tagInterracial LoveXavier Takes A Wife

Xavier Takes A Wife


"Aaaaah," screamed Trisha covering herself from the giant black guy standing over her.

"Sorry to startle you ma'am," said the black man. He had a funny accent, vaguely Australian. "I'm here to clean your pool."

Trisha quickly stood up and wrapped a towel around her body. She had taken advantage of the first warm day of spring to put on her tiniest string bikini and start on her tan. She could feel her face flush from the embarrassment of having a stranger- a black stranger- see more of her body then her husband had in five years of marriage. She was shy and they always made love with the lights off.

At least they used to make love. Steven hadn't had an erection in two months. She assumed he was under a lot of stress at work what with the stock market doing so poorly and all. To make matters worse, she was practically climbing the walls from horniness and unfortunately her constant state of arousal seemed to coincide with her husbands impotence.

"Names Xavier," said the black man. "Your husband hired me to get your pool ready for the summer and to service it once a week."

"I'm Trisha," she said vaguely remembering her husband mentioning this fact to her. Two months ago they had gotten a pamphlet in the mail from a company offering to do odd jobs such as lawn and pool care, painting, etc. The workers were all black which was rare in the all white town of Stony Harbor. They must be doing pretty good for themselves too, because she had seen the blacks working on half the yards in the development. "I'll just go inside till you're done."

"Don't leave on my account," said Xavier.

His eyes flickering down over her towel covered body like she was still half-naked. Trisha shivered and felt her heart rate increase. "I'll be inside. Come in when you're done and I will pay you." She picked up an empty margarita glass from beside her chair.

"Sure," said Xavier. "It's going to take me a couple hours to clean the leaves out and fill it."

"Take your time," she said leaving him out by the pool. Trisha was a little miffed at having her tanning time spoiled, but there would be other days. She spent the rest of the afternoon taking care of some house work and peeking out at Xavier every now and then. When she had first seen him, he had been wearing a rugby shirt, but as the day wore on, he took it off revealing a chest that literally rippled with muscles.

A few hours later, Trisha sat down by the computer and logged on to mydiary.com. She was typing in her password- Scooby- when she noticed a shadow fall over the computer screen. She jumped again.

"Sorry I keep scaring you," said Xavier, "but you said to come in when I was finished."

"That's alright," she said, getting up to get her check book.

"I"'ll be back later to turn off the water," he said after she paid him "It takes a long time to fill a pool as big as yours."

"Thanks,' she answered watching him leave. She had a few hours until Steven got home so she sat down and typed in her journal for the day.


"God damn do I want to fuck that bitch," mumbled Xavier as he stroked his cock. "She looks just like fucking Angelina Jolie right down to those thick, dick sucking lips.

He hated wasting his sperm masturbating, but since seeing Trisha out in her little string bikini he had been walking around with a painful erection. Not an easy thing either when you have a fourteen inch dick. Since becoming "enhanced" his dick seemed like it was always hard.


Months earlier Xavier had been kicking another teams ass at rugby when he met Solomon King. King was a massive black man that seemed to radiate authority and power.

"Your an excellent athlete," said Solomon. "I'm impressed with your leadership skills."

"Thank you sir," said Xavier.

"I can always use one such as you in my organization," King said. "Are you looking for work?"

"I am available sir."

"Excellent," said King. "When you finish here, come by my apartment. It's the top floor of that building."

Xavier's eyes widened when he followed Solomon's pointing finger towards the large building on the edge of central park. This man had money.

Later, after a grossly fat black man let him into Solomon's apartment. Xavier sat down on a couch and a few minutes later Solomon came out in a robe. Xavier had a brief thought that Solomon might be gay. "What would working for you entail?" he asked.

"Fucking white women, breaking up marriages, and planting as many black babies in white bellies as you can," said Solomon.

"You've got to be fucking kidding."

Solomon stood up and removed his robe. His physique was awesome. He was bigger then Xavier and Xavier was in peek condition. Most impressive of all was the fat, foot long cock sticking out from Solomon's crotch. Xavier was a natural born leader, but every instinct told him that Solomon King was his better.

"Would you like a cock like this?" asked Solomon.

Xavier couldn't take his eyes off the hard twelve inches of black meat. It was so big, it seemed to defy gravity. "Put it away," said Xavier feeling sweat break out on his forehead.

Solomon pulled his robe back on. "I'm offering you virtual immortality. You'll heal faster, stay young forever, be stronger, faster, and best of all your cock and balls will grow so big your orgasms will feel ten times better then they do now."

"Is this true?" asked Xavier looking at the fat black man guarding the door.

Bull didn't say a word. He just reached in his sweat pants and pulled out a cock as big as a forearm.

"It's called the X-serum," said Solomon. "White men kidnapped and injected us with the serum. Unfortunately for Bull there, his dose wasn't quite right. Where are you from?"

"New Zealand," said Xavier trying to take all this in. Solomon seemed a little insane, and an abnormally large foot long cock was possible, but Bull's on the other hand was half again as big.

"What's a black man doing in New Zealand?"

"My mother's a black South African and my dad's a Maori tribesman."

