(There is a prequel for this story called "The Coming". You don't need to read it to understand this story but it is recommended.)

Part 1: Rebel Uprising

Eleven months ago, prominent scientist Dr. Timothy Andrews discovered a wormhole, a space gate close to Earth that promised a new era in space exploration. But before the experiments began an alien force used the gate to invade the planet, spreading its domain like an unstoppable virus. Humankind was doomed as people were mind-controlled and transformed to serve the invaders.

Only small groups of free humans formed the resistance. But they were also falling quickly under the alien's domain; until today, when an incident in one of these groups offered some hope to an otherwise dark future. This is their story...

Gina Bianco, a former police detective, was the leader of a small rebel group in the north side of the city. They had set camp inside a large, underground warehouse that had access to the city's sewer system. One of the motion sensors had been triggered near the base and Gina went to investigate.

She soon spotted the intruder. Some sort of reptilian humanoid, a type of alien that she hadn't seen before. She silently followed him, waiting for the best chance to kill him.

"It went this way. Stay behind me," Gina whispered to Megan, the second in command in their small group, "Don't make any noise."

Seeing this strange creature, Gina remembered her first encounter with an alien, almost a year ago, maybe the first one to arrive to the planet. She tried to warn her boss about the danger of an upcoming invasion but nobody believed her. When they did, it was too late.

"Can you see it?" Megan asked with a hushed voice.

"Barely. I've never seen a creature like this one. I just need a clear shot..." Gina said.

Then, in the blink of an eye, the creature was gone. "Shit! Where did it go? I lost it!" Gina exclaimed.

They kept walking until they reached a dark vent that lead upward. "It must had escaped through this vent."

Megan heard a faint noise behind her and as she turned her head..."Eh?! Oh my God! It's behind us!"

SMACK! The creature knocked Megan unconscious.

Gina, gun in hand, tried to shot at it. But with a swift move of his hand, the humanoid disarmed her in a fraction of a second and pushed the astonished woman to the ground. Realizing that she had no chance to escape, Gina pulled a small knife from her clothes and pressed it against her own throat!

"I will die before you make me a slave!"

But the beast moved its tail like a wipe and before she knew it, the knife was flying away from her. Then the reptilian pulled her up and spoke... "I am not here to make you a slave. I am here to help you."

"You can speak?" Gina asked with wide open eyes.

"Yes. We have no time to waist. We have taken control of one of the teleports. Come with me."

Without waiting for a response, the creature lifted Gina onto his shoulder and carried her towards the teleport.

"Wait... what is going on?! Let go of me!"

The creature took Gina through a series of dark tunnels and then everything became blurry around her. Moments later, they were transported to a large, strange room, filled with electronic equipment. Gina realized that all her clothing had disappeared during the teleportation.

What the fuck! I am naked! She thought, covering her breasts.

The creature started talking again. Gina was still baffled not only by the fact that she had just being instantly transported to another place but also by the ability of these creatures to speak her own language. The words sound very weird but it was clear enough to understand what he was saying.

"Your enemies and our enemies are the same. We want to propose a deal," the reptilian said.

Gina's mind was in overdrive, trying to understand her situation, 'Ok, be strong. Focus. I might get out if this alive.' Then she finally spoke "Who are you? What kind of deal?"

"If you help us, we will help you eliminate your enemy and keep your planet."

The creature proceeded to explain. Their species have being struggling for a long time with a virus that made their females infertile. They had spent centuries working on molecular genetics trying to fix the problem with little success. During their long research, they became aware that other species could be used for their own reproduction and began an endless search across the universe for such species. It was during these travels that they learned about the existence of the Menglers alliance, a group of aggressive civilizations that worked together to take control of whatever planet they could find using the universal space portals. The Menglers specialized in controlling cognizant minds and that was their main weapon, as Gina already knew very well.

The reptilian ended his explanation by saying, "The Menglers alliance always work in a hierarchical structure. One mind controls the ones below it and so on. We can help you eliminate the mind that controls this planet and you will be free. Thousands of years may pass before they come to your planet again."

