tagLesbian SexXanadu Stories Ch. 04

Xanadu Stories Ch. 04


"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree:
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea."
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge.


The Xanadu may not be the 'Stately Pleasure Dome' of Kubla Khan's poetic decree but it is probably the best members-only sex club in the world. It is dedicated to the erotic pleasure of its clientele who are universally rich, often beautiful and who share a taste for the erotic and the sexually adventurous. This is what brings them through the discrete doors of a building in one of Central London's most up-market areas and into the well appointed surroundings in which the club has its home.

The staff of the Xanadu, both male and female, are recruited for their combination of youth, good looks, discretion, customer service and sexual prowess. They are the best of the best. The club eschews the dangerous and the illegal but within those boundaries fosters the free expression of the sexual urge, in all its many and varied forms

These are the stories from the Xanadu...


Author's Note

Prospective members of the Xanadu must undergo a probationary period of several months before becoming full members. During this time their membership is subject to veto. Acceptance for full membership is therefore a subject for celebration and an Inaugural rite is a major part of the process. This, then, is the story of Teresa's Inauguration.


The Inauguration

Sam had made a great job of the dungeon. I closed the door behind me and paused for a moment, allowing my eyes to adjust to the reduced light levels in the room. The main illumination came from the glow of candles, hundreds of them seemingly, some in wall sconces, some suspended in wrought iron candelabra from the high ceiling and others placed in glass vessels on the stone floor, their warm light washed the walls, sending shadows dancing into the recesses of the room. The candle lanterns on the floor traced a path leading from the doorway, into the room, and my gaze naturally followed the lines of light to where Teresa stood, pale skinned and immobile, her head bowed so that I couldn't make out her face.

She wore a short, dark, cocktail dress, cut straight across just above the bust with narrow straps at the shoulders. Sam had chained her in an upright posture with her legs apart and her arms above her head, elbows slightly bent. The chains ran from narrow bands of dark metal surrounding her wrists and ankles to iron staples embedded in floor and ceiling, she was held, unable to move more than a few inches in any direction. The circles of black metal against Teresa's pale skin seemed incongruous, her small bare feet against the rough stone floor lent her an air of fragility, her long fingers and toes seemed almost translucent. I was momentarily shocked by the vulnerability of her position and for a second I wondered whether we had chosen the means of her inauguration well.

At first Teresa showed no sign of having heard me enter the room but she raised her head at the sound of my footsteps as I followed the lighted path towards her, shaking the hair from her face to reveal large dark brown eyes which stared at me as I approached. She was a wonderfully attractive woman, with her dark eyes, high cheekbones, full lips and slender neck. I gazed in admiration, lost in wonder and speculation. Forgetting that we were not alone, I almost jumped out of my skin when a deep voice came from behind me, echoing my own thoughts when it said, "She is beautiful, don't you think?"

I turned as the owner of the voice stepped out of the shadows. It belonged, of course, to Sam. Tall and black he was laughing at my surprise, showing even, white, teeth. Wearing nothing but a pair of loose-fitting, ankle length, silk pantaloon trousers his bare feet made no sound on the stone floor. He was an imposing figure, his close cropped hair, broad shoulders and muscled torso gave him an aura of strength and easy confidence. "Yes she is," I agreed, once I had recovered my composure. And she was. I had been attracted to Teresa from the moment we first met. There was something about her. She was very good looking, of that there was no doubt, but there was more to it than physical perfection. There was some other quality that made one feel at ease in her company, an unselfconscious charm that was, for me, what made Teresa not just an attractive woman, but truly beautiful.

Over the years I have played a part of the inauguration of many members and I have always seen it as something of an honour. The inauguration is a rite of passage; new members are encouraged to explore the nature of their sexuality during the period of their probation and to put aside pre-conceived notions of propriety. By an inaugural act which expresses what may have been long repressed desires, the member is freed to be more fully themselves. At least, that's the way I understand it. On another level altogether, the inaugural act itself is always a highly charged erotic experience for all concerned and on that basis alone I was looking forward to what was to come and the part I was to play. Whatever else happened I was going to make sure that Teresa had a night to remember.

