tagNon-EroticXaxac Brigadon & Knights of Order Ch. 11

Xaxac Brigadon & Knights of Order Ch. 11


"Get up, you useless little whore," Tao opened the door facing the entrance to the arena- there was a crowd of people waiting to get inside. I was still lying with my pants around one ankle, shirtless, covered in cum and sweat; the light hit my head and flashed little orbs before my eyes- the green glow still hovering on the edges of my vision, my body disobeying me as I willed it to move.

"Come on, Xacky," my master patted my head as he stepped over me, taking a long drink from the bottle with the green fairy.

I flipped myself and struggled to get my pants up- over my boots, not tucked in like my master wanted- but in my current state... that just wasn't going to happen. I had tied them together, following as fast and as steady as I could, though I kept stumbling, with my shirt thrown over my shoulder. Watching my master, he was stumbling blindly as well, slamming into spectators and hissing at them for it, grabbing me by the wrist and dragging me forward. I gave up trying to get dressed. I had pants on.

I couldn't see Tao anywhere as we melted through the vast structure, giant archways towering overhead, crowds on either side- I stumbled after my master, shocked that I was probably the smallest person in the space; no children anywhere, and certainly all the men towered over me. If I had been sober I would have been terrified.

"Alright Xac," he teeter in front of a door; the door held a sign with the same insignia as my slave brand, "Before we get in here- listen to me!" he put a hand on my shoulder, "Listen-look at me!" he took another drink, "Don't let anyone in here hurt you. You move or what-the-fuck-ever you have to do, but you don't let them hurt you."

I nodded, and he opened the door. Inside was... not what I had expected. There were fires licking everywhere, lamps glowing in the darkness and the late afternoon sunshine streamed in through the windows. The floor was covered in mats, straw- there were rooms over to the side, but in here, the wide expanse was broken only by the men within it- who were all exercising- sparring with each other; and no one was wearing clothes. Maybe the fights weren't as bad as I had been led to believe.

Along the walls were tables, at at one of these, Tao was seating with the only other person I had seen clothed since we had stepped inside. She was wearing a noble's dress, a long, blue skirt that reached to her ankles, a corset embroidered with beautiful golden thread- her skin was the color of ocean waves, and when she darted her large eyes up to meet me; they were deep pools. A water elf.

"So this is that shit from Aquas," Tao was in the middle of a conversation.

"New blood?" She asked, her voice melodic, and I noticed that her dress was dripping wet.

"Something like that. Sit down Max, try this shit," he was holding a piece of glass- had one of the books I had seen in my master's office, covered with blue-white dust. He separated it with great care into four long, thing trails. The water elf had a piece of parchment, which she rolled into a tube, and placed at the end of one of the trails. She expertly traced it along, inhaling, then laughed, and handed the parchment to my master.

He repeated what she had done, and screamed.

"It'll hit you like a wild ox!" she warned, "This is from my homeland."

"Giveittome," Tao grabbed the parchment out of my master's hand and slid much faster then either of them. "Woo!" he screamed, slapping his hands together. Here you go, little bunny."

I took the parchment, looked at my master, then at the last remaining line.

"What do I do?" I asked.

"Just breath in," he instructed, "It burns like a mother-bitch, but ignore it and give it a sec- you'll see."

I took a deep breath, let it out, and inhaled sharply. I coughed- my eyes were burning! I threw the parchment down- I couldn't breath!

"Shit! Shit!" I gasped- fighting for air;

Then it happened. The green buzz didn't fade, but the blurriness around it did. The shapes that I had mistaken were suddenly crystal clear. The time that I had lost track of seeped by so slowly that I could see every muscle of the men sparring before it moved. I could feel my own heartbeat and it seemed impossibly slow. The world was so much sharper, so much more focused then I had ever seen it. I suddenly understood that the world ran like clockwork- interconnected parts pushing each other in tandem- I wondered if one could understand the whole of it- like a giant clock- if they could control it. I wanted to find out. I needed to run; to look at nature; to look at bodies- to see how everything worked.

"You feelin' it?" my master asked.

"I can see everything!" I said in amazement, and realized that I was still holding my head.

"You can smell colors," Tao agreed, rolling his eyes. "Kemp!" he yelled.

One of the fighters broke away from the man he had been sparring with. He wasn't one of the largest men in the room, but before he was called away, he had his partner pinned, with his arms behind his back in almost the same pose Tao had used to break my arm.

"New blood," Tao pointed at me, "Take him down and teach him what real pain is. Don't kill him."

A smile crept across the fighters face. He was, obviously, far stronger then me, his muscles rippling as he cracked his knuckles. I swallowed. Fuck- I don't want to do this!

He swung at me, and I didn't know what to do, so I let him connect with my face- and tasted blood. My lip was bleeding! My master said not to get hurt! Shit! I was going to be in so much trouble! He went to swing again- obviously trying to catch me by the shoulder- probably to swing me around and pin me- but he seemed to be moving unnaturally slowly. Before he could connect, I sidestepped, and he missed. He used his other hand, I moved again.

