XAd, Inc Pt. 04


The two women were whipped on their taut fronts for ten minutes before two of the men moved forward to attached weighted clamps to their aching nipples. When the first clamp closed on Catlin's right nub, she cried out as she realized that these were not smooth but serrated, biting in even more when small lead weights were attached. Then she felt the first taste of a heavy cat across her ass. Catlin's bottom was already sore and she felt each strand of each stroke. Her rear went from pink to a hot red and each stroke caused her to jerk against her bonds, straining her muscles and making the weights on her nipple clamps bounce around. Just being in that strained position was agony and the stinging cat only added to it. Once the whipping stopped while Linda and Meg pushed long dildos, surfaced with protruding rubber spikes, deeply into their vaginas and started them vibrating. Then the lashing began again.

Their tormentors didn't limit themselves to the cat. Straps, riding crops, and a thin wood dowel were also used and soon Catlin's flesh was covered with red stripes and welts. She knew she would ache the next day and now each blow really hurt, but Catlin was surprised to find that she was still aroused. When, after thirty minutes of being tightly stretched, the lashing halted and she felt a lubed finger penetrate her rear passage, Catlin nearly came at the first touch. A few seconds later when the first of a series of cocks and strap-ons entered her rectum, she did come. By the time the last of her tormentors had reamed her rear, Catlin felt swollen, stretched, and sore, but she had come a dozen times.

The two women were subjected to a constant stream of stimulation, both painful and sexually exciting. Catlin lost all track of time as well as the number of orgasms she had had. They were always tightly bound, often switched from one position to another, and penetrated again and again in their mouths, pussies, and anuses. Catlin still felt each whiplash or other torment, but sometime along the way they had stopped having quite the same effect. She still was sexually aroused, but her body couldn't really seem to react to it any more. Mentally numb seemed to somewhat describe her condition. Looking up at Anne, Catlin got the idea, as much as her fuzzy mind could get any idea, that Anne was in similar shape.

They were hung upside down, ankles spread, and whipped between their legs, alternating with oral stimulation. They sucked the men while hanging in their inverted position. They were arched backwards and forwards. They were stretched. They were whipped and strapped and clamped. They were given enemas with Bardex nozzles and made to hold them while being whipped and being fucked. They were tickled with fingers, fur, and feathers. And they were fucked repeatedly, in every hole, with cocks, strap-ons, and dildos. When Catlin felt that she was nearing her limit, they were both brought over to a device at one side of the dungeon.

The previous morning, Catlin had ridden the "horse" which consisted of a board with a rounded edge. She could avoid putting her weight fully against the board by standing on her toes until she tired, but now she and Anne were introduced to a variation of this device. This had an eight foot beam which was supported between two vertical posts. This beam was made of two boards joined at right angles along their length and turned forty-five degrees from the vertical. Thus it presented a wedge shape, narrow end up, at a height just below her crotch. The narrow edge of the wedge was at least slightly rounded and sanded smooth.

Large butt plugs were worked into each girl's rear and then Catlin and Anne were both placed straddling the beam, facing each other about two feet apart. The beam was low enough so that even standing flat footed it didn't quite touch Catlin's pussy. Their wrist cuffs were attached to ceiling chains which hung just in front of where they were standing. Their wrists were at a height that didn't stretch them, but allowed only a couple of inches of movement. While the cuffs were being attached, Catlin looked at Anne and said, "I've almost had it, I think. I expect you're going to win, Anne."

Anne dully shook her head back and forth. "I doubt it. I'm about done in myself. I don't know what they're going to do to us here, but I'm not sure I can handle much of it, whatever it is."

Then they found out what this ordeal was to be. A three foot bar was attached to each girl's left ankle cuff. One of the men made sure that each girl's pussy lips were spread so the top of the wedge bisected her slit. Then John moved behind Catlin and James behind Anne. They nodded to each other and together raised each woman's left foot, bending her leg at the knee. The three foot bar was placed across the top of the beam and then the girl's right foot was raised and attached to it. This placed each girl's weight directly on the wedge top, lessened only by what weight the girl could support with her chained arms.

