tagLesbian SexXanthe Files XXX003

Xanthe Files XXX003


Authors Note: This series of short stories are intended to be episodic and thus can be read alone. Any feedback, criticisms or improvements are always welcome. The author also invites reader suggestions about what they would like to see Xanthe do next.

It had been a long and tiring week at work and Xanthe was looking forward to the weekend, for more than one reason. A couple of weeks before whilst she was buried in paperwork a petite raven haired woman, Carla, had walked into her office and into her dreams. Carla was representing another firm and the two of them had been put together to thrash out a solution for their bigger richer clients.

Xanthe and Carla spent nearly an entire week in negotiations before coming to an agreement, which their bosses and more importantly their clients were happy with. They had almost lived in each others pockets during those fourteen hour days, often continuing the negotiations over their lunch breaks. It was during these long meetings that Xanthe had taken an interest in the sultry Carla.

After much debate in her own mind Xanthe resolved to gauge Carla’s interest. There had been moments when Xanthe was sure that Carla swung that way, she never seemed to be fazed by those little innocuous touches on the hand or leg which Xanthe intentionally offered. Nor did Carla appear too daunted by Xanthe’s probing questions about her personal life, some bordering on the issue of her sexuality.

When the deal was done and Carla was about to leave her office Xanthe could not let the opportunity pass without making a move. She stopped Carla at the door and passed her a business card with her home number and a brief message on it. ‘How about we get together sometime?’

Carla turned the card over unemotionally and glanced at the message scrawled across the back. Xanthe watched as her green eyes rose from the card and up Xanthe’s petite frame locking on her with a determined gaze. Carla simply smiled and calmly whispered. “Sure.”

Carla left, her work was now complete. Xanthe watched as she crossed the office floor and headed to the bank of elevators. Carla pivoted just before she reached them and looked back at Xanthe, smiled and then disappeared.


Xanthe looked herself over in the mirror, the fluorescent lights above her almost blinding. Her short red hair was in place, her casual short stone wash skirt and tight fitting white shirt accentuating her petite frame. She tugged her recalcitrant shirt down trying to cover more of her exposed midriff. She wore only a hint of makeup, preferring to keep the atmosphere of the evening relaxed. Besides nobody would see her in the dark cinema, she thought.

She emerged from the cold soulless bathroom and headed across the carpeted interior of the cinema lobby. A few people mingled around her, most of the movies had already begun. Only a few late runners were clambering for tickets and snacks at the candy bar.

Carla had still not arrived and Xanthe was beginning to question whether she had got the time and location right. She looked at the two tickets in her hand, slowly rubbing them, becoming increasingly impatient. Maybe she had read too much into Carla’s interest? Maybe Carla had decided otherwise?

Xanthe drifted across the lobby and towards the open doors of the theatre, the movie was going to start soon, and there was no sign of Carla. The heavy set bald man who stood near the door prepared to take Xanthe’s ticket stubs from her, when he looked over her shoulder. Xanthe could hear the pattering of feet as they rushed across the carpet of the lobby.

“Wait for me,” called out a familiar voice. Xanthe turned back towards the voice. It was the gorgeous Carla, rushing the last couple of steps to her side. “Sorry I’m running late, I almost didn’t make it,” panted Carla as she took in a deep breath and straightened out her dress.

Xanthe looked the ravishing Carla over. She began to feel a little underdressed now that she had seen how much effort Carla had gone to. She wore a sheer black one piece dress, with a plunging neck line and almost non-existent back. Her black hair was tied back revealing her high cheek bones, piercing green eyes, and the faintest hint of makeup. A pair of matching conservative heeled shoes finished off her ensemble.

“Wow, you look great, don’t I feel a bit under done now,” complimented Xanthe. Carla smiled in reply as Xanthe handed over the two tickets to the doorman, his eyes hadn’t left the beautiful Carla as he handed back the stubs and ushered them into the dark theatre. Xanthe watched as the doorman checked out Carla while she passed by, his eyes locking onto her tight butt and then catching Xanthe’s gaze and offering a subtle shrug of the shoulders.

The theatre door closed softly behind them and the last of the bright lights were snuffed out. Both women purposefully stepped down the gentle slope of the cinema aisle looking for a pair of seats. The cinema was only sparsely populated, about a quarter of the seats were filled with people spread out across the large interior.

