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XChange Seminar, X-change, X Change


Author's note: If you search Literotica for "X-Change" (with a hyphen) stories, the search engine returns only "xchange" without the hyphen. To find story titles that have the hyphen, you must search "x change" with a space. Until Literotica has fixed this glitch, I have titled this story so that it can be more easily found under any alternate spelling.

* * * * * * * *

"Good morning class, I am Dr. Brewer, Chair of the Department of Human Sexuality, and I am pleased to welcome you to the 'X-Change Seminar.' Comstock Institute is proud to be the first university to offer this intensive seminar on puberty. Here you will learn, as nowhere else, what changes your bodies went through when you experienced puberty. We do that by observing two persons undergo these same changes through the benefit of the newly developed X-Change pills. This seminar is an introductory, required prerequisite for your degree in Human Sexuality. Today you will watch as a young couple has sexual intercourse—that is, they will fuck each other. Then they will each take an X-Change pill. The guy will become a girl and the girl a guy. You will watch and take notes over the course of an hour as you closely observe the changes their bodies go through. Then after they have changed, they will fuck again. If you are not comfortable watching all this, then you are in the wrong degree program and you should leave. Also, we use common words—street language. We don't say vagina, we say pussy. Instead of penis, we say cock. Those are the words that most of you use in conversations outside the classroom, so those are the words we use here. If this language makes you uncomfortable, see the registrar about changing your major. Each one of you has a different level of sexual experience before coming to this seminar, so it will be taught on the most basic level so as not to leave anyone out."

Dr. Brewer was a thirty-something gentleman dressed casually. His classes were immensely popular with the Comstock students. They appreciated his relaxed, matter-of-fact approach to teaching human sexuality to first year university students as they learned about puberty. His manner put them at ease and made them all comfortable with their mushrooming sexual interests. Everyone was anxious to begin.

"OK, class, let's begin. Standing here with me are our volunteer demonstrators: Jamie and Chris Kelly. Jamie, please tell us about yourself."

"Well, there's not much to tell. I graduated last spring from Comstock with my degree in Human Sexuality. I attended one of your first seminars with Chris and we both got a good understanding about puberty and fucking, and we've been fucking ever since, half the time as male-female, and half the time as female-male."

"Chris, tell us about you."

"Well, I guess Jamie said it all. We were in this seminar together. In fact, this is where we first met. What we learned here really explained what had happened to us in puberty, and why we were so horny all the time. So we took what we learned and practiced at as homework. We've been together ever since and loving it."

"Jamie, how would you describe your relationship with Chris?"

"She's my POSSSLQ."

A voice from the back of the classroom called out, "What's a POSSSLQ?"

"That's a Person of the Opposite Sex Sharing the Same Living Quarters."

"Chris, how would you describe your relationship with Jamie?"

"That's easy . . . I'm his cum bucket, except when we switch and then he's my cum bucket. When he's male, he produces a ton of cum every day and he wants to shoot it all into me and I want to get 'shot.' In fact, we have a little competition between us. His job is to keep his balls full, and my job is to keep them empty."

"Who is winning?" asked Dr. Brewer.

"I think we both are. This is a competition with no losers!"

"Jamie, you referred to Chris as 'she,' and she refers to you as 'he,' but it isn't always that way is it?"

"No, not at all. We've been volunteering to be the test subjects for this seminar every 3 months. This will be our twelfth switch . . . or is it thirteenth? I've kinda lost count. Whatever we switch to, we stay that same sex for three months until the next time you offer this seminar. We get to experience the best of both worlds."

"I forget," mused Mr. Brewer, "Which of you was male before you started switching?"

Jamie and Chris looked at each other, both with a puzzled expression on their faces. After a short pause, Jamie suggested, "I think it was me, wasn't it Chris?"

"Maybe," Chris answered with uncertainty in her voice. "It sounds right, but I'm not certain. Maybe we have some old photos that would tell for sure."

"Your uncertainty makes me wonder if the frequent switching makes for confusion in your lives in other ways, too?" asked Mr. Brewer.