Both women cried out as their weight came down on their private parts, but that wasn't to be the end of it. Five men and women surrounded each of the two victims, each with some kind of whip, and all began to lash the helpless girls at once. Hot strokes stung Catlin's stomach, her tits, her ass. Lines of fire seemed to touch her everywhere. Catlin and Anne cried out and screamed for several minutes and then Catlin was calling her safeword. What she couldn't tell was that Anne had also called hers within seconds.

The torment immediately stopped and both women were released and helped to gently collapse onto the floor. They lay there a minute or two and then two of the men lifted them and carried them upstairs. They were held while the four other women helped wash them and then they were carried into one of the bedrooms and placed on the satin sheets. Catlin was only dimly aware of all of this and really didn't register anything that was happening until she awoke late the next morning.

She awoke with a wide smile which lasted until she tried to move. A groan escaped her lips as each muscle and each square centimeter of skin screamed a protest. By the time she was able to sit up, Anne was awake, making the same kind of groans. Linda and Meg appeared and helped the two women to the bathroom where they soaked in a hot shower for several minutes. By the time she had dried, Catlin had begun to feel somewhat better. But she still ached everywhere. Her pussy and anus felt stretched and tender and definitely not interested in being used. Her tits felt bruised and still swollen. She still had a number of red lines and welts, but she noted that there didn't appear to be any cuts. She looked over at Anne and saw she looked the same.

"I guess you must have won," she finally said. "I don't seem to remember much of anything after they started us on the ride."

"I don't either," Anne replied. "I expect you're the one who won."

They turned to Meg and Linda who glanced at each other. "Come on down and eat something and then we'll tell you all about it," Linda said, leaving them just as lost about the outcome as they were before.

They left the bathroom and Linda asked, "Anne, would you like to get dressed?"

Anne stopped a second and thought. "No, I don't think so. The idea of anything on my body doesn't sound too good right now. Besides, since Catlin stays naked, I should, too."

Linda nodded and led the two of them down to the dining room. As soon as she smelled the food, Catlin found she was very hungry. She and Anne both demonstrated more of an appetite than they would have expected and when Anne commented on this, Linda replied, "Well, by midnight you must have burned a lot of calories."

"Midnight!" Anne exclaimed and Catlin paused with her fork half way to her mouth to stare at Linda.

Linda laughed. "Lost track of time, huh? It was just before midnight when they put you on the horse for that last ride. You two were going for nearly eleven hours. I don't know how either of you lasted that long."

Still not quite believing it, Catlin and Anne finished their meal. When they were done, Linda said, "The men are waiting in the other room, so if you feel up to it, let's join them." Everyone went into the room where Catlin had been taken when she first arrived to find the men, dressed in period costume, as was Linda, waiting for them.

Anne and Catlin were led to the front of the group where they stood facing James. Catlin hadn't noticed before, but on her way through the room she saw that Meg and Tyra bore fresh whip marks and Mary had some red lines which looked to be the result of tight bondage. It appeared that the others had been playing while she and Anne had slept late.

When they were both standing in front of him, James raised his voice. "My Lords and Lady. As you know, yesterday we had a contest. I understand that the two contestants - Lady Anne and the captive Catlin - are not yet aware of the outcome. Before we enlighten them, I want to say that both performed beyond anything we could have anticipated. They have endured more and given more pleasure that could have been expected. The previous such contest I, and several of you, witnessed lasted nearly eight hours. Both of these women beat that by a good three hours."

He stopped for a second and Anne could contain herself no longer. "Lord James. Pray tell, what was the outcome of the competition?"

"I would have thought you would know, Lady Anne." She started to say something, but he stopped her. "However, by the end, I believe neither of you were overly aware of what was happening. I'll tell you the results in a second, but first I want to make you aware that Lord John and myself, as the judges, were about to call a halt. We had decided the contest shouldn't be allowed to proceed much longer. If you had endured the ride, we would have ceased at that time. Now as to the results. You both called your safeword, Catlin only slightly before Lady Anne, but so close together that we have decided to call the contest a draw. You have both been declared the winner."

