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Xavier Drifts



Odors of decay, cooking smells and rotting refuse added to the usual neighborhood atmosphere of noisy vehicles, street kids yelling at play and women screaming while being wacked in outbreaks of domestic violence as broad-shouldered Xavier Hall (27) slammed the cab door shut and he grunted, "Airport."

"Lovely night for flying," yawned the cabbie, scratching a cut ear that perhaps his wife or mistress had chewed.

Observing the full moon rising, Xavier said inventively, "Many airplane crashes occur on moonlight nights, at least 10% of them."

The cabbie popped a pill and checked the mirror and pulled out on to the clear roadway. He must have been thinking about not flying on moonlit nights because he remained silent for some time and that suited the disgraced Xavier, wearing the air travel male uniform of sneakers, blue jeans, t-shirt and ill-fitting jacket.

Arriving home three hours later, eleven months since his last visit, the lean and green-eyed Xavier noticed his waiting mother before she saw him and thought nice tits and her tum was reasonably trim.

Still a gym bunny eh?

Licking her lips, blonde and tanned Muriel Hall waited nervously hoping no one would recognize her son who'd been on network television twice in two days, the first being identified on a security camera at the opening of a new State Government building yelling at the Governor's wife as she was about to cut to ribbon, "Show us your tits."

Next evening her son's image was screened again and the newsreader said that Xavier Hall, who'd shocked dignitaries at the opening of the new Treasury Building the previous day for shouting disgracefully at the Governor's wife, had been fired from his job as an internal auditor at the Treasury.

Because of her son's sudden notoriety, Muriel worried about being asked to resign as president of the Floral Art Society.

Xavier pinched his mom's butt and shouted, "Hi mom." She jumped high in fright and half-rolled an ankle when landing.

"Jesus," she shouted and people around them moved back a bit.

Dressed smartly in blue but wearing too much make-up Muriel said, "You scared me."

Xavier grinned and slapped her shoulder and said she'd forgotten how to play.

"You had your hand halfway up my butt," she exaggerated.

People edged farther away.

Xavier half-embraced his mom and kissed her deeply and squeezed her left breast.

"Oh I've missed you so," she said as if welcoming home a military guy from overseas deployment. The people around them relaxed.

As they walked with a trolley piled high in the parking lot towards the blue Fiesta, Xavier said, "Is dad still fucking his office assistant or has he come back to you?"

"Probably a bit of both I should think," Muriel said, sounding half satisfied. "Beth's been in big trouble at college for assaulting another freshman."

"Was the other girl hurt?"

"There was no other girl; the person she walloped for attempting to have sex with her was male. He lost a tooth, suffered a black eye and a broke his thumb when attempting to block her head-butt. It's your fault; you taught her to fight rough."

Xavier sighed, at last knowing why he was prone to bad behavior: he came from a dysfunctional family. He opened the car door for his mom and stood in the right spot when she sat to get a good look right up to the flesh above her stocking tops.

He now felt horny.

Xavier loaded his stuff into the Ford and pushed the trolley away. A screaming woman ran up to stop it hitting her car and the bad-tempered bitch annoyed him by alleging he was a moron. Xavier thought the airport authority should take more care about who they let on to their property.

"Is dad back to twanging his guitar yet?"

"No it will be another month or two before Felix once again triumphs over this return of depression of never making it as a professional musician. Drive nicely darling, this is mommy's new car."

Felix had grown up as a boy listening to his father's collection of bandleader Glen Miller and Xavier Cugat recordings. He learned to play the guitar, violin and drums in the hope of joining a band and eventually taking over as leader but not to be. Early on it became apparent Felix lacked the real talent to make it in music and his father insisted Felix study to join him in law. But Felix didn't make it through the first year at college because of lost interest in becoming an attorney. He became chief supervisor of the city council's vehicle fleet and the money from that allowed Felix to give his wife a new car every year or so and the same source of money had financed musically untalented Xavier to gain a master of accountancy at a highly rated business college.

Xavier unpacked in his old bedroom and went out and his mom poured coffee and running her hand through his curly brown hair said he needed a haircut.

"Mom you'll have to help me find a girl otherwise I'll have to try you because I'm horny."