Sam introduced us as though we had never met. "Judy, this is Teresa; tonight is her inauguration as a full member of the Xanadu. She has chosen to be the recipient of an experience over which she has no control. She has willingly submitted to me and I have chained her here, she is unable to move more than a few inches in any direction. We are free to do to her as we will, she has forbidden nothing. She has no power to oppose us; she is not even allowed to speak."

Was it apprehension in Teresa's eyes, or anticipation? I could not tell. Sam turned and stood in front of Teresa. He was at least a foot taller than the bound woman and, as I watched, reached up with both hands and placed his finger-tips on the inside of her wrists, drawing them lightly down the sensitive skin on the inside of her arms. Teresa gasped at his touch and jerked against the chains. "That's right isn't it Teresa?" He said. She nodded, saying nothing. Sam brought his hands up behind Teresa's head and, spreading his fingers, ran his hands up through her hair, lifting it from her shoulders and massaging her head and the nape of her neck. Teresa groaned softly as Sam used his fingertips to deliver a sensual head massage. I watched this performance with bated breath, drinking in the sights and sounds of the woman's pleasure, waiting for my turn.

While Sam and Teresa were occupied I looked at her more carefully. We would be about the same height but she was barefoot and I wore heeled shoes so I stood slightly taller. Teresa had obviously taken great care with her appearance, her hair shone with health as it tumbled over Sam's hands and her simple dress was beautifully tailored. Black, with a square neckline and narrow shoulder straps it was an elegant rather than revealing garment but it showed off her slender waist and high, firm bust to perfection. It would have been a fashionable two or three inches above knee length had it not been for her posture which caused the dress to ride up revealing the lower half of her thighs. Her legs, without stockings or tights, were well shaped with good muscle tone. The iron shackles at her ankles and her small feet and slender toes against the rough stone floor emphasised the vulnerability of her position but I knew that, despite their coarse appearance, the bands of metal were discretely padded on the inside. They were not intended to be the cause of any significant discomfort.

Sam dropped his hands and stepped back, turning to look at me. Teresa's eyes shone, her lips slightly parted and her breathing quickened as a result of his attention. "I think its time we saw a little more of Teresa, don't you?" He said. I was clearly not expected to reply. "Let's get these clothes out of the way shall we?" He continued, sliding a finger beneath one of Teresa's shoulder straps and lifting it slightly before letting it fall back into place. Teresa sighed softly at his touch and he repeated the movement, this time with the forefinger of both hands, tracing the line of the straps from her shoulder to the bust-line of her dress where he lingered for a moment, resting his fingers against the soft flesh before again lifting the straps and letting them fall against her skin.

The apprehension had gone from Teresa's eyes now and was replaced by something else, the glint of desire perhaps? Her growing arousal was beginning to rub-off on me. I had been looking forward to this evening, planning it, constructing my own fantasy, and now I was about to make it real. I was also, I confess, looking forward to the role that Sam was to play; He was, after all, an extremely good looking and skilled young man. I felt the familiar flutter in the pit of my stomach and a sudden dampness between my legs as my imagination toyed with the possibilities.

"Do you know, I think you're right," I said, my voice coming out a little more hoarsely that I had intended. Sam smiled, "help me with her zip will you?" I obliged; stepping behind Teresa, reaching up to the nape of her neck, I unfastened the small hook that secured the dress and eased the zip slowly downwards until it reached the end of its travel just above the curve of her buttocks. I parted the dress, catching a glimpse of its exclusive designer label, and allowed my hands to glide lightly over the smooth, pale skin of Teresa's back. The narrow strap of her bra punctuated the unblemished skin beneath my hands as I used my fingertips and nails to extract further small gasps of pleasure from the helpless woman.