Both Catlin and Anne looked surprised at this announcement as neither had thought she had won. James continued. "In addition to the agreed upon prizes, we also wish to award you each a medal. As you know military metals are usually pinned on the recipient's chest." Both Anne and Catlin open their mouths to speak, but James continued before they could get a word out. "However, in observance of your current apparel, we will hang them around your necks instead. So, Lady Anne and Miss Catlin, we would like to present each of you with The Order of the Golden Cock." John reached forward and handed James two gold colored chains. Each had a two inch gold replica of a rampant cock with a set of balls hanging from it. James took the necklaces and placed one of them around the neck of each girl to the sounds of cheers from the rest of the assembled company.

He turned back to face the rest of the group. "As her prize Lady Anne has requested that she be allowed to whip each of us. So during the other activities this afternoon and evening, we will stop each hour, on the hour, and one of us will be bound for her pleasure. Lady Anne, you will be allowed twenty strokes with the cat for each of us. I will be first and then the order will be determined by lot." Then he looked back to the group and added, "Since Catlin is a captive herself, it would not be proper for her to receive the same privilege. However, in addition to a financial reward, she will be entitled to be exempt from being used today and she will be allowed to give each of us one stroke with the cat with the exception of Lord John and myself. She will be allowed to give each of us two strokes."

Again everyone cheered and Catlin felt herself embarrassed by their response. Here she was, naked with this group she had only known a few days. She had been exposed to them and used in any number of ways and yesterday they had witnessed - and participated in - her being tortured and used sexually in ways that should embarrass anyone and that hadn't bothered her at all. Now they were cheering her and she was turning red.

As the noise dropped down once more, Catlin realized something, completely surprising herself. She turned to James and said, "Lord James. I thank you for the honors and will gladly accept them with one exception. While I admit to being a little too stressed to enjoy more punishment today." The group exploded in laughter, but when it died down, Catlin went on, "I would not enjoy more punishment, but I would request I be allowed to receive the other activities."

James looked at her with a question on his face. "Exactly what do you want to receive, Catlin?"

"My Lord, I may be too sore to be whipped, but I am still horny. Please include me in your fucking plans." Once more the room was filled with laughter and cheers.

When he could speak again, James said, "Catlin, a man would have to be a complete eunuch to leave you out of any such plans and even if we all did, I suspect the Ladies would still find use for you."

The group adjourned to the grounds outside. Soon the three other captives were bound in various ways for torment and sex and the afternoon's play began. A half hour later, as three o'clock approached, James called a temporary halt. Everyone moved over to where a horizontal beam was suspended about nine feet above the ground. The beam was eight feet long and two leather cuffs hung from chains below it. James quickly stripped off his clothing and moved below the beam. "Lord John, will you do the honors?" he asked. John moved over and soon James was stretched tightly, his wrists separated by three feet and his ankles spread and tied to rings set into the ground.

John produced one of the heavy cats with thirty inch tails and handed it to Anne. "I will call the count, Lady," he said.

Anne smiled at him and swung the whip sharply back and forth several times, the tails making a loud swishing sound. Then she moved behind James and raised her arm. Suddenly her arm snapped down and the tails landed with a loud slap across James' bare buttocks, bringing a cry which was quickly controlled.. "One," John announced.

Anne continued to slowly flog James, mostly on his ass, but spreading a few strokes elsewhere. Catlin watched fascinated. She could well relate to the feel of leather striking flesh and even the sound made her aroused. In the last several days Catlin had discovered just how much she liked this kind of sex play. But not only was she becoming aroused, she could see that the whipping was having a similar effect on James. At the fist stroke she had noticed a reaction in his cock and by twenty it was sticking straight out.

After John had called, "Twenty," James hung there breathing hard and fast and Anne slowly turned and handed the cat to John. Then she went around in front of James, put her arms around his neck, and gave him a long, hard kiss.