"You can go to a whore house."

"But you told me never to go to a whore house. Then if you are not interested it will have to be Beth."

"No you leave Beth alone. She's still unsure about her sexual preference. I'll make some calls."

Muriel grabbed her phone and took her coffee out on to the terrace while Xavier stared moodily at the wall in front of him and wondered if his mom was any good at sex. It would appear his father didn't think so.

Just as Xavier was thinking about going off to masturbate, his mom returned smiling.

Janet Clement and Fay Hogan said they didn't want their daughters anywhere near you. They'd seen you on TV."

"I've never been on TV that I know of?"

Muriel scowled and said if he didn't spent his nights jerking off watching Internet porn he would watch TV and would have seen himself nationally disgraced.

"But Marg Mason said you were just a young guy letting off steam and so she'll send Nevada over; she'd probably on her way now."

"What the hell does she mean letting off steam?"

"Oh you know how women go on. She giggled and said she wouldn't mind showing you her tits. God she was a slut at school and remains a slut."

"Mom are you trying to tell me you know about me being caught acting up a bit?"

"Yes dear, it was shown on network TV and then next night some of that film was repeated when TV announced you had been fired for bringing the State Government into disrepute by disgraceful behavior as one of its employees."

"Oh fuck, so people around here will know?"

"Yes unfortunately dear. You might have to leave the country to get a job."

"Um so that's why Mrs Mason was talking about showing me her tits."


"Show me your tits mom."

"No Xavier and stop being so revolting by asking me to do that."

"Aw come on mom."

"No... oh there's a car door slamming. Let's talk about this later."

"There's no deferral on this mom unless you promise to show me your tits later."

"Oh here comes Nevada."


"All right I agree."

Nevada entered the kitchen as she'd done as a plump teenager during her high school years. But now the shape and beauty of Nevada made Xavier's heart lose a beat and his hand fell on to his stirring dick.

But it was all for naught. He couldn't hold a conversation with her because most of the people she wished to talk to him about he didn't know, he showed no interest about her job as a pharmacist's assistant and when he tried it on she said she wasn't interested because she'd over-indulged in sex the previous night and her mom had told her too much sex wasn't good for a woman's body.

Nevada depressed Xavier even more when she said most of the guys he used to hang out with were either married, had left the city or were in a relationship with another guy or were in jail. She sounded so plausible that he thought it was reasonable to believe her.

Xavier thought well when his sister arrived home he'd hit on her but his mom obviously guessed his thinking because she coughed and said, "Darling I was attempting to keep this from you and it distresses me to tell you but you sister has become gay."

"Jesus," snarled her son. "It seems the world is stacking up against me."

Muriel hugged him and sobbed, "I know Xavier and it's tough for me too being amidst such a dysfunctional family."

Xavier hugged his mom and that act of love (or was it pity?) weakened her resistance. A minute later she left him and returned and said, "Here roll this on" and climbed on to the bed beside him and spread her legs.

For seven weeks, once most mornings and again most late afternoons before his father and sister arrived home, Xavier plowed his mom until Muriel wept and said he must leave home before she lost her last vestiges of self-respect. That puzzled Xavier because in his view his mom should have been gaining self-respect in being banged regularly as most females required. He decided she must have abnormalities of chromosome number or structure.

Xavier left in the early hours, not saying goodbye or thanks or even leaving a note. When finding him gone in the morning, Muriel sighed and only half-believed she'd done the right thing by urging him to move on.

A truckie stopped to pick up Xavier on the highway out of the city. Xavier had been thumbing a ride for more than two hours. An hour later the driver dropped him off at crossroads because he was turning to go south whereas Xavier was heading east.

Less than an hour later a guy chewing a piece of toast stopped and asked, "Where to son?"


"Hop aboard."

"Thanks sir, you are very kind," Xavier said thankfully.

"I'm Alan Withers and renovate homes with a small team of guys."

"Sounds interesting, I'm Xavier Hall."

"Oh Mr Cugat's grandson?" Alan laughed. "If you're looking for work I ask can you paint, plaster, tile, or are qualified to do plumbing, electrical or drainage work or are a roofer?"

"Nah sorry I trained and worked in accountancy."

