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Xanthe Files XXX007


Authors Note: This series of short stories are intended to be episodic and thus can be read alone. Any feedback, criticisms or improvements are always welcome. The author also invites reader suggestions about what they would like to see Xanthe do next.

It had been a long month at work for Xanthe and she was looking forward to a couple days of rest and relaxation away from the office. As the weekend drew closer Xanthe had made an appointment at her favorite health spa for the total treatment to forget some of the stresses of her hectic life. There was nothing more relaxing than a facial, manicure, pedicure, waxing and massage, a guaranteed way of reenergizing her weary body and rewarding herself for all her hard work.

With her appointment made Xanthe took the opportunity to sneak out of the office early, giving herself a long lunch break and the afternoon off. Without a care in the world she casually strolled through the front door of the exclusive health spa and into an environment of extreme relaxation.

The front reception counter and waiting room were surrounded by large broad leafed plants, a rock garden and water fountain which made its way around the edges of the room. Soft music played in the background, mixing with the gentle trickle of the water feature and the murmurs of content clients enjoying their appointments in adjoining rooms.

Xanthe checked in with the young dark haired woman who sat behind the front reception. She courteously pointed her to a nearby chair in the waiting room which Xanthe gladly accepted giving her feet a chance to rest. She noticed her reflection in the pool of water which lay only an arms length away. Her short wavy red hair, defined shoulders and petite figure all reflected back towards her. She wore no makeup anticipating her appointment and the chance to have a professional show her some new ideas.

The tranquil surrounds had a soothing effect on her usually fiery temperament at work. The office had become a frustrating place in the last few days and the dramatic change in environments was not lost on Xanthe’s mood. Xanthe began to slip into a daydream state which bordered on a deep sleep and seemed to last hours but was in fact only minutes.

A well manicured hand reached out and gently touched her on the shoulder, causing Xanthe to spring to life. A gorgeous blonde woman with deep blue eyes leaned back and waited for Xanthe to respond. It took a few moments for Xanthe to collect her thoughts as she climbed back to her feet and exchanged greetings with her beautician, Marissa.

Marissa could not have been more than 25 and sported an obviously well looked after body. She had a trim figure, accentuated by the tight fitting one piece white uniform, ending revealingly half way down her thigh. It reminded Xanthe of the little dresses that nurses wore in adult films a thought which brought a little titillation to her mind and a wry smile to her face.

She duly followed the gorgeous woman past the front reception, all the time admiring her long shiny blonde hair as it bounced across her shoulders with every step. Xanthe expected nothing less from a staff member at the exclusive health spa. She was beautiful, elegant and had a certain aura which commanded attention.

The two women reached an open archway which led into a large room dominated by a massive glass dome which allowed the sun to cascade down onto the women who sat at the various stations with their beauticians. The walls were a rich green which appeared to come alive with the bright natural lighting cast upon them. The pure white uniforms of the beauticians appeared like beacons, providing a stark contrast to their surroundings.

Xanthe turned to find Marissa waiting to speak with her. Xanthe was about to mumble an apology for not paying attention but was quickly cut off. “I’m really sorry about this but normally we’d do your waxing and massage first, but our staff are a little behind at the moment and things are topsy-turvy. What we can do though is leave you here with one of our nail technicians and you can have your manicure and pedicure first. Then we should be able to do your waxing.”

The strawberry blonde phrased her words in such a way that Xanthe had little choice in the matter. She was not overly concerned with the sudden turn in events. She was there to relax after all and there was no point in getting upset about the situation. She agreed in an uncharacteristic meek tone and was promptly introduced to her nail technician for the day. She was an older woman whose fingers and wrists were adorned with several pieces of chunky gold jewelry and who had an unusually distinguished voice.

Xanthe took her seat at the woman’s work station, two padded seats with a low set desk sitting between them. She placed her hands on the table and allowed the woman to get started.


It was almost an hour later when Xanthe was finally finished with her manicure and pedicure. She felt absolutely stress free. Marissa had returned, creeping up behind her and hovering while Xanthe’s pedicure was finished. She picked up Xanthe’s discarded shoes and motioned for her to follow her in a friendly manner.

