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Xanthe Files XXX006


Authors Note: This series of short stories are intended to be episodic and thus can be read alone. Any feedback, criticisms or improvements are always welcome. The author also invites reader suggestions about what they would like to see Xanthe do next.

It was getting close to dinner time, the night dark and overcast, a constant drizzle falling all around Xanthe as she ducked out of the bus and into the open. Her business suit and four overloaded grocery bags were all that protected her from the rain as it dampened not only her body, but her mood.

Work had been particularly hectic that day. She had to stay behind to pick up after two of her colleagues called in sick and left her with an urgent file which needed to be handled. She almost had to run from the office to the small grocery store near the subway and do her weeks shopping or she would have gone hungry. Weighed down by the heavy brown paper bags she then rushed through the rain to catch the bus for the short ride back to her apartment.

By the time Xanthe had crossed the busy main road in front of her apartment building she was well and truly drenched. Her normally fiery red hair was matted and stuck down against her scalp. Her suit seemed to absorb every drop of water that came into contact with it. The grocery bags were saturated and looked ready to give way sending their contents scattering across the pavement.

Xanthe finally managed to dig out her keys and bypass the security entrance at the ground floor lobby to her building. She wrestled the groceries across the brightly lit, sparsely decorated lobby and into the elevator which waited on the ground floor.

She took a deep breath as the doors shut and the elevator began to scrape into motion taking her to the sixth floor. She looked into the mirrored finish on the back of the elevator door and noticed her reflection. Her drenched short hair sat limply on the top of her head. The tiny hint of makeup she had put on in the morning had long since washed off or worn away. A few droplets of water worked their way down her thin pale face and collected on her chin, forcing her to rub it against her damp shoulder.

The elevator door chimed as it gradually opened and let her out onto her floor. Xanthe looked attentively at her grocery bags fearing they were about to burst at the seams. Her sinewy legs glided across the carpeted hallway, around the corner and to her familiar door. A plain silver number nine was all that showed to the outside world.

Xanthe sucked in a few deep breaths, just catching her breath from her frantic journey home and brief run across the road. She let her keys jingle as she tried to shake them into their proper order, looking for the correct one by feel rather than by sight, the shopping bags obstructing her view of her hand and the doorknob.

Xanthe jammed the wrong key into the slot and swore quietly into the vacant hall. Her fingers nimbly found what she thought was the correct key. Just as she was about to try the door again one of the bags under her left arm gave way sending her groceries tumbling across the floor slamming against the wall with a dull thud.

Xanthe tried biting her tongue but could not help herself. She stared up at the ceiling and grit her teeth, swearing out loud in an effort to relieve some of the frustration. She scanned the floor seeing the bag’s contents strewn about. She cursed again at the thought of having to clean up the mess when all she wanted to do was lie down and have a relaxing drink.

As Xanthe struggled with her keys and stepped around a jar resting near her feet she sensed a shadow cast itself over her. She stopped what she was doing, the fine hairs on the back of her neck beginning to rise. The shadow grew larger and Xanthe froze not sure exactly what to do, still half believing she was alone.

“Hey there, do you need a hand?”

A female voice carried over her left shoulder. The voice didn’t immediately register with Xanthe as being one familiar to her. It certainly could not be either of her male neighbors. Xanthe suddenly remembered that her neighbor in number ten had moved out last week and a new person had bought the apartment. Could this be that new person?

Xanthe turned tentatively, shuffling the bags still in her arms. She cast her eyes upon a trim figured woman of average height. She had dark shoulder length hair and soft features, her dark eyes immediately caught Xanthe’s attention with their deep ponderous gaze. The woman calmly crouched down and retrieved a jar which sat near her feet.

“Looks like you could use a hand,” she repeated, nodding towards the closed door and stepping closer.

“Uhhh, yeah if you wouldn’t mind,” Xanthe replied politely. She dangled the keys from her hand and the woman reached out and took them from her, their fingers making momentary contact.

Xanthe gazed at the woman as she fed the key into the door, standing only inches away from her. She was wearing an old worn out pair of overalls slung over a plain white t-shirt. She had cream colored paint splashed over the front of her overalls and spotted across her fingers and forearms. Xanthe concluded that she must have been renovating her new apartment.