Gina, still a little shook up but truly interested, asked, "What do you want from us in return for your help?"

"We want your help in our reproduction."

"What if we refuse? What if we can't do it?"

"Then your entire civilization will become nothing more than a group of drones at the Menglers's service. Your weapons are useless against their mind-controlling power."

Gina thought about it for a moment. All the information was hard to process that she knew that this strange creature was right. They were losing the battle with the invaders and it was just a matter of time before there was no one left with a mind of its own.

Gina looked up at the reptilian while assessing the proposal.

Maybe this is just a trick. Maybe they are working together with the Menglers or whatever they are called.... But the creature had me at his mercy back in the sewer. He could have kill me or transform me. Why go through all this trouble if this wasn't true?

She concluded that the smart choice, her only choice, was to play along. "Ok, what do I have to do?"

The reptilian extended his hand to her and opened it up saying, "Put this inside you. It will adapt your body for the test."

"Test?! What test?" Gina exclaimed.

Her whole body shivered with fear as she looked at the writhing form in the reptilian's hand. It was some sort of worm, about thirty centimeters long and four centimeters wide. Green and ugly, with a viscous, rugged skin that shimmered with the overhead light.

"The reproduction test," was the creature's short answer.

Gina wished all of this was just a bad dream but it wasn't. It was real. Very real.

Still lying on the floor since the teleportation, Gina recoiled back, spreading her thighs slightly in the process. The creature saw this as an invitation and placed the worm between her legs, a couple of centimeters from her pussy.

Gina started to have second thoughts about the whole thing and kept retreating, but the reptilian grabbed her shoulder, keeping her in place.

Sensing her body heat, the worm slithered swiftly across the floor and penetrated halfway into Gina's pussy before she could do anything to prevent it.

"Uggh! No! Take it off!"

The worm started to release a bundle of chemicals that merged with Gina's body at a cellular level. This was not a natural organism. It had been engineered for this specific purpose and the astounded woman felt the changes immediately. An inexplicable arousal spread throughout Gina's body as her insides shifted and changed according to the new genetic instructions.

While Gina twitched on the floor, the reptilian watched the rest of the worm disappear inside of her body. His cock was already enlarging, getting ready for the feast.

As the seconds passed, Gina's nipples swelled and her pussy tingled with increasing intensity until it became almost unbearable. She was not scare of hesitant about all this anymore. Her fear had been replaced by unbridled excitement that overwhelmed her mind.

Meanwhile, the reptilian's phallus grew even larger, reaching almost forty centimeters long with the girth of Gina's forearm.

In a matter of minutes, it became too much for Gina and she exploded in a powerful orgasm. Her stiff legs trembled rapidly while blissful waves of ecstasy traveled back and forth across her shuddering body making her jolt without control.

When Gina came back to her senses, she was not herself anymore. There was an insistent itch in her pussy that heralded an unavoidable urgency to have sex. Everything else was irrelevant. She wanted to fuck anybody, or anything...

The creature stepped forward presenting its enormous cock to the desperate woman. Gina sat up and caressed the large member with willing disposition. It didn't occur to her that his cock may not even fit inside of her slim body.

His cock is so big, Gina thought, looking up at the reptilian, almost begging him to fuck her.

The creature positioned Gina onto her hands and knees and knelt behind her, aiming his phallus at her burning pussy. Looking at the size of his cock, Gina finally realized that fucking him may be an impossible task, but the chemicals controlling her actions kept her from recognizing any kind of danger.

I hope this doesn't hurt me but I have to do this. I need it! She thought.

And he penetrated her! The creature shoved his entire cock inside of her slim body with a single stroke. Gina screamed. She could feel the monstrous phallus being pushed deeper than humanly possible. And yet she felt an incredible pleasure. It was something beyond her physical capabilities but she couldn't care less. It was happening! The creature was pumping his cock within her body almost all the way to her chest and she loved it. She wanted more!