“So did you enjoy your manicure and pedicure?” Marissa inquired as they padded their way further down the hallway to another room.

“Oh yeah it was great, she really does excellent work,” Xanthe replied genuinely admiring the job which the nail technician had done. She looked at her bare feet as she walked down the cushy matting which ran down the center of the hallway. She had decided to let the woman sell her on a bright glossy red nail polish breaking her away from her usual habit of only wearing clear enamel. The change brought with it the sneaking feeling that she was trying to draw more attention to herself.

“That is a really nice color too,” the beautician said as she turned to open a door to their right. “Here we are.” She ushered Xanthe past her and then quietly shut the door behind them.

Xanthe was greeted by a small room centered around a flat adjustable padded table which matched the dark opaque green color of the walls. In the corner of the room stood another beautician who was busy preparing something on an adjoining counter.

“This is Rebecca, she is a trainee here and she will be helping me today,”

Rebecca was a curvy brunette who stood a little taller than Xanthe and Marissa. She nodded with a smile, greeting the fiery red head as Marissa opened a nearby cupboard and began to retrieve some things. Whilst both beauticians carried out their tasks Xanthe took a moment to cast an eye over each woman in turn.

Xanthe noticed that Marissa was holding a stack of folded white towels in her arms and waiting for Xanthe to turn around. With a warm smile Marissa nodded towards a door behind the table.

“We’ll get you to go back there into the changing room and take your clothes off, have a hot show and get into one of our robes. The hot water will help loosen the hair follicles and make the waxing easier.”

Xanthe took the armful of folded towels and robe from Marissa who turned back to the cupboard she had been digging through. She noticed that Rebecca had turned to look at her from the corner of the room, a bright smile still on her face as she appeared to be heating the wax slowly.

“It’ll also give me some time to finish up here,” quipped Rebecca in an affable voice with a brief giggle. Xanthe caught a final glimpse of Marissa as she stepped back out into the hallway leaving Xanthe and Rebecca alone in the room. “I suggest you have a long hot shower, it will make it less painful. Oh, and leave your underwear in the change room they’ll just get in the way.”

For a moment Xanthe thought she saw Rebecca wink. The buxom brunette turned back to the counter she was working on giving Xanthe a glimpse of her soft curvy lines pressed up against the tight fitting uniform she wore. She noticed Rebecca’s ample bust sway gently and how Rebecca wore her uniform with the top two buttons undone revealingly showing some skin and a hint of cleavage.

Without further delay she walked into the dark change room, offset on both sides by the lighting of the waxing room and another sky lit room containing the showers a long mirrored counter. Xanthe absently drew the door closed behind her with no thought whatsoever, placing the stack of towels on one of the low rising benches which ran down the centre of the change room.

Xanthe set about getting undressed, unbuttoning her plain white blouse and hanging it up in one of the stalls that lined the wall. She slipped her knee length business skirt off leaving her in her tan colored pantyhose and black lace bra and panties. The flash of a mirror located in the corner of the change room caught her attention and she eyed her taut figure.

With a playful slap on her stomach she resumed getting undressed looking forward to having a nice hot shower. Xanthe slipped on the medium length white bathrobe and collected the remaining white towels.

After adjusting the water to just the right temperature Xanthe slipped the comfy robe off her shoulders and stepped into the clear glass shower stall, lightly closing the door behind her. The water had an immediate soothing effect as she basked in its warmth and its soft splash.

Finally alone Xanthe began to contemplate her upcoming waxing session. She had had a Brazilian waxing before and had always found it an irresistible turn on. The sharp contrast of the intense pain of the wax being torn from her skin followed by the warm tingling of her newly stripped skin caused her to smile. The thought alone brought an inkling of eroticism and Xanthe took a deep breath and shut her eyes remembering the last time.

Xanthe’s hand slid down her midriff and over her mound catching the small patch of pubic hair which she had allowed to grow. Normally she was a fervent shaver but had decided to let it grow enjoying the feeling of having another slide their fingers through it. She opened her eyes just enough to see her newly polished crimson red fingernails sliding through her patch. Her fingers coming dangerously close to her suddenly aroused pussy.