Sam watched silently as I began my exploration of Teresa's back. Unable to turn her head far enough to see what I was doing she gave up the attempt and remained looking forward. When my hands caressed her shoulders and neck, sliding up under her hairline, she arched her neck and tipped her head back in an almost feline gesture of pleasure. My hands strayed as far as the material of her dress would comfortably allow and I lingered over my task, listening to Teresa's breathing, identifying from her small moans the areas of her body which were particularly sensitive. The back of her neck, the soft skin under her arms, of course, and the downy skin just above the waistline of her pants were favourites and I made sure they received plenty of attention.

As Teresa's desire rose palpably under my ministrations, so I felt my own arousal increase and I became impatient with the restrictions imposed by her dress. "Sam, why don't you help me to get this dress off?" I paused in my movements, now anxious to acquaint myself with the further delights that Teresa's body had undoubtedly to offer. Sam smiled and, moved on silent feet to join me at Teresa's back. Before I could say or do anything he grasped the two open halves of the dress and without apparent effort, ripped open the seam from the base of the zip to the hem, ripping the dress completely so that it was held up only by its narrow shoulder straps. I gasped; not only at Sam's easy strength but also at the wanton destruction of the exclusive and elegant dress which must have cost hundreds of pounds. I was shocked, but the sheer decadence of the act sent a flood of adrenaline through my body. I felt my face flushing.

I was still recovering when Sam reached into the pocket of his trousers and produced a small bone handled clasp knife which he opened with a quick flick of his thumb. In a second he cut through first one shoulder strap and then the other, now the only thing holding up Teresa's dress. As the knife blade flashed in the candle light, the dress dropped to the floor. I could do nothing but gaze in desire at the view of Teresa's perfectly shaped back and buttocks, now covered only by a black, strapless bra and brief, lace trimmed, silk panties. Sam folded the knife and replaced it in his pocket, then bent down to pick up the remains of the dress, tossing it casually to one side. His comment was brief and to the point. "Nice," he said.

Teresa's body lived up to my expectations. Her buttocks were firm and well shaped beneath the silk pants and her narrow waist, back and shoulders were in perfect proportion to her long and shapely legs. I yielded to temptation, placing my hands on her back and easing my fingers beneath her pants to caress the taut skin of the buttocks beneath. Pressing my body close against Teresa's back I kissed the nape of her neck, biting her gently and using my lips and tongue where before I had used only my fingers. She moaned softly, unable to do anything but submit to my caresses. Sam stepped aside and stood silently watching us. I noticed from the growing bulge in his trousers that he seemed to be enjoying the view.

For a minute or two I was content with my exploration of Teresa's back and neck, deliberately skirting round the scant remains of her clothing, allowing it to act as a barrier. Occasionally I would slide a finger beneath silk or lace but only briefly and never straying too far or staying too long before withdrawing. I wanted the anticipation to build slowly. Moving close, pressing my body against her back, I allowed my hands to slide round to her belly, gently probing her navel and tracing the line of her panties with my fingers. I drew my nails across the soft skin of her stomach, feeling it flutter beneath my touch, and listened with increasing arousal as she responded to my caresses with small cries and moans. Her body glowed in the candle light as she submitted to my exploratory hands. She was at my mercy, this was the freedom she sought and she seemed to have lost herself in the moment.

More than a little aroused myself now I decided it was time to move on. Catching Sam's eye and noticing with amusement that he was obviously enjoying the show, I stroked Teresa's back from top to bottom one more time before stepping round to stand in front of her. I liked what I saw. Held in place by the chains, Teresa's body was stretched taut; the soft curves of her breasts swelling the neat, lace-trimmed cups of her bra. Her flat stomach, punctuated by the dark hollow of her navel, was smooth skinned above the brief panties, moulded to the curves of her pubis.

I traced a fingertip along the line of her bra, over one breast, into the deep valley between and then out over the other; she moaned quietly. I looked deeply into her eyes, dark brown and soft with anticipation. I could feel the warmth of her breath as I inhaled the sweet fragrance of her desire. I kissed her on the lips. Teresa returned my kiss, parting her lips and tilting her head slightly. Our tongues met and explored as the kiss deepened. Eyes closed, and sighing with pleasure I put my arms around her and unhooked the clasp of her bra. Teresa gasped as she felt the release of tension and I broke off the kiss, passing the bra to Sam who took it without comment. I gazed with pleasure at Teresa's breasts, they were firm and well shaped, the perfect pink circles of her areolas surrounding delicate nipples.