"Oh lordy, then would you stay a couple of days and assist my wife Susan who's in a real mess with my books that she prepares for the accountancy firm we use that charges like a wounded bull?"


"Then come to work today and do small jobs for us at fifteen bucks an hour. Then tonight I take you home to stay for us until you manage to get Susan sorted. Actually she'd quite a bit younger than me and she might like you to sort her in other ways."

Xavier laughed along with Alan, knowing that was supposed to be an indelicate joke.

The seven guys were already at work when Alan arrived with Xavier. They were extending the front porch around to the sunny side of the house and converting the fourth bedroom into a media room and attaching permanent interior lining over the two sets of windows and upgrading the wiring and installing a new satellite dish.

Although Alan was the boss, a guy called Mick appeared to order everyone around while Alan checked on their work and ordered in material and even went off to pick up supplies. Mick appeared not to want Xavier there and dubbed him X-ray. That initially offended Xavier but he learned Mick was actually Michael, Al was Alan, Brew was Brewster, Pee was Peter, Andy was Philip Anderson, Cough was Ernesto who coughed a lot and on it went.

X-ray swept the floor as Mick asked and then was abused for making dust. He was called outside to pick up off-cuts of lumber and toss them into the bin and barrowed away dirt from around the holes drilled for new piles to be set in concrete.

However the disrespect for the new guy turned 360 when Mick's wife Jill arrived with bagels and machine-made coffee for the guys for their mid-morning break.

Mick introduced X-ray as Xavier to her. Skinny blonde Jill's eyes widened and placing the bags she was carrying on the front porch she pulled up her top and showed X-ray her braless puppies.

"Jill, what the hell," Mick yelled.

"He's the guy who yelled to that Governor's wife to show her tits that you guys went on and on about the next day after seeing it on TV."

The guys looked at X-ray in awe and for the rest of the day treated him like a celebrity. Jill sat close to X-ray on the porch after finding a spare paper cup for him and they were closely watched by Mick who appeared ready for a fight but X-ray made sure his hands were always in view.

On the drive home Alan said, "On jobs we've had a client's maid and even the wife of a client strip off for us and waggle their ass and tits but never have I seen the boys so stunned as today when Jill unmasked you. Oh boy, that really was something and even Mick treated you like Mr Big."

"My mom was so ashamed of me..."

"Bullshit, she just knew that was how mothers were expected to act. I hope you don't mind me saying this but I bet she felt the urge to show her pair to you."

Xavier turned his guilty look to the side window.

"I called Susan to tell her about you and how the boys were stunned. I did that to avoid her embarrassing me if she recognized you and greeted you by exposing her breasts. She thought it was a real scream and said yes the newsreader on TV said the next night you had been fired as an accounting auditor. Don't be surprised if Susan hits on you when I'm at work."

"Alan please let me off on a busier route than this and I'll thumb a ride onwards."

"No way, Susan would kill me if I didn't bring you home to straighten out the mess she's in as a result of cancelled work on uncompleted contracts, outstanding bills and lost invoices and then we owned almost ten thousand bucks to a supplier who went bust and disappeared and now an accountancy firm is demanding those payments and we've received a letter from the IRS about several things."

"But those matters are routine and..."

"Susan is my new wife. She worked as a hairdresser before becoming my untrained bookkeeper."

"Oh right. I'll set up systems for her and how to receive and create auditing trails, whether on paper or computerized."

"Susan is not very good with the computer."

"Oh then is she the right person for this?"

"Susan is attempting to demonstrate her worth. She still works as a hairdresser in her former salon, working by appointment only and has retained most of her former clientele."

"You had your hair done at a hair salon?"

"Um yes," Alan said glancing out of a side window. "My um curls that women find so attractive don't um form naturally."

Xavier managed to avoid laughing, or rather avoid laughing raucously.

"This is it," Alan said proudly as they turned into a classic American country style home. "The boys and I completed this two years ago. We brought in big trees and now it looks as if our house was here before the surrounding more modern style houses were built."

"I sure looks great, a credit to you in good taste," Xavier said, sounding convincing, because as far as he was concerned it was the best house in view... so solid, so elegant.