She let out a muffled sigh as the warm water trickled through her hair and down her back and shoulders. Her index finger traced a slow delicate path over the very tip of her folds and disappeared between her thighs. Xanthe murmured as her fingertips gently caressed her excited sex, building momentum with every stroke. The swift increase in stimulation led to her breathing becoming more ragged and exaggerated. She drew in a few deep breaths trying to steady herself as she slowly slid her middle finger deep inside her, feeling just how wet she had become.

Almost immediately her eyes sprung open and darted across the room. She felt as if she was being watched and she tried to conceal her angst as she searched the brightly lit shower room and the dark shadows of the adjoining change room. Her heart beat loudly in her ears and she tried to regulate her breathing in response to the dramatic shock which she had felt.

With a carefully crafted move she allowed her finger to slide out from between her legs the moment of erotic lust lost. Xanthe turned her back toward the change room trying to reassure herself that it had just been her imagination playing tricks on her. But the subtle feeling of not being alone sat in the back of her mind as she slowly scrubbed herself with some liquid soap.

As Xanthe finished washing her legs she wondered if anyone could have slipped into the room whilst she had been washing herself. Could someone be hiding in the shadows of the dark change room? And if someone had been there, who could it have been?

A mischievous thought came to her mind, the thought of the beautiful Marissa and her flowing blonde hair standing back and watching her masturbate knowing that she was just about to have Xanthe totally naked and exposed on the waxing table. A familiar feeling greeted her senses as she thought of being secretly watched in the shower. Her hand slipped down between her legs yet again and with a soft purr she let her finger slide back inside her.

With a deliberate slow pace she pushed her finger in and out of her pussy. Her other hand slid up her wet chest and found her rock hard nipple and began to tweak the small bud stretching it gently away from her pert breast. The monotonous pumping of her finger increased in speed and intensity, her mind racing through the sight of an aroused Marissa watching her.

Xanthe was about to let out a moan when her mental stimulus changed dramatically. Gone was the strawberry blonde and now she imagined the buxom figure of Rebecca watching her intently. She could feel a devilish grin crease her face as she imagined Rebecca cupping her breasts and balancing them trying to manipulate them through the fabric of her uniform.

A second finger bolstered her efforts as Xanthe found herself leaning back against the shower and spreading her legs unconsciously helping continue her self pleasuring. She could see Rebecca’s long nails hitching up her short skirt and kneading the soft flesh insider her thighs, a provocative look radiating from her face.

Xanthe opened her eyes staring directly out of the glass shower door back into the change room, her body displayed for anyone who hid in the shadows. She let an audible moan escape her lips hoping to provide anyone in the change room with a seductive display. She let her fingers slip back out of her pussy and stroked its entire length with her slippery digits, focusing on the very top of her folds with a rough side to side motion. If anyone was watching there could be no doubt in their mind, she was making it obvious what she was doing and it brought an incredible amount of desire to the surface.

A darkened shape shifted along the back wall of the change room, her heart stopped, her senses alerting her to the sudden movement. Xanthe held her breath not entirely sure if it was her imagination once again, a small crack of light beamed through the darkness. Was it the door being opened? Or was it her imagination?

Xanthe opened the shower door slowly, hoping that her actions were so clear that anyone out there would realize what she was doing. She turned her back giving the shadowy figure, if there was one, the chance to sneak back out of the room unseen. She dried herself and donned the warm luxurious robe, her hair wrapped in a towel.

After a few moments to compose herself and let her hair dry out she removed the towel and headed back through the change room towards the waxing room, light spilling under the door that separated the two rooms. As she reached out to open the door, she noticed it was not fully closed and a simple tug with her finger caused it to swing back towards her.

Her eyes readjusted to the bright fluorescent lighting of the small room. Rebecca had her back to her and she watched as the brunette slowly turned to face her, a smile on her face. “Oh you’re finished are you?”

“Yes, it was really nice to have a long hot shower, really relaxing,” Xanthe replied raising her eyebrow perceptibly to emphasize ‘relaxing’ as she addressed Rebecca. Xanthe noticed that Marissa had returned and was laying out the cloth strips which they would use during the waxing.