When she broke free, John moved over to Catlin and handed the cat to her. Catlin had been so absorbed in watching the events that she had completely forgotten she was supposed to give James two strokes herself. Gingerly, she took the handle of the whip in her hand. Catlin had never whipped or spanked anyone else though she loved being on the receiving end. Now, as her hand closed around the handle of the whip, she felt a totally new feeling. It was as though the instrument itself conveyed a sense of power. Suddenly she was nearly overwhelmed by the sensation of being able to inflict the kind of stimulation she had so loved receiving. She dragged the tails slowly through her open hand and then slowly moved over to where James hung, stretched and open. Slowly she walked around him, looking at his body and twice reaching out a hand to gently stroke his skin. She stopped in front of him and looked into his eyes. Then she suddenly dropped to her knees and took his hard cock into her mouth. James threw back his head and sucked in his breath as Catlin began to suck his hard member. However, she only gave him such attention for a few seconds and then she stood and moved behind him. She raised her arm as she had seen Anne do and brought the whip down in a hard, slashing blow, laying the tails across his rear.

As the thin leather tails struck his already abused ass, James gave a small cry, sucking in his breath and jerking against his bonds. John called, "One," and Catlin changed her stance slightly and delivered the second blow to his ass on the opposite diagonal.

An hour later it was John's turn to be stretched naked below the beam while Anne turned his ass red and Catlin added her two strokes. This time she was ready for it and found that at her first swing of the whip she felt such a wave of excitement that she nearly came.

Edward and Robert each took their turn at the next two hours and Catlin wished she had more than one stroke for each of them. After Robert was released, the group went back inside for dinner and a short rest before going down to the dungeon for more play. During the next several hours each of the Lords took his place, stretched and available, while Anne lashed them and Catlin added her single stroke, trying to make it really felt. When at last Linda was stretched between ceiling and floor, Anne whipped her severely but Catlin could see it was turning the bound woman on also. Anne surrendered the cat to Catlin and as Catlin walked slowly around Linda, the bound woman said in a tone that carried to the others in the room. "Catlin, don't stop with one. Give me ten."

Catlin looked over at James for confirmation and received a nod. A rush of power flooded her as she delivered a hard stroke to Linda's rear. Strokes two, three, and four followed, each a little harder. Then Catlin placed her fifth and sixth strokes across Linda's breasts, bringing quick screams at each. The final four were laid on her ass once more and it was a toss up who was more stimulated from them, Linda or Catlin.

Throughout the afternoon and evening the men had watched Catlin deliver her lashes with intense interest. This girl was turning out to be one of the sexiest if not the sexiest - any of them had encountered on any of these adventures. She had asked not to be left out of the sexual activity that afternoon and had gotten her wish. She had been fucked in all three holes and had eaten Linda and Meg to orgasms while bound helpless. Now after she had finished her tenth stroke across Linda's body, James approached her while John was releasing the bound woman. His hand reached out to her bare shoulder and he felt her shudder at his touch. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "I want you, Wench. Maybe along with a couple of others."

At his words a shiver ran up Catlin's spine and when he turned her towards him, she pressed her body against his and almost hissed, "Yes, my lord. You and any or all others." Soon Catlin found her wrists bound behind her as she was lowered onto John, his hard tool penetrating her soaked pussy. Then Edward put his tool to her lips and she felt James begin to probe her anus. She was still sensitive and a little sore in all of her orifices, but the slight pain only excited her more and when James pushed his rigid cock into her rear she started to come immediately. The three men began to thrust in their own rhythm and before the last of them shot his load, Catlin had come four more times.

Catlin spent the night bound to one of the beds and before morning, each of the six men as well as both Linda and Anne, had made the trip to her room and driven her and themselves to even more climaxes.

After breakfast the group returned to the library. Catlin had lost track of days and was totally surprised when James began with, "As you know. Today brings an end to our adventure. To my fellow lords and the two ladies, I want to say I think we'll all agree that this has been one of our best. To our captives, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. I believe you have. Now I think there is a car waiting for each of our four guests - he nodded towards where Catlin and the other three captives stood - so I'm afraid it's time we allowed you to get dressed, much as I prefer you the way you are."

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