The world around me seemed to move in slow-motion as I kept dodging. I heard my master's voice, over and over, shouting out commands, directions, and though I tried to follow them, I was more concerned with his original plan of me not getting myself killed. Kemp went to knock my feet out from under me and I jumped- with agility that I didn't know I had, I hit a wall, bounced off, and landed on my feet. I stopped for a second, staring at my body, wondering how the hell I did that- he took that opportunity to strike- hitting me in the stomach and knocking the air out of me. I hit the ground and braced myself on one arm. He went to kick me back down, and I rolled out of the way.

Gotta pay attention to the world around me.

My master was screaming something, but the edges of reality were blurred and I couldn't really hear him. I heard my name and turned toward him, just as I felt another punch make contact with my face. I was wondering why none of them were hurting, when I felt something crunchy bouncing around in my mouth. We had left the restaurant behind, so I spit it out-

Fuck! That's a tooth!

I looked up- that motherfucker knocked my tooth out! Why did they just throw me in here instead of teaching me how to fight? I can't lose fucking teeth! I'm not supposed to get hurt at all! I've gotta stop letting him hit me in the face!

OK, Xac- ok; I backed up a couple of paces. I was faster then him. He was stronger then me.

I was a lot faster then him.

He charged to make up for the space that I had put between us, and when he did, I grabbed the arm he was going to hit me with. I used the momentum of his thrust, to push myself up, just as if it had been a thigh and I was trying to position myself over his cock- but instead, I grabbed his other shoulder and held on, now kind of riding his back. He noticed and grabbed at me- but I dodged and jumped down behind him. By the time he spun, as he was obviously going to do from the position of his legs, I had side-stepped to be behind him again.

OK.. think-what had hurt me? I'd never been able to hit anyone, and probably couldn't do it hard enough to actually make it hurt- what had hurt my wrist?- it had twisted and then snapped. You just had to twist a bone and it would break- it wasn't about how strong you were, it was just about getting the angle right!

"You can't hit this motherfucker," he muttered, under his breath, but I caught it- and his wrist as he swung for me again. I climbed the side of his body like the wall, and pushed off behind him. I carried my full weight, stretching the arm unnaturally behind his back until I heard the snap I had been waiting on. Wow- that was actually really easy. Before he could recover, I jumped, aiming for his neck-

And someone grabbed me around the waist. Someone was screaming.

My master had grabbed me, and was shouting, "No! Xac! No, that's enough!"

Kemp had screamed. I looked at his arm- it was fucked up. The bone had almost broken the skin and was sticking out at an unnatural angle. I put my hands over my face and started blabbering, as it swelled up and turned purple.

"Oh shit! I'm sorry! I'm so fucking sorry! Oh shit!" I tried to go to him, but my master held me tight, "Oh fuck! Is he ok?"

"No," My master looked down at me, "What the fuck makes you think he is? You broke his fucking arm!"

"I didn't mean to!" I screamed, even though it was a lie.

A woman in white had rushed to his side; she took the arm and I heard another snap. She was humming something in a language that I didn't understand, and taping two boards to it; I recognized them as the same kind of splints that kept my wrists together. He turned and looked back at me, a smile dancing across his lips and eyes. I stared back, confused.

"I am so fucking sorry!" I exclaimed.

"That rabbit is..." he seemed to be searching for words as the healer knelt over him, "That was amazing. I couldn't see you."

"No one could." My master softened his grip, "I'm going to let you go, and you're going to stand there."

I nodded, and he released me.

"So, fucking fast," the fighter hissed as something sparkled down his arm, "Couldn't hit him..."

"You were going for his neck," my master looked down at me. It wasn't a question.

"I..." I trailed off, I didn't have anything to say.

"If you did to his neck what you did to his arm, he would be dead." he explained it calmly, but there was an edge of anger in his voice.

"I'm sorry master!" I begged, "I didn't know what I was doing- you said not to get hurt! I don't know how to fight."

"See Max," Tao slapped me, hard, on the back, "That little bunny's gonna make a fortune in the cages."

"He's not stable- he almost killed one of our star fighters!" My master pushed me behind him, "If you want him to do this- you're going to train him- you're going to spar with him your-fucking-self! I'm not losing my investments because you get fucking punch-drunk!" he was in Tao's face now.

"Max, he's on frost- when he's not, he'll be trainable- he'll be able to think-"

"HE DOESN'T FUCKING THINK!" My master was screaming now, "And if I lose him- or any of my fighters- I'm taking it out of your hide!"

And then- he punched him! Tao hadn't been expecting it, because he stumbled, holding his mouth, bleeding in almost the same place as mine. He stared up, his eyes wide.

"This shit is all mine," my master took a step toward him and he stepped back, "And you- are disposable. Do NOT forget that. I'm going back to my hotel- clean this shit up before the fights tonight." He turned to walk out the way we had come- I stood staring after him.

"Xaxac!" He yelled from the doorway- I made an involuntary yelp and followed after him, leaving Tao in a stunned silence, glaring after me.

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