Xanthe let Carla lead her down the aisle until they came to the front row, an open carpeted area separating the seats from the big screen, the trailers already playing. Carla shuffled to the center of the aisle and sat down, Xanthe following suit and sitting next to her.

“So what happened before?” she whispered even though there was nobody sitting close to them. Xanthe scanned the seats around them, the few darkened figures appeared to be focused on the screen.

“Oh, just a whole bunch of things going wrong, then I had to rush getting ready. I probably look terrible,” giggled Carla. She noticeably tugged down the hem of her dress so that it covered more of her toned thighs.

“Look terrible, I wish I could look that good when I’m not rushed,” offered Xanthe. She gently touched Carla’s forearm as it rested on the armrest. Carla didn’t seem to mind the innocent touch, she just smiled. “Anyway, you look fantastic.”

“You too, I love your skirt.”

Both women settled into their seats. Xanthe consciously left her hand resting on Carla’s arm as they turned to face the screen. The loud sound effects and flashing colors didn’t compute in Xanthe’s brain, she was too busy thinking about her date for the night. She had a few quick drinks before arriving at the cinema, just to get into mood. That familiar feeling of exhilaration coursed though her as she pondered where the night may be headed.

The sedate music of the film had a calming effect, Xanthe easing back deep into the padded seat. Her hand remained stoically on Carla’s wrist. Carla appeared totally unresponsive to the touch and gazed upwards at the big screen. Xanthe snuck a couple of sneaky glances at the dark figure next to her. The excited flashes of light from the screen lit her up momentarily and provided tantalizing glimpses of her thin body, her pert breasts and her elegant neck line.

For her part Carla seemed to be getting into the film, she offered subtle facial expressions and reactions to what she was watching. Xanthe tried to cool her burgeoning desires. She squeezed her thighs tight together and pressed firmly down with her feet, trying to stamp herself to attention. Carla didn’t seem to react to any of Xanthe’s stirrings.

The movie wasn’t going anywhere. It was not only Xanthe’s interest in Carla which was affecting her concentration, the film was beginning to elicit a few negative grumbles from some of the people scattered through the cinema. A body seemed to move in Xanthe’s periphery, she eased her head around to see what was causing the disturbance. One older couple was grudgingly shuffling back down their row of seats and to the center aisle.

Xanthe watched on as the couple headed back up the aisle and threw the main door open, letting the bright light of the lobby spill in momentarily. Another snort echoed from directly behind Xanthe’s head. She craned her neck around to see a man picking up his belongings and likewise heading for the exit.

Carla’s concentration broke and Xanthe felt her hand reach over and gently squeeze her arm. Xanthe spun quickly, startled by the touch and looked at the shadowy figure.

“What’s going on?” whispered Carla.

“Oh nothing, it looks like a few people are leaving,” replied Xanthe in a hushed tone. “They don’t appear to be too happy with the movie.”

Carla nodded slightly in recognition of what Xanthe had said. She turned back to the screen, but left her hand resting on top of Xanthe’s. Xanthe noticed that Carla now had her hand sandwiched. It could only have been a deliberate action. Maybe Carla was actively responding to Xanthe’s subtle flirting?

Xanthe was again disturbed by the movements of yet another patron getting out of their seat and heading for the door. The cinema was beginning to empty out as the movie progressed. She turned to observe Carla who was doing her best to remain focused on watching the film. Xanthe didn’t want to bother her, but was finding it harder and harder to pay attention to the film.

More people filtered out from the back of the theatre, a long daylight scene illuminated the room allowing Xanthe an opportunity to see how many people remained. After a quick count she could only see six people resolutely staying behind. The thought of sharing an empty theatre with Carla crossed Xanthe’s mind, a devilish grin spreading across her face.

Carla signed audibly and her supple fingers danced across Xanthe’s skin. Xanthe felt a shiver run up her spine as the delicate sensation enlivened her wits. She again tried to fake attention to the film, but again her efforts were broken by another sigh from Carla, the dark haired beauty seemed uneasy.

“This movie is terrible,” announced Carla above her previously hushed tone. Xanthe turned to find Carla already gazing at her. “I’m sorry, I know you picked it, but it is awful.” She tried to sound conciliatory and refrain from offending her date.

“That’s okay, I didn’t know what to pick so I just guessed what might be worth seeing,” replied Xanthe. A sudden rush shot through her body as she felt Carla’s slender fingers slide down her wrist and over her hand, her fingers probing in between Xanthe’s. Xanthe stole a glimpse at what she was sensing, still a little shocked by the move. Her fingers appeared to have a subconsciously respond by easing open and allowing the two women to intertwine in a delicate embrace.

