had to spoil the party for her.

Feeling frustrated about the conversation with her husband, she was walking down the hall toward the lounge when she had decided that she was going to have a good time with her co-workers as long as she was out of her husbands sight.

As she walked into the lounge, everyone was laughing and having a grand old time. They all acknowledged her as she came walking towards the table in her her jeans and a nice top that was trying to hide her big breasts.

As some of her co-workers were picking on her for having to check in with her husband, she had denied that she had to check in. Her co-workers knew what an asshole her husband was, and they felt like they just had to tease her about it.

The harassment had subsided and they all continued to have a good time.

They were all shooting darts and having many drinks for hours. But they all knew that the fun couldn't last forever and a few of her co-workers starting heading up to their rooms as the conference was continuing the next day.

The last two left in the lounge were Kevin and Lisa. They began to play a game of darts when the last of her co-workers had bid her a good night.

It was all quite in the lounge now that all the other people had left. The dart board was away from the bar so they could have a nice conversation without anyone hearing what they were saying to each other.

At this point, Kevin had to ask Lisa, "What are the stakes here?" Afterall, her co-workers were playing for drinks earlier.

Lisa said, "A drink, or whatever."

As the game was getting close to the end, Kevin had said to her, "I'll take the whatever."

And at that point Lisa said, "You would, would you?"

Kevin with a big smile on his face replied, "Absolutely!"

And Lisa asked, "And what might that be?"

He replied, "We'll see who wins the game first, but I have something in mind that would be really good and tasty." Kevin made that statement as his tongue was licking his lips.

She was kind of shocked at his boldness, so she just continued to shoot darts.

Still shocked by his comment, she had to ask him,"What do you mean by that?"

Lisa was trying to send Kevin a signal letting him know that she wasn't a slut, but, Kevin had seen right through her.

He had confessed to her and told her, "I think that you are very attracted to me." He then said, "I don't know who you think you are fooling, but I think that you want me just as bad as I want you." And then he asked her,"Would you be interested in maybe going back to your room for a night cap?"

She was thinking very hard on the thought that she may just give into her whim and take him up on his offer.

Then she starting thinking on how she could pull it off without being seen by any of her co-workers. They were all staying on the same floor and it would be disasterous if any of her co-workers had caught Kevin entering her room.

So after telling Kevin about her concerns, Kevin had divised a plan to make it work. He made the suggestion, "That's cool, we can go back to my room.

Lisa thought that was a bad idea as one of her co-workers was staying in the room right next to his.

So, Kevin had instructed Lisa to,"Go to into your room and leave the deadbolt open on the door." That way Kevin could enter her room at different times and nobody would notice.

Still unsure if she was doing the right thing, she started walking down the hall at a fast pace until she reached her room.

Once inside, she did just as he instructed. Throwing her purse on the bed, she had noticed that the message light was flashing on her phone.

It could only be one person calling her there, her jealous husband!

As she was wondering whether to call her husband back, Kevin had entered the room with a bottle of wine that he had bought at the bar earlier.

As he entered the room, he had commented to her, "See how easy it was for me to enter your room undetected?" and he was looking to her for confirmation.

She just smiled at him thinking to herself if she was doing the right thing. Here this black man was, in her room, wanting to make love to her. That could be the only thing that he was there for! She was wondering if it was too late to back out of this whole situation.

As Kevin was opening the wine, he asked her, "Would you like some wine?"

She agreed, but made the comment to Kevin saying, "I'll just have a little bit as I still feeling pretty drunk," and then she said, "I can't believe that I'm doing this."

Kevin responded to her by saying, "nothing has happened yet." Although in the back of his mind, he really wanted to fuck her right then and now before she had a chance to back out!

That didn't make her feel any better and she excused herself into the bathroom to try and gather her thoughts.

She was questioning her instincts in whether to continue on with what was about to happen. At first, she had all the right intentions in telling Kevin to leave, but when she left the bathroom, his nice smile, jealous husband, and the fire between her thighs had pushed her better intentions aside.

As she walked out of the restroom, Kevin was sitting at the table having a sip of wine when she came back into view. He just smiled at her and walked up to her and pressed slightly against her body as he gently hugged her.

It was now Kevin's turn to use the restroom.

As he shut the door, he had noticed Lisa's toiletries bag on the floor and he had noticed that there was a box of baby-wipes in her bag.

He began to wonder why she would have something like that in her travel bag. Afterall, all three of her boys were grown now, but he would find out the reason why later.

As Kevin was in the bathroom, she had thought about it (her instincts)once again. But when Kevin came back out, her good intentions flew by the wayside.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed and Kevin came over to her and gently grabbed her hand and lifted her up to kiss him.

At that moment, she did kiss him and put her arms around him. Kevin had reached around and started feeling her nice ass while he was kissing her. Kevin wanted to start undressing her right there and then, but, Lisa had other plans.