"Are they not both oppressed peoples?" asked Solomon. "Would you not like to get revenge? The best way I know to get back at white society is to fuck with their women. What do you have to lose?"


Xavier smiled as he remembered all this on his way back to New York City, a long drive from Long Island. His dream was to return home and give the x-serum to the Maori. Then they would take back their land. For now he would concentrate on taking over Stony Harbor.

He was leader of the team seducing the women of Stony Harbor. Solomon had a thing for enhancing ex-cons so he had a need for educated black men to lead them. The blacks had all scouted out the homes looking for the hottest women to seduce. When Xavier first saw the Angelina Jolie looking bitch, he knew she would be his first conquest

He arrived at his apartment late and immediately turned on his computer. Xavier went to mydiary.com. It was an online diary site some open to the public, but most protected by passwords. He typed in Trisha's email address and then the password he had watched her enter on her computer.

And there it was, a doorway into her mind. All her fantasies, thoughts and dreams open for Xavier to read.

He skimmed through her past entries trying to get a feel for her personality. She hadn't been keeping this diary for too long, but what she had written revealed a lot about herself. Trisha was shy, conservative, and had just turned thirty. She had celebrated her sixth wedding anniversary three months ago and apparently that was the last time she had sex with her husband. The entries since seemed to indicate a growing sexual frustration.

'Thanks to the X-cite,' thought Xavier. They had drugged the developments water supply with X-cite, sometimes jokingly referred to as Anti-viagra. As long as the residents drank and continued to drink the water, the men would be impotent and the women would be in a constant state of arousal.

Xavier read todays diary entry. It read:

Xavier snorted. Ugly African features indeed. Most women found him attractive even before taking the X-serum. He smirked and altered her entry to read: <...was truly impressive as was the bulge in his pants.>


'I don't remember writing that,' thought Trisha the next day. She hadn't looked at his bulge. The mere thought was disgusting. Besides, men only bulged in trashy romance novels. Her husband never had a bulge in his pants. She must have made her margaritas a little too strong yesterday. She corrected the typo.

Trisha changed into her bikini and made another margarita. Hopefully, today she would be able to relax and work on her tan without interruptions.

The margarita and the suns rays had practically put her to sleep when she heard someone clear their throat. She opened her eyes to see Xavier grinning down at her.

"Just here to check on the chlorine ma'am," he said openly staring at her full breasts barely covered by her bikini.

Trisha quickly covered up and sighed. "I'll be inside."

"I can work around you."

"No I'll leave you alone," she said. He was wearing a tank top today that showed off his impressive muscular arms and tight shorts that showed off his huge bulge. Trisha felt her whole body flush when she realized she had just looked at his crotch. She turned and quickly walked into her house hoping he hadn't noticed. ******************

Xavier erased the last sentence and wrote: It's good to get hard help these days.

If I ever see it erect again. Steven hasn't touched me in months and last night when I tried to initiate sex his penis was as limp as a wet noodle. It must be stress. It's not a good time to be a stockbroker.>

A week later, Trisha put her long brown hair up in a pony tail and stripped before the mirror. She had a slim build with nice sized conical breasts. They pointed up proudly with no sag yet. Each breast was topped by a long, fat rose colored nipple. Her constant state of arousal had her nipples hard all the time embarrassing the hell out of her. They were visible through almost anything she wore except a sweatshirt. She had a firm, flat stomach and a trim bush. There was hardly any fat on her body except in her ass. Her ass was perfectly round. She thought it was too plump, but men seemed to like it. They always checked her out when she walked by wearing jeans.

Trisha looked at the faint tan lines forming on her skin. By the end of the summer she would be a golden dark tan. Now she was still her winter white. She was a little behind. Trisha threw on her bikini and went downstairs. She filled a pitcher up with water and mixed some iced tea in. She had given up on the margaritas for a while. She kept making strange typos on her online diary. A few minutes later she was laying out by the pool.

It was an unusually hot day for the time of year. The hot sun beat down on her and Trisha got up off her cot and jumped in the pool. She sighed as the water cooled her off and she swam a few strokes before climbing back out. She had just settled down on the cot when Xavier said, "Good morning Mrs Foley."

Trisha opened her eyes with a start. They locked with his for a second before he broke contact and looked down at her body. She shivered and for some reason let him look for a couple seconds. She reached for her towel only to find to her horror, she hadn't brought one out. Trisha stood up to run inside. The black guy wasn't wearing a shirt today and she found herself staring right at his glistening muscular chest. He towered over her. He seemed to exude masculinity. She looked down his chest. He was wearing the same tight shorts. This time the bulge was so big, she could make out a thick, penis-shaped outline down his right leg. Already it was around eight inches long and it was getting bigger. Another inch and it would be poking out his shorts.

"Don't go ma'am," he said as she turned. "A women as sexy as you should like showing off her body."

"That wasn't appropriate," she said turning back to him. He was still ogling her body. Trisha looked down and gasped. Her bikini was still wet and completely see-thru. She could see her pubic hair under the thin material. She could even make out the color of her nipples which were painfully rubbing against the bikini they were so hard.