I kissed her again, sucking her tongue into my mouth, absorbing the taste and scent of her. My hands slid to her breasts, tracing their curves with my fingers, loving the firmness of her flesh under my touch. I kissed her face and then her throat, gently biting and sucking her neck. While my hands continued their exploration of her breasts, my lips moved downwards, at first following the hardness of her breastbone and then finding the increasing softness of her cleavage. Teresa's moans became more intense as my lips and tongue did their work. I worked round her breasts, nibbling and sucking, enjoying the feel of her firm flesh against my lips and then, when I had teased enough, cupped her right breast in my hand and closed my mouth over her nipple. I felt the soft skin of her areola pucker under my tongue and I began working the nipple itself, sucking it and rolling it in my mouth, feeling the sensitive bud grow and harden against my lips. Teresa's groans became louder as I pleasured her breasts, coaxing and teasing with my fingers, lips and tongue. Sam, all the while saying nothing, looked on, drinking in the sights and sounds of our pleasure.

I was hot now. I called to him, no longer caring about the upcoming destruction of what was clearly some very expensive underwear. I wanted Teresa naked. "Give me the knife," I ordered. I wanted the pleasure of removing the last vestige of her clothing for myself. Sam reached again into his pocket and withdrew the small silver knife. Opening it he offered it to me, handle first.

"Be careful," he said, "It's sharp."

"Don't worry", I replied and placing the back of the knife blade against Teresa's right hip, sliced neatly through the leg of her pants. "You're right, it is sharp," I said, moving to repeat the action on her other hip. The knife cut easily through the final restraining band of lace and I allowed the shredded pants to fall to the floor, dropping the knife onto them. As it fell, Sam winced but said nothing, simply reaching down and retrieving both cloth and blade before stepping back into the shadows.

Naked now, obviously aroused, her body glowing in the candle light, Teresa was a magnificent sight. Her hair, tangled from Sam's earlier ministrations, framed her lovely face with its dark eyes and parted lips. With the chains holding her arms high and her legs apart, her proud breasts with their fully erect nipples, still glistening with traces of my saliva, she was perfectly displayed. The flat belly and, below it, the small patch of dark hair covering her mound of venus completed the picture. I drank in the view, hungry for her body, all my senses alive with anticipation, but first it was my turn to show what I had to offer.

I confess that I am rather proud of my body. I will cheerfully admit that I can't compete with Teresa's perfection, but then, few people can. At least I would give Teresa and Sam a bit of a show. The black mini dress I had chosen to wear that evening was ideal for what I had in mind. Its V shaped neckline and line of buttons down the front meant that it could be worn demurely or to tantalise. That night I wore no bra and had left enough undone to show off the curves of my cleavage. Stockings and heels completed the ensemble; In short, I was dressed to kill and there were to be no merely wounded that night.

"Come round here Sam," I ordered, and he complied immediately, standing next to Teresa as I faced them both. They watched intently as I began by slipping my shoes off. Standing in my stockinged feet Teresa and I were roughly equal in height. I held her gaze and, leaning slightly towards her, slowly undid the top button of my dress. I flexed my shoulders and the material parted slightly. Teresa and Sam watched, apparently entranced, as I began to undo the dress, button by button, slowly parting the material to reveal myself to them. I was careful not to expose too much at first, allowing the dress to open gradually, hiding a full view of my body from them but giving them a taste of what was to come, teasing them with glimpses of skin. With two or three buttons undone I slid a hand beneath the dress and slowly began to massage my own breasts, hiding my movements beneath the material but making it obvious to them what I was doing. My breasts were super-sensitive and I moaned with pleasure as my fingers played over my nipples, circling them and gently pinching them between thumb and forefinger. Sam's eyes followed the movement of my hand, it was as though he was mesmerised by the sight. Teresa too seemed transfixed but her focus was on my eyes. I held her gaze and read the depths of her desire. She wanted me as much as I wanted her.

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