It's not that big. Maybe I can kill it, Claudia thought, remembering her brief combat training.


Monica was observing everything from the control room. One of the invasion leaders, Gorogn, stood beside her, eager to see the hunters in action. He was a large humanoid with a grayish muscular body, tinted with red spots across his chest and face. He was as smart as he was ill-tempered.

"The hunters have to overpower her. If she is able to take them down, we will need a different strategy," Monica said.

"She won't," was Gorogn's brief response.


Claudia felt something smashing against her shoulder and turned her head in panic to see a bug wrapping its bony legs around her.

"What the hell!" she screamed, realizing that the other bug had been distracting her on purpose. They were organized!

The scared woman fell to the ground as the other two creatures moved closer to her from both sides. There was nowhere to run.

"Get off me!"

The swift, flexible tails of the creatures swung back and forth across her body, slithering beneath her clothes and ripping them off.

"No! Stop!"

Claudia opened her eyes wide in terror as one bug crawled between her legs and extruded and large pinkish proboscis. She immediately understood the purpose of this appendage and desperately tried to avoid it.

"No! Get away from me!"


Monica watched on the screen while the creature struggled between Claudia's legs, trying to get closer to the woman's crotch. Monica felt her pussy moistening by the rough spectacle.

"Her multiple spawns will serve as the perfect spies. We will exterminate the last rebel groups very soon," Monica said in low voice, almost talking to herself.

"Yes." Gorogn was pleased with the development of the invasion. Everything had been so easy since the beginning. Mind-control was the ultimate weapon. His cock began to enlarge as he got excited as well.


The strong bug pushed Claudia's legs wide open while the other two, grabbed Claudia's arms and thighs, keeping her in place.

They are too strong! Claudia thought, starting to lose hope.

With a sudden, forceful move, the bug jumped forward shoving the entire length of its phallus into Claudia's tight pussy. The scared woman could feel the large, cold appendage squirming deep within her vaginal cavity.

"Ahhhgg!" She screamed. She couldn't believe what was happening. She was being violated by a group of alien creatures.

The bug wrapped its legs around Claudia's hip and waist, firmly attaching itself to her body and pushing its phallus even deeper.

The other two creatures were now displaying their phalluses as well and one of them tried to shove it down Claudia's throat.

"Fuck off!" Claudia reacted in time. Using both arms, threw the bug as far away as she could.

The creature landed upside down, moving its legs rapidly in every direction desperately trying to turn itself over.

Claudia saw this as an opportunity and rolled into her hand and knees. She started to crawl with great effort towards the door, carrying one bug between her legs. She never suspected that the third creature was already in the air, aiming at her ass.

"I need to get out of here... oughh!"

The creature landed with incredible precision and shoved its cock into Claudia's tight anus.

Claudia screamed as her body froze from the sudden shock. She felt the long phallus worming its way deep into her ass and now she was being penetrated in both holes simultaneously.

This creature, like his partner, wrapped its legs around Claudia's round hips and secured its position. There was nothing she could do to remove those squirming cocks from her tight holes.

Claudia's trembling body fell to her side as she tried to cope with the surreal situation. It was almost impossible to think or focus on anything. She was reacting by instinct. The remaining bug had managed to turn itself over and once again threatened to shove its cock into Claudia's mouth.

The phallus in her pussy slid back and forth a couple of times and for an instant, she felt pleasure. Maybe it was better to cooperate with them. Let them have their way with her and maybe it'll be over soon.

Claudia failed to notice the remaining bug and the appendage worming between her lips brought her back to reality. Her first impulse was to push the creature again but she restrained herself. Claudia had decided to stop fighting.

The alien cock being pushed down her throat made her heart jolt, both in fear and excitement. Her pussy and ass stretched and adjusted to accommodate the pulsating cocks wriggling within. For the first time that night, Claudia moaned.

The creatures felt their prey surrendering and they loosened their grip on her body. They began to move freely, pumping Claudia's body faster, deeper. The lubricating fluids flowed abundantly as they got closer to reaching their goal.