After the kiss, she had told Kevin, "I'm going to take a quick shower, so don't run away, and I will be out shortly."

Something about her had intrigued Kevin. He wasn't about to go anywhere! He could sense there was something different about her, Maybe it was her being married, playing hard to get, something.

But, Kevin wanted her NOW and asked her, "Do you really NEED to take a shower?"

She said, "Yes." and started walking toward the bathroom but reassured him, "It won't take me long, be patient."

When the bathroom door opened, she had entered the room in her white robe.

That's when Kevin started getting excited about the chances that he was going to make love to her.

He was sitting at the table yet, of course having more wine.

Lisa had walked over to him and stood in front of him and she had put her arms around his neck and told him, "My husband would just kill me if he knew that you were in this room with me!"

Kevin brought her closer to him and he reached under her robe to feel what she had been trying to hide the whole night, her nice ass.

Kevin said, "But what he doesn't know won't hurt him!"

She started to moan with each squeeze of her ass, and her horniness was increasing by the second.

Kevin had then opened her robe to expose her massive tits to him. He started licking the bottom side of her tits working his way to what he wanted the most, her nipple.

Her tits were at the perfect height for him to suck on her nipples. He continued to caress her ass as he was sucking on the biggest breasts he had ever had.

He then brought his hand back to the front to play with her pussy a little. He stuck his middle finger between her legs and she ever so slightly parted her legs for him to gain access to her vagina.

Kevin could feel the wetness on his finger and as he was inserting his finger into her crevis, he could tell that she was going to be tight.

He then stood up and started walking Lisa back to the bed when he had noticed her dark brown furry patch of hair between her legs.

Kevin was a player and had seen everything in women, so he didn't mind the hair at all. Most of the women that he dated were shaved, but not this one.

She never shaved it all off as her husband was old fashioned and like her hairy, but she have it trimmed. And it was a very nicely trimmed triangle, and very thick.

As he laid Lisa back on the bed, he got beteen her legs and kissed her thighs from her knees up to her great smelling snatch.

Then it dawned on him why she had the baby-wipes in the bathroom. The only thing that he could figure out is that she had to be using them to wipe her pussy as she had the best smelling pussy that he had ever had.

Kevin kept teasing her by kissing and licking her thigh but never diving into her pussy.

He knew he had to get her super hot and he was doing a great job of that. Soon, he would have her so hot that she would be begging for his cock!

Her husband hadn't gone down on her in years, so it was a special treat for her to be getting this kind of attention.

He did finally stick one of his thick fingers into her snatch again and he could not believe how tight she was!

Kevin was continuing to work her body over well and then he finally went and stuck his tongue deep into her crevice while he was pinching her nipple.

This drove Lisa to an immediate orgasm!

It had been some time since her husband had given her such treatment and she was enjoying every minute of it.

She was starting to let go and she forgot all about her husband for the time being.

Kevin could sense that she was getting ready to explode again and kept working on her beautiful snatch.

When she did cum again, Kevin had asked her, "Are you ready for the real sex?"

Weak after such an intense orgasmic interlude, she just moaned and told him, "Yes."

Kevin had assisted Lisa in getting her robe all the way off and he told Lisa, "Hey baby, I really want you to fell all my love, why don't we start by having you get on her hands and knees as I want to take you doggy-style."

Hesitant at first, Lisa had agreed and she slowly got on all fours and presented her snatch to him at the edge of the bed.

At this point, Kevin started to undress and as he tried to pull his pants down to his ankles, he had such a hard erection that he had a problem getting his cock out of his underwear.

As Kevin managed to pull his underwear down, his cock slipped out of his underwear and hit the top part of his leg which sounded like a piece of meat hitting the counter.

With all his veins popping out of his cock, it was so large he knew that he was going to tear Lisa's poor pussy apart with his large cock.

Not too many women before have been able to handle his large cock, and he didn't think that Lisa would be any different. He knew she'd be tight!

Looking at her nice smooth ass pointing towords him, he wanted her badly! As Kevin got into position, Lisa had no idea how big Kevin's cock was, but she'd soon find out!

Kevin told Lisa, "Move your legs apart for me a little baby, let me get it in there."

Lisa did as he had asked and moved her legs apart.

At that moment, Lisa was expecting Kevin to enter her, but Kevin went to his knees and spread her pussy lips apart and inserted his tongue deep into her hairy bush again.

She smelled so clean, so fresh, he just had to taste her again. Besides that, he had to make sure she was super wet in order for him to get his huge cock in her tight hole.

He then stood up and placed a little spit on the end of his cock.

Rubbing her ass with his left hand, he then spread her ass cheeks a little with his long fingers and then rubbed his cock along her slit in order to try and fit his massive cock into her tight hole.

As he was putting pressure on her tender hole, she started moaning and saying, "Oh my God Kevin, you have a big cock!"