"It did at first, but not since we got driving licenses with two photos on each: one as male and one as female. And we both have names that are gender neutral: Jamie and Chris. It helps that we both got jobs working for Congressman Johnson. He wholeheartedly supports the X-Change Program, and is one of the vocal sponsors of your seminars. He was also very helpful in getting us the special driving licenses. He's preparing legislation to make it possible for other X-Changers to also get a dual-sex license with two photos. So, whichever sex we happen to be at the moment is OK, even if we don't remember what we started out as."

"Please tell us why you volunteered to become repeat demonstrators for this quarterly seminar. Jamie, you start."

"Like I said, this class was such a big help to me a few years ago. It got me through my constant horniness with no hang ups. It was a huge turn on to see that couple fucking and to watch how their bodies changed when they took X-Change pills. They helped me to get over any embarrassment about fucking the first time. So I wanted to help others the same way. Chris and I met in class and talked about it, and when the class ended, we couldn't wait to go somewhere and fuck."

"Chris, how about you?"

"I agree with Jamie. Sex should be open and natural not hidden away like a secret. Everyone does it so why can't we be more casual about it? This class helped me to develop the right attitude and now Jamie and I have a great sex life. If fucking was an Olympic event, I think we might get a medal. Also, from the first time we saw them, we have been curious about the X-Change pills, and by volunteering to be demonstrators for your seminars we get to use them four times a year for free."

"What positive benefits have you found from X-Change pills?"

"Well, I love how I feel with Jamie's cock in me. It feels me up, and my pussy feels RIGHT. You know what I mean? Pussies are made to be filled with a cock, and when mine is full with Jamie's cock, it feels like it was meant to be. But, even though I love that feeling, I always wondered what it would feel like to be male and to have a cock and feel it inside a pussy. Now I know. As a male, I really love having my cock inside a female Jamie and shooting my load into him . . . . I mean her. . . . Sorry about that; we're always getting mixed up on pronouns, especially right after a change."

"Curiosity is the most common reason people give for trying X-Change."

"Jamie, how about you?"

"Yes, I was curious, too. When I was balls deep in Chris, there was no place I would rather be. And when I would shoot my load into her pussy I would often wonder what it feels like for her to have hot spunk shooting in. Now I know. I love it both ways."

"You two would make great sales reps for X-Change pills, but we're not here to sell the pills. In fact, the pills we use are not the typical kind. You see, regular X-Change pills work very quickly, and the change is complete in a matter of minutes. But, for our seminar, X-Change makes a special, slow-acting blend so that we can watch the change happening slowly and discuss it as it happens for educational purposes. You see, class, X-Change works by taking a person's body back to an earlier stage of development. When a baby is in the womb and is just a few cells it has no specific sex. Only as it grows do the cells begin to be either male or female. X-Change reverses some of your cells to that early stage and then chooses the opposite path. Then on the new path, it moves you forward again through the steps of puberty, but as the opposite sex. Seeing the changes happen slowly gives us all time to ask questions and understand. But, whereas typical puberty happens over a span of years, the pubertal changes you will see here today happen over about an hour. . . . Class, any questions?"

"When are they going to fuck?"

"Right now. Jamie and Chris, your audience is ready; are you?"

"I thought you'd never ask!" And with that they both quickly stripped down.

Jamie was medium tall, about five eleven with neatly trimmed brown hair. He had a patch of hair on his sculpted chest and a light dusting of fine hairs on his arms and legs, but his pubes were cleanly shaved. He was quite handsome and had just a hint of a moustache. At 165 pounds, his body was perfect for his height.

Chris was much shorter than Jamie, but not petite. At five five and 130 pounds, she was also just right. Her blond hair and blue eyes were the envy of every girl who saw her as were her 36D breasts. She shaved her pussy, but left a blond landing strip for a highlight. As she undressed, the boys present watched approvingly.

Jamie was the first one done and as he lowered his boxers, his rock hard shaft sprang up and bounced off his abdomen.