Several minutes passed and Claudia was completely at the mercy of the alien creatures. She waved her hips up and down, following the pace of the pumping cocks in her burning holes. She had been right. It was better to cooperate with them. She was ashamed to admit that it was the best fuck she ever had.

The creature buried in her pussy stopped moving for a second, his cock pulsated a couple of times and as expected, sperm began to gush out in large quantities, filling her vaginal cavity completely.

Claudia felt the hot fluid bursting within while her belly started to bloat. This sent her over the edge. The besieged woman exploded in an unbelievable orgasm that made her whole body shudder uncontrollably.

The bug penetrating her ass followed his partner's lead and also sprayed a large load of cum into Claudia's tight hole, extending her devastating climax for the longest time. The last bug wasn't far behind and soon it filled the beleaguered woman's throat with another dose of hot cum that traveled forcefully into her stomach.

The three creatures emptied their sperm receptacles completely before removing their phalluses from the rebel's flooded holes.

Claudia felt that she was about to explode from so much cum pumped into her body and still her orgasmic spasms continued until the last cock was retrieved from her mouth.

Claudia, barely conscious, collapsed exhausted onto the floor. She was happy to be still alive and that the creatures didn't hurt her, but deep inside, she was sad that it was all over.


In the monitoring room, Monica turned her eyes from the screen and looked at Gorogn's erect cock.

"I can see you are pleased my Master," Monica said seductively.

"Get down to your knees," Gorogn commanded.

"Yes, Master."

Monica knelt and leaned forward, licking Gorogn's cock lovingly while her pussy burned from anxious anticipation. The exciting scene of Claudia's ravishing and the pleasure of serving her Master had her already on the verge of orgasm.

She began to engulf the whole length of her Master's cock. She felt it smash against the back of her throat and push beyond, deeper into her fervent body.

As his phallus disappeared between Monica's lips and her nose touched his pelvis, she climaxed. Her pussy twitched hard into emptiness spraying love juice down her shaking thighs.


Claudia laid on the cold floor, recuperating from the blissful ordeal while the little bugs moved slowly away from her. She never suspected that yet another creature, an enormous version of the bugs was silently getting close to her. Its skin was pinkish instead of green and its body was almost as big as Claudia's, not considering the length of the tail and the thick, bony legs.

Squishy sounds filled the room as a tentacle projected from an opening below the big creature's main bulk. It curved and swung slowly towards Claudia's shapely body. The creature´s long tale also moved into action, wrapping around Claudia and lifting her from the ground.

She barely had time to react before the creature shoved the fat tentacle into her cum-filled pussy, spraying remnants of sperm in every direction. Claudia screamed from the sudden penetration, as the enormous appendage stretched her cavity beyond belief. She writhed and moaned trying to understand what was happening.

The base of the tentacle expanded as one egg was expelled from the creature's main bulk. The tentacle was an ovipositor. The large egg initiated the journey across the hollow tentacle towards Claudia's cozy womb.

She lifted her head and looked in terror at the distended tentacle that pulsated every few seconds, pushing something closer and closer to her pussy.

The monster's egg finally reached her crotch, stretching her pussy lips widely and sliding into her bloating belly. Claudia started to understand why the little bugs had filled her with sperm just moments ago. They were the males and they prepare her to receive and fertilize the female's egg.

"On my God! They are using me as a living incubator!"

More eggs followed the first one. Claudia felt each one of them entering her body and accommodating inside of her womb. Once again she couldn't avoid feeling a perverse excitement that increased with every new egg that passed between her snuggling pussy lips.

As the last egg penetrated her, Claudia reached another involuntary climax. Her legs kicking and trembling as her pussy remained firmly attached to the retrieving tentacle.

The large creature finally pulled the ovipositor out of Claudia's body while laying the overwhelmed woman back onto the ground. With its job done, the monster turned around and walked away.

Claudia rested exhausted on the floor, breathing heavily, as one of the eggs escaped her over-packed belly, sliding between her leaking pussy lips. Now it was just a matter of time until the eggs hatch. Dozens of new bugs would come out of her body and serve the invading forces against the last rebel groups. Involuntarily, she had already betrayed her friends.