“If you’d like to pop up on the table, we’ll get started in a minute,” Marissa offered, her hand patting the thin cushioning. Xanthe clambered up on to the table with the assistance of a small step. She kicked her legs out and propped herself up with her hands leaning back. Her robe parted just a hint as she waited for the beauticians to start.

Rebecca stood beside Xanthe’s shoulder holding the wax in a bowl while Marissa positioned a couple pieces of backing cloth on the edge of the table. Marissa opened the ends of Xanthe’s robe exposing her pale legs, in desperate need of some sunlight.

“We’ll start with your legs and move up from there,” stated Marissa with a business like tone. She muttered a few rapid fire words to Rebecca who closed in on the blonde beautician.

Rebecca began to pour the hot wax on Xanthe’s left shin. The warm gooey feeling of the wax brought with it an alluring thought. Xanthe watched as the amber colored wax set and Marissa placed the backing cloth over it with a firm press.

“Deep breath.”

Marissa’s arm flew up into the air the wax and cloth following it. An intense burning sensation greeted Xanthe’s senses followed by a dull heat centered on the area that had just been waxed. The women did not waste any time in pouring a second batch of wax on Xanthe’s right shin and seconds later repeated the process.

Xanthe could feel her newly manicured nails digging into what little padding lay behind her. She marveled as the two women worked quickly to scour her legs with the hot wax, approaching her still aroused crotch.

Several times Marissa stopped Rebecca and gave her firm instructions, the trainee paying dutiful attention but inwardly it was clear she resented the verbal scolding. Xanthe could tell that despite Marissa’s young age she was a demanding person. Rebecca on the other hand appeared to be a bit more of a free spirit who preferred to do things her way. The slightly abrasive relationship intrigued Xanthe even more than the notion that the two women were about to see her pussy exposed and vulnerable.

The wax on Xanthe’s right thigh was torn off in one swift move, Xanthe nearly yelping as the pain bit at the sensitive flesh on the inside of her thigh. Marissa stood back and let Rebecca take over as she supervised. Xanthe noticed Rebecca’s long nails as she let the wax smear across her upper thigh, her robe riding a little higher as the beautician cleared some more room for her work.

Just as Rebecca was about to tear the wax away a knock on the door rang out. Both beauticians turned to see another staff member popping her head around the door jam to pass on a message. Before Xanthe could refocus Rebecca tore the strip away, this one burning with more ferocity than the last, the skin on her pelvis flushed red in response.

“I’m sorry, something has come up and I have to disappear for a few minutes,” Marissa said in her usual warm voice. “I’ll leave you in Rebecca’s more than capable hands.”

Marissa had a couple of quiet words to her trainee which Xanthe could not hear. Rebecca nodded in response and Marissa promptly left the room, closing the door behind her. Rebecca offered a smile as she prepared the next batch of wax and poured it on the opposite thigh. Again she brushed Xanthe’s robe back, this time catching just the slightest hint of her pussy.

“Thank God she’s gone. She may seem like a nice person but she can be awfully overbearing for someone who’s only 25,” quipped Rebecca a smug look spreading across her face.

“Yeah she seems to be really committed to her work,” replied Xanthe not sure what to make of the topic. “So you’re only a trainee here?”

“Yeah,” answered Rebecca as she pushed the backing cloth down on the wax. “Don’t worry though, I’ve had two years of beauty school and I’ve been working here for three months. So I do have an idea of what I’m doing.”

Both women shared a little giggle. Xanthe could tell Rebecca was a genuinely friendly person and she watched as the next strip of wax was pulled away from her body. “Ewww, that one was a real burner.”


“That’s okay, I don’t mind a little bit of pain.” Xanthe had a smirk on her face hoping that Rebecca saw through the not so innocent comment.

“Okay, so now we get to the critical part of the Brazilian,” offered Rebecca, her eyes seeming to dart up and down Xanthe’s body and to the other side of the room. She appeared to be a little uncomfortable. “Have you decided what you would like done?”

Xanthe offered Rebecca a hand pulling her robe up around her waist, revealing her still tingling pussy and the rogue patch of pubic hair which sat defiantly above it. There hands touched as Xanthe had intended. She subtly stroked the back of Rebecca’s hand with her middle finger causing Rebecca to look her directly in the eyes.

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