They fucked in this position for several minutes. Gina grunted every time he pushed forward, expelling the air from her lungs and her eyes rolled back intermittently as she tried to cope with this chemically enhance bliss.

After a while, the reptile leaned backwards until resting on his back, bringing the frail woman on top of him. He knew very well that she could take all of him and more. Her body had been modified for this purpose and he was going to take full advantage of it.

"It feels so good..." Gina moaned as she was turned up.

Now Gina's arms and legs swung freely from the creature's forceful thrusts. Her loud moans mixed with the squishy sounds of the fat cock smashing against her soaked, tight cavity.

In this position, the reptilian could swing his hips faster and in a matter of minutes Gina reached another orgasm that rocked her body savagely from head to toe. Gina screamed and twitched until her limp body collapsed on top of the reptile's chest. Seeing her almost unconscious, he gave her a break but his goal was still far from complete.

Gina's sexual satisfaction lasted only a few minutes and soon she was ready for more. She stood up and straddled his hips; the long penis just inches below her pussy lips. She couldn't wait to let him slide inside of her again. And she did! She plunged down with her whole weight, shoving his cock as deep as it would go. Gina only saw a burst of white light exploding behind her eyes from the astonishing bliss that took over her body. She pictured the fat cock inside of her, pushing everything aside, stabbing her pussy as much as her mind. She was in heaven and wished this would never end.

After a while of humping up and down, Gina started to get tired and they shifted positions again. The former detective laid facing down while the heavy body of the human-like reptile pinned her against the floor. He smashed down forcefully on Gina's soaked pussy, making her growl from pleasure.

Gina loved it. She encouraged him to fuck her harder and faster. She wanted to be crushed into a blissful, orgasmic end. Her vaginal muscles wrapped around his fat cock as hard as they could; seizing him inside of her to never let go.

The creature knelt on the floor and flipped her over. Handling her receptive slim body like a rag-doll, he grabbed her hips, lifted her to the right position and shoved his cock back inside of her, pumping her pussy even faster, testing her endurance. He had to be sure that she was ready for the next step.

Gina was barely able to breathe from the rough treatment. His cock was so big and he was fucking her so fast and deep. After a couple of minutes she reached yet another climax. Her body shuddered and writhed violently while her eyes rolled back into her head. It was so intense that she almost fell unconscious again... but she didn't.

The reptile stood up, bringing her limp body up with him. His pulsating cock was still deeply embedded within her body with no signs of stopping any time soon. Gina was struggling to keep her sanity but if he was going to keep fucking her, she didn't want to miss it.

Not far from the couple, another figure was watching the scene. It was another reptile that heard Gina's moans and wanted to be part of the action. His cock was already at full size and he was more than willing.

Gina felt someone touching her lower back and turned her head to see the other creature right behind her. Gina's heart jolted and a shot of adrenaline woke her from her delightful reverie.

What? Another one?! Gina thought.

She felt the tip of the second cock pressing at her anus and this brought her back to full awareness. She was certainly able to take one huge cock inside of her and she was enjoying it greatly, but two cocks? Was it even possible?

"Oh my God! Please be gentle..." she whispered.

The reptile was not gentle! He shoved the entire length of his phallus into Gina's ass with incredible force. The astounded woman screamed as a mind-blowing sensation washed over her mind and body once again.

Gina couldn't believe that her slim, tight body could accommodate all that alien meat. And it was even more incredible that the phallus in her ass was just as pleasurable as the one in her pussy. Before she knew it, she was contorting and shaking under the spasms of a new orgasm, her eyes completely rolled back into her head. It was her strongest climax so far and her vaginal and anal muscles clutched down on both pumping cocks, milking them for all they were worth.

The reptile in front of her knew it was time and without any warning, he discharged an enormous amount of sperm inside of Gina's pussy, filling it completely. The hot fluid stimulated Gina's oversensitive membranes, extending her orgasm and almost driving her insane. When he was done, the reptile stepped back, removing his soaked cock from Gina's pussy and letting the remnants of sperm gush out from her tight cavity to the floor.