In the control room, Monica and Gorogn weren't paying attention to the screen anymore. Monica was on her feet, leaning against a column while Gorogn eagerly pumped her pussy from behind.

This is what Monica loved most about being a slave. Everything excited her and she was always trying to seduce whatever creature crossed her path, no matter how strange it looked. Gorogn, her Master, was one of her favorites.

The shyness and discretion of Monica's previous life were completely forgotten. She had been turned into a leader with improved mental and physical strength and was thankful for it. She didn't mind being only a puppet of the alien invaders. All she cared about was getting more of that delightful cock sliding in and out of her pussy, driving her insane.

Monica's daughter, Ellen, could hear the moans of pleasure from the hall before walking into the room and she knew perfectly well what was going on. Ellen's mind had been bent and subjugated by her own mother since the first days of the invasion and she now served as another dutiful slave, aiding the planet's takeover.

Ellen had information she wanted to share with her mother... I have to tell mom something important but I can see she is pretty busy right now.

Ellen watched the couple and waited. Gorogn was now lying on the shiny floor and Monica was sitting on top, facing away from him. The older woman bounced up and down on the large cock, shoving it deeply into her pussy.

Soon, Ellen got too excited to just stand there. She walked forward determined to join the action. The young woman knelt between her mother's legs and attached her lips to her clitoris as it moved up and down.

Within seconds, Monica started shaking violently and screamed in bliss in the midst of a strong orgasm that spread quickly all over her trembling body.

Gorogn's cock got loose from Monica's pussy while she was still shivering. Ellen grabbed the huge phallus with both hands and put it in her mouth just in time to catch the first load of cum. She did her best to swallow all the sperm but it was too much and some of it spilled down the shaft to the floor.

Then Ellen heard her mother speak..."Don't swallow it."

Ellen lifted her head with her mouth still full of cum and looked at her mother.

"Give it to me," Monica said

"Yes... share my seed," Gorogn added, observing satisfied from behind.

Ellen stood up and leaned forward, slowly letting the warm, white fluid spill from her lips into her mother's wide-open mouth. Monica extended her tongue out with ravenous eagerness.

Ellen felt her pussy twitch as she watched the gooey sperm fill her mother's mouth. She was careful not to spill anything but when her mother pushed one finger into her pussy it was almost impossible to aim at the right spot.

When Ellen's mouth was empty, Monica pulled her and they kissed fervently. Ellen had been the perfect daughter in the past and now she was the perfect slave.

Moments later, Gorogn walked away while Ellen finally had the chance to tell her mother the new information she had. "I have found Joey's location mother. He is part of a rebel group in the north section of the city. We could capture him tonight and turn him to our side. We will all be together again."

Joey was Ellen's brother and he had become an obsession for her. She wanted to capture him and turned him against the rebels, even as he was an irrelevant asset to the invaders.

Monica made this clear once again, "I've told you that your brother is meaningless now. Very soon the last rebel groups will succumb, including your brother. We will proceed as planned."

"Yes mother... I mean, Master."

Monica started to wonder if her daughter needed another mind-reprogramming session to eliminate that compulsion.


A few days later, in the north side of the city, Gina had explained to the members of her group about her bizarre experience with the 'other' aliens. At first, there was an understandable reluctance to believe that they meant no harm to the humans but it was obvious that they had no other choice. They accepted their help.

The invading force was advancing rapidly and there was no time to waste. Gina was instructed by one of the reptilians to take Megan into an abandoned factory.

"And what are we supposed to do here?" Megan asked.

"You will see. I want you to meet someone," was the mysterious response from Gina.

The large reptilian came out of a dark corner and approached them. Megan nervously took one step back. She had seen this creature before, but only for a second before he knocked her unconscious down in the sewer tunnels.

"Hello Megan. I am sorry I hit you the first time we met. I promise that this time the situation will be different," said the reptilian reassuringly.

"It's...okay," Megan responded. She wanted to trust him since she knew it was her only chance to survive the invasion.

"We have a very important assignment for you Megan," Gina said.