"Jamie, I see you're ready. I also notice that you are not circumcised. Class, circumcision means that the foreskin of a male's cock was cut off by a doctor, probably when he was a newborn. Fortunately, that barbaric practice of mutilating a man's cock without his knowledge or permission is dying out. The reasons given by its proponents are nothing more than lame excuses. One of the blessings of the X-Change process is that when any person changes into a man, he will be whole because his DNA produces a foreskin and he will be reconstituted according to the blueprint in his DNA." As Mr. Brewer shared these facts about circumcision, he demonstrated by holding up Jamie's cock and moving the foreskin off and back onto his cock head several times.

Better stop that," cautioned Jamie, "I don't want to cum until I get inside Chris."

"I understand," said Mr. Brewer as he removed his hand. "But I saw a teaching moment and took advantage of it."

"No problem. . . . You know, I used to be circumcised. But then through X-Change I became female Jamie for three months, then when I reverted to male Jamie, it gave me back my uncut cock the way I am supposed to be."

"It's much the same with me," said Chris. "Every time I change from a male back into a female

Chris, I become a virgin again, or at least I get my hymen back. I guess technically I'm not a virgin, even though I have a new hymen. It's there in my DNA and that's the blueprint the X-Change pill follows when it rebuilds my body."

"I notice that you both have shaved off your pubic hair. But every time you change, you get it back, don't you. And if either of you have tattoos or piercings, you will lose them also, because they are not part of your DNA. . . . Jamie, how long is your cock?"

"I'm about average, 6½ inches hard."

"And he's always hard," quipped Chris.

"Well, she exaggerates a little, but I admit, she keeps me hard a lot of the time."

"Chris, I see you're ready, too. Your nipples are standing up like little soldiers, and if I'm not mistaken, I think I see plenty of moisture on your pussy lips."

"Oh, yes, I am so-o-o-o-o wet," she said, running her hand through her slit to bring it back up dripping wet. "Just thinking about fucking for an audience has kept me wet since I woke up this morning. And I am still wet from Jamie's morning cum, too."

"So this is your second fuck for the day?"

"Yes, two down and who-knows-how-many-more to go."

"Well, we know for sure that this will be your second fuck today as a woman, and the third fuck, in about an hour, will be as a man."

"Let's go! I'm ready. Jamie, fuck me now! No foreplay needed. Straight missionary."

The front of the classroom had the teacher's desk pushed off into a corner and in its place were two beds, separated so there was plenty of space around each one. This was to enable the students to gather around and observe all activity closely. Chris quickly went to one of the beds and lay back. In a flash, Jamie was on top of her and sunk his cock deeply into her pussy until his balls slapped against her pert rounded ass.

"Class, gather around the bed. Bring your notebooks and pens and record your impressions about what you are seeing. If there is anything you don't understand, make a note of it and we will discuss it later."

Jamie moaned as Chris' tight little pussy caressed his throbbing erection with its hot and slippery interior. Jamie did not try to hold back at all. His primary goal for this day was to experience X-Change again, and this fucking was just a necessary step he had to get out of the way. He knew for a fact that Chris felt the same way. He stroked in and out purposefully, going balls deep on each in-stroke. Sometimes he would grind for a few seconds at the bottom of each stroke, thoroughly enjoying the feeling her snuggly gripping hole would send to his brain through the nerves in his engorged member. But even as he enjoyed his mounting excitement, his brain was already reliving and anticipating the pleasures of being on the receiving end of his next fuck when Chris' cock would be invading his own hot pussy.

He knew that Chris was getting close when she wrapped her silky smooth thighs around him and with her feet pulled him into her faster and harder.

Like Jamie, Chris was also moaning. She daily practiced her Kegel exercises so that her tightly gripping pussy was able to stimulate Jamie's massively swollen cock for a fast orgasm for both. Normally, they liked to take their time. With control, they could make their love-making last and last. But today was different. This male-female fuck was just for the benefit of these students, many of whom were virgins. So the goal was to cum quickly and then get the X-Change pills so they could fuck again, only this time as female-male.

Chris sometimes wondered if she and Jamie were exhibitionists. They both enjoyed having an audience while they fucked, and they especially enjoyed having spectators while they went through the change. But it was just an idle thought, because whether it was true or not didn't matter. That's just the way they were, and being X-Change demonstrators gave them the perfect way to live out their fantasy.

Before long, Jamie felt his little head swell up and throb as the boiling sensation deep in his balls began and he knew his orgasm was imminent.