“There you go,” the woman happily reported turning to smile gleefully at Xanthe as the door swung open. The woman then reached down to fetch some of the groceries which had spilled at Xanthe’s feet. Xanthe caught a glimpse of her firm buttocks as they strained against the dirty overalls. Xanthe knew she should not have been looking at her new neighbor but found she could not help herself.

“Thanks for that,” Xanthe said with an equally cheery voice, she stepped inside the door and sat the bags down against the wall immediately beside the entrance. Her new neighbor stood respectfully at the door not wanting to enter uninvited. Xanthe noticed her looking around as she turned back to face her. “It’s been one of those days hey. My name is Xanthe.”

“Hi Xanthe, my name is Linda, I’ve just moved in down the hall in number ten, so I guess we’re going to be neighbors,” greeted Linda.

“I see you’ve been renovating,” replied Xanthe making small talk and trying to show some interest in her neighbor. She was still undecided whether she really wanted to entertain someone this late in the night, or just relax in solitude. “Must be busy,” she quipped with a nod in the direction of Linda’s apartment.

“Oh yeah, I’m redoing the entire apartment, top to bottom,” she smiled. Xanthe was again trapped by her dark ponderous eyes, a captivating feature which seemed to enslave her attention. “I’ve been working in there since I arrived this morning, it’s a disaster, I’m living out of moving boxes while I’m doing it all.”

“That doesn’t sound like fun. I don’t know whether I’d be able to live that way. I’m too fussy about my surroundings,” Xanthe giggled. “So are you new to the area?”

“Yeah, I haven’t seen much of the city other than this building. I don’t know anybody around here.”

Xanthe didn’t know if Linda was purposely trying to sound lonely or overwhelmed, but it was working. She felt a hint of compassion and remembered how hard it was for her to meet new people when she moved to the city. Something inside her almost felt obliged to invite her new neighbor in for a proper introduction and chat.

“Why don’t you come on in and have a drink. Consider it an opportunity to meet your first person in your new home,” Xanthe said with a smile. She leant over and grasped the crumpled grocery bags before turning towards the long counter which jutted out from her open kitchen separating it from her modestly decorated living room.

“Okay, thanks for the invitation.” Linda collected the last of the scattered items and cradled them in her arms following Xanthe to the kitchen counter. “Here’s the last of them …” giggled Linda as she juggled the groceries in her arms and Xanthe fished them out and put them on the counter top.

“Thanks for that,” grinned Xanthe, “what do you want to drink?” The tone of her voice betrayed just a hint of naughtiness.

“Ummm, I’ve actually got some wine chilling in my fridge back in my apartment. I was hoping to have it after I finished painting, but it looks like that might take another day or two. It would be fantastic right about now though,” Linda replied. Xanthe thought she caught Linda wink but could not be sure. She nodded in response to Linda’s proposal. “I’ll just get cleaned up and be right back with the wine.”

Xanthe watched as Linda ducked back out the front door easing the door shut quietly. A dirty thought crossed her mind and she clenched her thighs tightly as a mischievous smile came across her face. She turned around and popped the cap off her favorite bottle of scotch. She couldn’t be sure how long Linda would be but knew she needed a stiff drink before the night went any further.

She took a long sip out of her freshly poured glass and felt the soothing heat of the alcohol slip down her throat and warm her chest causing her to close her eyes in bliss, forgetting her damp clothes and hectic day. A sudden recollection crossed her mind as she remembered that she had left some of her personal things lying around in her spare room, the so called “room of sin.”

She darted down the hallway and pushed her way into the room immediately adjoining the kitchen. The room boasted a large floor to ceiling glass window which showed the city lights off. Immediately next to the window in the corner was a Jacuzzi which she had installed recently. In the opposite corner of the room was a large deeply padded kidney shaped bed and a set of closets sunk into the wall. A large entertainment center finished the room off in what would appear to be a very strangely melded room, not quite a bedroom, not quite a living room and certainly not a bathroom.

With a quick sweep of her hand she collected the black plastic bag which sat in the middle of the bed. She tried her best to pull the sheets on the bed taut but struggled with the glass of scotch still in her hand and the bag hanging from her other. She took a step over to the closest closet and with a deft touch with the toe of her shoe she slid the door open.