"It looks so solid, so stylish and yet so elegant," he said, and Alan sniffed and said thanks.

A pretty woman with short-cut hair and smallish breasts and very long legs exposed by a short dress, came out on to the entrance and waved to them.

"And that's not the only thing stylish and elegant around here."

Alan smiled and said, "You have a very smooth tongue young fella. You can guess I'm so proud of her."

Because of what Alan had just said, Xavier decided he'd not have sex with Susan. It would seem so wrong.

"Huh? Was that really him thinking? Well perhaps at last he was mixing with the right kind of people.

Xavier stayed a week with Alan and Susan.

Susan rescheduled appointments with her clients at the salon for the next two days so she could concentrate on Xavier teaching her the rudiments of bookkeeping. He found she was very bright and readily understood his explanations.

She could type, having trained in word processing.

Each night for three hours after dinner, Xavier taught Susan computer skills and the worked on the elementary accounting program already installed on the computer and by the time he was ready to leave, Susan was doing everything on computer.

He did ask to see her tits.

Before beginning work on their second afternoon together, Xavier stared at her and she said what?

"Show me your tits."

She hesitated and colored and he smiled encouragingly.

Susan reached behind and undid her bra and then pulled up her top and bra in one movement and held that position until Xavier, thinking about having his mouth snorting between those two cuties, said thanks she could dress.

"Is that all? Um you don't want to do anything else with me?"

"Yes that's all and it was a magnificent sight. I'm so proud to know you."

She colored hugely and fiddled as Xavier said, "Well first we must review what we went through yesterday."

On the third day he went in to the salon and met Susan's former partner, May-Anne, who's purchased Susan's share of the business.

"We have a clumsy system of bookkeeping," May-Anne said. "I'll pay you one-forty bucks an hour to sort things out. We pay our accountancy firm that amount."

"That's good money. You could pay me less."

"No you do a good job and I'll pay that and show you my tits."


"Susan has been talking to me about you, naughty boy. Take a comprehensive approach and improve and streamline everything you can and that will remove an after-hours workload off me."

Xavier worked seven hours over two days from midday, starting from the desk where payments were recorded and working through to the final production of the computer disk and all the accompanying paperwork for sending to the accountancy firm.

May-Anne, who was in her early forties and not so refined as Susan, received her final briefing of the altered systems and when that was finished went to the office door and locked it. She bent over her desk and pulling up the back of her skirt said, "Come on."

"Just show me your tits."

"We can do that afterwards. There's a condom by my left hand."

Xavier joked to himself why would she want a condom rolled on to her left hand but he rolled it on and then attended to May-Anne plunging his more-than ready erection between the milky white backs of her thighs and she caught it and guided between her leaking pussy lips. After the banging and still panting she turned and uncovered her tits and pulled his head down into the firm 34-somethings and then got screwed again when he'd finished licking and sucking.

"Aw finished have we?" she said, looking a bit weary herself. "I should keep you here as my office boy."

She locked up before driving off to drop Xavier at Susan's home.

"You could make a successful career out of being a gigolo darling," May-Anne said, kissing him goodbye. "Thanks Xavier, I feel really fucked."

After breakfast next morning, Susan gave Xavier a tearful farewell and she thanked him for being so patient teaching her bookkeeping systems and processes.

Alan stopped to let Xavier off on the side of the busy country highway he'd began his journey on when leaving his home town. Xavier had decided to continue hitching rides although he now had a wad of money in his back pocket.

"All the best Xavier and take care. Look us up sometime, do you hear?"

"Yeah pal and thanks for humanizing me a bit. You and Susan are a great couple and your team of guys are not too bad either, a loyal bunch. Tell Susan you two have added a good little chapter to the story of my life and I'm grateful for it."

Alan drove off and vehicles whizzed by, a couple of drivers tooted at Xavier but didn't stop. Finally a guy in early 1990s long-bed GMC Sierra 1500 loaded with sawn firewood stopped, rolled down the passenger window and yelled, "Where are you heading son?"

"East sir."

"The hop in and we'll give you a bed for the night. I'm Chuck Small. Do you know where you are?"

"Yes Mr Small. Where I was dropped was just outside North Platte, Nebraska."

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