"I'm almost there," he said to Chris.

"Yes, I felt it too," she spat out between her ragged breaths. "Go ahead and shoot; I'm ready to cum, too."

And they did. Jamie shot rope after rope of hot, white cum into her, groaning loudly with each spasm as her pussy convulsed around him.

"OK, guys, that was really great," said Dr. Brewer as the students applauded. "Class, what you just saw was a quickie. A quickie is just what it says—it is a fuck done in a hurry. You might do it if time is short or for other reasons. In this case, they did it because both were highly aroused and so they didn't need any further arousal which is the main reason for foreplay. But foreplay is usually very important and it is a part of what you will be instructed in today. After they complete the transformation of the X-Change pills, then they will need to arouse each other with foreplay in preparation for their first fuck today as the opposite sex. Jamie will even have a hymen—a cherry—that Chris will have to break with her—or rather his—new, uncircumcised cock. Any questions? . . . . Yes, in the back."

"When are they going to change?"

"Very soon. So, here's how we will proceed. This class is about equally divided between males and females. The males will gather around this bed where female Chris will change. You will take measurements and record your observations after she swallows her X-Change pill. Specifically, you will measure her chest size using this tape measure. Measure her every five minutes and record the changes. Chris and Jamie have given permission for you to touch them in order to make the necessary measurements, and sometimes they will even ask you to stimulate them. Additionally, you will measure her clitoris every five minutes as it becomes a cock and record those changes as well. Carefully observe her body and write down any changes you see taking place. Watch as her inner pussy lips balloon out as her ovaries (which have become testes) descend and change those lips grow together and become her. . . I mean his. . . scrotum. Carefully watch as her pussy/vagina closes up and disappears and how her urethra (piss tube) elongates and attaches to the bottom of her growing cock. Unfortunately, you won't be able to witness the interior changes, but they are remarkable. Her entire bone structure will change causing her hips to narrow. Her uterus will change and become her new prostate. She will grow taller, so you will need to measure her height every five minutes. Pay attention to her nipples and areolae, the brown area surrounding her nipple, and record the changes you see happening there. Watch for body hair that will be appropriate for her new male body. . . . Chris, anything you want to add?"

"Just to say that I will be guiding these fellows through the process as I become one of them. As I feel significant changes taking place, I will point that out to them so they don't miss anything. So, if you want to take the girls over there to the other bed to fill them in on what they are to expect as Jamie changes, I'll swallow this pill and get started here."

"Sounds like a good plan."


"OK, guys look at the clock and record the time I am swallowing this pill. You, what's your name?"


"OK, Paul you are timekeeper. Let us know every five minutes so we can update the measurements. Now take all your first measurements. First, let me get on this scale. . . ."

"It weighs me and you can also measure my height. . . ."

"Write that down. . . ."

"Now, you, what's your name?"


"OK, John, grab that tape and measure my chest. . . . First, measure under my breasts. . . . Yes, just like that. Write it down. Now, make a second measurement across my breasts. . . . Good. Write it down."

"You . . . ."


"Phil, come close and look very carefully at my nipples and areolae and write down what you see. . . . Use that tape and measure the length of my nipples, and the diameter of my areolae. . . . No, no, make the nipples hard first. Lick them and suck on them. Don't be shy; that's what you're here to do. . . . Much better. . . . Now write down the measurements."

"You. . . ."


"Fred, you see those calipers on the teacher's desk? . . . Go get them. . . . Get down between my legs. . . . That's right, come in close. . . . Now lick my clit to make it hard. . . . That's OK. Everybody has a first time. . . . Take your time. . . . That's nice. . . . Keep doing that; that feels great. . . . Oh, yes, Fred, you're a natural at this. . . . Yes-s-s-s-s. . . . OK, that should do it. Now take the calipers and gently measure my clit and write the number down."

"Time," said Paul the timekeeper.

"Great timing. Now you need to take all the measurements again. Everyone take a turn. Everybody gets to try everything."

40 minutes later, Sam was about to take his turn measuring Chris' clit.

"Chris, I don't mind measuring your clit, but I can't lick it. It looks too much like a cock and I'm not gay."

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