Two unbelievable things happened at once. First, when she realized he could see everything her vagina started gushing. Just as she felt her vagina grow wet, the head of his penis poked out of his shorts. It was huge, bigger then a golf ball, bigger then her husband's scrotum, probably half as big as her fist.

Realizing the situation was out of hand, she turned and rapidly walked to her house. She could feel his eyes boring into her ass the whole way.

Trisha was too embarrassed to face him again. She left his pay in an envelope taped to the door and locked the door.


He became aroused too. The bulge in his pants is from his penis. A penis that must be over a foot long when erect. My need for sex is so bad that I found myself staring at a really big black man's penis. I'm so horny, I seriously considered touching myself in a sinful way. If Steven can't perform soon, I don't know what I'll do.>

Xavier read all this grinning. This message was a gold mine. He bent down and got to work changing it.


He became aroused too. The bulge in his pants is a cock. A cock that must be over a foot long when hard. My need for sex is so bad that I found myself staring at a real man's black cock. I'm so horny, I seriously considered touching myself in a sinful way. If Steven can't perform soon, I know what I'll do.>

Trisha squinted and read it again. She couldn't believe she had written this. It was so full of typo's her keyboard must be having problems. That explained some of it. The other problem was she had used words she had never used in her life. She would never call a man's penis a cock. She must have subconsciously picked it up from a trashy romance novel. Foul language wasn't in her vocabulary.

Trisha didn't know what was going on. She couldn't get the black man out of her head. Everytime she closed her eyes she could see the image of his chest or his obscenely big cock head- penis head she corrected- poking out of his shorts. Trisha bent her head down and began to cry, she was so frustrated.

The following week, Trisha didn't want to face Xavier again. She stuffed his pay into an envelope and taped it to her door along with a note explaining that she would be gone all day. She locked her doors, kept the lights out, and retired to her room with one of Lacy Lovelorn's romance novels. The romance writer lived in Stony Harbor and her books were popular amongst the locals.

By late afternoon, Trisha was pissed. She was halfway done the book and Xavier hadn't even showed up. It happened to be a perfect day for tanning. If he wasn't coming, she could probably squeeze in an hour down by the pool.

Trisha had just put her bikini on, when she heard his truck pull up out front. She cursed and peered out the upstairs window. Xavier walked around to the pool with his equipment. She watched him walk over to the door and retrieve the envelope. He was reading her note as he walked back to the pool. Xavier turned and looked back at the house. She jumped back, letting the curtain fall when his eyes reached her window. It was almost as if he knew she was in the house, which was ridiculous. The only one who knew was her diary and herself.

She watched Xavier walk over to the pool. He stopped and pulled off his shirt, tossing it aside. He was wearing another pair of tight little shorts. Even from here she could make out his bulge. He ran the net through the pool, collecting the leaves floating in it and when he finished, tested the chlorine level.

He finished and looked at the house again. The next thing shocked the hell out of her. Xavier reached down and pulled his shorts off. Trisha gasped in awe at the huge black salami dangling between his legs. She thanked god that the houses were angled in such a way, none of her neighbors could see the pool. He turned around and dived in, swimming to the other side.

Trisha watched the sun reflect off his wet back, his muscles flexing with each stroke of his powerful arms. His ass was firm and hard. She didn't want to leave her perch, but she was filled with an overwhelming desire to see his big cock again.

Trisha ran out of her bedroom and down the stairs, skipping two at a time. She positioned herself behind the curtain of the screen door facing the pool. He was floating on his back and the angle was so bad, she couldn't see anything.

Xavier swam over to edge of the pool facing the door and climbed out right before her eyes. He looked like a black god emerging from the water, light reflected off his large torso, and his muscles flexed as he lifted himself out.

He stood naked facing the door. His magnificent cock was partially erect despite the cold pool. It was plump and angled down. It was at least a foot long and seemed to jump with each beat of his heart. He stood like that for a minute, letting the water drip down his body before turning and walking out of sight behind the pool.

Trisha seemed to come out of a trance as soon as he was out of sight. She was breathing heavy, her nipples were painfully erect, and her bikini bottoms were soaked. She waited a moment wondering what he was doing. When he didn't return after a couple minutes, she cracked the door open and stuck her head out.

She could here their pool shower running. It was primarily there for when they came back from the beach, but since Steven was too busy and she didn't like showing off her body, they rarely used it. The thought of glimpsing him in the shower was too much to pass up.

Trisha tried to compose herself, but she could feel her legs shaking as she walked out to the pool. She gulped and walked around the corner.

Xavier was under the shower soaping around his now fully erect cock. The monster appeared to be fourteen inches long and as thick as her wrist. It curved upwards so that the big bulbous head was pointing right at her face. Trisha gasped loudly, her legs turned weak and she fell to her knees.

"Mrs Foley are you alright," said Xavier running over to her.

She watched his big cock bob as it approached her face closer and closer until it was inches from her mouth. It looked even bigger close up. He grabbed her shoulders to steady her, his cock poked at her mouth and then slid along her cheeks.

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