As Kevin was trying to enter her pussy, he was taking very slow small strokes is her pussy when he reached around and began to play with her big tits once again.

He then brought his hand back and found her clit and gently rubbed it until he could tell that she was about to cum.

When she started to cum, he pushed his massive cock as far as he could go and increased the pace a little to gain entrance into her tight vagina.

Standing on one leg, and the other on the bed, he was watching his huge cock go in and out of her pussy.

Kevin had girth and length, and had maybe all of five inches in her when it got to be too painful for Lisa and she started leaning forward on the bed.

At that point,Kevin had then grabbed her ankles and started to spread her legs apart and kept stabbing her tight little white pussy for all that it was worth until she was flat on the bed. At one point, he was pumping his meat into her like a mini jack hammer!

She started moaning and said to Kevin, "STOP, you're just too big!"

So Kevin slowed his pace a little, but he wasn't finished with her yet! This was the tightest pussy he ever had and he was going to enjoy it!

He then asked her, "Are you OK?" and she said, "Yes, but, you are going very deep inside me!"

He had asked her, "Wanna try a different position?"

She said, "Ya, I know that that position is pretty painful to me and that's not going to work for me!"

As Lisa tunred over on the bed, she could then see why it hurt so much! His massive cock was both ugly, and beautiful at the same time. Glistening with her juices, she could tell that he had a lot more cock to put in her poor pussy.

Kevin was at least 9" long and as big a round as a pop can! Looking at his massive cock, she wondered if she could continue with it.

Kevin leaned down to kiss her and as he was getting between her legs and she could feel his heavy cock being placed against her wet twat.

Kevin then asked, "Sure you're OK?" and again she said "Yeah, I'm OK, but, please take it easy on me!"

With the signal to go ahead, Kevin placed his arms beneath her knees and placed her legs back to her tits. She hadn't been in that position in years.

He then aimed his massive cock toward her tight hairy hole and began to enter her slowly.

This time he was managing to get a little more of his cock in her tight vagina.

At that moment, he broke away from her body and went down on her pussy once again to make sure she was wet enough and again placed a little spit on the end of his cock.

He got back into position and placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy and began to push. He got most of his massive cock in her tight hole in a few strokes but he had to take her very slow.

He could feel her pussy lips clinging to his cock everytime he was pulling his cock out of her hairy snatch.

All of a sudden, Kevin began pounding her poor tight pussy for it's worth! There was nothing she could do or say now to stop him as she knew he was about to cum deep inside her!

There she was, there on the bed, under this black man tossing her head from side to side wanting the pain in her cunt to go away when, with one last deep stroke and loud moan, Kevin had emptied his huge cum load deep into her pussy.

He was so deep into her pussy, he could tell nobody had ever been that deep in her pussy before!

Kevin had his cock still buried deep in her snatch and they just laid there for a moment relaxing.

Making small talk with her about the sex they just had, she had told him, "That was the biggest cock I've ever had." She then told him, "You're only the second guy to ever make love to me."

Kevin had just laughed in amazement that he was only the second guy ever to fuck her. No wonder so was so tight!

With his now limp cock still inside her, he was finally ready to get off of her. When he was trying to pull all of is cock out of her, it made a popping sound.

Again, Lisa looked up at his massive cock and noticed little globs of cum on his cock.

She just closed her legs and covered up on the bed with the top sheet until Kevin had dressed and left the room.

As she got off the bed, she noticed a wet spot on the bed where she was once lay.

She then went into the bathroom and she couldn't believe how much cum that was dripping out of her pussy and down her thighs.

She reached for a baby-wipe and started to clean up the best she could. She did notice a stinging sensation and she was wiping her now raw pussy.

The next morning, Kevin had come up to her and said, "Thank you for such an awesome evening last night. I can't wait until our next conference."

She was feeling a little guilty at this point and made quick exit. She knew that this couldn't happen again.

After the conference, she returned home, and later that night, she went to bed with her husband as usual and she wanted to go to sleep, but, her husband had plans on having a little sex with her.

As they were spooning together, he spread her legs and tried to enter her from behind.

Lisa had told him, "I don't know what you're thinking, but, I'm very tired, it was a very long conference, and I just want to get some sleep tonight."

He wasn't going to take that for an anwser so he was sticking a finger in her twat and noticed that something was a little different. It felt a little slippery on his finger.

He knew she'd get pissed, but he placed his cock by her hole and as he was entering, she was so sore from the fucking she had the night before, that she started to wince as he was entering her sore pussy.

Good thing that her face was turned away from his as not to notice her wincing as he was entering her.

Her husband had noticed how loose her pussy was and stopped and got between her legs and started to perform oral sex on her which he hadn't done in years. Kissing her pussy lips, he took a quick lick of her snatch. Again, he noticed something was a little different. He got between her legs again and started to pound her like never before!!

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