After they explained to her what she had to do, Megan was even more nervous than before. But she was certain about the crucial importance of her mission and she was up to anything.

"You have to remove your clothes," Gina told her.

"O...Okay," Megan answered, as she pulled down the zipper of her jeans.

Moments after she got completely naked, Megan saw the strangest monster walking towards her. It looked like prehistoric spider, with rugged, leathery skin and bigger than a large dog.

"Holy crap! I have to mate with that thing?!" Megan exclaimed.

"I know how you feel honey, but it is going to be alright," Gina said, not really knowing what was coming for Megan. Lucky me that my first time was not with that thing, Gina thought.

Gina and the reptilian stepped aside, getting out of the way for the upcoming act.

Megan was usually very brave but now she was shaking like a leaf and her mind was in overdrive, Oh my God! Oh my God!

"It is getting closer... what do I do?" Megan asked without taking her eyes off the creature.

"Just let him smell you. He will know what to do," the reptilian responded.

The weird creature reached Megan and sniffed her body. In a few seconds, it focused its attention on the woman's crotch.

How did I let Gina talk me into this? This monster is horrible, Megan thought while she reconsidered her agreement.

The creature immediately recognized the estrogen produced by Megan's ovaries and it projected two flexible phalluses from beneath its rugged, bulky body.

The monster initiated the mating ritual by lifting the front part of its body and showing Megan the growing appendages. Megan turned her head looking back at Gina who nodded in response. Then she analyzed the waving appendages.

I think I know what those are for. Megan thought. The phalluses looked more like tentacles, with a silky texture, very different from the rest of the creature's body. They were pinkish with black stripes and as thick as Megan's forearm. It didn't look like an impossible task so Megan took a deep breath and said out load "Okay, let's do this."

Megan turned around and knelt down, offering her ass to the creature. I hope it doesn't hurt me with those things.

Just as she finished the thought, the monster shoved one phallus into her pussy. Its natural lubrication allowed for an easy and deep penetration. Megan gasped!

She felt the appendage squirm and push within her vaginal cavity. It filled her completely but didn't hurt, which was a huge relief. "Oh my God! This is really happening!"

Megan could not believe how deep the phallus was penetrating her as the weird sensation slowly turned into pleasure and started to intensify. She tried to imagine that it was not a monster fucking her but a handsome lover with a big cock, no, a huge cock.

After a couple of minutes, it felt so good that Megan began to moan out load. But then, she felt the other appendage poking at her anal entrance. Megan gasped in fear.

He is going to fuck my ass!! It is too big!

And the creature shoved his second cock inside of her! Megan jolted and tightened her anus trying to prevent the brutal penetration but the abundant lubrication made it impossible. The tentacle was entering inexorably into her body.

Megan had never tried anal sex before and the sensation was overwhelming. Pain mixed with pleasure in a bizarre way, augmenting the bliss in her pussy. After the brief initial shock, she stopped fighting it and soon the discomfort gave way to pleasure, absolute pleasure.

The monster pumped her pussy and ass relentlessly, one phallus competing with the other to go further into her shuddering body.

Oh my God! I never thought it could feel this good!

Megan felt a familiar tingling building within her loins and moments later, everything went blank as she reached a blinding orgasm. Her hips twitched spasmodically while her pussy and ass clenched around the fat appendages that wouldn't stop jabbing at her.

Megan came back from elation as her climax receded and she turned to look at the monster. It didn't seem so hideous anymore.

The creature kept fucking her, following his own rhythm. Both phalluses pushed in with a squelching sound and then pulled almost all the way out, then in again and again. He increased the pace every couple of minutes and this was driving Megan insane. She was getting rapidly closer to her second climax.

Gina could hear Megan's frantic moans from far away and she could only imagine the fat tentacles squirming wildly inside of her curvaceous friend. She thought about her own recent ordeal with the reptilians and her pussy stirred.

Megan felt the appendages bloating within her body and then a warm, forceful stream filled her holes completely. She arched her back and opened her mouth in a silent scream that lasted only for a second... Then her whole body jolted and trembled in waves of ecstasy that traveled back and forth while she cried in blissful oblivion.

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