“So do you want to stay?” posed Carla, her words simple yet inviting. She gave the fiery red head her undivided attention, the brief flicker of light catching her endless gaze. “We could always go somewhere else?”

Xanthe wasn’t sure if Carla was intending to come across as flirtatious as she was, but Xanthe reveled in it. She could feel a heightened sense of vitality spread through her body, the very thought of having the beautiful Carla peaking her own desires. Again she squeezed her thighs shut and squirmed in her seat. She tightened her grip on Carla’s hand, trying to convey her state of arousal.

A gruff groan carried through the almost empty cinema. Another couple clambered to their feet and stormed towards the exit drawing the few remaining people’s attention.

“Sounds like this movie could use a bit more excitement,” beamed Carla.

“A bit more excitement and a bit more sex,” Xanthe replied her stare piercing through the shadows and boring into Carla’s eyes. The flickering screen illuminated Xanthe’s cheeky profile. She twisted to accentuate her form and softly rubbed the insides of Carla’s fingers. Xanthe reached across her lap and calmly stroked Carla’s forearm, their hands now piled on the armrest together.

“What are you suggesting Xanthe?”

“Hmmm, a few things come to mind,” Xanthe provocatively put forward. She couldn’t be sure if Carla could see the look on her face, or fully understand what she was proposing because of the dark, but Xanthe wasn’t going to hold back.

She slid her rear to the edge of the fold up seat, it gave way awkwardly, but Xanthe caught herself before she tumbled over. She pivoted down onto her knees facing Carla who remained unmoved, although her eyes tracked Xanthe’s every move. Carla relaxed her grip on Xanthe’s hands and let them slip from her grasp and disappear into the darkness below her.

Xanthe gently slid her fingers up Carla’s sinewy shins and over her button knees, rubbing their insides with her thumbs. She eased Carla’s legs apart slowly and sensually, her warm breath blowing over Carla’s thighs. Carla noticeably shivered, her fingers hitching up the hem of her dress and drawing it closer to her waist. The screen flashed again and Xanthe caught sight of Carla’s hot pink thong lying tantalizingly close, yet still to far away.

A soft peck caused Carla to sigh, as Xanthe traced a path along the inside of Carla’s toned thigh. A familiar scent wafted into her nostrils as she closed on Carla’s crotch. Xanthe felt one of Carla’s hands work its way through her short hair, softly guiding Xanthe’s eyes away from her lap.

“What are you doing?” Carla asked in a calm measured voice, a small smile accompanied her inquisitive face. Xanthe froze momentarily thinking she had just overstepped the line and read the situation totally wrong.

“Oh, I’m sorry …”

Carla’s hand steadily held Xanthe’s head as she tried to pull away from her crotch. “No I didn’t mean I didn’t like it. I was more concerned about the setting. I was sort of thinking that we could get out of here, to a more intimate and private place.”

Xanthe took a deep breath to dismiss the butterflies which ran through her stomach. She exhaled coolly to regain her composure and the alluring sense of adventure which had led her there.

“Well if this movie continues to stink, then pretty soon we are going to be alone,” Xanthe put forward with zeal. She leant down and kissed the firm flesh of Carla’s thigh. Carla sighed in response, careful to remain quiet and not draw undue attention to them. Xanthe began to trace a familiar path up Carla’s thigh once again. She could feel Carla’s fingers tenderly run through her hair offering subtle encouragement.

With a light nudge Xanthe spread Carla’s legs a little further, her hot pink thong staring her in the face. She stopped just short of Carla’s crotch and took a deep breath. She could see the slightest hint of wetness crease Carla’s panties. The thought of Carla getting so wet and excited coerced Xanthe’s own lust.

Xanthe reached forward and teased the fabric of the thong with her finger tip. Carla watched on, trying to remain in control as Xanthe sensually pleasured her. Xanthe teased the edges of the fabric and let it lightly snap back to cover Carla’s flesh. She smirked to herself as Carla exhaled longingly above her.

“Mmmm, how about we get those panties off?”

Carla didn’t respond orally, but slid her rear to the very edge of the seat and leaned back giving Xanthe the opportunity to remove them. Xanthe’s deft fingers slid under Carla’s dress and took hold of the thong and pealing them away from her body. A bright flash from the big screen briefly illuminated Carla’s naked pussy, the faintest hint of wetness giving her folds a radiant appearance.