The other creature held Gina's feeble body until most of the semen leaked from her pussy. Then, with his cock still deeply lodged in her ass, he laid on the ground bringing the exhausted woman to lie on top of him.

The reptile that just vacated her pussy watched Gina's body intently, waiting for something to happen...

The former detective wanted nothing else than enjoying the ravishing of her ass and to wait for the next climax but then she felt a sudden, sturdy motion in her lower abdomen. She lifted her head to discover that her belly was expanding; fast!

"Oh God! What is happening? My belly is growing!" Gina exclaimed as her belly got larger, resembling an extremely accelerated pregnancy. "This is not possible! I can feel something moving inside of me!"

Gina grabbed her enlarging belly with both hands as it pulsated upward and back, following the motions of the fat cock penetrating her ass. She tried to cope with this surreal situation but forming coherent thought was becoming more difficult every second.

"It's .... too.... much..."

Then it happened! A large cylindrical object began to squirm its way out of Gina's pussy, delightfully stretching her vaginal walls. Gina's arms flapped around wildly while she screamed in bliss. She was giving birth to something and it was the best sensation ever.

The creature standing in front of her watched the whole thing with fascination and satisfaction. She was enduring the process without problems; she was serving her purpose.

It took several minutes for the larvae to escape its warm, cozy confinement. Far from hurting her, the birthing experience took Gina to another plane of ecstasy. The reptile grabbed the newborn and pulled it out of Gina's body at the same moment that she reached her last, mind-shattering orgasm of the night.

The creature fucking her ass climaxed too, spraying a gallon of sperm into Gina's convulsing body. The besieged woman could barely notice that some of the monster's cum projected from her mouth in perfect synchrony with her orgasmic spasms.

Then, it was all over. Gina lay completely limp on top of the reptilian as white sperm leaked from every opening in her body.

The reptile lifted his head to look at his friend, "It worked," he said. Then his facial expression change to resemble some sort of smile, "Human females are perfect for our reproduction. The Menglers must not take this planet."

The other alien responded with excitement, "We must bring our allies here and begin the counterattack. I'll inform central command."

Gina cough out more semen while she slowly recovered her consciousness.

The reptilian waited until Gina was sufficiently recuperated from her orgasmic ordeal and began to explain the next step...

"Your test was successful. We can help each other," the reptilian said.

"Did I just gave birth to... wait, I don't want to know. So you will help us? What should we do next? We need your help urgently." Gina asked, still a little groggy.

"We will go back to your base and prepare for battle," was the brief but convincing response.


Meanwhile, inside a large underground construction in New Mexico's desert, an unreal event was taking place. Monica, one of the first converted humans, was initiating a new experiment on a recently captured rebel. Something unthinkable a year ago, now was an increasingly common situation.

"Throw her in the chamber and release the hunters," Monica commanded.

"No please! I'm not part of the resistance. Let me go." Claudia pleaded. She was lying of course but it made no difference. Every person was going to be converted whether they belong to the resistance or not.

They hadn't taken Claudia's clothes off, which seemed strange given the fact the all the other women in the building were naked.

Claudia was pushed into a creepy chamber and the door closed behind her. There was a lot of junk spread across the room. She looked at every corner and couldn't see any creatures but she was able to hear something moving around. She felt a chill running down her spine.

I have to find a way out of here, she thought.

Tiny footsteps echoed from a poorly lit area of the room. She was desperately trying to find a vent or some other way out when a loud voice in the intercom startled her... "If you cooperate with them, they won't hurt you. If you fight them, they will kill you."

The hell I will! Claudia thought, knowing fully well what would become of her if she gave in; another mindless zombie at the service of the invaders.

More tip-toeing around her startled Claudia even more. Then she turned her head and gasped. A small multi-legged creature appeared right in front of her. It looked like an over-sized scorpion, with a half-a-meter long body and a long, flexible tail.

"Oh my God! What is that thing?" Claudia asked, knowing that there would be no answer.

The weird bug was making a cracking noise that prevented Claudia to hear the other two identical creatures approaching from behind.

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