“Shit,” cursed Xanthe as she swung the unbalanced bag onto a shelf in the dark closet and some of her drink splashed down her fingers onto the carpeted floor. The bag finally found its mark and peeled back as the air escaped from it. Without too much thought Xanthe grasped the door and was about to slide it shut when she noticed the contents of the bag jutting out.

Sitting tall on the shelf and unsheathed from its plastic cover was a long flesh colored rubber cock. Xanthe peered at the sizeable toy as she drew the door shut, but found herself stopping her actions and gazing adoringly at the veins which ribbed the thick toy. It had brought her to one of her biggest ever climaxes only the night before and that warm glow which had accompanied it reappeared fleetingly. Impulse seized Xanthe and she let go of the door and found herself stroking the hard knob of the cock and letting the veins tickle her palm.

An unexpected knock rang out from her front door snapping Xanthe out of her lustful thoughts and adoration of the toy which had so pleased her. She swore under her breath as she pulled the sliding door shut and flew around the corner back down the hallway and into the kitchen.

She took a final swig of her scotch and tipped the remainder down the sink not wanting to seem rude and unable to wait for her neighbor to return. “Come in!” she called louder than was necessary.

Linda pushed the door open and stepped into the entrance giving Xanthe an opportunity to look at her in her more natural light. Linda wore a tight sexy cocoa colored one piece dress with daring spaghetti straps running over her shoulders and down the plunging back of the dress. She noticed that Linda had also donned a pair of sleek pumps and a sparkling bracelet which caught the dimmed living room lights.

Her neighbor shut the door behind her and walked to the other side of the counter brandishing a large magnum of fine French champagne. “Sorry, I thought I had a bottle of wine in the fridge, but I only had this champagne. Hope you don’t mind?”

Xanthe couldn’t believe the size of the magnum and the fact that it was a rather expensive brand of champagne. She subconsciously licked her suddenly parched lips and made direct eye contact with Linda.

“That’s not a problem at all.”

Linda looked pretty happy with the response she had received from her host and watched attentively as Xanthe popped the cork with a loud bang and a small amount of froth jetting out of the bottle. Both women had a giggle at the familiar sound of the champagne bottle. With seemingly little effort Xanthe topped off two tall wine glasses with the effervescent liquid. She handed one to Linda as she rounded the end of the counter and guided her guest towards the two leather sofas which faced a big screen television in the corner.

Linda’s cocoa dress almost disappeared in the similar colored sofa as she sank bank into its comfortable surrounds. Xanthe sat across from her and turned her body to face her guest. Both women took a deep gulp of the sweet champagne letting the bubbles tingle their palates.

“I was hoping to use that bottle to christen my new apartment, but it seems fitting that it christen what I hope is a long friendly relationship with my new neighbor,” toasted Linda with a pearly white smile and genuinely friendly look. Xanthe raised her glass as a muted reply to Linda’s toast.

“So Linda, tell me about yourself.”

“Well what can I say,” pondered Linda for a moment. “As you know, I’m your new neighbor, I’m new to the city you’re the first person I’ve met … um. My life story … I was born and raised in a small country town but that life never quite suited me. I like to live a more … energetic … exciting lifestyle.”

“Really?” Xanthe offered as she took another mouthful of champagne, the subtle tang of the alcohol starting to have an inebriating effect on her.

“Well …” Linda said coyly, “I like to get out and meet people, you know … go nightclubbing, dancing, all that kind of stuff.” She let out an almost nervous giggle. Xanthe found herself being drawn by Linda’s dark brown eyes. The two of them endured a moment of silence in which both of them managed to finish their drinks. Xanthe offered her hand intimating that she would fetch another drink.

Within moments Xanthe was back with two fresh glasses of champagne noticing Linda had gotten herself well and truly buried in the deep sofa. She took particular notice of Linda’s glossy wet lips as she bent over her to give her the glass. Xanthe had detected a hint of lipstick on Linda’s empty glass making her curious as to why her neighbor had made such an effort to just drop by for a casual drink.

“We should go nightclubbing sometime, I love to get out on the dance floor and let my hair down,” commented Xanthe.