Xanthe dipped further into Carla’s lap and smelled her dampness, Carla’s faint scent greeting her senses. With the expertise of a person with her considerable experience Xanthe parted Carla’s folds tenderly invigorating their sensitivities. She offered a light peck on the very edge of the spongy flesh.

Carla stirred as Xanthe repeated with another supple kiss, working her way up Carla’s slit and onto the taut skin of her mound. A tiny triangle of trimmed pubic hair was all that marked the outer reaches of her pussy. Xanthe tickled the short hairs with the tip of her tongue, eliciting a brief giggle from Carla’s lips.

“You like that don’t you?” posed Xanthe with a provocative look. Carla purred her assent her fingers pressing into the back of Xanthe’s head urging her to return to her task. With her own chuckle Xanthe pushed back down into Carla’s crotch, her tongue unraveling and softly stroking the length of Carla’s slit, teasing and moistening it for a furious assault.

Xanthe nibbled lightly on Carla’s puffy labia, lashing her flesh with her tongue and suckling on her sweetness. A muffled moan pursed Carla’s lips, her pelvis pushing further into Xanthe’s face as she became more involved in her own pleasuring. Xanthe slowly expanded her fingers over the base of Carla’s pussy, prying her folds further apart and revealing her pink blossom, marked by the dark center of her canal.

“Oh that’s nice,” purred Carla repeatedly as Xanthe probed her eager pussy. With a sudden thrust Xanthe sent her tongue deep into Carla’s moist hole. Carla’s feet kicked out excitedly as Xanthe burrowed around inside her. She began to lap with increased rapidity and fervor, tasting Carla’s tangy juices.

Xanthe slid her middle finger in under her tongue and prodded the walls of Carla’s snatch. Her warm breath coursed over Carla’s mound. She pushed further into Carla and was rewarded by a hushed whimper and Carla’s hips rebelling against her squirming touch. Xanthe greedily lapped at Carla’s sweet flesh, her tongue dancing across the length and breadth of her pussy.

“Oh shit Xanthe that is good,” moaned Carla careful to keep her voice down. Xanthe could feel Carla’s response rumble through her body in a series of vibrations, hinting at just how horny Carla had become. “I want to taste you …”

Carla was interrupted by the sudden deep penetration of Xanthe’s tongue, bearing down on her sweet spot, tweaking the sensitive nerve with erotic effect. Another low rumble greeted Xanthe’s hearing and touch. Carla tightened her spread legs around Xanthe’s ears and her body alternated from contraction to relaxation in time with Xanthe’s prodding.

Xanthe pulled away from Carla’s lap and looked the ravishing woman in the eyes. Carla cast a determined stare back into Xanthe’s eyes, making her intentions obvious to the sexy red head.

“Let’s get a little more comfortable.” Carla gently guided Xanthe away with a soft touch to the shoulders. Xanthe folded back on her knees and kicked her legs out in front of her, lying back across the carpeted floor at the foot of the seats. Carla knelt down over her, still keeping her movements cautious so as not to alert any of the remaining filmgoers.

Carla hitched her dress further around her waste while she watched the temptress Xanthe. With a smug grin Xanthe casually reached under her short skirt and with ease slid her damp panties away from her legs and tossed them at Carla’s knees. Carla smiled in reply, but Xanthe wasn’t finished. With an unnerving calmness Xanthe swiftly freed her stone wash skirt and let it fall under her, exposing her shaven mound to the open room.

Xanthe could tell that Carla was allured by the provocative display, but also a little wary of the very public location and her seeming disregard for modesty. With a seductive lick of the lips, Xanthe gripped her tight shirt and pulled it up over her shoulders, lying down so she could squeeze out of the garment. She clambered back into a seated position and quickly unhooked her bra revealing her pert breasts to Carla.

“Are you sure that you should be getting naked in here?” pleaded Carla.

“You have to get naked for what I have in mind,” was all Xanthe replied, a raised eyebrow and impish look captivating Carla.

Xanthe laid her naked body back, catching the light and revealing her petite figure, her taut stomach and her pointy nipples, begging to be touched. Carla shuffled on her knees to Xanthe’s side and bent down over her. Xanthe remained unmoved. With a slight pause she watched as Carla softly kissed and then fondled her nipple, the hardened nub sending a sensual message back to her brain. She could feel her pussy tingle and dampen.

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