Linda finished sipping her champagne a dimple forming in the flawless complexion of her cheek. “Well I don’t know if you are interested in the kind of clubs I go to,” Linda replied. “But if you are, it would be great to at least be assured I came home with someone.”

Linda giggled at her cheeky comment, but Xanthe remained guarded while following the conversation. Was Linda going out of her way to flirt with her? Xanthe prided herself in rarely getting these kinds of things wrong and she knew she was physically attracted to her neighbor. But there was still an element of doubt in her mind.

“You never know, I go to some funky clubs when I get the opportunity,” Xanthe offered in response trying to draw more out of Linda. She watched as Linda’s uncovered sinewy legs crossed over and her left leg slid seductively up her right and over her knee. It was a flawless display of courting in Xanthe’s mind, just the kind of subtle move she would make when determining another woman’s interest.

Linda pushed herself forward and over the lip of the sofa preparing to stand up. “Ummm, I’ve got to use the toilet.”

“Oh yeah,” Xanthe blurted out as she straightened her train of thought trying to ignore the trim lines of Linda’s shoulders and the snug fit of her dress. “It’s just down the hallway second door to your right, you can’t miss it.”

Xanthe sat in solitude, just like she had planned on her way home before she had happened upon her new neighbor. She polished off the last of her second glass of champagne and noticed that it had been almost ten minutes since Linda had left the living room.

She clambered out of her seat and walked around the kitchen counter placing her glass in the sink and wondering what was taking Linda so long. Hidden beside the end cupboard nearest the hallway was a tiny television monitor connected to her security system. Xanthe switched the monitor on and cycled through the hidden cameras she had in most of the rooms around the apartment. And there was Linda.

Linda had taken a detour into Xanthe’s “room of sin” and was looking around at the strange layout of the room. Xanthe watched as her guest prowled around glancing over her shoulder at the door to the room every few seconds, obviously conscious that she should not be there. For a moment Xanthe was relieved that she had cleaned up before her guest had started snooping, but in a more mischievous way she wished she hadn’t.

Xanthe’s mind filled with plans of how she could take advantage of the situation when all of a sudden Linda turned and slid open the closet which Xanthe had only shortly before thrown her new toy in. Linda’s reaction was unsurprising. She appeared to take a half step back but then reached out with both her hands.

The security monitor flickered, momentarily disrupting Xanthe’s undivided attention. She found her thighs clench together tighter in anticipation of what Linda was about to discover, her right hand sliding down her blouse and over the fabric of her damp business skirt. An electric tingle danced across her mound bringing visions of lust to her mind.

There in Linda’s dexterous fingers was Xanthe’s big rubber dildo, its head wavering as Linda appeared to fondle and examine it. She appeared to bring the tip of the toy closer to her face and almost sniff it, letting it rub down her chin. The scene was proving overwhelmingly provocative to Xanthe whose hand had begun to perform broad circles over her clothed snatch. A quiet sigh crossed her lips as she waited with baited breath for Linda to do more.

“Did you find the bathroom alright Linda?” called Xanthe down the hallway. She quickly returned her attention to the security monitor. Linda surprised by Xanthe’s voice almost dropped the dildo, her head swiveling around madly as she scanned her immediate surroundings.

“Ahhh I’ll be right there,” Linda announced with a slight tremble in her voice. She took one last longing look at the toy and with a brief smirk she let the head of the rubber cock slide down over her pert chest, over her taut stomach and finally across her mound. The rubber parting the sheer fabric of her dress as she led the toy up and down her clothed crotch twice more, her eyes shut as she imagined the sensation of riding the sizeable cock.

Linda tossed the toy back into the plastic bag it had sat in and quietly pulled the sliding closet door shut. She pulled her dress straight and glanced at herself to make sure she was presentable.

Xanthe returned to her seat in the living room as Linda reappeared looking a little apprehensive. Xanthe cast a smug grin at her guest as she eased herself back into the sofa where she had sat before. Linda nervously pushed her hair back away from her cheek and took hold of her half full glass of champagne.

“I was beginning to think you had fallen into the toilet,” quipped Xanthe. “Did you find what you were looking for?”

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